postman 请求参数集合格式






方法1  把list元素分个写

参数名   参数值

 arr[0]    111

arr[1]      222


If that doesn't work, try not putting indexes in brackets:

  1. my_array[] value1

  2. my_array[] value2


  • If you are using the postman packaged app, you can send an array by selecting raw / json(instead of form-data).

  • If you are using the postman REST client you have to use the method I described above because passing data as raw (json) won't work. There is a bug in the postman REST client (At least I get the bug when I use

  • Just in case someone is asking how to add hashes instead of just array, the idea is still the same, just change the indexes to hash name my_array[hashname] value1

  • my_array[] 123, 345, 456 works fine

  • my_array[] value will create a array parameter with the values provided, as key => [value].my_array[key] value will create a hash, as {key => value}.



Here is my solution:

use form-data and edit as below:

  1. Key Value

  2. box[] a

  3. box[n1] b

  4. box[n2][] c

  5. box[n2][] d

and you will get an array like this:




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