一、 常用词汇:

查话费 (check) fee / call bill / call rate 
话费 fee / call bill / call rate 
查话费 call charges inquiry
手机号码 mobile phone number / handset’s (number)
手机型号 mobile phone model 
机主姓名 user’s / subscriber’s / owner’s (name)
月份 January February March April May June July August September October November December 
时间 hour minute second
经办人 applicant / handler
担保人 recognizor 
邮编 zip code 
机主身份证 subscriber’s / user’s / owner’s ID card 
用户证 subscriber’s / user’s / owner’s card
当月话费单 this month’s call bill
往月话费单 last month’s call bill
护照 passport
签名 signature
全球通用户登记表 registration form for global tone subscriber
移动电话服务协议 agreement on the service of mobile phone
代收移动电话费协议书 agreement on commissioned charging for mobile phone
过户手续 transfer formalities
更名手续 rename formalities
证明 certification
托收 collection
代收 commission
帐户 account
申请表 application
规定 regulation
营业厅 operation hall
代办点 agent’s office
公章 registried seal
单位用户 agent’s office
收据 receipt
发票 invoice
型号 type / model
客户服务中心 customer service center
客户服务热线 customer service hotline
市场部 marking department
网络系统 network system
电脑 computer
服务密码 service password
占线音 engaged tone
占线 line’s busy
国家代码 country code
地区代码 area code
国际漫游 international roaming
国际长途 IDD ( international direct distance)
省际长途 inter-provincial calls
省内长途 intra-provincial calls
本地电话 local calls
拨打电话 outgoing calls
接听电话 incoming calls
联系地址 address of correspondence
业务受理 business acceptance
增值业务 value added service
交清话费 pay off the charge
合作 corporation
话费清单 bill list
没关系 That’s quite all right
呼叫转移 Call forwarding
呼叫限制 Call holding 
预付费业务 Pre-payment Service
语音信箱 V—mail

二、 业务词汇

开户 access service
报停 quitting notice
复话 opening notice
挂失 card resistance / loss notice
补卡 card make-up
销户 cancel service
主叫显示 calling number display
呼叫转移 call transfer
呼叫限制 call barring
呼叫等待 call waiting
语音信箱 voice mail
数据传真 fax and data 
移动秘书 secretarial service
手机银行 mobile phone bank
手机上网 mobile internet
信息点播 information gathering
多频网络 multiple network avaible
短消息 short message
储值卡 per-paid card

三、 资费词汇

资费标准: tariff standard
月租费: monthly rent
漫游费: roaming charge
长话费: long distance charge 
市话费: local call charge
实时话费: real-time charge
入网费: network access charge
频占费: channel rent
手续费: formalities fee
滞纳金: overdue fine / fine for paying late / delay penalty
未付话费: outstanding amount

四、 神州行词汇

充值: recharge
激活: activate
刮开: scratch
插卡: insert card
拨打: dial
显露: reveal
有效期: period of validity
充值卡: rechargeable card
用户密码卡: user password card
PUK码卡: PUK code card
黑色条纹: covered area
18位数字: 18-digit number

五、 国家及地区名称

捷克: Czech 丹麦: Denmark 芬兰: Finland 法国: France 
德国: Germany 意大利: Italy 拉托维亚: Latvia 卢森堡: Luxemburg
荷兰: Netherlands 挪威: Norway 波兰: Poland 葡萄牙: Portugal
罗马尼亚: Rumania 斯洛伐克: Stotinka 西班牙: Spain 瑞典: Sweden
瑞士: Switzerland 英国U.K. 斯洛文尼亚: Slovenia 保加尼亚: Bulgaria
爱沙尼亚: Estonia 直布罗陀: Gibraltar 希腊: Greece 爱尔兰: Ireland
匈牙利: Hungary 南斯拉夫: Yugoslavia 冰岛: Iceland 立陶宛: Lithuania
乌克兰: Ukraine 大洋州: Oceania 澳大利亚: Australia 新西兰: New Zealand
非洲: Africa 南非: South Africa 毛里求斯: Mauritius 北美洲: North America
美国: America 加拿大: Canada 亚洲: Asia 澳门: Macao 台湾:: Taiwan 香港: Hong Kong 
泰国: Thailand 新加坡: Singapore 马来西亚: Malaysia 印度: India
印度尼西亚: Indonesia 科威特:Kuwait 阿塞拜疆: Azerbaijan
斯里兰卡: Sri Lanka 卡塔尔: Qatar 土耳其: Turkey 黎巴嫩: Lebanon
以色列: Israel 越南: Viet Nam 格鲁吉亚: Georgia 塞浦路期: Cyprus
哈萨克斯坦: Kazakhstan 沙特: Sandi Arabia 菲律宾: Philippines 
柬埔寨: Cambodia 欧洲: Europe 奥地利: Austria 比利时: Belgium

六、 手机屏幕常见英文释义

Bad Card See Supplier (可能欠费停机或SIM卡有问题)
Phone failed See Supplier (可能时手机有故障)
Block (SIM卡被锁,请到营业厅解锁)
Block See Supplier (SIM卡被锁,可能已坏,请到营业厅查询)
Enter Pin (请输入您的密码)’
Welcome (欢迎使用,正在找网)
Card Error (卡有错误,可能时SIM 卡有故障,可能需要重新装卡,可以是欠费)
Card Blocked Unlock ? (连续三次密码输入错误,SIM被锁,请到营业厅解锁)
Blocked contact Card Provider (在SIM卡被锁后继续操作,卡已烧毁)
Please enter your PIN (请输入您的个人密码)
Network Search (正在搜寻网络)
MCC: 460MNC:00 (待机状态,可以使用)
PIN blocked Enter Max PIN (三次密码输入错误已锁机)
Card disabred (烧卡,请到营业厅解锁或换卡)
Enter Code (请输入您的密码)
Code Accepted (密码被确认)
No Access (可能是欠费停机故障)
No net work (不能入网,可能是手机故障)
Blocked 或 Enter PUK code (密码输入错误,SIM卡被锁,请营业厅解锁)
Card rejected (SIM卡被锁后继续操作导致卡已损坏)

七、 公司及银行名称

中国移动通信集团公司 China mobile communication corporation group
中国银行 Bank of China 
中国农业银行 China Agricultural Bank
中国建设银行 China Construction Bank
中国工商银行 Industrial and commercial bank of China
招商银行 China merchants Bank



Hello China Mobile!
I'm glad to serve you.
I am so glad to be your servant
What can I do for you?.


Hello, hello....I can’t hear you right now. This is china mobile, to save your time and money, I will hang up now. Please feel free to call 10086 again. Appreciated (Thank you)

Thank you for your calling, Bye-bye.
Please hold on and press 1 if you are satisfied with my service.


How can I help you?
What can I do for you?
May I help you?
Is there anything else I can do for you?

Please wait.
Just a minute.
A moment please.
Please hang on. 
Please hold on and enter the pin number (Password) followed by the voice alert
Thank you for your waiting.
Sorry to keep you waiting.


Sorry, I must inquire about the file and leave for a while, May I bother you to wait a moment?
I’ll put you through our English Operator, Please wait.

Then I have to apologize.
I'm afraid that is not possible.
I'm afraid this function is not available at this moment.

I will check it for you
Let me check.

Your requirements have recorded. They will be processed as soon as possible. We’ll contact with you within at most 48 hours.
Lady, we will check what you pointed, and give you an answer as soon as possible! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Goodbye!

Sorry ,according to the rules ,you still lack your ID card/some materials ,please get everything ready before you come here ,thank you!

Sorry, your telephone charge is overdue; please renew it, thank you!

I am sorry for the dissatisfaction that you suffered. Is there anything I can be your honor?

直接拨17951 dial 17951 directly
凭机主身份证 Present the subscriber’s ID card 
对不起浪费你这么多时间 I’m sorry I wasted you so much time

你能告诉我在那里买的手机吗?Can you tell me where handset counter is ,please?

I want to buy a SIM card , how can I get it ?

你能看的懂吗?Do you understand about it ?

If I apply for it now , how long can I get it ?

Can I apply for a V-mail here ?

Can I apply for a mobile phone ?

我现在能办吗?Can I have it now ?

对不起,请出示你的护照 Excuse me ,please show me your passport

移动电话的月租是多少?How much is the flat rate for a month for a mobile phone

别客气,这是我的责任。 Not at all it’s my duty

You need to present valid documents such as resident permit passport or ID card fill in some form

If you have any questions , you may dial 10086 to contact our customer service center

How can I get some materials about it ?

Sorry I can’t catch the meaning , can you repeated please?

我想申请国际漫游 I’d like to apply for international roaming



C=Customer O=Operator
O: Hello, China Mobile, How may I help you?
C: Er, I would like to ask, is it possible for me to do International Roaming?
O: Yes, of course! It takes you two steps only to activate your International Roaming service function.
C: Yes?
O: First, you should make sure you have prepaid at least 1000 Yuan. You can prepay the money in our Service Hall. Next, Dial 10086, and we’ll activate the International Roaming service function for you.
C: That sounds easy, Thank you.
O: You’re welcome.
C: By the way, how much does it cost when I travel aboard?
O: May I ask, which country are you traveling to?
C: Spain.
O: Spain of the Europe?
C: Yes! That’s correct.
O: Please hold on. I’ll check it up for you.
C: Okay.
O: Thank you for your waiting.
Here it is: If you call a local number while roaming in Spain, it’ll cost you 4.99 Yuan per minute. If you answer a call, it’ll cost you 5.99 Yuan per min. And if you call back China or some other countries around the world, it’ll cost you 12.99 Yuan per min.
C: Er, that’s a little bit expensive.
O: Yes, I’m afraid it is. When you do roaming aboard , you could still dial 008613800100186 to reach us . And it is always free of charge .
C: Then what about sending text messages?
O: It costs you 1.99 Yuan each message to another China Mobile number, 2.04 Yuan to a China Unicom number and 2.89 Yuan to some other numbers around the world.
C: Good!
O: Is there anything else I can do for you?
C: No, Thanks. 
O: My honor, sir/mam. Thank you for calling. Please dial 1 if you’re satisfied with my service.


I failed sending the texts.
Can you deliver text before? How long has it been like this?
C: 有一阵子了,
For quite a while.
Have you tried to restart the cell phone?
Yes but it didn’t work.
Have you tried your SIM card on some other’s cell phone?
I did it also.
Yes sir. Your SMS function is ok.I have already refreshed Your SMS function. Please restart your cell phone .If it stil won’t work ,please call us again.
OK, thank you.
O: Is there anything else I can do for you?
C: No, Thanks.
O: My honor, sir/mam. Thank you for calling. Please dial 1 if you’re satisfied with my service.


Hello, I want to check the charge of this month
Ok. Are you checking the phone you are using right now?
O: 是的。
Please hold on...according to your account, the remaining number is 10yuan, local charge is 21yuan, long-distance is 10yuan, out-of-province service fee is 5yuan.
Is there anything else I can do for you?
I want to check the telephone statement, pls.
Ok. Please hold on and enter the pin number followed by the voice alert.
But I have no pin number.
Then I have to apologize, miss. You can’t check the statement without the pin number. You ought to deal 10086 and press 3 then press 1 to reset your pin so that you can check the statement. Otherwise you have to go to the China Mobile office to have your statement printed with your ID card and cell phone pin number.
Can I check my husband’s phone statement for him if I know his pin number?
I am afraid not. We offer the phone statement service for the phone that gets through to here with pin number only. For the reason of personal privacy, we never offer such kind of service to somebody else.


I’ll complain your customer agent.
I am sorry for the dissatisfaction that you suffered. Is there anything I can be your honor?
I just wondered that the hell is that called (news in the morning and at night)? I never ordered it but I kept receive it everyday. I want to have it deleted right now!!
Miss, do you want to think about it later because it is quite convenient and charge 1 yuan only.
Not at all.
It is being canceled until next month.


I want to ask something about the cailing service.
The Cailing service is to replace the used DUDU tone by using fancy music or ring tone when people tries to call you. The particular music or ring tone can be chosen by surfing on website or dialing 12580 which is not for free.
How is the deal?
So far we offer 3 kinds of combo.5yuan, or 18yuan for 6 months or 30yuan for one year. Which of them you prefer?
It can not be canceled until it expires.
I would like the 5yuan one.
Sure and it is activated in real time. Do you want to activate it now?
Ok. Everything is well done.


C:你可以给我介绍一下动感音乐套餐吗 ?
Would you pls introduce your m-zone music plan to me?
Sure. But what kind of information you want ? the charge or the function of the plan?
I want to have a deep understanding.
The my-zone music plan costs 20yuan per month which included 300 texts, membership for high class wi-fi music club, receiving local call for free, calling up by 0.36yuan per minute in rush-hour and 0.16yuan per minute in the rest hours. You can also have 6 family-numbers and 1 couple number.



Is there any signals on your phone and whether the users around you can use it correctly?

So have you tried to restart the cell phone?

Have you tried your SIM card on some other's cell phone?

Thanks for your waiting,your GPRS function is ok, I have already refreashed your GPRS,please restart your cell phone later,if it still can't work, please call us again.

May I ask what's your address?

Is your cell phone number...? and do you have any other number we can contact with you ?


A: I failed to make a call since i came to china,what can i do?
B: Did you activated the international roaming in your country?
A: Yes, of course.
B: SO did you ever used it here?
A: Yes, it's fine 3 days ago.
B: Is there any signals on your phone and whether the users around you can use it correctly?
A: yes, of course!
B: May i ask what's your address?
A: ....
B: Which country do you come from?
A: ...
B: Is your cell phone number...? and do you have any other number we can contact with you ?
A: Yes ...

人东营业厅 RenDong Service Hall
The RenDong Service Hall is at the northeast cornor of the TianFu square.
there is a tower on top of that building with the name of China Mobile on it. You won’t miss it once you get there.

青羊营业厅 QingYang Service Hall
The QingYang Service Hall is a traditional Chinese Style building at the intersection of the QingYang street and The 1st Ring. And the QingYang Taoist Temple is on the other side of the Street, It will help you to find it.

高升营业厅 GaoSheng Service Hall
The GaoSheng Service Hall is one the east side of the East GaoSheng Street. It is a giant building out there within a big parking lot in front of it.

新华营业厅 XinHua Service Hall
The XinHua Service Hall is near the XinHua Park. It is on the North branch of ShuangLin Street(双林北支路).

会府营业厅 HuiFu Service Hall
The HuiFu Service Hall is near the Oasis Hotel. It is on the 184th of the South TaiSheng Street(太升南路184号).



情况一: 用户发送短信内容无违规的解释口径

Your SMS function has been shut down because of our system failure.

And I've reactivated your SMS function for you already.

You can restart your cell phone and try again later。




I'm afraid you've sent some of these forbidden words. 
So the system automatically shut your SMS function down. 
And it will be reactivated in 24 hours.



I’m afraid I can not handle this for you , it’s beyond my range .

I strongly recommend you to go to our primary service halls for further processing.


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