at in on 在时间/地点上分别有什么用法


at, in和on表示时间时的区别

    1. 表示在较长的时间里(如周/月份/季节/年份/世纪等)。如:in a week; in May; in spring/summer/autumn/winter; in 2008; in the 1990’s等。
    2. 表示在上午、下午或晚上。如:in the morning/afternoon/evening。
    3. in the daytime(在白天) 属于固定搭配,指从日出到日落这一段时间,反义词组是in the night。
    4. “in + 一段时间”表示“多久以后/以内”,常与将来时连用。如:in half an hour; in ten minutes; in a few days等。

【on】我是 “二姐”,我后面所接的时间多与日期有关。具体用法有:
    1. 表示在具体的某一天(如日期、生日、节日或星期几)。如:on May 4th, 1919; on Monday; on Teachers’ Day; on my birthday; on that day等。
    2. 表示某一天的上午、下午或晚上。如:on the morning of July 2; on Sunday afternoon; on a cold winter evening等。

    1. 表示在某一具体时刻,即几点几分。如:at six o’clock; at half past nine; at a quarter to six; at this time等。
    2. 表示在某一短暂的时间。如:at noon; at this moment; at the end of a year; at the start of the concert等。

    1.He came to my family _______ May, 1999.
    2.He got home _______ midnight.
    3.Tree leaves begin to fall _______ September.
    4.He went to Beijing _______ the morning of October 8th.
    5.This matter happened ______ the 1970’s ______ his eighties.
    6.He usually goes to see a film ______ Sunday.
    7.Can you finish the task _______ a month?
    8.He left his homeland _______ the age of thirty.
    9.My family will move there ______ two months.
    10.He is kind to her ______ times.





at, in和on表示地点时的区别

1. at表示地点:

(1)用于指较小的地方。如: I shall wait for you at the station.

(2)用于门牌号码前。如: He lives at 115 Zhongshan Road.

2. in表示地点:

(1)用于指较大的地方。如: He lives in Shanghai.



I met him at the post-office.

I’m now working in the post-office.

3. on表示地点,一般指与面或线接触,意为“在……上;在……旁”。


The picture was hanging on the wall.

New York is on the Hudson River.