he following is a memory dump accumulated since early this year, these were previously logged in my google notepad. I simply copy and paste here to make my first day easier :)

Problem: While compiling a BizTalk 2006 project, you get warnings say ‘the dependency ‘Microsoft.BizTalk.Tracing’ could not be found. ’
In the project (assembly) refererence property window, please set the “copy
local” to “false” for these biztalk related references.

Problem: HTTP and SOAP receive adapters cannot co-exist in the same process
Fixed the problem by putting the HttpReceive port and a web service port in separate application pools.

Problem: Using biztalk 2006 to send a file to an external Web Service using SOAP adatpter: Maximum request length exceeded.
Modify ASP.NET setting.

Problem: When expose BizTalk as web service, you got a SOAP receive subscription problem, message routing failure while correct properties are promoted.
Pay attention to method name:
object[] invokeResults = this.Invoke(”CCValidateSrv“, invokeParams, inParamInfos, …);
It should be  the EXACT one as the orchestration operation name.

Problem: BizTalk SMTP adapter not work
Change EmailTextBodyCharset since default value is None. You must explicitly set the value, for example, to UTF-8.

Problem: Read BizTalk installation path

Read registry key HKLM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/BizTalk Server/3.0

Problem: Expose orchestration & consume webservice with SOAP header


1. Create a schema, which will be the SOAP header

2. Create a property schema

    A). Has namespace to ‘

    B). Create a property, set name to rootnode of SOAP header schema declared in step 1, set type to string, set Property Schema Base property set to MessageContextPropertyBase

3. Use property schema declared in step 2 to load xml to an XMLDocument

4. Assign above XMLDocument to a SOAP header message


1. Follow step 2 as above

2. Load target SOAP header inner xml to an XMLDocument

3. Assign property in step 1 to string value in step 2.

Problem: BizTalk XSLT usage

. Map large document

. Map complex document

. Remove empty nodes

Problem: Attach correct BTS host instance

1. “PerfMon”

2. Add counter “BizTalk:Messeging” - “All counters” - “ID”

3. View Report

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