How to Use the Visual Studio .NET Application Center Test

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1. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, point to Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Features, and then click Microsoft Application Center Test.
2. On the Actions menu, click New Test, and then click Next.
3. Click Record a new test, and then click Next.
4. Use the default script language. (The Application Object application programming interface [API] currently only uses VBScript.) Click Next.
5. Click Start recording. Microsoft Internet Explorer should open to a blank Web page. In the Address box, type the address to the Duwamish 7.0 VB Web application. This installs to a virtual directory, which is accessible when you type local host/Duwamish7vb in the Address box. Press ENTER.
6. You should now be at the Duwamish home page. For this test, you will record the steps involved in browsing to a book category and placing a book in the shopping cart. As you navigate around the Duwamish site, each server request is recorded by the Application Center Test. In the list of book categories, click Essays. Click Add to Cart for either of the Pick of the Day books.
7. In the Application Center Test New Test Wizard, click Stop recording, and then click Next. For the test name, type Buy Books. Click Finish.
8. In the left pane, click Buy Books. If they are not visible, expand both the ACTSamples and Tests nodes. The test script should be open in the code editor window. Scroll through it to see how VBScript is used with the Application Object API to generate test routines based on your recorded steps.

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