android studio 占用太多内存

Reduce Build Process Heap Size in Android Studio

Go to File->Other Settings->Default Settings->Build, Execution, Deployment->Compiler

Change the Build Process Heap Size to a smaller amount like 512 MB from the default size of 700 MB.

Reduce Android Studio Memory Usage

Edit: From 1.3 onwards, this needs to be set on a per project basis (don’t know why they did this):

Android Studio Prompt

Reduce DEX Compiler Heap Size

File->Other Settings->Default Settings->Build, Execution, Deployment->Compiler->Android Compiler

You can again reducteAndroid Studio Memory Usage by reducing the DEX Compiler’s Maximum heap size by changing the default value of 700 MB to a lower value like 400 MB. Again this will marginally slow build and deploy time but will reduce Android Studio’s RAM memory consumption.

Reduce Android Studio DEX Compiler Memory Usage

Disable VCS in Android Studio

Disabling VCS in android studio and using an external program to handle VCS helped some users a lot. You can disable VCS by going to File->Settings->Plugins and disable the following:

  • CVS Integration
  • Git Integration
  • GitHub
  • Google Cloud Tools for Android Studio
  • Subversion Integration

Limit JVM Size Used by Gradle

File->Other Settings->Default Settings->Build, Execution, Deployment->Compiler->Compiler

Limit the size of the Java Virtual Machine used by Gradle. You can do this by entering “-Xmx256m” in the VM Options field. This will slow down the compilation process but save immense memory. The increase in compilation time for a small project was negligible (~10 seconds).

Reduce Android Studio Gradle Memory Usage




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