BEA和Eclipse合作新的开源项目:Eclipse Pollinate


BEA and Eclipse have announced a new open-source project Eclipse Pollinate. This new tool will enable developers to work with the Apache Beehive project via the Eclipse development environment (e.g. including visual design).

Press Release Excerpt

"By integrating the Eclipse IDE with Apache Beehive application framework, we want to help developers leverage the strength of both the Eclipse and Apache open-source communities, and help provide free access to leading Java innovations, while helping to ensure investment protection and portability for applications, said Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director, Eclipse Foundation. "Combining the knowledge and experience of BEA, Instantiations and Eclipse, the Eclipse Pollinate project can help to dramatically expand the number of developers who can build enterprise scale Java applications."

"We are very excited to provide the key technology to help integrate Eclipse with Apache Beehive," said Mike Taylor, CEO, Instantiations, Inc. "Developers are clamoring for sophisticated, yet easy to use development tools and application frameworks such as we’re designing with Pollinate and Apache Beehive, to help make what they do easier and more productive. Eclipse Pollinate will be designed to extend the power of Java, Eclipse, and Beehive deeper into the typical IT development organization."
Read the press release: The Eclipse Foundation, Instantiations and BEA Announce Formation of Eclipse Project to Integrate with Apache Beehive

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