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* Lippman, Josee Lajoie, and Barbara E. Moo, and is covered under the
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/* This file defines the Sales_item class used in chapter 1.
* The code used in this file will be explained in
* Chapter 7 (Classes) and Chapter 14 (Overloaded Operators)
* Readers shouldn't try to understand the code in this file
* until they have read those chapters.

// we're here only if SALESITEM_H has not yet been defined 

// Definition of Sales_item class and related functions goes here
#include <iostream>
#include <string>

class Sales_item {
	// these declarations are explained section 7.2.1, p. 270 
	// and in chapter 14, pages 557, 558, 561
	friend std::istream& operator>>(std::istream&, Sales_item&);
	friend std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, const Sales_item&);
	friend bool operator<(const Sales_item&, const Sales_item&);
	friend bool
		operator==(const Sales_item&, const Sales_item&);
	// constructors are explained in section 7.1.4, pages 262 - 265
	// default constructor needed to initialize members of built-in type
#if defined(IN_CLASS_INITS) && defined(DEFAULT_FCNS)
	Sales_item() = default;
	Sales_item() : units_sold(0), revenue(0.0) { }
	Sales_item(const std::string &book) :
		bookNo(book), units_sold(0), revenue(0.0) { }
	Sales_item(std::istream &is) { is >> *this; }
	// operations on Sales_item objects
	// member binary operator: left-hand operand bound to implicit this pointer
	Sales_item& operator+=(const Sales_item&);

	// operations on Sales_item objects
	std::string isbn() const { return bookNo; }
	double avg_price() const;
	// private members as before
	std::string bookNo;      // implicitly initialized to the empty string
	unsigned units_sold = 0; // explicitly initialized
	double revenue = 0.0;
	unsigned units_sold;
	double revenue;

// used in chapter 10
bool compareIsbn(const Sales_item &lhs, const Sales_item &rhs)
	return lhs.isbn() == rhs.isbn();

// nonmember binary operator: must declare a parameter for each operand
Sales_item operator+(const Sales_item&, const Sales_item&);

inline bool
operator==(const Sales_item &lhs, const Sales_item &rhs)
	// must be made a friend of Sales_item
	return lhs.units_sold == rhs.units_sold &&
		lhs.revenue == rhs.revenue &&
		lhs.isbn() == rhs.isbn();

inline bool
operator!=(const Sales_item &lhs, const Sales_item &rhs)
	return !(lhs == rhs); // != defined in terms of operator==

// assumes that both objects refer to the same ISBN
Sales_item& Sales_item::operator+=(const Sales_item& rhs)
	units_sold += rhs.units_sold;
	revenue += rhs.revenue;
	return *this;

// assumes that both objects refer to the same ISBN
operator+(const Sales_item& lhs, const Sales_item& rhs)
	Sales_item ret(lhs);  // copy (|lhs|) into a local object that we'll return
	ret += rhs;           // add in the contents of (|rhs|) 
	return ret;           // return (|ret|) by value

operator>>(std::istream& in, Sales_item& s)
	double price;
	in >> s.bookNo >> s.units_sold >> price;
	// check that the inputs succeeded
	if (in)
		s.revenue = s.units_sold * price;
		s = Sales_item();  // input failed: reset object to default state
	return in;

operator<<(std::ostream& out, const Sales_item& s)
	out << s.isbn() << " " << s.units_sold << " "
		<< s.revenue << " " << s.avg_price();
	return out;

double Sales_item::avg_price() const
	if (units_sold)
		return revenue / units_sold;
		return 0;

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C++ Primer 第五版第一章Sales_item.h源码