Maximum and Minimum Height and Width in Internet Explorer

Maximum and Minimum Height and Width in Internet Explorer   Behold the seventh wonder of the virtual world: max/min-height and max/min-width prop...

2013-07-31 02:27:03

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Magento 创建优惠卷 Create unique coupon code in Magento

Toni from ICG wrote a post how to create simple A/B split testing for offline promotions for online store. Now we will show you how to manage coup...

2013-07-27 06:12:16

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Download Magento Extension

Enter the extension key from magento connect to download the extension archive file in latest version, without PEAR.   A "ready to paste&...

2013-07-26 14:15:22

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Linux: Terminal 计算器功能 (bc命令)Terminal Tip: Command Line Calculator

Mac OS X ships with a powerful and useful command-line calculator called bc. GNU bc provides an arbitrary precision calculator that allows you to...

2013-07-12 12:33:12

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php mail() 防止垃圾邮件 How to Avoid Spam Filters with PHP mail() Emails

4 ways to make your PHP mail () Less Spammy Emails   1. Use Headers   In the simple example above, the name and email address was added as the ...

2013-07-12 07:30:37

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