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1.First download JDK6, copy it to /usr/share/JDK6, and install it.
  NOTE: The first time I tried to install JDK6. however, in Fedora7, I failed to configure the JAVA_HOME, CLASSPATH and PATH in /etc/profile.d, and this made my system refuse to boot. So I reinstalled Fedora7. The next time I tried to install the JDK, I was afraid that the configuration of JDK would destroy my System once again, so I used “yum -y install java” and it installed the JDK5 but NOT JDK6. It's default path is /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-gcj-

2. Install the Eclipse.
  It is not actually to "install" the Eclipse, because to "install" Eclipse we just simple uncompress the file into a folder and it will work. However, in Fedora 7, I don't know why,it (Eclipse 3.3) refused to work. I search many articles via Google and Baidu and couldn't solve the problem (Even now, I don't know how to solve it yet.). So I finally forced to use "Install/Remove Programs" to install Fedora Eclipse 3.2. The default installing path is /usr/share/eclipse.

3. Install Tomcat
 We installed the Tomcat also using "Install/Remove Programs". However, when I tried to use it today, I forgot that I had installed it [ :) ], so I went to homepage of Tomcat and download both  Tomcat 5.5 and Tomcat 6. But later I found that Eclipse 3.2 didn't support Tomcat 6, so I installed Tomcat 5.5. The method to install Tomcat 5.5 is  also very simple. I just download it and uncompress it into /opt/tomcat/.

4. integrate Eclipse, Java and Tomcat.
  4.1 Java 6 in Eclipse
  Eclipse: Window --> Preferences --> Java --> installed JREs. The JDK 5 is default showed on it. Using "Add", I added the JDK 6 and pressed "OK" to finish the configuration of JDK 6 in Eclipse.
 NOTE: Tomcat didn't work when I use JDK 5. When I had a try to use JDK 6, and was very glad to find that it works. So this is very important.
  4.2 Tomcat 5.5 in Eclipse
 Eclipse: Window --> Preferences --> Server --> Installed Runtimes. Click "Add" on the board to add the Tomcat 5.5. Notice to select "JDK 6" you have installed as its JRE.
  4.3 Tomcat plugin
  The configuration of Tomcat plugin is the same as that in Windows. Download TomcatPluginV31 and uncompress it into $ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins. Restart Eclipse and three logos of Tomcat will show. Then  go to Window --> Preferences --> Server --> Tomcat and configure it. Also notice to select JDK 6 or it will take no action when you try to start it.
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