# Awesome MATLAB


A curated list of awesome MATLAB toolboxes, applications, software and resources. Inspired by [awesome-R](精选的MATLAB工具箱,应用程序,软件和资源的精选清单。灵感来自[awesome-R]

- [Awesome MATLAB](#awesome-)
  - [3rd Party Commercial Toolboxes](#3rd-party-commercial-toolboxes)第三方商业工具箱
  - [Cool](#cool)
  - [Database Management](#database-management)数据库管理
  - [Games](#games)游戏
  - [Hardware](#hardware)硬件
  - [Image Processing and Computer Vision](#image-processing-and-computer-vision)图像处理和计算机视觉
  - [Model Reduction](#model-reduction)模型缩减
  - [Interfacing with other languages](#interfacing-with-other-languages)与其他语言的介面
  - [Interfacing with other programs](#interfacing-with-other-programs)与其他程序的连接
  - [Learning MATLAB](#learning-matlab)
  - [Making Figures](#making-figures)制作人物
  - [MATLAB-like environments](#matlab-like-environments)类似MATLAB的环境
  - [Miscellaneous Free Toolboxes](#miscellaneous-free-toolboxes)其他免费工具箱
- [Resources](#resources)
    - [Websites](#websites)网站
    - [Blogs](#blogs)博客
    - [Books](#books)书籍
    - [Reference Cards](#reference-cards)参考卡
    - [Social Media](#social-media)社交媒体
    - [MOOCs](#moocs)
    - [Tips and Tricks](#tips-and-tricks)提示和技巧
- [Contributing](#contributing)贡献

## 3rd Party Commercial Toolboxes第三方商业工具箱
*High quality commercial toolboxes from organisations other than The MathWorks*The MathWorks以外的组织提供的高质量商业工具箱

* [Multiprecision Toolbox for MATLAB]( - This toolbox equips MATLAB with a new multiple precision floating-point numeric type and an extensive set of mathematical functions that are capable of computations with arbitrary precision.
* [MATLAB的多精度工具箱](该工具箱为MATLAB配备了新的多精度浮点数值类型和广泛的数学函数集,能够以任意精度进行计算。
* [NAG Toolbox for MATLAB]( - Over 1700 functions across numerous areas of numerical mathematics. Developed by The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG).
* [用于MATLAB的NAG工具箱](跨越1700多个函数,涉及许多数字数学领域。由数值算法小组(NAG)开发。
* [MOSEK Optimization Tools]( - The [MOSEK tools]( provide access to the powerful MOSEK optimization solvers from inside the MATLAB environment either by a classical [Toolobx]( or by the modern object-oriented API [Fusion]( .
* [MOSEK优化工具]([MOSEK工具](可以从MATLAB环境中访问强大的MOSEK优化求解器通过经典的[Toolobx](或现代的面向对象的API [Fusion]( /index.html)。

## Cool
*Fun projects that make you say 'Cool!'*
*有趣的项目,让您说“酷!” *
 - [Engima]( - MATLAB version of the Enigma machine

## Database Management 数据库管理
*Toolboxes for managing data* 用于管理数据的工具箱

* [Database toolbox]( - Official database toolbox from The MathWorks
数据库工具箱 The MathWorks提供的官方数据库工具箱
* [go-redis]( - Free Redis Mex client for MATLAB
用于MATLAB的免费Redis Mex客户端
* [mex-sqlite3]( - Free Sqlite3 Mex client for MATLAB
适用于MATLAB的免费Sqlite3 Mex客户端

## Games

*Fully playable games developed in MATLAB.*

* [2048]( - 2048 is a game originally created by Gabriele Cirulli. This is a MATLAB implementation of the game.
2048是由Gabriele Cirulli最初创建的游戏。这是游戏的MATLAB实现。
* [Flappy bird]( - As one of the most popular games on app stores before being taken down, Flappy Bird does not need any further introduction. Now, it has come back alive, on MATLAB.
作为被移除前应用商店中最流行的游戏之一,Flappy Bird并没有需要任何进一步的介绍。现在,它在MATLAB上又恢复了活力。

## Hardware

* [MATLAB Mobile]( - MATLAB on Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets.
* [Octave]( - Octave on Android.
* [Raspberry Pi Support from MATLAB]( - Acquire sensor and image data from your connected Raspberry Pi.
从连接的Raspberry Pi中获取传感器和图像数据。

## Image Processing and Computer Vision 图像处理和计算机视觉

* [Computer Vision System Toolbox]( - The official computer vision toolbox from The MathWorks.
计算机视觉系统工具箱  The MathWorks提供的官方计算机视觉工具箱
* [Image Processing Toolbox]( - The official Image Processing Toolbox from The MathWorks
图像处理工具箱 MathWorks的官方图像处理工具箱
* [MatConvNet]( - MatConvNet is a free MATLAB toolbox implementing Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for computer vision applications. It is simple, efficient, and can run and learn state-of-the-art CNNs. It provides pre-trained CNNs for image classification, segmentation, face recognition, and text detection.
* [Piotr's Image and Video Toolbox]( - This free toolbox facilitates the manipulation of images and video in MATLAB. Its purpose is to complement, not replace, MATLAB's Image Processing Toolbox.
* [VLFeat]( - The VLFeat free and open source library implements popular computer vision algorithms specializing in image understanding and local features extraction and matching. It is written in C for efficiency and compatibility, with interfaces in MATLAB for ease of use, and detailed documentation throughout.
* [MexOpenCV]( - MATLAB MEX interface for [OpenCV](, i.e. one of the leading libraries for computer vision.
[MexOpenCV](用于[OpenCV](的MATLAB MEX接口,即领先的库之一

## Model Reduction 模型简化

* [SLICOT]( - SLICOT Model and Controller Reduction Toolbox SLICOT模型和控制器简化工具箱
* [emgr]( - Empirical gramian framework for model reduction and system identification.
* [MORE]( - a MOdel REduction Toolbox MOdel减少工具箱
* [drtoolbox]( - Matlab Toolbox for Dimensionality Reduction 用于降维的Matlab工具箱
* [SiMpLIfy]( - Structured ModeL reductIon 结构化ModeL还原
* [MORLAB]( - Model Order Reduction Laboratory 模型订单减少实验室
* [SMORES]( - A Matlab tool for Simulation and Model Order Reduction of Electrical Systems  用于电气系统仿真和模型降阶的Matlab工具
* [sssMOR]( - Sparse State-Space and Model Order Reduction Toolbox 稀疏状态空间和模型降阶工具箱
* [MORPACK]( - Model Order Reduction PACKage 模型订单减少包
* [RBmatlab]( - is a MATLAB library for model order reduction with Reduced Basis Methods for various discretization types and application settings.
* [MESS]( - The Matrix Equations Sparse Solvers library, is the successor to the Lyapack Toolbox.
* [KerMor]( - Model order reduction for nonlinear dynamical systems and nonlinear approximation.

## Interfacing with other languages

* [C/C++ mex routines]( - C/C++ MEX files allow to call C/C++ functions from within MATLAB.
C / C ++ MEX文件允许从MATLAB内调用C / C ++函数
* [Fortran mex routines]( - Fortran MEX routines allow you to call Fortran code from within MATLAB.
Fortran MEX例程允许您从MATLAB内调用Fortran代码
* [MATLAB Engine for Python]( - The MATLAB Engine for Python provides a Python package named `matlab` that enables you to call MATLAB functions from within Python.
适用于Python的MATLAB引擎提供了Python包名为“ matlab”的代码,使您可以从Python内部调用MATLAB函数。
* [Python]( - How to call Python functions from within MATLAB.
* [matlab kernel]( - To run MATLAB code inside IPython / Jupyter notebooks.
在IPython / Jupyter笔记本中运行MATLAB代码
* [octave kernel]( - To run Octave code inside IPython / Jupyter notebooks.
在IPython / Jupyter笔记本中运行八度代码

## Interfacing with other programs

* [MATLAB QuickLook]( - QuickLook preview generator for MAT files. This shows the contents of your MAT files in Finder. The binary is only compatible with 64 bit OS X.
用于MAT文件的QuickLook预览生成器。这将显示Finder中MAT文件的内容。该二进制文件仅与64位OS X兼容
* [MATLAB-git]( - A thin wrapper to call `git` from within a MATLAB console.
* [JSONlab]( - Toolbox to encode/decode [JSON]( data files from within MATLAB and Octave.

## Learning MATLAB

* [Software Carpentry lessons in MATLAB]( - Teaching basic lab skills for research computing.
* [YAGTOM: Yet Another Guide TO MATLAB]( - This MATLAB® tutorial starts from the basics and builds up to advanced concepts such as object-oriented programming (Note the [Speedup Tricks](
* [MATLAB Academy - MATLAB Onramp]( - Brief MATLAB introduction including language syntax and common workflows. Complimentary access with MATLAB license.
* [Control Tutorials for MATLAB and Simulink]( - This site contains quite a bit control theory, some practical applications and how to implement these in MATLAB and SimuLink.
* [Rosetta Code (MATLAB category)]( - Rosetta Code is a community comparing algorithms in different languages.
Rosetta Code是一个比较不同语言算法的社区

## Making Figures

*Third-party tools to produce publication quality figures.*

* [export_fig]( - produces better vector/bitmap graphics than standalone MATLAB®.
* [matlab2tikz]( - exports MATLAB® figures to TikZ code for seamless inclusion in LaTeX documents.
* [plot2svg]( - exports MATLAB® figures to Scalable Vector Graphics format. This is particularly useful in older MATLAB® versions that don't support `print -dsvg`.
将MATLAB®图形导出为可缩放矢量图形格式。这在不支持`print -dsvg`的旧MATLAB®版本中特别有用
* [Plotly MATLAB Library]( - exports MATLAB® figures to the online plotting service [](
* [saveFigure]( - exports MATLAB® figures to PDF, SVG, EPS and PNG with improved support for transparancy.
* [hq-matlab-figs]( - Creating high-quality graphics in MATLAB for papers and presentations.
* [antijet]( - An alternative to the problematic "jet"-colormap.
有问题的“ jet”-颜色图的替代方法
* [xkcdify]( - xkcd-style plots.

## MATLAB-like environments

* [GNU Octave]( - GNU Octave is a high-level interpreted language, primarily intended for numerical computations. It can run many MATLAB programs unmodified.
GNU Octave是一种高级解释语言,主要用于数值计算。它可以运行许多未经修改的MATLAB程序
* [Scilab]( - Scilab is free and open source software for numerical computation providing a powerful computing environment for engineering and scientific applications.
* [FreeMat]( - FreeMat is an open source MATLAB interpreter for a subset of the MATLAB language.
* [MathScript]( - MathScript is an interpreter for MATLAB® code for the [LabView]( programming language.

## Miscellaneous Free Toolboxes 其他免费工具箱
*High quality free toolboxes in subject areas that don't yet have their own section*

* [Chebfun]( - Chebfun is an open-source package for computing with functions to about 15-digit accuracy.
* [IFISS]( - IFISS is a graphical package for the interactive numerical study of incompressible flow problems which can be run under MATLAB or Octave.
* [Wavelab]( - WaveLab is a collection of MATLAB functions related to wavelet analysis.
* [MPITB]( - MPI Toolbox for Matlab ([MPI Toolbox for Octave](
* [Lightspeed]( - Microsoft Lightspeed Utilities Toolbox
Microsoft Lightspeed实用程序工具箱
* [bct]( - Brain Connectivity Toolbox
* [OpenCL Toolbox]( - OpenCL support for MATLAB
* [UQLab]( - The Framework for Uncertainty Quantification
* [Octave Forge]( - Extra packages for GNU Octave
GNU Octave的额外软件包
* [Matrix Computation Toolbox]( - for constructing test matrices, computing matrix factorizations, visualizing matrices, and carrying out direct search optimization.

# Resources 资源
Where to discover new MATLAB resources. 在哪里发现新的MATLAB资源

## Websites 网站

* [MATLAB File Exchange]( - File Exchange lets you find and share custom applications, classes, code examples, drivers, functions, Simulink models, scripts, and videos.
* [Cody]( - A website with programming challenges that consist of writing MATLAB® code. A fun way to improve your skills.
* [ThingSpeak]( - An internet of things (IoT) platform that allows to collect, analyze and act upon various data sources. You can enter your own MATLAB® code to process and plot your data.
* [Octave-Online]( - An online Octave interpreter.
* [Matlab FAQ](
* [MATLAB category]( - on DMOZ

## Blogs 博客

* [Cleve's Corner: Cleve Moler on Mathematics and Computing]( - Cleve Moler is the author of the first MATLAB, one of the founders of The MathWorks, and is currently Chief Mathematician at the company.
 [Cleve的角落:Cleve Moler在数学和计算上]( Moler是第一个MATLAB的作者,也是MathWorks的创始人之一,目前是首席数学家在公司。
* [Developer Zone]( - Developing, testing, and integrating production grade software using MATLAB.
* [Guy and Seth on Simulink]( - Guy Rouleau and Seth Popinchalk are Application Engineers for The MathWorks.
Guy Rouleau和Seth Popinchalk是MathWorks的应用工程师
* [Loren on the art of MATLAB]( - Loren Shure works on design of the MATLAB language at The MathWorks.
Loren Shure在MathWorks上从事MATLAB语言的设计工作
* [Steve on Image Processing]( - Steve Eddins has developed MATLAB and image processing capabilities for The MathWorks since 1993.
Steve Eddins自1993年以来就为MathWorks开发了MATLAB和图像处理功能
* [Undocumented MATLAB]( - Yair Altman blogs about the hidden underbelly of MATLAB®. This is the place to be for discovering new and awesome features.
Yair Altman博客,介绍了MATLAB®的隐藏式肋骨。这是发现新奇妙功能的地方
* [WalkingRandomly]( - The MATLAB tag of WalkingRandomly.
* [xcorr: comp neuro]( - MATLAB relevant post of XCORR.
* [Matlab Tips]( - Learning Matlab for new and advanced users.
* [Matlab Tricks]( - Growing Collection of Matlab tips.
* [Matlab Geeks]( - Matlab Blog, Tutorials and Expertise.
* [Matlab Cookbook]( - Set of various tutorials.

## Books 书籍

* [Accelerating MATLAB Performance: 1001 tips to speed up MATLAB programs]( - A superb guide to making MATLAB code faster.
[加速MATLAB性能:加速MATLAB程序的1001条技巧]  加快MATLAB代码速度的绝佳指南
* [Undocumented Secrets of MATLAB-Java Programming]( - A great guide on MATLAB® and its Java interface (e.g. for GUIs or interaction with JVM software).
[MATLAB-Java编程的未公开秘密] 有关MATLAB®及其Java接口的出色指南(例如,用于GUI或与JVM软件进行交互)
* [The Elements of MATLAB Style]( - Coding guidelines for the MATLAB language.
[MATLAB样式的元素] MATLAB语言的编码准则
* [MATLAB for Dummies]( - A good beginners books.

## Reference Cards 参考卡

* [MATLAB Quick Reference]( - by Eric Peasley, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford
[MATLAB快速参考] 牛津大学工程科学系Eric Peasley
* [MATLAB Quick Reference App](

## Social Media 社交媒体

* [MATLAB Reddit](
* [Octave Reddit](
* [MATLAB on Facebook]( - Official Facebook page for MATLAB
* [MATLAB on Stack Overflow]( - Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.
Stack Overflow是一个由470万名程序员组成的社区,就像您一样,彼此帮助
* [Octave on Stack Overflow]( - and Stack Overflow has an extensive back catalogue of many answered questions.
* [MATLAB on Twitter]( - Official MATLAB twitter account
* [Matlab Tricks Club]( - A Community Page about MATLAB

## MOOCs
*Massive open online courses.*

* [Introduction to Programming with MATLAB]( - Vanderbilt University MOOC that teaches basic programming concepts using MATLAB. You get a free time-limited license to use MATLAB with this course.
[MATLAB编程简介] 范德比尔特大学MOOC教授使用MATLAB的基本编程概念。您将获得免费的限时许可证,以在本课程中使用MATLAB
* [Linear Algebra: Foundations to Frontiers]( - Hands-on introduction to Linear Algebra using MATLAB.
[线性代数:基础知识] 使用MATLAB的线性代数动手入门

## Tips and Tricks 技巧和窍门

* [Guidelines for writing clean and fast code in MATLAB]( - A guide with best practices in MATLAB® programming to which anybody can [contribute](
[在MATLAB中编写简洁快速的代码指南] 指南任何人都可以为之贡献的MATLAB®编程最佳实践
* [Writing Fast MATLAB Code](
* [MATLAB Array Manipulation Tips and Tricks](
* [MATLAB Vectorization Tricks](
* [Matlab / Octave Efficiency Notes](
[Matlab /八度音阶效率说明]
* [Matlab Tips and Tricks](
* [MATLAB Style Guide 1](
* [MATLAB Style Guide 2](
* [Octave and MATLAB Snippets]( - Collection of code snippets
[八度和MATLAB代码段] 代码段的集合
* [knkutils]( - MATLAB utility functions written by Kendrick Kay
由Kendrick Kay编写的MATLAB实用程序函数
* [Alex's MATLAB Library](
* [Advanced Numerical Linear Algebra]( - MATLAB Code
* [Lanczos Algorithm for SVD]( - MATLAB Code
* [Jie Chen's Software]( - Collection of companion codes (mostly MATLAB).
[Jie Chen的软件]
* [SSP RK]( - Strong Stability Preserving Runge-Kutta Codes.
* [BV78]( - Shampine's Adaptive Block Vectorized Runge-Kutta 7-8.
Shampine的自适应块矢量化Runge-Kutta 7-8

# Contributing 贡献
Your contributions are always welcome! 永远欢迎您的贡献!

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License - [CC BY-NC-SA 4.0](
此作品已根据知识共享署名-非商业性-相同方式共享国际许可4.0-[CC BY-NC-SA 4.0](获得许可

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