Delphi 6 的新功能


BizSnap™ simplifies eBusiness integration by easily and seamlessly creating and using XML/SOAP based Web Services
Delphi 6 radically simplifies building next-generation eBusiness applications on the Internet with complete SOAP based Web Services and XML data exchange support. The seamless integration of XML and Web Services technologies with Delphi 6 delivers the only Rapid Application Development for industry standard Web Services and B2B, B2C, and P2P integration over the Internet.

WebSnap™ is a component-based Web application development framework that supports leading Web Application Servers, including Apache, Netscape and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
WebSnap integrates the power of Delphi directly into today's Web site development teams. With WebSnap, Delphi applications can seamless integrate with Web sites and Web site development teams using today's popular HTML development environments such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage, VBScript, and JavaScript.

DataSnap™ delivers high-performance, Web Service-enabled database middleware that enables any client application or service to easily connect with any major database over the Internet
DataSnap supports all major database servers such as Oracle, MS-SQL Server, Informix, IBM DB2, Sybase and InterBase. Client applications connect to high-performance DataSnap servers through industry standard SOAP/XML HTTP connections over the Internet without bulky database client drivers and complex configuration requirements. DCOM, CORBA, and TCP/IP connections are also supported.

Build Single Source Windows/Linux Applications
Delphi 6 is Kylix compatible! Use the Cross-platform CLX™ component library and visual designers to build high-performance portable applications for Windows that can be easily re-compiled on Linux with Borland Kylix (sold separately). Plus! Bring CLX based Linux applications from Kylix into Delphi 6 to easily re-compile on Windows. Delphi 6 includes BaseCLX, VisualCLX, DataCLX, and NetCLX components.

Delphi 6 Borland AppServer Integration
Connect any Delphi 6 application or Web Service with Borland AppServer/EJBs using new SIDL (Simple IDL). Easily build ultra high-performance rich GUI Windows clients for EJB based AppServer applications. Publish AppServer EJB functionality to the world over Internet as industry standard SOAP/XML Web Services.

Borland VisiBroker for Delphi - Client and Server Development
Build ultra-high performance rich GUI Windows and Web Browser clients for Visibroker CORBA and AppServer/EJB applications. And now in Delphi 6 build CORBA Visibroker server objects that are interoperable with any CORBA client or object in a heterogeneous IT environment.

Latest Windows 2000/ME and Office 2000 GUI Support
Build the most modern user interfaces with new ActionBands, ActionManagers, and Shell Controls to easily create dynamic user interfaces that follow the latest Microsoft UI trends. Take all the work out of complex user interfaces while letting end-users fully customize their own UI experience.

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