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NameCommentslicenseUnix X11+UnixX11+MotifMS Win 95/98MS Win NT/2000MS Win 3.1OS/2 PMMacOSNextStepOpenStep 
other platforms
AbiWord 's cross platform layercross-platform framework
in C++
see interesting development methodology for more info 
Unix version built ongtk+
  QNX and BeOS
AbsoluteXn open source free class library primarily developed for use with X Window System. Useslibsigc++.LGPLy        
a cross-plataform, easy-to-use, non-intrusive C++ GUI library that runs on top of SDL 
(via SDL)(viaSDL)(via SDL)(via SDL)(viaSDL)(via SDL)(via SDL)(via SDL)(via SDL)
a high-level graphical C application framework aimed primarly at 2D/3D games and simulations. Agar applications are portable to a variety of platforms thanks to the SDL.support for SDL 2D and OpenGLrendering. Thread safeBSD 
y (via SDL)(viaSDL)y (via SDL)y (via SDL)(viaSDL)(via SDL)y (viaSDL)y (via SDL)other platforms supported by SDL
Amiga Foundation Class aims to support Amiga and X11art?       Amiga (?)
AlfaGUIa small GUI library for DOS, useful for embedded applications y       DOS 16/32 bit
OpenAmulet ( discounted?)
research-oriented toolkit from CMU. native look andfeel. High-level support for interactive interfaces: Direct Manipulation Behaviors, Undo, Animation, etc. original project at CMU completed andNolonger supported. However, another group has picked up development as OpenAmulet.PDy yy  y  
Andrewresearch system from CMU. C and C++ API.BSDy        
Bakerya C++ Framework for creating GNOMEapplications using Gnome-- and 
a totally new window system for Unix/Linux that alsoincludes high level APIs for GUI programming.  Very experimental asit buids upon  OpenGL and CORBA.  Successor of FrescoandOffix. Also listed as an alternative windowing system

Berlin renamed to Fresco in 2002, taking on the name of the old GUI toolkit Fresco
BGUIGUI library forAmiga.based on BOOPS. C API.freely distributable        Amiga
CG (link broken?)GUI toolkit of theArachne projectBSDy yy  y  
CLX good(Component Library for Cross-platform)Cross-platform library for, and part of, Delphi, Kylix and CBuilder - Based on 
top of Qt, Linux only

Coral (ctGUI)very powerful and complete advanced application framework with strong GUI components.  Advanced functionalities for non-GUI tasks like networking, shared memory, etc.Arty yy    Amiga (old versions)

C++ interface to theTk library tries to provide not only the Tk functionality, but also its way of writing code, based on the syntax used in Tcl/Tk.BSDy yy   y(?) 
a C++ application framework and utility library for single-source Mac/Windows applications
non-profit use only 
Cvo BSDy        
CXan "UI utility with themes support." just begin.LGPLy        
DCLAPbare-bone application framework. Nolonger developed and maintained for 3 years alreadynoncommercial only yyyy y  
EasyGTK (link broken?) EasyGTK is a wrapper library to make GTK programmingeasier, and quickerGPLy        
EpeiosCollection of general purposes libraries essentially coded in C++ and working under UNIX and Windows. containing GUI libraryGPLy yy     
ET++ project is completed. successor is MET++.BSDy(?)y(?)       
EZWGL C API. motif look and feel.LGPLy        
Fltk The Fast Light Tool Kit. API modeled afterXform,but in C++. SGI Motif look and feel. good documentation.(Fluid, an UI builder)LGPL with additional permissionsy yy  y 
y y
FOX C++-based toolkit on top of XLib. MS Win 95 look.under developmentLGPL with additional permissionsy  yy    
Fresco (old)

also seeBerlin as the new Fresco
Advanced research toolkit formly supported by theX Consortium but now independently developed. Successor to Interviews.( alt. page)( Java version
( another info page
development stopped,  succeeded by Berlin
BSDy yy  y  
GEMThe old GUI environment for MSDOS and Atari ST (about1985), now free  softwareGPL        MS-DOS and Atari ST
GEM++C++ classes for GEMprogramming, forAtari ST.LGPL         
GINA a research project, is completed. (ftp)  y       
GLOW "a cross-platform object-oriented framework for building interactive applications usingOpenGL or similar APIs such as Mesa. It is, at its heart, an C++ wrapper forGLUT, providing a fully object-oriented API for creating windows, menus and other GUI elements, and for event handling. GLOW also features an extensible cross-platform widget library for building powerful user interfaces."Note:Thusportable to any platform where a functional OpenGL implementation exists(including Mesa)LGPLnotenotenotenotenotenotenotenotenote
GLUI An OpenGL /GLUT-basedGUI toolkit.   Rendering is done entirely in OpenGL. Win 95 lookand feel. Note: Thusportable to any platform where a functional OpenGL implementation exists(including Mesa)LGPLnotenotenotenotenotenotenotenotenote
GNOME (libs) the GNOME desktopalso servesas an application framework, C API. Requirers gtk+LGPLy        
GNUstep envolving NextStep/OpenStep clone. C/Objective CAPI. Version 0.6.6 just releasedLGPL y        
gnewta gtk+-based toolkit for writing simple user interfacesLGPLy        
grafixa library for "drawing pictures, functions or othergraphic objects in an interactive manner" or simple graphical user interfaceconstruction" with emphasis on visualization, not UIGPLy        
GraphAPPC API. a small toolkit for teaching.?yy??y    
gtk+ The GIMP Toolkit.developed as part of the GIMPproject. Now at version 2.2. C API. ISthe leading toolkit in the free software community in conjuction withQt.variable  look and feel (default:Motif).  
(ftp) (mailing list) (gtk--,a C++ wrapper)(Gtkkitand Gtoolkit , ObjectC wrappers) (wxGTKWxWindowsport to gtk+ (C++ API)) ( gtkv,Vport to gtk+ (C++ API)) 
(VDK , SDPGTKInti, other C++ wrappers) 
gladegrad,epingle,UI builders for gtk+ and gtk-- 
libglade  , a library for gtk/GNOME  allowing GUI built at run time from specifications in configuration files in XML format, without the need to recompile program 
LGPLy yy    in progressBeOS , Linux consoleDirectFB
gtkmm (gtk--)  
gnomemm (gnome--)
complete C++ wrapper for gtk+ andGNOME. Uses modern C++ features (templates, etc.) for type-safe callbacks and signal/slots withlibsigc++ . glade--,GUI builders for gtk-- 
related: gnomemm, c++ bindings forGNOME
"a class set which allow You to build applications with new Microsoft interface style .It includes more than 50 of MFC classes" 
no cost use 
Harmonyattempts to create aQt clone witha true Free Software license.  Development is halted. LGPLunfinished        
HvC API.? y       
  Ivtoolsis an actively maintained and envolved version of Interviews, formerly by Vectaport Ivtool apps can be embedded inside Motif and Xt canvas. Ivrools contains an application framework, GUI widget framework, Acommand interpreter ,drawing editor application framework,  command interpreter into the drawing editor andgraph/network application 
Interviews (ftp) was 
an early advanced toolkit whose development stopped around  1993. conceptual successor is  Fresco.
Intia set of integrated foundation libraries for developingC++ applications on UNIX-like systems such as Linux, including C++ wrapper for gtk+.(2.0 only) new developer, now in version 1.0 beta.LGPLy        
IUPANSI C, native controls, custom contros, abstract layout, only a few functions, Lua Scripting freely distributable  y      
IBTKa small, "basic self-contained no-frills toolkitto create platform-independent GUI software (in C++)GPLy        
JAPIWritten in 
JAVA and C,  provides the JAVA AWT Toolkitto non object oriented Languages like C, Fortran, Pascal, Ada and even Basic
JUCE an all-encompassing C++ class library for developing cross-platform applicationsGPL  yy y 
KaiViewstalled in favor of theLIP . recently resumed?y        
KDE(libs)KDE desktop  also serves as anapplication framework. RequiresQtLGPLy        
LessTif an envolving Motif 1.2 clone. getting close to becomea complete Motif substitution. C API.LGPLy        
libsx"the Simple X library -- is a lightweight wrapperlibrary sitting on top of the Athena Widget set." C APILGPLy        
LGI (Lightweight GUI Interface)also for BeOS
"a small enough library that one person can understand it all."
LGPL yy    BeOS
libguiC API.BSDy        
LIPLinux Interface Project. still under development, in the beginning stage. development stalled?LGPL(?) 
MacAPPApple 's Mac framework, probablythe first widely available GUI framework.   No longer supported by Apple but third party development atwww.clubmacapp.comMacAPP license  y (unfinished)y (unfinished)  yy 
MarxC API. the GUI toolkit is part of a C-like scriptlanguage for quickly building GUIs, although also usable from compiled C. Motif look and feel.GPLy        
C++ API. Framework on top of Carbon API.
MacZoop license 


MET++"an object-oriented application framework .... providingreusable objects for 2D graphics, user interface components, 3D graphics,video, audio, and music." based on ET++.?y ?y(?)  y(?)  
MGUIC API.?y yyy    
Microwindowsa small windowing system providing Win32 and X11API, targetting embedded systems. C APIMPL, GPLy       MS-DOS, Linux framebuffer, RTEMS, Linux SVGAlib
MiniGUI " a compact Graphics User Interface (GUI) support system for Linux. MiniGUI defines some Win32-like APIs for the applications. The goal of MiniGUI is keeping its features of small and exquisiteness to provide a small windowing system support library."LGPLy       Linux framebuffer, Linux SVGAlib and libCGI
The real Motif, the traditional standard Unix X11 toolkit, now moving toward free/open source software.  C API.OpenGroup Public License(free for free/open source unices only)ynative       
Motif++C++ wrapper for motif.? y       
notifwritten in object-oriented C.  C API. Motiflook and feel. (announcement)GPLy        
NGL is an application framework intended to work with SGI'sOpenGL* API. NUI is a cross-platform C++ GUI programming framework for OpenGL applications built on top of theNGL 
NWSdistributed as part ofPavuk.C API.GPLy        
OPaC (link broken?)"a highly portable user interface toolkit with dynamicedition." look and feel and behavior are adjustable/editable at run time"OPaCFree Public License" unfinished (?) yy unfinishedunfinished  
OpenOffice(as an GUI application framework )possibly modern forms of StarView?containing a complete application framework and GUI library as the basis of an office suite, including low level GUI toolkit (VCL), application frameworkgraphics applications servicesGPL/LGPL/SISSLy y     
Offixa very rich C++ interactive application API withclasses for X11 windows, images, events, clipboards, inter-application communications, styles for look and feel, layout management and drag anddrop.  Also has classes for Unix system services. Open Look and Motiflook and feel. In alpha  release. No longerdeveloped, work merged intoBerlinLGPLy        
OpenGUIa small  graphics  &   windowing library  built  upon a  fast,    low-level  x86 asm  graphics  kernel. Windows 95 look and feelLGPL        Linux console, MS-DOSDJDPP, QNX
ParaGUIa high-level crossplatform application framework and GUI library. It is completely based on the SimpleDirectMedia Layer (SDL). Works on any environment where SDL exists.LGPLy (via SDL) y (via SDL)y (via SDL)  y (viaSDL)  
"a new Graphical User Interface architecture designed with embedded systems in mind. ... includes low-level graphics and input, widgets, themeing, layout, font rendering, network transparency, and debugging features." Also can be an alternative windowing system (when running on framebuffers)GPL/LGPL
y (native or via SDL) 

   y (via SDL)Linux frame buffer, numerous embedded devices (see this list)
Pingoa C++ class libraryand framework for X Window Systemwith OSF/MOTIF look-and-feel. API is similar to the Java AWT API.LGPL y       
Qt a high-quality framework. hasadvanced features not present in other toolkits, such a full 2d graphics API (with rotations, scaling, shearing, etc.), metafile support, same code for screen and printer output. variable look and feel (default:Motif or Win95).approaching version 4 
KDevelop , EBuilder,Qt Architect ,QtDesigner and QtEZ, UI buildersfor Qt
Qwt, additional GUI components for Qt for scientific appl

(see this link for info on integration withMotif)
Qt Free Edition license (1.x series, X11 versiion)  
QPL( Qt 2.x series, X11 version) 
QPL and GPL(Qt 2.2 and later, X11 version) 
no cost for non-commerical use(Windows version) (soon GPLed)
(QPL and GPL) (no cost for non-commercial use) (soon GPLed)(no cost for non-commercial use) (soon GPLed)      Qt/Embedded: for the Linux frame buffer without X.
SmartWina small sized, extremely type safe, no overhead what so ever, fully template based C++ GUI library for Windows API (formerly known as Win 32 API).GPL plus additional permissions  y (?)y     
STDWINC API. No longer supported.?y     y  
SUITSimple User Interface Toolkit. C API.y   y y  
information in Spanish... no English info available.
y (?)


Tkgood widget set but not frequently used as a pure C library. Widely used in combination with high-level script languages (Tcl,SchemePython,Perl,etc.). C API. Native look and feel.BSDy yyy y y 
TOADin early stage, still alphaLGPLy        
implementation of MS Windows API on other platforms.C API.LGPLy nativenative native y  
Ultimate++C++ toolkit that "achieves significant reduction of code complexity for most applications when compared to other development platforms"BSDy yy     
V Common C++ wrapper for many platforms. a good "competitor"ofWxWidfgets.native look and feel.  ( gtkv, gtk+ port of V)LGPLyyyyy   
VDK"Visual Development Kit", a C++ wrapper for gtk+ ( VDK Builder, a RAD tool for VDK)LGPLy        
Vibrant (NCBI Toolkit)part of National Center for Biotechnology Informationsoftware development toolkit, a multi-platform user interface developmentlibrary that automatically handles the behavior of GUI objects, with callbacksto programs  yy(?)y(?)y(?) y  
(TheHungry) ViewKit a clone of the SGI (ICS) Viewkit.Currently not being developed.LGPL(?)(in the future with lesstif)y       
ViewKit (ICS)C++ framework for Motif.  Freely available for Linux Only.no-cost (for Linux only) y       
Visual Component Framework, "a simple to use cross platform GUI framework, with many of the advanced design features of Java and Java's Swing, and Borland's Visual Component Library.Also provides advanced RTTI/Introspection features common in languages like Object Pascal, Objective C, Smalltalk, and Java, but not typically found in C++"BSD
in development

in development
VXCLThe Virtual X Class Library. API strongly linked to the Win32 API.LGPL  yyy    
VxLibVisual Text Library, a "character cell"-based librarylike text mode but displayed in a X windowGPL y        
Wafe"Wafe (Widget[Athena]front end) is a package thatimplements a symbolic, string based interface based on Tclto the X Toolkit, the Athena Widget Set , Motif and various complementary widget classes and extension packages. " C API.BSDyy       

a simple, platform independent dialog manager library using

(via SDL)(viaSDL)(via SDL)(via SDL)(viaSDL)(via SDL)(via SDL)(via SDL)(via SDL)
Whisper "general purpose Mac/Win32 C++ application framework. successor to the Mac framework Raven. 
is a modern framework that takes advantage of templates, multiple inheritance, STL, and exceptions. is designed around the notionofDesign by Contract and includes numerous debugging tools."
BSD  yyy y  
WideStudioan IDE with an original windowing library and visual window editor and a rich set of development facilitiesBSDy yy   y 
Wine "a free implementation of Windows (API) on Unix" On Intel x86 PCs only, can be used to port Windows programs to X11Wine licensey (Intel x86 PC only) native nativenativey   
WIRP"Windows Interface Reduced Programming is a libraryof c routines for simple, platform independent GUI programming." C API. ?y        
WWL( ?)C++ classes around X widgets.?y(?)y(?)       
WxWidgets(formerly wxWindows) Common C++ wrapper for many platforms. version 2,.4  just released. native look and feel. good cross-platform support.(Wxxt, X Toolkit port) 
( WxGTKgtk+ port)
BSD(version1.x only) 
LGPL ( wxxt1.6xonly) 
WxWidgets license (version 3.0, actually LGPL plus exceptions)
yyyyyyyyalso on top of MicroWindows, and MGL
Xarm a C++ wrapper for Motif.LGPL y       
X|Front"a C++ library providing an object-oriented interfaceto X11R5 Xlib"BSDy        
xclasses"the X11 layout library." details available in Germanonly  
note another toolkit has the samename
xclasses, xclass95developed in conjuction with thefvwm95window manager. MS-Win 95 look and feel. 
note another toolkit has the samename
XFormsa toolkit distributed in binary form only. C API. (fdesign,a UI builder)X Forms licensey      

Xm++ (?)C++ classes for Motif and X11 Athena widgets?yy       
Xmt (Motif Tools),Xmt++"Xmt is a Motif Tools library. The Xmt Motif Tools library provides developers of user interfaces tools that make Motif easier to use. Xmt consists of the core library of additional widgets, utility programs, docs, tutorials, and example code." C API. Supports rapid prototyping, GUI story boarding. 
"Xmt++ is to provide a C++ Model-View-Controller framework implementation based on Xmt. This framework makes it easier to integrate a Motif GUI to an application and maintain design integrity." 
XPToolkit (Xpfe) cross-platform, toolkit for Mozilla."An open source SDK for building common cross-platform user interfaces usingexisting cross-platform 
standards (e.g., XML, RDF, HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript) and technologies (e.g., Gecko, XPConnect) to minimize 
platform-specific code." May built on top of gtk+ and Xt forX11
MPL/GPL/LGPLy (Xt, gtk)?yyy yy y BeOS
XViewthe Open Look widget set. C API. no longer supportedby Sun in favor of Motif. y        
YACL (link broken?) 
native look and feelBSD yyyyy   
YAAF Yet Another Application Framwork,  with fairlycomplete  GUI classes and good cross-platform supportBSDy yy  y  
yzonea set of universal cross-platform libraries for creationof the graphical modular applications for any UNIX or Microsoft Windowsplatform. C APILGPLy yy     
Zinc  well stablished, cross-platform 
 framework. supports 24 platforms  (including MS DOS and Unix text mode) 
desktop use only (not for  embedded applications) yyyyy   MS-DOS, VxWorks, pSOS
Zoolib"Zoolib provides a GUI toolkit with a uniquely flexible layout system. It also provides a single-file database format, TCP networking, and extensive debugging support. ZooLib applications are multithreaded. ZooLib requires only minimal support from the underlying OS and platform GUI layer, and thus could be ported to a completely new platform without too much difficulty"BSDy yy  y yBeOS
ZuneAmiga MUI clone for X11LGPLy        
NameCommentslicenseUnix X11 +UnixX11+MotifMS Win 95/98MS Win NT/2000MS Win 3.1OS/2 PMMacOSNextStepOpenStep 
other platforms


Name CommentsUnixX11UnixX11MotifMS Win 95/98MS Win NT/2000MS Win 3.1OS/2 PMMacOSNextSTEPOpenSTEP
MFCMicrosoft Foundation Class library. probably themost dominant toolkit today y (3rd party,MainWin)y (3rd party,Bristol)yyy (add-on)  
OWLBorland Object Windows Library. once the king before MFC comes... ( OWL resources )  yyy ??  
VCLVisual Component Library, Borland/Inprise's curent-generation GUI class library  yy     
(Component Library for Cross-platform) Cross-platform library for Delphi , Kylix and CBuilder - Based on topof Qt, works on Win32 and GNU/Linux (x86)y


ClassAct         y
CPLATa C++ framework for Mac and Windows yyy(?) y  
a C++ application framework and utility library for single-source Mac/Windows applications
rich DOS-based business application development environment, orginated from Ashton-Tate's Framework product, with FRED. Object-Function-Based, Text-Aware, rapid application developmentLanguage

Galaxy well established, cross-platform framework 
( companyout of business)
ILOGViewswell established, cross-platform framework.commercialproduct with capabilities similar toInterviewsyyyyyy   
JXa full-featured C++ application framework and widget library (SDK) for use with the X Window Systemy        
Latitude(product dropped?)MacOS API on Unix and Mac OS X (OpenStep)y     nativey 
MacAPPApple 's Mac framework, probably the first widely available GUI framework.   No longer supported by Apple but third party development atwww.clubmacapp.com  y (unfinished)y (unfinished)  yy 
MainWin/XDEMS Win API on X11.y  native native native    
MUI"Magic User Interface", popular inAmigacommunity        y
NoWaita shareware GUI Application framework.  yyyy   
ObjectViews(product dropped?)commercial version of Interviews, OpenLook or Motif look and feel, switchable on the fly unfinished unfinished     
OpenClassfrom IBM/Taligentfor IBM VisualAge for C++,also supports OS/400 y (AIX and Sun Solaris only)       
Presenter (OpenInterface Element)full-featured, strong international language support, high performance GUI, rich widget set, supported worldwideyyyyy      
OpenStep (Cocoa)Apple's application API for developing Mac OS X applicationsworking on different platforms  y (?)y (?)  y (?) native 
OpenUIreally a User Interface Management System yyyyyy  
PowerPlant included with Metrowerk's Mac OS compilers.    y  
Qtan advanced, high quality toolkit. free/open source license available..Version 3 released.y yyy  see Mac OS Xy 
SansGUIAn object-oriented modeling and simulation environment for
developing and deploying scientific and engineering
without writing any GUI code. Support Visual C++ and Compaq Visual Fortran.
SL-GMSspecialized framework for dynamic graphics for monitoringand control Systems, can integrate with other "native" frameworks yyy?    
StarViewno longer available?  (see OpenOffice)???????  
Think Class LibraryAn early commercial GUI framework for Mac      y  
ViewKit ( SGI,ICS) C++ framework for Motif y y     
ViewTouch"open framework source for rapid development of opennetwork computing applications" such as touchscreeny (withlesstif ) y       
WindUMS Win API on Motif, with MFCsupport ynativenative native     
WM_MotifMS Win API on Motif ynative native native     
WNDX  yyyy y  
X Designerreally a GUI builder. Unix version includes partialMFCi mplementation on Motif y       
XVT well established, cross-platform framework yyyyyy y 
zAPP well established, cross-platform framework.No longer available. ?????   
Zincwell established, cross-platform framework.supports24 platforms (including MS DOS and Unix text mode) freely available for  non-embedded use yyyyy   


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