MATLAB 函数之resample

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y = resample(x,p,q)
y = resample(x,p,q,n)
y = resample(x,p,q,n,beta)
y = resample(x,p,q,b)
[y,b] = resample(x,p,q)

y = resample(x,p,q) resamples the sequence in vector x at p/q times the original sampling rate, using a polyphase filter implementation. p and q must be positive integers. The length of y is equal to ceil(length(x)*p/q). If x is a matrix, resample works down the columns of x.

y = resample(x,p,q)   使用多相滤波器实现对矢量X中的序列在原始采样率的P/Q倍上重新采样。p和q必须是正数。y的长度等于ceil(length(x)*p/q).如果x是矩阵,重采样作用于x的列
resample applies an anti-aliasing (lowpass) FIR filter to x during the resampling process. It designs the filter using firls with a Kaiser window.

y = resample(x,p,q,n) uses n terms on either side of the current sample, x(k), to perform the resampling. The length of the FIR filter resample uses is proportional to n; larger values of n provide better accuracy at the expense of more computation time. The default for n is 10. If you let n = 0, resample performs a nearest-neighbor interpolation
y(k) = x(round((k-1)*q/p)+1)
where y(k) = 0 if the index to x is greater than length(x).
y = resample(x,p,q,n,beta) uses beta as the design parameter for the Kaiser window that resample employs in designing the lowpass filter. The default for beta is 5.
y = resample(x,p,q,b) filters x using the vector of filter coefficients b.
[y,b] = resample(x,p,q) returns the vector b, which contains the coefficients of the filter applied to x during the resampling process.



Y = resample(X,100000,8000);

内插实现增采样,100000/8000 = 25,提高25倍