Windows Template Library - WTL Version 7.5

Windows Template Library - WTL Version 7.5         (build 5058) 2/27/05
Development Release

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Welcome to the Windows Template Library, version 7.5. This document contains the following topics:


  1. Introduction
  2. Features And Installation
  3. Packing List
  4. Class Overview
  5. ATL/WTL AppWizard
  6. Support for Windows CE
  7. Notes
  8. Changes Between WTL 7.5 And 7.1
  9. Changes Between WTL 7.1 And 7.0
  10. Changes Between WTL 7.0 And 3.1
  11. Changes Between WTL 3.1 And 3.0



1. Introduction


Windows Template Library, or WTL, is a set of classes that extend ATL to support more complex user interfaces for either applications or various UI components, while maintaining the big advantage of ATL - small and fast code. WTL classes were designed to be the best and the easiest way to implement rich Win32 based UI for ATL based applications, servers, components, and controls.


WTL provides support for implementing many user interface elements, from frame and popup windows, to MDI, standard and common controls, common dialogs, property sheets and pages, GDI objects, UI updating, scrollable windows, splitter windows, command bars, etc. The WTL classes are mostly templated and use minimal instance data and inline functions. They were not designed as a framework, so they do not force a particular application model, and can accommodate any. The classes do not use hooks or thread local storage, so they have no restrictions that those techniques impose. They also have no inter-dependencies and can be freely mixed with straight SDK code. In summary, WTL delivers very small and efficient code, very close in size and speed to SDK programs, while presenting a more logical, object oriented model to a programmer.



2. Features And Installation


This is the fifth public release of WTL, after WTL 3.0, 3.1, 7.0, and 7.1. It is also the first release of WTL under the Common Public License, enabling developers from the WTL community to contribute to the library.


WTL classes can be used with either VC++ 6.0 and ATL 3.0, VC++ .NET 2002 and ATL 7.0, VC++ .NET 2003 and ATL 7.1, or EVC++ 4.0 or 3.0 with ATL for Windows CE. AppWizard for VC++ .NET 2002 and 2003 is included.


The WTL classes are provided in header files located in the include directory. The only header files that must be included is atlapp.h, while others can be used when needed. The name of the file doesn't mean that you have to create an application, just that atlapp.h contains base definitions required for WTL projects.


To install WTL, just copy the whole directory structure, or unpack the archive file, to the location of your choice. Please be sure to add the WTL/include directory to the list of include directories in VC++, so that the compiler can find them when you include them in your projects..


Setup programs for the AppWizard are provided. After executing the setup scripts, ATL/WTL AppWizard will appear in the list of AppWizards when you select File.New.Project in VC++ IDE. The file AppWiz/setup70.js is the setup script for VC++ .NET 2002, while AppWiz/setup71.js is for VC++ .NET 2003.


To manually install AppWizard for VC++ .NET 2002, copy all WTLAppWiz.* files from AppWiz/Files to VC++ .NET projects directory, %VC7DIR%/Vc7/vcprojects, where %VC7DIR% is the directory where VC++ .NET 2002 is installed. After that, open WTLAppWiz.vsz and modify the like that contains ABSOLUTE_PATH to contain %WTLDIR%/AppWiz/Files, where %WTLDIR% is the directory where WTL files are.


For VC++ .NET 2003 use the WTLApp71.* files with the same steps.


Platform support and requirements:



            Visual C++ 6.0   (ATL 3.0)

            Visual C++.NET 2002   (ATL 7.0)

            Visual C++.NET 2003   (ATL 7.1)


    SDK (optional):

            Any Platform SDK from January 2000 release up to the latest (February 2003)


    Windows CE development:

            eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0 - Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002

            eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 - STANDARDSDK_410, Pocket PC 2003, Smartphone 2003


This release also brings the preliminary support for the Visual Studio 2005 (codename Whidbey) Beta1. App Wizards for both Windows applications and SmartDevice projects are provided.



3. Packing List


File Name: Description:

readme.htm this file
CPL.TXT Common Public License
    atlapp.h message loop, interfaces, general app stuff
    atlcrack.h message cracker macros
    atlctrls.h standard and common control classes
    atlctrlw.h command bar class
    atlctrlx.h bitmap button, check list view, and other controls
    atlddx.h data exchange for dialogs and windows
    atldlgs.h common dialog classes, property sheet and page classes
    atlframe.h frame window classes, MDI, update UI classes
    atlgdi.h DC classes, GDI object classes
    atlmisc.h WTL ports of CPoint, CRect, CSize, CString, etc.
    atlprint.h printing and print preview
    atlres.h standard resource IDs
    atlresce.h standard resource IDs for Windows CE
    atlscrl.h scrollable windows
    atlsplit.h splitter windows
    atltheme.h Windows XP theme classes
    atluser.h menu class
    atlwinx.h extensions of ATL windowing support
    Alpha/... Windows XP 32-bit (alpha) toolbar images
    BmpView/... bitmap file view sample
    MTPad/... multithreaded notepad sample
    MDIDocVw/... WTL version of the MDI sample
    GuidGen/... WTL version of the GuidGen sample
    Wizard97Test/... Wizard97 showcase sample
    WTLExplorer/... Explorer-like application sample
    setup70.js AppWizard setup program for VC++ .NET 2002
    setup71.js AppWizard setup program for VC++ .NET 2003
    setup80.js AppWizard setup program for VC++ 2005 Beta1
    Files/... WTL AppWizard for VC++ .NET 2002 and 2003 files
    setup80.js AppWizard setup program for VC++ 2005 Beta1
    Files/... WTL AppWizard for VC++ 2005 Beta1 files



4. Class Overview


usage:        mi base    -    a base class (multiple inheritance)
  client    -    wrapper class for a handle
  as-is    -    to be used directly
  impl    -    implements a window (has WindowProc) or other support
  helper    -    a helper class
  base    -    implementation base class


class name: usage: description:

app/module support
CAppModule as-is app support, CComModule derived
CServerAppModule as-is module for COM servers
CMessageLoop as-is message loop
CMessageFilter mi base message filter interface
CIdleHandler mi base idle time handler interface

frame windows
CFrameWindowImplBase<> base  
CFrameWindowImpl<> impl frame window support
COwnerDraw<> impl mi base owner-draw msg map and handlers
CDialogResize<> impl mi base support for resizing dialogs

MDI windows
CMDIWindow client MDI methods
CMDIFrameWindowImpl<> impl MDI frame window
CMDIChildWindowImpl<> impl MDI child window

update UI
CUpdateUIBase base  
CUpdateUI<> mi base class  provides support for UI update
CDynamicUpdateUI<> mi base class  provides dynamic support for UI update

standard controls
CStatic client static ctrl
CButton client button ctrl
CListBox client list box ctrl
CComboBox client combo box ctrl
CEdit client edit ctrl
CEditCommands mi standard edit command support
CScrollBar client scroll bar ctrl

common controls
CImageList client image list
CListViewCtrl client list view ctrl
CTreeViewCtrl client tree view ctrl
CTreeItem helper  
CTreeViewCtrlEx client uses CTreeItem
CHeaderCtrl client header bar ctrl
CToolBarCtrl client toolbar ctrl
CStatusBarCtrl client status bar ctrl
CTabCtrl client tab ctrl
CToolTipCtrl client tool tip ctrl
CToolInfo helper  
CTrackBarCtrl client trackbar ctrl
CUpDownCtrl client up-down ctrl
CProgressBarCtrl client progress bar ctrl
CHotKeyCtrl client hot key ctrl
CAnimateCtrl client animation ctrl
CRichEditCtrl client rich edit ctrl
CRichEditCommands mi std rich edit commands support
CDragListBox client drag list box
CDragListNotifyImpl<> impl mi class support for notifications
CReBarCtrl client rebar ctrl
CComboBoxEx client extended combo box
CDateTimePickerCtrl client date-time ctrl
CFlatScrollBarImpl mi impl flat scroll bars support
CFlatScrollBar as-is flat scroll bars support
CIPAddressCtrl client IP address ctrl
CMonthCalendarCtrl client month calendar ctrl
CCustomDraw<> impl mi class custom draw handling support

Windows CE controls
CCECommandBarCtrl client command bar ctrl
CCECommandBandsCtrl client command bands ctrl

property sheet & page
CPropertySheetWindow client  
CPropertySheetImpl<> impl property sheet
CPropertySheet as-is  
CPropertyPageWindow client  
CPropertyPageImpl<> impl property page
CPropertyPage as-is  
CAxPropertyPageImpl<> impl property page with ActiveX
CAxPropertyPage as-is  
CWizard97SheetWindow client  
CWizard97SheetImpl<> impl Wizard97 property sheet
CWizard97Sheet as-is  
CWizard97PageWindow client  
CWizard97PageImpl<> impl Wizard97 property page
CWizard97ExteriorPageImpl<> impl Wizard97 exterior page
CWizard97InteriorPageImpl<> impl Wizard97 interior page

common dialogs
CFileDialogImpl<> impl GetOpenFileName/GetSaveFileName
CFileDialog as-is  
CFolderDialogImpl impl directory picker
CFolderDialog as-is  
CFontDialogImpl<> impl ChooseFont common dialog
CFontDialog as-is  
CRichEditFontDialogImpl<> impl ChooseFont for rich edit
CRichEditFontDialog as-is  
CColorDialogImpl<> impl ChooseColor common dialog
CColorDialog as-is  
CPrintDialogImpl<> impl PrintDlg common dialog
CPrintDialog as-is  
CPrintDialogExImpl impl new Win2000 print dialog
CPrintDialogEx as-is  
CPageSetupDialogImpl<> impl PageSetupDlg common dialog
CPageSetupDialog as-is  
CFindReplaceDialogImpl<> impl FindText/ReplaceText
CFindReplaceDialog as-is  

USER support
CMenu client menu support
CMenuItemInfo as-is MENUITEMINFO wrapper
CAccelerator client accelerator table
CIcon client icon object
CCursor client cursor object
CResource client generic resource object

GDI support
CDC client DC support
CPaintDC client for handling WM_PAINT
CClientDC client for GetDC
CWindowDC client for GetWindowDC
CPen client GDI pen object
CBrush client GDI brush object
CLogFont as-is LOGFONT wrapper
CFont client GDI font object
CBitmap client GDI bitmap object
CPalette client GDI palette object
CRgn client GDI region object

enhanced controls
CCommandBarCtrlImpl impl command bar
CCommandBarCtrl as-is  
CBitmapButtonImpl impl bitmap button
CBitmapButton as-is  
CCheckListViewCtrlImpl impl check list box
CCheckListViewCtrl as-is  
CHyperLinkImpl impl hyper link control
CHyperLink as-is  
CWaitCursor as-is wait cursor
CCustomWaitCursor as-is custom and animated wait cursor
CMultiPaneStatusBarCtrlImpl impl status bar with multiple panes
CMultiPaneStatusBarCtrl as-is  
CPaneContainerImpl<> impl pane window container
CPaneContainer as-is  
CSortListViewImpl<> impl sorting list view control
CSortListViewCtrlImpl<> impl  
CSortListViewCtrl as-is  

scrolling window support
CScrollImpl<> impl mi scrolling support
CScrollWindowImpl<> impl scrollable window
CMapScrollImpl<> impl mi scrolling support with map modes
CMapScrollWindowImpl<> impl scrollable window with map modes
CZoomScrollImpl<> impl mi zooming support
CZoomScrollWindowImpl<> impl zooming window
CScrollContainerImpl<> impl scroll container window
CScrollContainer as-is  

splitter window support
CSplitterImpl<> impl mi splitter support
CSplitterWindowImpl<> impl splitter window
CSplitterWindow<> as-is  

theming support
CTheme client Windows XP theme
CThemeImpl<> impl theming support for a window

printing support
CPrinterInfo<> as-is print info support
CPrinter client printer handle wrapper
CDevMode client DEVMODE wrapper
CPrinterDC client printing DC support
CPrintJobInfo client print job info
CPrintJob client print job support
CPrintPreview mi print preview support
CPrintPreviewWindowImpl<> impl print preview window
CPrintPreviewWindow as-is  
CZoomPrintPreviewWindowImpl<> impl zooming print preview window
CZoomPrintPreviewWindow as-is  

CSize as-is WTL port of MFC's CSize
CPoint as-is WTL port of MFC's CPoint
CRect as-is WTL port of MFC's CRect
CString as-is WTL port of MFC's CString
CWinDataExchange mi data exchange for controls
CRecentDocumentList mi or as-is support for MRU list



5. ATL/WTL AppWizard


ATL/WTL AppWizard generates starting code for a WTL application. It has options to create code for different application types and features.


You can choose the following options:

  • Application type (SDI, multi thread SDI, MDI, dialog based)
  • Support for hosting ActiveX controls
  • COM server support
  • Class implementation in .CPP files
  • Common Control manifest
  • Toolbar, rebar, command bar, status bar
  • View window, and it's type (generic, dialog based form, or a list box, edit, list view, tree view, rich edit based, HTML page)
  • For dialog based apps or a form based view window - support for hosting ActiveX controls in the dialog


ATL/WTL AppWizard supports VC++ .NET 2002 and 2003.



6. Support for Windows CE


WTL now fully supports building projects for the Windows CE platforms. This initial support for Windows CE was implemented primarily for eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 with Pocket PC 2003 and SmartPhone 2003 SDKs. However, it can be used with other versions and configurations. For instance, Standard SDK 4.1 is supported as well. Considerable effort was made to provide the best Windows CE support, however, there might be some limitations because different platforms provide different programming support.


The support for Windows CE was not designed to port projects for the desktop version of Windows as-is to the Windows CE platforms, but to allow use of the same library, WTL, for both desktop Windows and Windows CE. Applications for Windows CE are often designed in a different way, and they use different platform services. WTL depends on the version of ATL provided with each Windows CE platform, and supports controls and services that are appropriate and supported for each Windows CE platform.



7. Notes


~    WTL provides several classes that are also present in ATL 7.0 and 7.1. The classes are: CSize, CPoint, CRect, and CString in atlmisc.h. While their existence will not cause any problems, their usage might. You should qualify the class you want to use with a namespace to resolve ambiguity, either ATL or WTL namespace, depending on which implementation you want to use. Alternatively, you can conditionally exclude WTL implementations, by defining preprocessor symbol _WTL_NO_WTYPES for CSize, CPoint, and CRect; and _WTL_NO_CSTRING for CString.


~    If you use WTL 7.5 with VC++ 6.0/ATL 3.0 and define _ATL_STATIC_REGISTRY, you'll get errors referring to the ambiguous symbol ATL. This is caused by a bug in ATL 3.0 - in atlbase.h, the file statreg.h is included inside of the ATL namespace, and it contains another namespace ATL declaration. Because of that, the compiler cannot decide between ATL:: and ATL::ATL:: namespaces. The solution is either to fix the atlbase.h, or to surround atlbase.h include declaration with following statements:


    #define ATL   ATLFIX

    #include <atlapp.h>

    #undef ATL

    namespace ATL = ::ATLFIX;


~    Windows XP allows applications to use Common Controls version 6, which supports only Unicode applications. While WTL allows creation of Ansi applications that use Common Controls 6, that should be used only for test programs and is not recommended or supported for released projects. If you want to use Common Controls 6, build your application as Unicode.


~    Several of the sample programs included with WTL were extended to support building for Windows CE. These samples are not specially redesigned for Windows CE, but just modified to allow you to compile and run them on the Windows CE platforms. The samples are: BmpView, GuidGen, and MTPad.


~    WTL supports building projects with EVC++ 3.0 only for Pocket PC and Pocket PC 2002 platforms, as other platforms don't provide minimum support for ATL or other required libraries.


~    The old AppWizards for VC++ 6.0 and eVC++ 4.0/3.0 are not included in this version of WTL because they cannot be a part of an Open Source project. They are still available in the previous release, WTL 7.1.



8. Changes Between WTL 7.5 And 7.1


New and improved:

<< TODO: Add items >>


Fixes and enhancements:

<< TODO: Add items >>



9. Changes Between WTL 7.1 And 7.0


New and improved:

VC7 Compatibility: Support for ATL7 Module classes and critical sections and AppWizard setup for VC++ 7.1

Windows CE Support: Full compatibility with Windows CE platforms and AppWizard for eMbedded Visual C++

Namespace Support: Automatic "using ATL" (ATL7 only) or "using WTL" can now be turned off

CHyperLink New Features: not underlined, underlined when hover, command button, link tags

CCustomWaitCursor class supports custom and animated wait cursors

AtlCreateBoldFont() for creating bold version of an existing font


Fixes and enhancements:


  • CreateSimpleToolBarCtrl() - remove dead code, improve error checking, add a global function that uses it

  • Fix - PrepareChevronMenu() fails to get toolbar strings for Unicode

  • CFrameWindowImplBase::Create() - improve ASSERT not to use m_hWnd if creation fails

  • Fix - CFrameWndClassInfo::Register - should use %p formatting only for _WIN32_WINNT >= 0x0500 or for _WIN64

  • Fix - Chevron menus not positioned correctly with RTL

  • Fix - CMDIChildWindowImpl: Problems creating maximized child windows and handling focus

  • Fix - CMDIChildWindowImpl: Should activate on WM_MOUSEACTIVATE



  • Fix - Incorrectly clears default item from the system menu in MDI apps

  • Added UISetCheck with bool instead of int for the check state



  • Fix - Doesn't provide a way to change floating point precision

  • Added DDX_CONTROL_HANDLE for non-CWindowImpl objects

  • Added DDX_Check variant with bool instead of int for the check state


Command Bar:

  • Fix - OnDrawItem() and OnMeasureItem() don't do a good check for owner-draw menu items

  • Fix - Disabled 32-bit images not painted correctly in 3D menu mode

  • Fix - Popup menus not positioned correctly with RTL

  • Fix - Uses GCL_HICONSM instead of GCLP_HICONSM with GetClassLongPtr()


MDI Command Bar:

  • Fix - Doesn't refresh icon if MDI children are different

  • OnAllHookMessages() - improve code to handle MDI child window class icon

  • Fix - OnNcLButtonDown() uses TPM_VERPOSANIMATION without checking Windows version

  • Fix - Maximized MDI buttons in wrong place for RTL

  • Should adjust cxIdeal for rebar bands for IE4

  • Add support for different top-level menu widths by handling ideal size for rebar bands



  • Fix - Doesn't support MSDI application as a COM Server

  • Fix - MDI with Form View - stack overflow closing maximized MDI child windows

  • Fix - Generates VERSION resource name 'test1' regardless of the project name

  • Fix - Dialog project with control hosting doesn't derive a dialog from CAxDialogImpl

  • Fix - COM Server doesn't register type library

  • Fix - COM Server doesn't register AppID properly



  • Fix - GetItemData() needs better return value

  • Fix - GetItemState() should use TVM_GETITEMSTATE instead of TVM_GETITEM for IE5

  • GetItem() and SetItem() - added new variants that use TVITEMEX

  • Fix - SortChildren() should add recurse flag argument

  • Fix - CTreeItem doesn't support CTreeViewCtrlExT that has different TBase than CWindow



  • Fix - Uses scalar delete instead of the vector one

  • Fix - EnableThemeDialogTexture() argument is BOOL instead of DWORD



  • Fix - EnableOK() passes wrong arguments to BFFM_ENABLEOK

  • Fix - Always clears m_hWnd, which causes problem for nested messages



  • Fix - DlgResize_Init() forces dialog to be visible by using SetRedraw()

  • Forcing WS_THICKFRAME is not enough to make dialog resizable

  • Min track size should be used for child dialogs as well

  • Fix - DlgResize_PositionControl() incorrectly checks return value from MapWindowPoints()



  • Fix - CAppModule methods not thread-safe

  • Fix - AddSettingChangeNotify() unusable in multithreaded apps because of delayed initialization



  • Fix - Delete() doesn't allow deleting more than the length of the string

  • Fix - Append() can cause buffer overrun

  • Fix - MakeReverse() can cause an infinite loop

  • Fix - _cstrstr() unnecessarily inefficient

  • Fix - FindOneOf() is not DBCS-aware

  • Fix - Format() does not recognize %E

  • Fix - TrimLeft() and TrimRight() are only half-way DBCS-aware

  • Fix - May cause assertions or undefined behavior with SBCS



  • Fix - SetMaxEntries() has an incorrect ASSERT

  • Add CString variant of the GetFromList() method

  • Add a way to replace command IDs used for the MRU list

  • Add a way to replace registry key name



  • CMessageLoop::Run() - improve the loop by checking bDoIdle before calling PeekMessage()

  • CServerAppModule: Clean-up unused code

  • Fix - CServerAppModule::MonitorProc() - no need to call _endthreadex()

  • Fix - CListBox::GetText() and CComboBox::GetLBText() (CString variants) don't check for LBERR/CB_ERR

  • Fix - CAxPropertyPageImpl doesn't create ActiveX controls with ATL7

  • Fix - CDC::GetTextExtentExPoint() missing

  • CDC::SetWindowExt() should have default value NULL for the lpSizeRet argument

  • Fix - CPropertySheetWindow missing methods for PSM_INSERTPAGE, PSM_SETHEADERTITLE, and PSM_SETHEADERSUBTITLE; AddPage should return BOOL

  • Fix - CMapScrollImpl::SetScrollSize() uses wrong variable

  • Fix - CHyperLink: WM_UPDATEUISTATE causes repaint without WM_PAINT

  • Fix - CUpDownCtrl::GetPos() returns incorrect value

  • Fix - CUpDownCtrl::GetPos32() doesn't have default arg value

  • Fix - CMultiPaneStatusBarCtrl: Always uses size grip for positioning panes

  • Fix - CTabCtrl::InsertItem() should return int, not BOOL

  • CReBarCtrl: Added LockBands() method

  • Fix - CFont: uninitialized variable passed to DPtoLP

  • Fix - CPrintDialogImpl: Crash when displaying Print Setup dialog

  • Fix - CPageSetupDialogImpl::PaintHookProc() - should use T* and return UINT_PTR instead of UINT

  • Fix - CPrintJob doesn't support printing to a file

  • Fix - CSplitterImpl: Doesn't handle WM_CAPTURECHANGED - can get in an invalid state

  • CRichEditCtrl: Add method for EM_SETTABSTOPS

  • Fix - CFindFile::GetFilePath() checks for a trailing slash, but doesn't use that info



  • Fix - Problems compiling with /Zc:forScope ('for' loop scope conformance)

  • Use named constants instead of values for pixel sizes, buffer lengths, etc.

  • Support building with Managed C++ (/CLR)

  • CMenuItemInfo - add run-time support for different versions of Windows

  • CommCtrl.h change - additional fields in IMAGELISTDRAWPARAMS now depend on _WIN32_IE instead of _WIN32_WINNT

  • Fix - Incorrect usage of CRegKey::QueryStringValue()

  • Fix - Operator = for GDI and USER wrappers leaks handle if it's managed variant

  • Fix - GDI and USER wrappers break under self-assignments

  • Fix - Chaining messages with cracked handlers broken with ATL7

  • Initialize all variables and structures prior to use

  • Use new common control struct names



10. Changes Between WTL 7.0 And 3.1


New classes and features:

Support for new Common Controls v6 messages

Support for Visual Studio .NET and ATL 7.0

WTLApp70 - new AppWizard for Visual Studio .NET

CThemeImpl - implements support for Windows XP themes

CMDICommandBarCtrl - implements Command Bar for MDI applications


Fixes and enhancements:

Command Bar:

  • Bogus assert in OnDestroy
  • Check marks can be truncated in large font settings
  • Use pT to access GetSystemSettings, DrawMenuText, DrawBitmapDisabled, Draw3DCheckmark, DoPopupMenu, DoTrackPopupMenu, TakeFocus, GiveFocusBack, so they can be overridden
  • No hot-tracking if main window is not active
  • Top level items not painted inactive if app looses activation while drop down menu is displayed
  • Added Windows XP flat menus support
  • Drop-down menu doesn't close if clicked again (Windows XP only)
  • Menu item text and accelerator text too close with some settings
  • Keyboard can still access clipped menu items
  • Added support for hiding keyboard navigation indicators until Alt key is pressed (system setting)
  • Added AddIcon and ReplaceIcon variants for icon resources
  • Image size calculated differently in different places
  • Add support for 32-bit (alpha channel) bitmaps for Windows XP
  • Fixed width calculation for default menu items



  • AddSimpleReBarBandCtrl sets toolbar extended styles without preserving old ones
  • PrepareChevronMenu should not create menu items for buttons with TBSTATE_HIDDEN
  • TPM_VERPOSANIMATION will not be defined in atlframe.h if atlctrlw.h is included first
  • CreateSimpleToolBarCtrl - height might be too small if large font is used
  • PrepareChevronMenu uses TB_GETBUTTONTEXT, better use TB_GETBUTTONINFO
  • Chevron menu doesn't close if clicked again (Windows XP only)
  • Should check local classes for superclassing
  • Add support for 32-bit (alpha channel) bitmaps for Windows XP


Update UI:

  • UISetText can clear other menu item flags
  • CUpdateUI::UIUpdateState assigns value with |= instead of =
  • Added UISetDefault() and fix default state to work with menus



  • GetBuffer() and GetBufferSetLength() should return NULL in out-of-memory condition
  • Added missing methods: separate c-tors for LPCSTR and LPCWSTR, CollateNoCase, TrimRight and TrimLeft variants, Find variants, moved FormatV to public
  • Fix _IsValidString usage
  • FormatV incorrectly calculates buffer size (too big)
  • Usage of _ttoi causes problems with _ATL_MIN_CRT in VC7



  • GetTabbedTextExtent() should return DWORD instead of BOOL
  • Add FillRect() that accept color index instead of a brush handle
  • DrawDragRect() leaks regions and a brush
  • Improved DitherBlt() - added brushes as arguments for used colors
  • Added DrawShadowText() (uses LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress to run on older Windows)



  • SetItemState should use LVM_SETITEMSTATE
  • SetItemCount should return a BOOL



  • Added SetCharFormat() variant that accepts flags (for SCF_ALL)
  • CharFromPos() should pass a pointer to POINTL in lParam
  • GetTextRange() - should add Unicode variant for rich edit version >= 2
  • Added another FormatRange() that can accept a pointer to FORMATRANGE (needed for passing NULL to clear cache)



  • Allow overriding of Navigate and CalcLabelRect
  • Doesn't handle right or center alignment



  • Has static variables that were not initialized with _ATL_MIN_CRT
  • Fixed HookProc for ColorOK message - the message is not sent, but the hook proc is called directly



  • MSG_WM_TIMER crack macro should cast to TIMERPROC instead of TIMERPROC*
  • Add cracked handlers for all new messages in Common Controls 6



  • Fixed problems with atlTraceUI with ATL7
  • #ifdefs for ATL7 were in the wrong place



  • Add support in control classes for all new messages in Common Controls 6



  • AtlCompactPath corrupts memory if filename is longer than requested compact size
  • ReadFromRegistry incorrectly checks for error when reading from registry



  • Incorrect calculation of middle position
  • 3D border now drawn only if WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE is set



  • Uses DWORD instead of an int for a job ID
  • CPrintJob::CancelPrintJob shouldn't have a return value



  • CRegKey::QueryValue and SetValue are deprecated in ATL7
  • Added direct support for ATL7
  • Replace ScreenToClient and ClientToScreen with MapWindowPoints to support RTL layout
  • CFindFile::GetFilePath(LPTSTR...) returns path without the file name
  • MDI: Updating client edge in WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGING causes minimize/maximize/restore animation problems, use WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED
  • Custom Draw: Added CCustomDraw::OnSubItemPrePaint() overrideable method
  • CFolderDialogImpl uses 'this' for BROWSEINFO.lParam instead of T*
  • CImageList::Destroy shouldn't use Detach()
  • ATL7 has its own AtlLoadString
  • CPropertySheet doesn't close when you press X button
  • Fixed problems for _U_STRINGorID and others that moved from atlbase.h to atlwin.h in ATL7
  • Add AtlMessageBox() that accepts either in-memory or resource strings
  • CScrollImpl: fixed bug with scrolling child windows
  • CPropertyPageImpl: Add new notification handlers to enable direct return values (use #ifdef _WTL_NEW_PAGE_NOTIFY_HANDLERS to use them)
  • Add AtlInitCommonControls() to simplify use
  • DDX: Fixed usage of the size of char arrays for DDX
  • CPageSetupDialog: changed usage of CWndProcThunk because of changes in ATL7
  • Fix confusing precedence in expressions
  • Removed forward declarations because default values for template arguments shouldn't be specified in two places (we don't need them anyway)
  • Win64: Fix /Wp64 warnings from 32-bit VC7 compiler caused by SDK headers
  • Fix direct usage of English strings (they can be #defined to something else now)
  • AtlGetCommCtrlVersion not defined if _ATL_DLL is in ATL 3.0 (and CmdBar is using it)



  • Added manifest for Common Controls 6
  • Loading Rich Edit DLL should use HMODULE
  • Should not use atlimpl.cpp for ATL7
  • Added message handler prototypes to generated files
  • VERSION resource always has VALUE "OLESelfRegister" (now only for COM servers)
  • Added option for putting implementation in CPP files
  • d-tor for the thread manager class in MSDI project executed after the heap is destroyed
  • Wrong settings when changing to a dialog project and back (AppWizard 6.0 only)
  • Remove cut/copy/paste accelerators for form view and dialogs projects
  • Fix toolbar bitmaps so they are not transparent (problem with Windows XP flat menus only)
  • Used CMDICommandBarCtrl for MDI apps
  • Add symbols required for VC7 Class Wizard to recognize an ATL project
  • Changed default styles for the rebar, so it does look OK without CmdBar and with manifest
  • Added setup programs for both AppWizards
  • Remove ignored resource attributes: MOVEABLE, PURE, etc. (AppWizard 7.0 only)
  • Add call to DefWindowProc to WinMain to resolve possible problems if MSLU is used



  • Updated toolbar bitmaps, added #ifdefs for ATL7, added manifest file for CommCtrl6, qualified _U_RECT with WTL namespace, updated use of deprecated CRegKey functions, added VC7 projects
  • Added Alpha sample



11. Changes Between WTL 3.1 And 3.0


New classes:

CPaneContainer - implements a window that provides a title bar and a close button (like Explorer)

CDialogResize - an MI class that allows resizing of dialogs (or any windows with child windows/controls)

CAxPropertyPageImpl - implements a property page that can host ActiveX controls


Fixes and enhancements:

CServerAppModule now clears m_hEventShutdown to avoid calling CloseHandle twice



  • operator += now leaves original string intact if it's out of memory
  • Fixed bad DWORD_PTR usage in TrimRight, TrimLeft, Replace, Remove
  • Removed dependencies on CRT for projects that don't use it
  • Insert - fixed string corruption in release builds
  • Added optional floating point formatting (for projects that use CRT)


CEdit and CRichEditCtrl: SetSelAll and SetSelNone had reversed implementation


atlres.h: Changed IDs so that they are compatible with MFC's afxres.h


Command Bar:

  • Added LoadMappedImages()
  • Changed handling of left and right arrow keys so that they don't close context menus
  • Add code to handle left/right arrow keys correctly on mirrored (RTL) systems
  • Removed handler that eats parent window's WM_SETTINGCHANGE
  • Fixed bitmap resource leak in Draw3DCheckmark
  • Fixed incorrect usage of CharLower in OnMenuChar
  • Fixed wrong color for the disabled items in hi-contrast mode
  • Added code to gray menu items if main window is inactive
  • Fixed keyboard mnemonic handling for IE 4
  • Fixed hook problems with multiple cmdbars in the same thread
  • Added support for radio menu items
  • Added support for disabled top-level menu items (also added in CFrameWindowImpl::PrepareChevronMenu)
  • Added keyboard shortcut (Alt+/) to invoke chevron menu
  • Added support to override menu item length in a derived class



  • Bypassed BUTTON DefWindowProc for hover style so that the button doesn't take focus
  • Added BMPBTN_AUTOFIRE extended style



  • Added _WTL_FORWARD_DECLARE_CSTRING define to allow usage of methods that accept CString
  • Fixed errors in GetTextFace and GetMenuItemString
  • Added GetCharWidth32
  • Added DrawIconEx method



  • Implement following missing methods:
  • GetMenuString - fixed to include space for terminating NULL character in returning string


GDI and USER classes should destroy the GDI/USER objects in Attach if GDI/USER resource is managed



  • OnToolTipText shouldn't save tool tip text if it's not for a menu
  • AddSimpleReBarBandCtrl now adds chevron style only for toolbars with buttons
  • AddSimpleReBarBand(Ctrl) - calc band ID if not specified



  • Fix - UpdateMenu deletes wrong menu item when the list is empty
  • Added code to allow restricting the number of characters displayed by MRU menu items


Update UI:

  • Added support for blocking accelerators for disabled items
  • Improved search code assuming there are no duplicate entries (and added checks for duplicates)



  • CSplitterWindowImpl should derive from CSplitterImpl<T , t_bVertical> to allow overriding of methods
  • Added single pane mode and SetSinglePaneMode/GetSinglePaneMode
  • Added right/bottom aligned resize mode using extended styles SPLIT_RIGHTALIGNED/SPLIT_BOTTOMALIGNED


atlcrack.h: Added handlers for following new messages:



  • Dialog return value should use DWLP_MSGRESULT and SetWindowLongPtr
  • CMenu::InsertMenu, AppendMenu, ModifyMenu should have UINT_PTR for the menu ID
  • Added appropriate type casts
  • CFrameWindowImpl::m_szAutoName - changed the size to fit the pointer value size
  • CListViewCtrl::SortItems should use LPARAM for user data instead of DWORD



  • Added optional mask argument to all methods for setting extended styles
  • CMDIWindow::MDIRestore - fixed to send WM_MDIRESTORE instead of WM_MDIICONARRANGE
  • CListViewCtrl: Added SortItemsEx method
  • CToolBarCtrl::GetButtonInfo - fixed to return int instead of BOOL
  • Added CToolBarCtrl::SetButtonSize and SetBitmapSize that accept cx and cy instead of SIZE
  • Printing: Changed how GetNewDevModeForPage works (comments in code)
  • CFileDialogImpl::_OnTypeChange incorrectly calls pT->OnSelChange instead of pT->OnTypeChange
  • CMultiPaneStatusBarCtrl::GetPaneTipText - fixed to use index instead of and ID internally
  • CWinDataExchange: Added references to arguments of DoDataExchange, so there are no level 4 warning even if the map is empty
  • CPropertySheetWindow: Added new, IE 5.0 specific methods
  • CPropertyPageImpl: Added new, IE 5.0 specific methods



  • added calls to RemoveMessageFilter and RemoveIdleHandler in CMainFrame::OnDestroy for COM server projects
  • added scroll bars for HTML view
  • CAppServerModule now handles -embedding as well as -automation
  • corrected code in CMainFrame::OnShowToolBar to correctly identify the toolbar in a rebar
  • dialog based app code now derives from CUpdateUI as public


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