Windows7 镜像转换工具

Windows7 镜像转换工具




The Windows 7 ISO Image Edition Switcher is a set of small binary patches (and a tool to apply these patches) that will convert an official Windows 7 ISO disc image into an official Windows 7 ISO disc image of another edition. The resulting ISO images are bit-for-bit identical with those posted on MSDN or TechNet, and their SHA-1 hashes should match the official hashes posted by Microsoft.
The ei.cfg Removal Utility is a simple tool that will remove the ei.cfg from any Windows 7 ISO disc image, thereby converting the image into a "universal disc" that will prompt the user to select an edition during setup. This tool works by toggling the deletion bit in the UDF file table, eliminating the need for unpacking and rebuilding the ISO, which means that this is extremely fast (the process of patching the ISO to remove ei.cfg takes only a fraction of a second), and the process is easily reversible (running the utility on a disc image patched by this utility will restore the disc image to its original state).
Windows 7 镜像转换器是一个小的二进制补丁集(和应用这个补丁集的一个工具),它能将一个正版的Windows 7 ISO光盘镜像转换成另一个版本的Windows 7 ISO光盘映像。由此得到的ISO映像是与MSDN或TechNet发布的镜像bit-for-bit完全相同,并且他们的SHA -1哈希数与微软官方发布的哈系数吻合。
该ei.cfg清除工具是一个简单的工具,它将删除任何Windows7的ISO光盘映像的ei.cfg,从而转化成“通用光盘“,安装过程中将提示用户 选择一个版本的镜像。此工具通过切换UDF文件中删除位,解除正版锁定并重新制作ISO,这意味着这非常快(给ISO打补丁消除ei.cfg的进程只需要 一秒钟),这个过程是很容易恢复(运行这个光盘镜像补丁里的程序就能将其恢复到光盘映像的原始状态)。

The patches and patcher in this package can be used to convert any 32-bit image into another 32-bit image and any 64-bit image into another 64-bit image.
1) Run binpatch.exe
2) Select the the patch for the target edition that you want
3) Select the ISO disc image that you want to convert from
4) After patching, you should verify the SHA-1 hash of the final file and compare that with Microsoft's official hash to verify that the patch was successfully completed.
4)打补丁之后,您可以验证目标文件的SHA -1哈希数,并对比微软官方的哈系数以验证补丁已成功安装。
For more information, please consult the readme.txt file found within each package.