$KeepPrivate field

Due to changes, the external tip database is now "out of order" and all tips will be part of this database. This week we look more into the hidden $KeepPrivate field.

$KeepPrivate is a hidden and pretty unknown field, that works pretty nice. If you use this field, you might control if a person can print the document or forward it. Yes, it's the same as the form property. The advantage with this field is that you can create an agent and add a value on all your documents created before this form property was turned on. The values for the field are, "1" - "disable printing/forwarding/copying to clipboard" and "0" which is the opposite. Remember, if you turn on the form property "Disable printing/forwarding/copying to clipboard", this will not affect all your documents created before this was done. To update these documents, run an agent to refresh all docs, or create an agent that sets this $KeepPrivate field.