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    Association for Library and Information Science Education - ALISE
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    The Association now known as the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) was founded as the Association of American Library Schools. The original association grew out of a series of informal meetings of library school faculty at American Library Association conferences which was known as the Round Table of Library School Instructors. The Round Table voted in 1915 to form a permanent organization and to be identified as the Association of American Library Schools. The Association has provided a forum for library educators to share ideas, to discuss issues, and to seek solutions to common problems. In 1983,the Association changed its name to its present form to reflect more accurately the mission,goals, and membership of the Association.  
  Personal Members :
    ALISE invites anyone who has an interest in the objectives of the Association to become a personal member.
    To become a personnal member ,just to complete and submit the membership application (
 Institutional Members :
    Institutional Membership is accorded to schools with programs accredited by the American Library Association and to other U.S. and Canadian schools that offer a graduate degree in library and information science or cognate fields.
    International Affiliate Institutional Membership is granted upon application to any school outside the United States or Canada that offers a program to educate persons for the practice of librarianship or other information work at the professional level as defined or accepted in the country in which the school is located.
    To become an institutional member, just to complete and submit the membership application( 
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  - The Ethics of Global Interconnectivity by Dr. William J. Mitchell, MIT


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