Magento 移除标签 How to remove “Tags” block from a product page

This tutorial will show you how to remove Tags block from Magento product pageЖ There are 2 ways of removing the tagging feature from product pag...

2015-11-29 02:01:45

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Magento 购物车不能加载付款栏 Magento 1.8 and 1.9 Payment not loading on Checkout

I’ve updated one of my stores to the new version 1.8.0 of Magento and all was great until I try the checkout. On the customer onepage checkout I jus...

2015-11-29 02:00:35

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Magento 开启星级评价 How to add the yellow star rating system

It’s a common practice to use ratings for the products in the shopping website. This way visitors can rate the products according to their quality...

2015-11-29 01:58:11

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Linux/Ubuntu: 命令行任务(To-Do List)管理 task - A command line todo manager

  安装: sudo apt-get install task $ task add some very important task $ task   You can also install vit if you want an alternative UI to this ...

2015-11-29 01:57:30

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Bootstrap 3 栏居中 responsive centered columns

An easy solution to center multiple columns in Bootstrap 3, also on mobile   The Problem Sometimes you want to center Bootstrap columns, usually ...

2015-11-29 01:54:42

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相信很多人看到了这个标题就会产生疑问,这篇文章到底要讲什么东西?在回答这个问题之前,我先提出几个问题? 1. 什么是Linux? 2. 什么是GNU? 3. GNU/Linux是什么玩意儿? 在回答了以上问题后,大家自然也清楚我想说明的问题了。   什么是Linux 相信了解一些IT知识的人...

2015-11-28 14:21:06

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Linux 死机了怎么办

今天在 上面发现一篇很有意思的文章,和大家分享。 {Via}   Linux 会死机么?我可以很肯定地说,会!要让 Linux 死机很容易,但难的是在死...

2015-11-28 14:19:53

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Bootstrap 3 input spinner 数字增减框

HTML <div class="container"> <div class="page-header">&l...

2015-11-28 14:16:12

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Bootstrap 3 移除输入框聚焦线 How to remove border (outline) around text/input boxes?

一般可以用: textarea:focus, input:focus{ outline: 0; }   或者 *:focus { outline: 0; }   来源:   针对boots...

2015-11-28 14:14:38

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How to fix “System program problem detected” error on Ubuntu

Remove crash report files The apport system creates crash report files in the /var/crash directory. These crash report files cause the error messag...

2015-11-28 14:13:34

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Ubuntu: 创建PlayOnLinux快捷键 Create PlayOnLinux Application Desktop

实例一 iTunes 12 iTunes 12.desktop [Desktop Entry] Encoding=UTF-8 Name=iTunes 12 Comment=PlayOnLinux Type=Application Exec=/usr/share/playonlin...

2015-11-25 08:36:16

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Magento 自定义分页代码 How to change pagination design in product listing page in magen

I have worked in the template\catalog\product\list\toolbar.phtml where you can change the total toolbar design. But there have a function &...

2015-11-25 08:23:48

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Magento 获取产品(filter过滤器)属性值 Magento Product Attributes Values and Labels

I have found that it is very useful to be able to get attributes from the system and use them in places other than a products category page. I alway...

2015-11-25 08:23:00

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jQuery 去除表单空值 serialize how to eliminate empty fields

1.  Try adding this $('input', '#submForm').each(function(){ $(this).val() == "" && $(this).remove(...

2015-11-25 08:17:02

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jQuery: jscolor - color picker

Check out JSColor: jscolor is a web color picker component that aims to be super easy both for developers to install and end u...

2015-11-25 08:15:06

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Linux Netcat 命令——网络工具中的瑞士军刀

netcat是网络工具中的瑞士军刀,它能通过TCP和UDP在网络中读写数据。通过与其他工具结合和重定向,你可以在脚本中以多种方式使用它。使用netcat命令所能完成的事情令人惊讶。 netcat所做的就是在两台电脑之间建立链接并返回两个数据流,在这之后所能做的事就看你的想像力了。你能建立一个服...

2015-11-24 03:56:08

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Magento 1.9 : 获取产品图片 Get Image Gallery in list.phtml

$_product_images = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->load($_product->getId())->getMediaGalleryImages(); foreach...

2015-11-24 03:53:55

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Magento 获取系统设置 How to get data from Magento System Configuration

I just wandering on how I can get the configuration data for my custom module. The configuration can be set from the admin system->config...

2015-11-24 03:51:41

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Magento: 解决 Bootstrap 3 与prototype并用的时候, 下拉菜单消失的问题 Bootstrap 3 dropdown menu dis...

方法一 :  使用友善的文件     EASY FIX:   Just replace Magento’s prototype.js file with this bootstrap friendly one:

2015-11-24 03:48:05

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解决 TypeError: $.browser is undefined

$.browser has been removed from JQuery 1.9. You can to use Modernizr project instead j...

2015-11-24 03:46:42

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