在系统崩溃之后,使用DB2的事务日志恢复数据库。 您曾多少次碰到过错误消息“SQL0946C The transaction log for the database is full?” 在尽力解决该问题时,您是否停下来思考如下两个问题:1. 为何存在事务日志;2. 事务日志记录服务的目的是什么...

2008-09-27 14:26:00

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 正则表达式 (UltraEdit Syntax): % 匹配行首 - 表明要搜索的字符串一定在行首. $ 匹配行尾 - 表明要搜索的字符串一定在行尾 ? 匹配除换行符外的任一单个字符. * 匹配任意个数的字符出现任意次数(不包括换行符) + 匹配前导字符或者表达式出...

2008-09-27 10:44:00

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DataStage 7.x 权限控制

 DataStage 7.x 权限控制 <!-- <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#" xmlns:dc...

2008-09-27 10:16:00

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How to Create, Use and Maintain DataStage 8 Parameter Sets

 This is a three part DataStage tutorial on using the new version 8Parameter Set functionality that shows how it works and adds somepractical advice ...

2008-09-19 23:30:00

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What is new for DataStage 8 on the Information Server

 DataStage 8 on the Information Server looks the same as previousreleases but has some major changes under the hood and a few extrabells and whistles...

2008-09-19 17:26:00

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DataStage tip: using job parameters without losing your mind

 A job parameter in the ETL environment is much like a parameter inother products, it lets you change the way your programs behave atrun-time by twea...

2008-09-19 17:18:00

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101 uses for ETL job parameters

 This is my third post in what I am now calling job parameter week. Infuture it will be better if I come up with an idea for a theme week atthe start...

2008-09-19 17:18:00

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DataStage Certification - how to pass the exam

 I am officially a certified DataStage something or other. After twohours sitting in a small biege room using nothing but a mouse I pickedup an 88% s...

2008-09-19 17:17:00

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End of the "Road to DataStage Certification" D

 I feel very happy at the end of my journey :D (So, unfortunate thatthere are no emoticons in blogger ;) ). I finally("finally", because Ih...

2008-09-19 17:13:00

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DataStage Parallel routines made really easy

 DataStage is a powerful ETL tool with lot of inbuilt stages/routineswhich can do most of the functionalities required; for those thingsDataStage EE ...

2008-09-19 17:11:00

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Configure DB2 remote connectivity with WebSphere DataStage Enterprise Edition

 Introduction WebSphere DataStage is one the foremost leaders in the ETL (Extract,Transform, and Load) market space. One of the great advantages of...

2008-09-19 17:06:00

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 今天楼下项目组的manager踢掉了电源,导致正在做开发的几台机突然从主机断开。可惜的是他们没有通过DataStageDirector中杀掉刚才的连接,而是选择重启datastage服务,这样一来,监听端口没有释放,服务再次启动后不可用。   以前经常碰到类似的问题,一般情况下重启机器就可以释放...

2008-09-18 21:41:00

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WebSphere DataStage Enterprise Edition 实践 并行访问多节点 DB2 的配置与实现

  DataStage EE 中的DB2 Stage在DataStage EE中提供了三种关于DB2 的Stage,忽略ODBC,加上Dynamic RDBMSStage,我们有四种Stage可以存取DB2数据库,其中只有DB2/UDB EnterpriseStage支持并行访问带分区功能的数据库...

2008-09-18 19:51:00

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  Cognos 产品构成: 系统物理结构如上图所示:共分为四层1 数据源层:包括业务数据库,数据集市,数据仓库,多维立方体以及其他来源的非关系型数据,作为查询统计分析的数据来源。2 模型定义层:模型定义层可以分为两部份,一部分通过Cognos BI Modeling将数据库在应用层定...

2008-09-18 19:50:00

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DATASTAGE——Surrogate Key Stage用法

 功能:产生自增字段。        The Surrogate Key stage generates key columnsfor an existing data set. You can specify certain characteristics ofthe key sequence....

2008-09-18 19:45:00

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DATASTAGE——Hashed file stage使用

 原文档:Hashed File stages represent a hashed file, i.e., a file that usesa hashing algorithm for distributing records in one or more groups ondisk. You...

2008-09-18 19:44:00

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 一、JOB的分类与作用(?)        1、Server JOB:        最为常用的Job类型,Job可以组合使用,Server Job是Job的最小单位。        原文档:If you have the Web Services pack installed an addit...

2008-09-18 19:44:00

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 Partitioning       The aim of most partitioning operations is to end up with a set of partitionsthat are as near equal size as possible, ensuring an...

2008-09-18 19:42:00

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DataStage(ETL)技术总结 -- 介绍篇

 数据整合的核心内容是从数据源中抽取数据,然后对这些数据进行转化,最终加载的目标数据库或者数据仓库中去,这也就是我们通常所说的 ETL 过程(Extract,Transform,  Load)。    IBM WebSphere DataStage(下面简称为DataStage)为整个 ETL 过...

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 AIX系统维护大全第 1 楼:AIX系统日常管理第 2 楼:AIX的版本号代表什么意思?第 3 楼:AIX资源监控与调制工具第 4 楼:AIX常用命令第 5 楼:常用AIX论坛地址、资料下载地址、FTP地址第 6 楼:AIX操作系统使用心得第 7 楼:AIX环境如何找到活动最频繁的进程第 8 楼...

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