LuaBind和Boost 1.35兼容性问题的解决


namespace luabind { namespace
#if defined(__BORLANDC__) || (BOOST_VERSION >= 103400 && defined(__GNUC__))
# if (BOOST_VERSION >= 103500 && __GNUC__ >= 4 && __GNUC_MINOR__ >= 2)

static boost::arg<0> return_value;

static boost::arg<0> result;

# define LUABIND_PLACEHOLDER_ARG(N) boost::arg<N>&

# else
static inline boost::arg<0> return_value()
return boost::arg<0>();

static inline boost::arg<0> result()
return boost::arg<0>();
//# define LUABIND_PLACEHOLDER_ARG(N) boost::arg<N>(*)()
# define LUABIND_PLACEHOLDER_ARG(N) boost::arg<N>(*)()
# endif

#elif defined(BOOST_MSVC) || defined(__MWERKS__)
static boost::arg<0> return_value;
static boost::arg<0> result;
# define LUABIND_PLACEHOLDER_ARG(N) boost::arg<N>
boost::arg<0> return_value;
boost::arg<0> result;
# define LUABIND_PLACEHOLDER_ARG(N) boost::arg<N>


#include <luabind/detail/class_rep.hpp>
#include <luabind/detail/object_rep.hpp>


boost 1.35 发布


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