1.What is language for? Some people seem to think it is for practicing grammar rules and learning lists of words--the longer the words the better. Th...

2006-12-23 23:09:00

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A Problem in Arithmetic

Bill is a good student and an intelligent boy. He likes to study arithmetic, and he can do all of the arithmetic problems in his book easily. One day...

2006-11-26 21:59:00

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Keep the change

        Selling secondhand books at our church bazaar, I got into an argument with a prospective customer. He was interested in buying The Pocket Boo...

2006-05-12 16:01:00

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My recent life(May 10)

       I still work hard and program day by day.Someone think coding is a difficult job.But if you like programming very much,you will find a great d...

2006-05-10 14:58:00

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My recent life

Some happy things have happened to me recently,so my feeling is so good.But I caught a cold yesterday.Bad luck! Practice programmers life will be ove...

2006-04-28 22:09:00

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1.记住该记住的,忘记该忘记的。改变能改变的,接受不能改变的   Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten.Alter what is changeable, and accept what is...

2006-04-25 15:06:00

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 旁白:Once upon a time, there was a queen. She had a pretty daughter      named Snow White. Soon after the child was bor...

2005-08-30 21:54:00

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Why are you crying?

她为什么会哭泣?a little boy asked his mother "why are you crying?"一个男孩问他的妈妈:" 你为甚么要哭呢?" "because i"m a woman," she told h...

2005-08-04 20:53:00

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The world is not enough

I know how 2 hurt.我知道如何去伤害。I know how 2 hear.我知道如何去倾听。I know what 2 show.我知道该展示什么。And what 2 conceal.也知道该掩饰什么。I know when 2 talk.我知道何时开口。And I know w...

2005-03-24 20:58:00

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