1. Fall in Love with English爱上英语

Hiding behind the loose dusty curtain, a teenager packed up his overcoat into the suitcase. He planned to leave home at dusk though there was thunder and lightning outdoors. He had got to do this because he was tired of his parents’ nagging about his English study and did not want to go through it any longer. He couldn’t get along well with English and disliked joining in English classes because he thought his teacher ignored him on purpose. As a result, his score in each exam never added up to over 60.

    His partner was concerned about him very much. She understood exactly what he was suffering from, but entirely disagreed with his idea. In order to calm him down and settle his problem, she talked with him face to face and swapped a series of learning tips with him. The items she set down helped him find the highway to studying English well.

    The teenager was grateful and got great power from his friend’s words. Now, he has recovered from being upset and has fallen in love with English.


    有个少年躲在积满灰尘的松散窗帘后把大衣装入手提箱。尽管外面打雷闪电, 他仍计划在黄昏时分离家出走。他不得不这样做是因为厌倦了父母对他英语学习的唠叨,不想再忍受下去了。他的英语学习总是无法取得进展,而且不喜欢参加英语课的学习,因为他以为老师有意忽视他。结果,他每次考试的分数合计从未超过60。





2. Different Countries Have Different Kinds of Englishes


   Voyages of people from England play an important part in spreading the English language. At present, English is frequently spoken as an official or common language in many countries, such as America, Singapore, Malaysia and some African countries. All based on British English, the English spoken in these countries can be well understood by native English speakers. But actually, these Englishes have been gradually changing in accents, spellings, expressions and the usage of vocabulary.

Because of this fact, you can make use of the differences to tell which country the foreigners of your block are from. For example, if a boss fluently commands his driver, “Come up straight to my apartment by elevator and take some gas for my trucks and cabs”, instead of requesting, “Please come to my flat by lift and take some petrol for my lorries and taxis”, you can recognize his American identity, while the latter suggests that he is British.



因为这一情况的存在,你就可以利用这些英语之间的区别说出你们街区的外国人是哪个国家来的了。例如,如果有个老板流利地命令他的司机:“Come up straight to my apartment by elevator and take some gas for my trucks and cabs(直接电梯到我公寓上来拿卡车和出租车汽油)”,而不是要求说,“Please come to my flat by lift and take some petrol for my lorries and taxis(请直接搭电梯到我公寓上来拿卡车和出租车的汽油)”,你就可以轻易地辨认出他的美国人身份,而后者暗示着那是一位英国人。(请注意:听力录音里第二段两个“电梯”的单词跟原文不一致,原文是对的,录音弄错了,elevator才是美式说法而lift是英式说法。)


3. A Hard Trip


   My sister was fond of traveling. Ever since graduating, she had been determined to organize a trip to an old temple. Since transporting fare was expensive, she decided to use a bicycle to cycle there not caring about the disadvantages. Her stubborn attitude was always her shortcoming. Once she made up her mind to do something, no one could persuade her to change her mind. Finally, we gave in as usual though we preferred to take a train. After we prepared everything, including the schedule, reliable weather forecast and the insurance, we began our trip.

      Our journey was along a river flowing from a high altitude. Our pace was slow because the river frequently had many sharp bends through deep valleys, where the water seemed to boil. Just as I recorded in my journal, it was really a hard journey. But we also enjoyed great views. One night, I put my head on my pillow--a parcel of wool coats, and lay beneath the stars. When the flame in front of our cave went out at midnight, I found the sky so beautiful!






4. A Horrible Earthquake


Dirty water rose in wells and canals before the earthquake. But no one judged that an earthquake was coming. Suddenly, everything shook. It seemed as if the world was at an end. Millions of brick houses and a number of dams were destroyed. Railway tracks became useless bars. Pipes in mines burst and let out smelly steam. Huge cracks trapped cyclists everywhere.

The next day, this event was the headline or main title of all newspapers. With the reporters giving an outline of the disaster, the whole nation was shocked by the damage and the victim’s extreme suffering. People were moved when they read that the survivors comforted each other by saying “Congratulations! You survived!”. So they not only expressed their sympathy sincerely, but also organized together to help the victims right away. The injured were rescued and the dead were buried. The frightened survivors were dug out from under the ruins and were offered shelter, fresh water and electricity. Thanks to people’s help, the loss was minimized.







5. The Great President


As the founder of the republic, the president had many good qualities. Before coming to power, he was a generous lawyer. He was willing to selflessly help everyone who turned to him. He accepted no fee to offer legal guidance and opinions to those who were out of work or uneducated. Later, believing all mankind to be equal, he devoted himself to stopping the unfair anti-black laws. He set up the Black Youth League and was voted to be the leader. However, though he kept peaceful principles without violence and terror, his mean enemies still blew up his house and attacked his relatives, and he himself couldn’t escape being sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Not fearing of the prison guards’ cruelty, he kept active and begged no mercy from them. As a matter of fact, he was always hopeful and never lost heart during the stage even though he was in trouble.

Finally, people rewarded him with the leader’s position and a gold blanket.








6. A Brave Maid


A wooden vase from the Ming Dynasty at the entrance of the reception hall amazed everyone. The artists designed it in a rare style and selected valuable jewels to decorate it. People thought highly of its fancy colour of honey and the beautiful paintings on it.

The vase used to belong to a former castle. But when the country was at war, the enemy troops exploded the castle. Debates on how the vase survived went on and on. In order to remove people’s doubt, a team of no less than 20 people carried out an informal investigation. The evidences they found showed that a maid took the vase apart and asked a sailor to sink it in a local well. She never gave away the secret even under the cruel trial of the enemies who were in search of treasures.

It is worth giving this brave maid a fortune in return.


接待大厅入口处的明朝木制花瓶 使每个人都惊奇不已。艺术家以一种罕有的风格设计它,并挑选贵重的珠宝装饰它。人们高度赞赏它那蜂蜜般的奇特颜色,还有上面绘制的绘画

这个花瓶曾经属于一座从前的城堡,但在战争期间,敌人的军队炸毁了城堡,于是关于这个花瓶是如何幸存下来争论就一直在持续着。为了解开人们的疑问,一个由不少于20人的调查队开展了一次非正式的调查。他们找到的证据表明,有个女仆 花瓶拆开,然后让一名水手把它当地的一个水井里。她从来没有泄露这个秘密,即使是在搜寻财宝的敌人残酷的审讯下。





7. A Fair Competition


   Swifter, Higher and Stronger stands for the spirit of the Olympics. But fairness is the basis of this motto. Only when you win fairly will you and your homeland deserve the great glory. But nowadays, unlike the ancient honest slave competitors, some hopeless athletes who can’t bear the pain of training cheat when taking part in games. Medals seem to have magical power causing them to cheat, and the prize money has replaced the motto as their only goal.

      So, in the gymnastics event to be held in our city next month, one of the host’s responsibilities is to keep competitions fair. They advertised on posters outside the stadium to promise that every competitor is to have a regular physical examination in a gymnasium one after another. No one can bargain on this. The volunteers in charge will be very strict. It is foolish to cheat because they will not be admitted to compete and will even be fined as well.







8. Computers


   The goal of early calculating machines was to simplify difficult sums. But with the help of new technology, electronic chips replaced tubes and a revolution of artificial intelligence has arisen. From then on, the appearance of computers totally changed our lives. They can not only download information from the wet when connected by the network or mobile phone signals, but also solve different types of logical problems. With operators as their coaches, they can even control rockets to explore the moon and instruct androids with the human race’s characters to mop floors and watch over your naughty niece. Anyhow, computers are so helpful that they do bring happiness.

      However, computers are easily attacked by viruses. This reality has become a hard-to-deal with-problem. As a result, computers are dangerous in a way. So, personally, I worry about their universal applications in some fields, such as finance.







9. Wildlife Protection


Dinosaurs died out because of an unexpected incident. But wildlife today disappears or is in danger just because humans do harm to it. For example, tigers are hunted for fur to make carpets so that they can only live in secure reserves; grassland is destroyed without mercy so that dust storms come into being affecting distant cities.

      Last year, scientists saw some monkeys rubbing themselves with a certain kind of insects to protect themselves from fierce mosquitoes biting. According to the result of the inspection, they found that the insect contains a powerful drug, so local farmers were employed to catch the insects. The ending was that the insects disappeared from the whole zone. When told that it was a loss to humans, the farmers burst into laughter and responded, “Our real loss is our decreasing income.”

      We should appreciate the natural balance and pay more attention to the importance of wildlife protection. Not until we succeed in letting wildlife live in peace, can we smile in relief.






10. My First Band


   I was very sensitive to music. Just dipping into the music books briefly, I could sing or play well. To be honest, I always dreamt of becoming a famous folk actor. I was so confident that I never decreased my devotion.

      I formed my first band called “Rolling Frog”. At the beginning, we relied on performing on instruments in pubs or to passers –by to earn extra money in cash. Then we wore false beards to pretend to be the musicians whom people were familiar with. In addition, we attached humorous acts to our performances and played jokes on each other. Soon, our “funny jazz” became famous and invitations to perform for broadcast stations began to come. Afterwards, we sorted out attractive music and made a record in a studio. A million or so copies were sold and we became millionaires.

      It was painful that the band broke up finally. But above all, I realized my dream to be a musician.








11.An Interesting Festival


The Agricultural Feast takes place after the Independence Day. It is not a worldwide celebration. Only Christians in Mexico look forward to its arrival for its religious origin:

Long ago, humans’ ancestors were bad. They fooled and played tricks on each other and never kept their word. So God turned up and drowned all their crops. Humans starved day and night, weeping. In order to gain God’s forgiveness, a woman poet set off to see God. She admired God and kept apologizing. God was moved. With his permission, humans finally had good harvests again. So, to wipe sadness and remind themselves of the belief in God, people began the festival.

On the festival, people gather in open air, such as playgrounds or parking lots, and energetically have fun with each other all night long, as though they were never tired. When a beauty dressed up in lovely clothing reads poems in memory of the poet, everyone holds their breath. Then, it is the custom that the bone of a rooster head is given to her as an award.

Obviously, the story is not true, but the festival is interesting.






12.Balanced Diet


   Wang Peng earned his living by running a barbecue restaurant, which served delicious bacon, fried chicken breast and mutton roasted with pepper and garlic. But his food and discount attracted fewer and fewer customers. Finally, he was in debt. Yong Hui’s slimming restaurant served fresh peas, carrots, eggplants, and raw cucumbers with vinegar. As the hostess, she said fibres benefited customers' digestion the most. In order not to let Yong Hui get away with telling

lies, Wang Peng spied on Yong Hui despite her glare. But he was surprised that she was losing her customers, too.

      Curiosity drove Wang Peng to consult an expert. The expert sighed and said, “Both of your menus have weakness and limited strength. Your customers put on weight too easily, while Yong Hui’s lose weight too quickly. So, Wang Peng, cut down the fat of your food and increase vegetables and fruits, like nuts, beans, mushrooms, peaches and lemons. You ought to combine the two menus and provide a balanced diet.”

      Before long, Wang Peng won his customers back.






13. Sailing Home


This novel was about an unbelievable but genuine adventure. Its author was a black businessman who was brought up in America. In 1956, he visited Africa, his birthplace. One day, when he was wandering on the pavement near the bay enjoying the sea scenes, he lost his money and passport that he kept in an envelope. So he went to the embassy to seek help, but the ambassador with rude manners didn’t permit his staff to help though he bowed to him. Staring at his impatient face, he understood that it was the fault of his skin colour that accounted for their   refection. So he decided to take a chance to sail on a small boat home.

He met a large amount of difficulty but was never stopped. On the contrary, difficulty pushed him to go ahead harder. Three months later, he was spotted by a ship by accident. He was in rags indeed. A maid even screamed when bringing him a steak and pineapple dessert. Aboard, he earned his passage by working as a barber and got home finally. As for the name of his novel, he couldn’t think of a better one than the phrase “Go Ahead”.






14. Explore MKII


MKII, a planet billions of kilometers away, is the origin of life in many religions. Physicists have proved the theory that its gentle climate and the pull of its gravity are similar to the earth’s. And astronomers have found that oxygen atoms and carbon dioxide, which are fundamental to life, exist in its atmosphere through satellites. Cheered up by this news, biologists, in their turn, began to do some research to remove people’s puzzles—Now that there are some suitable conditions, does life really exist on this globe? Do they multiply by laying eggs or giving birth to babies?

Last month, a spaceship was sent there. It’s a pity that this mission failed. Unlike the earth, MKII is a much younger planet. Thus, masses of harmful acid clouds float everywhere causing violent chain reactions to break out. These clouds not only blocked out the pilots’ sight but also damaged the engine system. Luckily, the pilots watched out carefully and prevented the spaceship from crashing in time.






15.A Journey across Canada


   After a quiz last autumn, Kuang crossed the continent eastward to Toronto to visit his schoolmate, the distance measuring approximately 5,000 kilometers,

      His train started from Vancouver, a city surrounded by mountains. After confirming his baggage was aboard the train, Kuang settled down in his seat. Having a gift for communication, he started chatting with another passenger within 5 minutes. Their topics included the Canadian traditions, the Prime Minister, the mixture of races, and the terrifying Great Fall. After a nice buffet at noon, he was pleased to find that the scenery was impressive. He saw beautiful harbours in the distance, wealthy urban areas and maple forest that covered thousands of acres. He even managed to catch sight of an eagle flying upward over bushes.

      Kuang reached Toronto which lies slightly near the border at a misty dawn. There was frost and the broad downtown streets were very quiet. Though it was early, Kuang phoned his schoolmate in a booth nearby at once rather than waiting for him to come. They had a good time together.





16.A Woman Doctor-Lina


   Born in a pigs’ nest, Lina led a poor life in her childhood. She was looked down upon by the children of her generation. But she intended to become a doctor after she came across Lin Qiaozhi by chance, who was delivering medical courses to an audience crowding around her. Before moving off, Lin inspired her to carry on her study. With Lin’s support, Lina entered an institute and studied hard sparing no time for entertainment. Her being outspoken and modest won respect for her. Her excellent arguing skills and observation ability put others into the shade.

      Now, Lina has become a specialist in human beings’ emergency sickness. Her kindness and considerate behavior to the poor were well known. The organization she founded carried out campaigns and welfare projects to help cut the death rate for the poor. Her job was hard but worthwhile. She often refers to the connection between her achievement and Lin Qiaozhi, and says that her poor childhood is the bond between her and the poor.







17. A New Farming Way


Tuan was a farmer in Vietnam. For decades, he had been struggling to rid his family of hunger. However, it always confused him how to expand the output of his crops. This disturbing problem led to his regretting being a farmer. He would rather have chosen another job.

      One day, when skimming through a newspaper, Tuan read a comment on Yuan Longpin. He underlined Yuan’s nationality and occupation, and then focused on his discovery and the statistics of his research. He found the knowledge Yuan circulated very practical. Therefore, he made a summary and began to build up a new farming method. He planted super grain of rich nutrition and equipped himself to keep his crops roots free from bacteria and pests. He also enriched minerals in the soil while reducing chemical fertilizers. Though it cost him more time and freedom, he was full of hope.

      The next year, Tuan was sunburnt but satisfied with his production very much. Thanks to Yuan Longpin, he not only won the battle against hunger, but he could also export his crops abroad.







18. Chaplin - A Great Master of Humour


   Chaplin was an extraordinary performer who starred in and directed many outstanding comedies. Few were bored watching his moustache, his gestures or his entertaining reactions when chased by detectives. Being drunk, sliding on a banana skin or whispering his own failures to nobody, he made us feel more content with our life without any verbal explanation. His particular sense of humor has astonished everybody throughout the world up to now.


      In a small budget film, he played a badly-off and homeless person wearing worn-out shoes and messy clothes. On one occasion, he was trapped by a snowstorm in a vast mountainous area. Though he overcame many difficulties, he wasn’t fortunate enough. With all the porridge eaten up, he picked out a shoe and boiled it to eat. He cut off the leather bottom and chewed it like a pancake. According to an actress, his acting was so convincing and amusing that everybody couldn’t help bursting into laughter.






19.A Misunderstanding


In general, spoken statements are the major way of communication, but body language and facial expressions also have such kinds of function. For example, yawning means being not interested and turning one’s back to someone or swinging your fist shows your anger. But what those gestures really mean is subjective in different cultures. Thus, misunderstandings happen now and then in today’s world of cultural crossroads.

Once, representing the Adults’ Education Association, I went to the airport to meet an official of high rank from Columbia and take him to his dormitory and then to the canteen. After the flight arrived, I saw a man looking around curiously. So I approached to greet him. He suddenly dashed to hug me and kissed me on both cheeks. As a young girl, I felt truly embarrassed and put up my hands to defend myself. His false smile told me that he had lost face.

Later, I received a cassette from him, in which he recorded his apology. On hearing that Columbians were more likely to kiss others, I soon felt at ease.







20.A Unique Theme Park


As soon as our shuttle got close to the theme park by the freeway, everyone came to life and put on cloth sneakers in advance for an outing. Our translator paid for the admission, and we started enjoying the various attractions in the sunlight.

According to the travel brochure, this unique park is famous for its well preserved minority culture. We experienced many deeds of the early settlers, such as swinging across rivers, hunting creatures in the jungle, or taking part in swords fighting tournaments.

      This park is also famous for its wooden souvenirs. Whichever we bought in the central shop was made of wood, and wherever we went we could see minority carpenters working. They made wooden tools, wooden cartoon figures, wooden athletic products and so on. They even built a huge wooden engine with a length of 20 metres, which was modeled after a real one.

      This theme park is really a fantasy amusement park. No wonder it has become the brand of local tourism.








21.A Strange Disease奇怪的疾病

When the construction of the firework factory came to the stage of painting, a pump was put in. Then, all the painters in the neighbourhood were defeated by a severe disease whose characteristic was alike to that of a bad burn.

An expert physician was instructed to attend to the victims and handle this case. He was enthusiastic, but he didn’t foresee that it was a hard challenge. After simple enquiry, he announced that the polluted paint was to blame. But without positive evidence, people suspected and rejected his view, saying the theory he put forward made no sense. Being much more strict with himself, he contributed himself to the case. Apart from making enquiries, he made detailed charts and analysed the data cautiously. Finally, he drew a scientific conclusion, linking the disease to the radium in the pump. Exposed to radium, a kind of radioactive material in the universe, people absorbed radiation and got sick immediately.

Spinning the pump backward, he took away the radium. This simple movement cured all the victims.







22.Sightseeing in the United Kingdom观光联合王国

After the wedding, my cousin and his wife went to the United Kingdom for nationwide sightseeing. He faxed a letter to me in English yesterday. To my delight, he no longer made any tense error. And his description roughly clarified my questions about the UK--its currency, its administration, the institution which divides it into four provinces, and the historical conflicts and quarrels when Southern Ireland broke away from the UK.

Unwilling to leave out any attraction, my cousin arranged his enjoyable journey carefully. One attractive place he visited was a castle in the countryside of Scotland, which lies near a port. It used to be the headquarters(请注意:音频里面是headquarter,没有加s,是不对的。)of the Communism Union but broke down during the war. Finding nothing could take the place of this splendid architecture, people accomplished rebuilding it in 1952. It was to their credit that all furnished rooms are consistent with what they used to be. My cousin was thrilled by its collections consisting of statues plus royal uniforms folded in glass tanks. Though there was no possibility to buy some of these exhibits, it was convenient to take photos, which he sent me along with his fax.





23.An Air Crash飞机失事

   I was a previous typist in a post office. Because I couldn’t tolerate typing any more postage bills or postcodes on a typewriter every day, I resigned. With a greedy motivation of making big money, I took up working as a business representative for the G.E Ecology Company, which produced goods by recycling useful materials from our dustbins. My new job left me good impressions in many aspects except that the working timetable was full of traveling by jets.

      Once, when speeding up, our jet was swallowed by a thunderstorm, which destroyed our GPS receiver and made us lose sight of the directions. A constantly flashing light showed that our jet was in danger. A steward instantly asked us to put on masks and fasten the safety belts, and then pressed a button to switch on the escaping capsule. It slid sideways out of the opening at once and landed in a desert area safely. Lacking food and tablets, we were nervous and uncertain at first. But we all kept optimistic and made good adjustment to the situation. We swept up the surrounding mud to make our settlement and were back on our feet soon. Finally, guided by the smoke of our crashing jet, some local citizens came by carriages and saved us.


有一次,我们的喷气飞机在加速时被一场雷暴吞没,不仅损坏了GPS信号接收器,还使我们看不见方向。一盏持续闪亮的灯说明我们的飞机正处在危险中。一名乘务员立刻让我们戴上面罩牢安全,接着下一枚按钮 打开逃生仓电源,逃生仓马上侧着滑出出口,安全降落在一片荒凉的地区。因为缺少食品和药品,我们一开始都又紧张又心里没底,但是我们都保持乐观,做好调整适应这一新境况。我们打扫干净周围的泥土安顿下来,很快就恢复过来。最后,在我们坠机烟雾的指引下,一些当地的居民搭乘马车到来,我们都获救了。


24.An Amateur Journalist业余记者

Jane is a housewife, but delighted to work as an amateur journalist. It is a dilemma for her to rush between family and work, and it is also unusual for the News Department to depend on an amateur to cover crimes. But Jane is really gifted. It is admirable that she is seldom accused of making mistakes. And, eager to become more professional, she concentrates on her job and updates herself now and then.

Once she is informed of a new case, her normal working process is as follows: first, she makes appointments with guilty people for interviews. So as to acquire accurate stories, she usually demands to record what they say. Meanwhile, a technically good colleague will assist her in taking photographs. Second, she assesses whether they are deliberately hiding the truth. If she is skeptical about their words, she will look into the case herself. Third, she writes thorough stories ahead of the deadline and submits it to the senior chief editor, who polishes and approves every section. Finally, her stories will be published in different editions of their magazine.






25.First Aid


A boy fell ill. His organs were damaged by the radiation of an infrared ray stove. But before the ambulance arrived, a number of other injuries happened to this unlucky boy over and over again. First, he was choked by some poisonous liquid from the kettle on the cupboard. Then his wrist skin was burnt by electric shock. Finally, his ankle was cut by a pan.

Fortunately, the boy’s nurse gave him proper temporary treatments according to his complex symptoms. She mildly squeezed the poisonous liquid out of his throat and put bandages firmly in place to apply pressure to the ankle wound to stop bleeding. As for the burn, she used scissors to remove his sleeve, poured a basin of cold water over the burn to cool it and put her hands on a damp blouse to cover his swollen tissue tightly. She also inspired his bravery to fight against the unbearable pain. Her first aid made a vital difference in saving his life. A ceremony was held to honour the nurse who overcame a variety of barriers to save the boy.






26.Abstract Art


Abstract art used to be controversial. On one hand, the artists stopped painting delicate figures but attempted to adopt special techniques to give people different visual impacts. On the other hand, their works, including sculptures carved out of marble or fragile clay, were all with a specific aim of showing feelings. Some conventional scholars who were allergic to abstract art said it was evidently ridiculous and neither art nor geometry. Their Traditional Art Committee predicted its soon disappearing.

But nowadays, abstract art has become part of the permanent possessions of contemporary civilization. Galleries along the Madison Avenue give scores of superb exhibitions on typical abstract works, appealing to many who have a preference for abstract art. The Shadow of Egypt, a café in this district, has become the home to those aggressive abstract artists. Consequently, it is not a coincidence for you to meet one of these artists of great reputation in the flesh. They are asked for signatures and given bunches of fragrant flowers plus they are given a great deal of praise by their faithful fans.




27.A Russian Poem俄国童谣

Since childhood, Anton had often recited poems, accompanied by pianists and violinists, at wedding ceremonies before brides and bridegrooms exchanged rings. Gradually, he found writing poems the most appropriate way to convey his joy and sorrow. When his poem Contradictory Blank won him a national championship and a scholarship to the Moscow University from a sponsor, he was just an unknown librarian. After getting his diploma, he devoted his life to writing poems. Using concrete but flexible language and the minimum of words is his style. He tried out different patterns and preferred nursery rhyme in particular. The following is a translation of one of his works made up of 3 sections:

Little sparrow with heavy load,Ran out of energy and very cold;No compass and all sweat salty,Can you go through the endless darkness?Little balloon let out by the thread,Flew over cottages and was very glad;With warmth transformed from sunlight,He said he could forever fly;Take it easy, little balloon;Don’t tease the sparrow with his wound;On the bare branch and have a rest;This diamond heart will eventually get success.


麻雀,负重担,      小气球绳系,       别紧张,小气球

筋疲力尽挡风寒,      飞越农舍真高兴,       别麻雀伤口留,

汗水成指引,      阳光给予它温暖,       光光的树梢歇片刻,

能否穿越无边暗?      永远高飞不费力;       恒(钻石)把成功求。



28.Let’s Help Adolescents


Whether they are male or female, adolescents feel like deciding on everything themselves in spite of parents’ instruction, especially when they face problems like sex, mental stress, etc., which make them feel ashamed and embarrassed. Thus they often automatically get into troubles due to their imperfect comprehension and judgement. Some are addicted to cigarettes, only several packets of which will hurt their lungs and make them breathless quickly. Others can’t quit drinking alcohol, whose harmful effects include causing young pregnant women to abort or give birth to abnormal babies. The worst is drug abuse, for the withdrawal is tough once their bodies are accustomed to the drugs. Meanwhile, those who share needles bought from illegal chemists are at great risk of being infected with desperate AIDS. If so, neither injecting nor taking pills can guarantee their survival.

However, don’t be disappointed at or have prejudice against our children so easily. After all, being awkward is an appendix of youth. As long as we strengthen communication with them instead of only banning this or banning that, we will surely help them avoid anything unfit.




29.Refresh Our Environment恢复环境生机

As the director stated on behalf of his researching group, the data of this graph makes a clear presentation of the future environmental tendency. On one hand, the quantity of fuel keeps on decreasing by 9% per year while the growth of a wide range of pollution has been a global trend. On the other hand, the mildly but steadily going up of the average temperature is resulting in catastrophes like widespread floods. Without disagreement, they subscribe to the view that it is humans’ existence and their randomly consuming energy that result in this phenomenon.

Many people have a commitment that developing nuclear power or energy from outer space will stop bad consequences coming about. However, scientists and educators are opposed to this view even if our needs may be met on the whole. They tend to advocate refreshing our circumstances by saving energy and recycling waste. It is suggested that we use energy-saving appliances such as electrical motors, microwaves and so on and not be casual about little things like recycling a can. So please glance around and see what you can do. So long as everybody makes contribution, we will not have to put up with this problem anymore.





30.A Volcano Eruption火山爆发

As the best candidate, I was appointed to collect and evaluate information for a database about diverse natural disasters, such as hurricanes, typhoons or thunderstorms. Sometimes I did this by giving out questionnaires to those who went through them. But sometimes I had to go through actual disasters myself. The Musaki Volcano was one of them.

At that time, I lived in a bungalow alongside the volcano with a novelist, who came for the appreciation of its eruption. One day, when I was drawing diagrams on the balcony and he was bathing inside, the volcano erupted unexpectedly. The ash and lava fountains shooting highly in the sky varied from 50 to 100 meters in height. It was absolutely fantastic! I even noticed a rainbow appear in the fog caused by a heat wave.

But, glancing through our surroundings, I foresaw the potential danger and found no guarantee of our safety. The uncomfortable gas almost made us unconscious. Sweats of anxiety began to drop. Managing to stop panicking and trembling, we quickly put on our protective suits, helmets and boots and eventually made our way to a safe place. How lucky we were even though my precious equipment and documents were all burnt to the ground!




31.Defeat Disability战胜残疾

Yang’s ambition was to get an architect certificate or become a bowling master. But when he was conducting experiments with a microscope in the basement, a tank on the bench exploded, sending him flying outwards through the exit. He was out of breath while knowing he lost his eyesight as well as 70% of his hearing. In other words, he was disabled. 阳的雄心是,要么获得一张建筑师证书,要么成为一名保龄球高手。但是在地下室里的显微镜进行试验时,放在长凳上的一只大桶突然爆炸,把他从出口处炸飞了出去。当知道自己除了失去70%的听力之外,还失去了视力时,他完全喘不过气来。换句话说,他残疾了。

Feeling clumsy, he was annoyed at first though nobody made fun of him. He cut out going outdoors and just sat around at home talking to his parrot or tortoise silently. His sister resigned to help him in many ways. Her assistance and encouragement were so beneficial to his psychology that he adapted to his disability soon and became outgoing again. In a college accessible to him, he studied politics and literature. He always sat in the front row near the entry without any absence and, with the help of his handy laptop, he studied well by means of dictation. His thesis, Abolishing Slavery, met with all professors’ approval. After class, he and his companions often played drum music, which was noisy but suitable for his hearing. After graduation, he made high profits by designing software for a firm. All in all, in his community, he won his dignity and people’s congratulations.

      He always wished all the best to his disabled fellows and encouraged them, “Never mind! All you have is adequate to get your achievement.”


32Happy Marriage Needs Fighting For


As a talented navy officer, he was bound to be busy. When his wife rang him up to declare her divorce alarm, he was still scanning a digital counter to check the data so as to give an assessment of the theoretical framework for a biochemical weapon. His junior staff’s sympathy made him feel embarrassed.

His wife was a part-time clerk. With his high bonus, she lived in a grand house with elegant cushions and bedding. Her favour was reading stars’ biographies or absurd fictions with endless chapters in her armchair. People envied her leisure life very much. But in fact, she was tired of being left alone. She sent emails to his mailbox every week to state her thinking and ask for his accompaniment, but never received reply of satisfaction. Tired of his explanation that he must obey the orders, she filed for divorce.

Because he desired to get their holy affection back, he set other affairs aside. He trimmed his fingernails short and changed his overweight figure as well as his awful haircut. He wore an apron to prepare delicious cuisine for her. He also bought her a necklace and piles of flowers hoping that their receiver could turn around.

After being tested out for 3 months in all, he eventually succeeded.







33. Mark and a Seal


Mark rented an accommodation with his pension near the shore. He paid annual visits there to enjoy the vivid beauty in the depths of the pure sea.

Once, with his underwater telescope and flashlight, Mark dived along the boundary between the steep reef and the area of seaweed conservation. Suddenly, an awesome Antarctic seal with sharp teeth appeared opposite him. Every cell in his body was scared to death. But soon, he was aware that he wasn’t the target of an attack. With a neat wound in its lip caused by a shark, this grey seal was washed upside down by the tides time after time. But it tried to jog Mark as if to urge him to help it. So Mark abandoned fleeing away. With its teamwork, Mark used a net to drag the seal to the shallow water. Without pausing he helped it out after a simple operation and settled it in a narrow cave by the seaside. Every time he brought it tasty fish, it would yell and suck his hands happily. Witnesses said their anecdotes reflected a magic dimension of the relationship between humans and animals.





34.Helping the Remote Village援助山村

A year ago, the famous astronaut received an invitation by airmail from a remote village. Intending to sniff some fresh air, he and his interpreter paid a fortnight visit there. It was a privilege for them to be there, but they were shocked by what they saw. The tracks were muddy. The river was drying up. Most villagers only possessed one broom, a few tins and several jars and their rectangular grass huts with round angles were surrounded by weeds. Besides, their school had no roof and platform, and the students had no concept of clicking a computer at all. They were badly in need.

Soon, the astronaut made a generous voluntary donation to the village. There were textbooks for students, sewing machines for tailors and tractors for farmers. His distribution catalogue also included operating a clinic and a trunk library, as well as giving weekly lessons to teach relevant farming knowledge like how to dry out seeds or raise oxen. He himself not only helped do some paperwork but also purchased grills for boys to toast potatoes and combs for girls who were dying to get one. The other day, he heard from the villagers again inviting him to participate in the donation anniversary. For political and security reasons, he couldn’t adjust his outgoing arrangement-otherwise he would go. But his deeds were remembered forever.




35.Study in America留学美国

Nannan’s father runs an enterprise near the Ming Tombs selling batteries and drills to the Daqing Oilfield. Hoping to get the qualification to help govern it, Nannan made much preparation and then left her motherland with her visa to study in America. Having reached her destination, she settled in an inn recommended by the travel agent.

As far as Nannan was concerned, she always kept it up in China. But she had to acknowledge it was not easy to adjust herself to the new academic requirements, which were not parallel with China’s. Though she was occupied with lectures and seminars day in and day out, the essays she drafted were still contradicted by her tutors. As for her routine life, she felt that it was hard to fit in, too. For example, she found English idioms difficult to understand. And it was out of the question to eat delicious Chinese foods though many optional cafeterias served abundant substitutes. In addition, she had to wait in a queue early for the minibus that took her to school and it was usually so cold that she felt numb. What bothered her most was that she received no apology when her sleeping was disturbed by a barking dog in a shopkeeper’s cage.

Luckily, with her parents comforting her by videophone, she became autonomous soon and eventually got her bachelor’s degree successfully.







36.Immigrate to America移民美国

Attracted by the boom in America, my nephew teamed up with a Korean to illegally cross the Bearing Strait in the Arctic to America. To avoid the Customspunishment, they hid in a small ferry called the North Pole Seagull, sitting back to back without sleeping, showering and shaving for 3 days, and had no chance to mourn their lost luggage when landing. The hardship of this crossing was apparent.

At first, he made a living by means of raising cattle and then was hired in aircraft industries. He lived in a Catholic district. Taking in a small percentage of Pakistani immigrants, the majority of the residents were from Italy and Denmark, who all kept up their customs and cultures. Different blocks here were distinctly marked out and indicated from the racial angle. It was unfair and needed reforming. But with nowhere else to go, my nephew lived on and managed to make a life for himself.

My nephew’s fortune came when he bravely helped a conductor brake a ream to stop it from slipping out of the rails. The man was elected vice chairman of the Socialist Party later. It occurred to my nephew that he could grasp this opportunity to ask for his help. The man who was thankful helped him apply to the civil authority for the right to live in America by inserting his brave deed into his documents. Unlike a great many other applicants, his application was approved by the Federal Justice Ministry. Before long, he started his own bakery and lived a better life.





37.Be Careful about Cloning


After a series of initial experiments and corrections, the scientist’s hard work paid off when the twin clone turkeys were hatched with normal feather and claws. This breakthrough possibly enabled people to bring their adored pets back to life. However, it bothered him from time to time that their health was in poor condition because they were unable to resist illnesses. This drawback cast him down. Merely 2 weeks later, the clones and their carrier died, which struck frustration into his heart. He retired before he attained his ambition and became a member of an opera chorus to relieve his depression.

Shortly afterwards, the media published a conservative argument objecting to cloning owing to moral problems, and suggested the constitution include compulsory regulations to forbid obtaining commercial profits from cloning.

When interviewed, the scientist stared at the decorations on the ceiling, thinking for a while, and then said, “I’m not in favour of any arbitrary assumption, but undertaking cloning does differ from the straightforward procedure of making loafs out of flour. Until we accumulate enough exact knowledge, any practice is in vain and is bound to fail. Altogether, being more careful is reasonable or we may walk into a side road.”








38.Strange Patent Applications奇怪的专利申请

I set about working in the current Patent Office after resigning from the court personnel. Competent and dynamic, I never feel passive while diving into the identifications of whether applications are valid and practical according to the new version of the criteria. 从法院人事部辞职后,我开始现在的专利局工作。我工作起来既称职有活力,在投身于根据新的申请标准鉴定专利申请,以防他们无或不实用时,我从未感觉到消极没劲

With the expectation of distinguishing their own importance, some people leave the beaten track and file strange products with us now and then, for example, lantern that can be attached on your forehead, cubic walnuts, refrigerator made of straw and glue, perfume that nobody can bear to smell, and so on. 为了显示与众不同,时不时就有人违反常规,向我们提交一些奇怪的产品申请,例如固定在前额信号灯立方体的胡桃、用稻草胶水制作的冰箱、没人能受得了的香水

Once, a man made a triangle helicopter out of stainless wires and string. He called us up and merrily claimed it was stable and convenient to use, and never out of order. I asked him to hang on, but this innocent man just rang off and set out to fly from his courtyard. I dialed his number in the directory trying to ring him back, but never got through. 有一次,有个人用不锈钢丝绳子制作了一架三角形直升飞机。他致电给我们,高兴地声称其确实牢固,而且方便使用,从不发生故障。我请他稍等,但这个天真的挂了电话开始院子里起飞。我拨打他在电话簿上的号码试图回电给他,却无法接通

Merciful God blessing, an abrupt freezing rainfall made his powder wet. Luckily, the trouble was without any extension except that he crashed into a greengrocer’s making all the ripe fruits become messy jam. When people seized this crazy man with caution and sobered him by tapping his face, he complained about the bad weather instead of associating his failure with his unscientific design.





39. Pronunciation and Status


An ambassador and a referee were consulting a professor on the caption of a Buddhistic alphabet when a sobbing woman stopped them to sell an antique musical bathtub. Her dirty garment and the handkerchief around her waist were badly in need of sending to a laundry. The ambassador uncomfortably gave her a handful of pence from his wallet and said, “Take this fortune away, troublesome woman.”

When her figure faded away, the brilliant professor said, “You are mistaken and your improper remark on her should be condemned. In terms of this extraordinary woman, you can’t classify her status by her horrible clothes or disgusting nails. Her clean woolen vest and stockings, especially her classic pronunciation, all suggested her upper status.” The ambassador gave a whistle in amazement, and advised making her acquaintance. The professor hesitated for a while, then compromised.

The outcome was that she was an authentic superior police officer. When they were shown in her office and saw her once more, she brought them a teapot of tea and some cookies, laughing and saying, “I rubbed some cream and wax on my garment and passed myself off as a shabby woman among thieves and robbers to investigate a plot. Generally speaking, your overlooking me and my adaptation are the best help. But my pronunciation seemed to have betrayed me.”






40. A Sly Murder


When giving a lecture about the significance of punctuation, the academic professor was interrupted and arrested by the police for murdering his wife, a receptionist of a kindergarten. The police found some photos he deleted from their e-album showing that they used to have a gay life. But, fed up with her wrinkled face, he murdered her instead of divorcing her to avoid fortune division. He cut up a kind of seashell with a sharpened knife, and hammered it into powder on a skateboard, and made at most one gram, which was enough to accelerate one’s pulse until he or she dies. This kind of poison can date back to 10,000 BC when people rubbed it on spears to kill beasts. The professor mixed the poison with onion, watermelon and yogurt for his wife. Howling and scratching her chest, she felt dizzy and died soon.


After tentative examination, the police assumed she died of heart disease. But systematic botanical analyses showed that the watermelon spit on the messy mat and the quilt was poisonous. Regardless of exhaustion and starvation, the acute and skilful policemen used radioactive equipment to make sure the category of the poison. Primitive and not ample as their alternative equipment was, they got perfect accuracy somehow.


People applauded the police and the woman’s family can look ahead with relief now.




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### 回答1: 40短文3500词,意味着每短文的平均字数为87.5字。 首先,我们可以将这些短文分成几个不同的主题,以便更好地组织我们的思维和写作。针对每个主题,我们可以撰写一些相关的小短文。例如,如果主题是旅行,我们可以写一些有关旅行目的地、旅行经历或旅行小贴士的短文。 其次,当我们写作时,我们要确保每个短文都有一个明确的主题,并在限定的字数内充分表达出来。由于每短文的字数限制为87.5字,我们需要在其中控制好幅,避免幅过长或过短。 另外,要提高写作效率和质量,可以在写作之前进行一些准备工作。这包括准确理解题目要求,收集相关素材和写作思路,提前做好大纲或草稿等。这样,我们在撰写每短文时就能更加有条理和流畅。 最后,写完每短文后,我们要进行审阅和修改。这不仅有助于检查语法错误和拼写错误,还能优化文章的逻辑结构和表达方式。我们可以邀请他人帮助审阅,或者利用一些在线工具来对文本进行语法和拼写检查。 总结起来,完成40短文3500词的写作任务需要我们对文章进行合理分组、控制好幅、做好准备工作、审阅和修改等。通过这些方法,我们可以更好地完成写作任务,并提高写作质量和效率。 ### 回答2: “40短文3500词”这个问题有点含混不清,不过我尽量解答一下。 如果你是要写40短文,每短文的字数都是3500词,那总字数就是40短文乘以每短文的字数,也就是3500字 x 40 = 140,000字。 如果你是要写40短文,总字数是3500词,那每短文的字数就是总字数除以数,也就是3500字 / 40 = 87.5字(取整为87字)。 如果你是要写40短文,每短文的平均字数是3500词,那总字数就是每短文的字数乘以数,也就是3500字 x 40 = 140,000字。 不过无论是哪种情况,写40短文并且达到3500词的字数要求都会是一项相当大的工程。你可能需要合理安排时间、充分准备和高效写作来完成这个任务。同时,你也可以根据需要来调整每短文的字数,以确保你能在给定的时间内完成任务。提前做好充分的计划,分配好时间,并确保尽量保持高效和有条理的写作,这样才能顺利完成40短文的写作任务。


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