org.apache.axis.ConfigurationException: No service named XXX is available

解决方法: 在调用方工程中的 文件中加入 = INFO
<logger name="org.apache.axis.ConfigurationException"> 
<level value="INFO" /> 

原因是 : 该异常的级别太低,是debug 级别的 ,感觉没有从根本解决问题,不过可以先这样,因为,该异常,目前没有影响服务的调用

参考 :

This is logged because this code in AxisEngine (line 308 in Axis 1.x):

    public SOAPService getService(String name) throws AxisFault
        try {
            return config.getService(new QName(null, name));
        } catch (ConfigurationException e) {
            try {
                return config.getServiceByNamespaceURI(name);
            } catch (ConfigurationException e1) {
                throw new AxisFault(e);

depends on an exception being thrown on the first attempt (line 311) to then try a different method of finding the service (which succeeds if you see no log of the AxisFault on line 316). The log entry is created because a ConfigurationException logs itself (at DEBUG level) on creation (questionable practice, imho). To avoid this misleading log entry you'll want to add this to your file: = INFO