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PHLAK - Professional Hacker Linux Assault Kit
PHLAK is distributed freely. Some of the software included with PHLAK may not be GPL/GNU but can be distributed freely. The developers of PHLAK express no warranty of any kind. Creators of PHLAK are not responsible or liable for an damages, criminal activity, misuse, or misrepresentations of PHLAK.

Name Version Description
acidlab 0.9.6b20-10 Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases
aimSniff 0.9d AIM sniffer
bing 1.1.3-1 bandwidth tester
brian effectively convert a switched network into a shared network
darkstat 2.6-7 network traffic analyzer
driftnet 0.1.6-2 picks out and displays images from network traffic
dsniff 2.4b1-9 Sniffer
etherape 0.9.0-9 graphical network monitor
ethereal 0.10.10-1 network traffic analyzer
ettercap 0.7.1-1 sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched lan
ettercap-gtk 0.7.1-1 sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched lan
farpd 0.2-7 Fake ARP user space daemon
filesnarf 2.4 Sniffer
hammerhead 2.1.3-3 stress testing tool for web server and web site
httprint 0.202 Web server fingerprinting
hunt 1.5-4 advanced packet sniffer and connection intrusion
icmpinfo 1.11-4 interpret ICMP messages
idswakeup 1.0-3 a tool for testing network intrusion detection systems
iftop 0.16-1 display bandwidth usage on an interface
ippl 1.4.10-1 IP protocols logger
iptraf 2.7.0-7 interactive colorful IP LAN monitor
karpski 0.101-15 ethernet analyzer and sniffer
mailsnarf 2.4 Sniffer
nast 0.2.0-2 packet sniffer and lan analyzer
ngrep 1.43-2 grep for network traffic
netsed 0.01c-2 network packet altering stream editor
nstreams 1.0.3-2 a tcpdump output analyzer
ntop 3.0-5 display network usage in top-like format
packit 1.0-1 network injection and cap
sniffit 0.3.7.beta-11 packet sniffer and monitoring
snort 2.3.2-1 network intrustion detection system
ssldump 0.9b3-2 SSLv3/TSL network protocol analyzer
tcpdump 3.8.3-3 powerful tool for network monitoring and data acquisition
tcpflow 0.21-6 TCP flow recorder
tcpick 0.2.1-1 TCP stream sniffer and connection tracker
tcpreplay 2.3.3-1 tool to replay saved tcpdump files at arbitrary speeds
tcpslice 1.2a2-4 extract pieces of and/or glue together files
tcpspy 1.7d-3 incoming and outgoing TCP/IP connections logger
tcptrace 6.6.1-1 tool for analyzing tcpdump output
tethereal 0.10.10-1 network traffic analyzer
urlsnarf 2.4 Sniffer

Name Version Description
btscanner 1.0 Scan for bluetooth devices
bluez-hcidump 1.17-1 analyzes bluetooth HCI packets
bluez-pin 0.24-1 Bluetooth
obexftp 0.10.7-2 OBEX ftp client
obexftpd 0.10.7-2 OBEX ftp server
xminicom Terminal

Name Version Description
bfbtester 2.0.1-1 bruteforce binary tester
cmospw 4.5 BIOS cracker crack cisco password
guesswho 0.44 SSH bruteforce
hydra 4.4 Bruteforce
john 1.6-33 password cracking
k0ld 1.9 LDAP bruteforce
obiwan 0.6a WWW bruteforce
pw-inspector 0.1 filters out passwords according to patterns
smb-nat Netbios scanner
vncrack 1.17 VNC bruteforce
xhydra 1 Bruteforce

Name Version Description
argus-client 2.0.6.fixes.1-2 IP network transaction auditing tool
argus-server 2.0.6.fixes.1-3 IP network transaction auditing tool
arpd 1.0.2-10 A user space ARP daemon
arpfetch Arp
arping 2.01-3 sends IP and/or ARP pings
arpwatch 2.1a13-2 Ethernet/FDDI station activity monitor
cheops 0.61-12 Network swiss army knife
curl 7.13.1-2 scriptable web browser
dcetest Windows fingerprinter
dig 9.2.3 Name resolution
dlint 1.4.0-4 Checks DNS zone information using nameserver lookups
DNSwalk 2.0.2-8 DNS verification
ffp 0.0.8 Fuzzy Fingerprinting
finger 0.17-8 user information lookup program
fpdns 0.9.1-1 remotely determine DNS server version
fping 2.4b2-to-ipv6-10 sends ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
host 20000331-9 Name resolution
httprint 0.202 web server fingerprinting tool
itrace 0.10 Packet tracing
mtr 0.67-1 full screen ncurses and X11 traceroute tool
netmask 2.3.7 help determine network mask
nmblookup 3.0.10-Debian Netbios lookup
nwatch 0.03-2 network service detector
p0f 2.0.5-1 passive OS fingerprinting tool
gq 1.0beta1 GTK LDAP client
queso 1.20 Fingerprint scanner
sing 1.1-8.2 a fully programmable ping replacement
Smb4k 0.5.2-1 SMB share browser
smbget 0.6-1 SMB downloader
socat socket cat
tcptraceroute 1.5beta6-1 traceroute implementation using TCP/IP packets
tinysnmp-tools 0.8.4 TinySNMP utilities
tkmib 5.1.2-6.1 Net SNMP MIB browser
traceproto 1.1.1-0.1 traceroute replacement that supports TCP, UDP, and ICMP
traceroute 1.4a12-18 traces the route taken by packets over TCP/IP network
traceroute-nanog 6.3.10-2 determin route of packets in TCP/IP networks
whois 4.7.1 whois client
Xprobe 0.2.2-1 remote OS identification
Xsmbrowser 3.4.0-10 Netbios browser
xwhois 0.4.2-7 whois client

Name Version Description
autopsy 2.03-2 Forensics toolkit
biew 5.6.2-1 console hex viewer/editor with disassembler
chkrootkit 0.44-2 Checks for signs of rootkits on the local system
clamav 0.83-3 Anti-virus scanner for unix
dd_rescue 1.50 copy data from one file or block device to another
fenris 0.07build3244-2.2 program execution path analysis tool
foremost 0.69-1 a forensics application to recover data
gtkrecover 0.3-9 GUI for recover
recover 1.3c-8 Ext2 undelete tool
sleuthkit 2.00-2 Forensics toolkit
tct 1.11-6.1 forensics related tools
testdisk 5.5-1 partition scanner and disk recovery tool
wipe 0.20-1 secure file deletion

Name Version Description password collecting fake imap server password collecting fake pop3 server
honeyd 1.0-6 honeypot
iisemulator 0.95-2 tools to emulate an IIS web server
impost 0.1rc2 network auditing tool while operating as a honey pot or packet sniffer
labrea 2.5-stable-1 sticky honeypot and IDS

Name Version Description
ab 2.0.41-dev webserver benchmarking
ADM-smb 0.2beta Security scanner for samba
amap 4.8-1 network protocol probing tool
ass 0.10 router scanner
IKE-scan 1.7 IKE scanner
knocker 0.7.1-2 simple to use TCP security port scanner
metasploit 2.3 exploit framework
nbtscan 1.5.1-2 netbios scanner
nessus 2.2.3-3 security scanner
nikto 1.32-1 web server security scanner
nmap 3.81-1 network scanner
nmapFE 3.81-1 nmap network scanner GUI frontend
nmblookup 3.0.10-Debian netbios lookup
pnscan 1.11-3 multi-threaded port scanner
protos 0.10 protocol scanner
raccess 0.7-2 security tool to audit remote systems
rats 2.1-3 rough auditing tool for security
router-audit-tool 1.1-4 tool for auditing Cisco router configuration
scanrand 1.10 fast scanner
scanssh 2.0-4 gets SSH server versions for an entire network
smb-nat 1.0-4 netbios auditing tool
spikeproxy 1.4.7-9 web application security testing proxy
tiger 3.2.1-19 report system security vulnerabilities

Name Version Description
arpspoof 2.4 packet generator
cdp send CDP (cisco router Discovery Protocol) messages to the wire
dhcpx packet generator
dnsspoof 2.4 packet generator
etherwake 1.08-1 a little tool to send magic wake-on-lan packets
file2cable 0.10 packet replay
fragroute 1.2-7 Test a NIDS by attempting to evade using fragmented packets
fragrouter 1.6-2.2 Test a NIDS by attempting to evade using fragmented packets
gspoof makes easier & accurate the building & sending of tcp-ip packets
hping2 2.rc3-3 active network smashing tool
hping3 3.a2.ds1-1 active network smashing tool
hsrp 0.10 packet generator
icmpush 2.2-6 ICMP packet builder
icmp redirect packet generator
igrp 0.10 packet generator
irdp 0.10 packet generator
macchanger 1.5.0-1 manipulate the MAC address of network interfaces
macof 2.4 packet generator
nemesis 1.32+1.4beta3-2 packet generator
scapy 0.9.17-1 packet generator/sniffer and network scanner/discovery
sendip 2.5-1 commandline tool to allow sending arbitrary IP packets
tcpreplay 2.3.3 packet generator

Name Version Description
802ether 2.1 convert 802.11 dumps to ethernet dumps
aircrack 2.1-1 wireless WEP cracker
airsnort 0.2.7e-1 WLAN sniffer & WEP cracker
chopchop 0.1 active WEP decryption
cowpatty 2.0 WPA-PSK dictionary attack create a lot of rouge Aps
gkismet 0.0.9 GUI frontend for kismet
gpsd 2.13-1 GPS service daemon
gpsdrive 2.09-2 Car navigation system
hostapd 0.3.7-1 user space 802.11 AP and 802.1x/WPA/WPA2/EAP authenticator
hotspotter 0.4 wireless client hijacking
kismet 2005.01.R1-2 Wireless 802.11b monitoring tool 1.9 wireless analyzer
wpasupplicant 0.3.8-1 client support for WPA and WPA2
xsupplicant 1.0.1-4 802.1x supplicant (client)

Name Version Description
1234 1.0 DoS attack tool for script kiddies
asleap 1.4 tool that exposes the weaknesses in Cisco's LEAP protocol Cisco global exploiter
cryptcat 20031202-2 TCP/IP swiss army knife extended with twofish encryption
crywrap 0.2.1-4 Simple TCP service encryption using TLS/SSL
ddb-sfe shell over tcp channel using an icmp packet 0.1 tunnel everything over dns
grenzgaenger tool for tunneling commands through systems into protected networks
hellkit 1.3 shellcode generator
httptunnel 3.3-2 tunnels a data stream in HTTP requests
isic 0.05-1 test the integrity of an IP stack with semi-random packets
itunnel 1.2 ICMP tunneling tool
l2tpd 0.70-pre20031121-2 layer 2 tunneling protocol
l2tpns 2.0.14-1 layer 2 tunneling protocol network server
netcat 1.10-27 TCP/IP swiss army knife
netcat6 0.5-1 TCP/IP swiss army knife with IPv6 support
netdiag 0.7-7 Net-Diagnostic (trafshow,strobe,netwatch,ststnet,tcpspray,tcpblast)
nstx 1.1-beta6-1 tunnel IP over DNS
openssl 0.9.7e-3 SSL binary and related cryptographic tools
packetto 1.10-4 unusual TCP/IP testing tools
proxychains 1.8-1 redirect connections through proxy servers
rdesktop 1.3.1-1.1 RDP client for Windows NT/2000 Terminal Server
Spikeman's DoS rev.4 wide variety of popular and effective denial of service scripts
sslwrap 2.0.6-17 simple TCP server encryption using TLS/SSL
stunnel 3.26-2.1 universal SSL tunnel for network daemons
stunnel4 4.070-4 universal SSL tunnel for network daemons
tcpd 7.6.dbs-8 TCP wrapper utilities
udptunnel 1.1-1 tunnel UDP packets over a TCP/IP conntection

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