Five SImple Tips to Boost Your Immune System

a strong immune system is what helps your body remain healthy.if you get sick often, feel run down or fatigued,you may have a weak immune system. when you have a weak immune system,you are at a high risk of catching a cold or a what are some of the ways you can strengthen your body's defences.

1.get plenty of sleep and rest .    your body rejuvenates (恢复)and strengthens  while you sleep. the amount of sleep our body actually require is anywhere from eight to ten hours.

2.reduce the amount of stress in your life.   stress affects your body mentally and physically. a physically weaker body means a physically weaker immune systen.

3.exercise. regular exercise makes your body stronger,increase blood circulation,and increases the circulation of nutrients(营养成分) in the body .

4.drink plenty of water,  water helps your body flush away unwanted toxins(毒素) while at the same time helping you maintain proper hydration(水分).

5.eaten a balanced diet ,it is important not to skip meals and remember to eat foods that high in antioxidant(抗氧化剂) levels,such as :fruits and vegetables,dairy prosucts,berries,dark greens whole grains.the antioxidants in these foods not only give your immune system aboost but they also reduce your chance of developing cancer and other disease.




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