armbian 20.08以后 s905盒子改修改办法了 新的N1盒子要用新ROM的话 需要变化一下

Pay attention. Starting from version 20.08 (20200814), the configuration order for the used DTB changes.


Please note that the algorithm for initial configuration of the system for startup has changed. Instead of a file "uEnv.txt", the file "/extlinux/extlinux.conf " is now used. The rules for editing a file remain the same.

All Amlogic models now need the "u-boot.ext" file.

Before launching on Amlogic, you must copy or rename one of the existing files "u-boot-*" to "u-boot.ext".


For s905 (not X) - used u-boot-s905

For s905x and s912 - used u-boot-s905x-s912

For s905x2 and s922 - used u-boot-s905x2-s922


For g12a\g12b models, a single file is now used (files and u-boot.usb now replaces one u-boot-s922 file).

For the Allwinner platform, you no longer need to rename the scripts "boot.scr".

All "boot.scr" scripts have been canceled and are not used.


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