Matlab安装CD2到47%时安装停止,安装界面左下角有时出现"Scanning CD"的解决方法

MatLab Installation issue: "Scanning CD"

Problem: In attempting to install MATLAB on a new desktop, the installation process may get stuck. The installation window indicates that it is "Scanning CD" and nothing more happens. Solution: This issue can occur when a conflict exists between the PC's hardware or software and the CD for installation. In order to fix it, MatLab recommends the following suggestion:
  1. Create temp folders
    • For CD versions: Create 3 temporary folders (i.e. cd1, cd2, cd3)
    • For DVD versions: Create a temporary folder
  2. Copy each cd into its own directory
  3. Run the setup.exe from cd1 folder
  4. When the installer asks for another cd, point it to the appropriate folder.
Some customers have also had luck installing from Safe Mode, as well.