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Storage systems use one of two different architectural approaches to provide scalability, performance and resiliency: eventual consistency or strong ...

2014-11-02 23:46:58

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一致性哈希算法(Consistent Hashing)

应用场景 这里我先描述一个极其简单的业务场景:用4台Cache服务器缓存所有Object。 那么我将如何把一个Object映射至对应的Cache服务器呢?最简单的方法设置缓存规则:object.hashCode() % 4。 Cache 0: object.hashCode...

2014-11-01 22:02:11

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分布式系统协调 ZooKeeper

ZooKeeper是Hadoop的正式子项目,它是一个针对大型分布式系统的可靠协调系统,提供的功能包括:配置维护、名字服务、分布式同步、组服务等。ZooKeeper的目标就是封装好复杂易出错的关键服务,将简单易用的接口和性能高效、功能稳定的系统提供给用户。 Zookeeper是Google的...

2014-02-11 22:49:18

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Linux Multipath代码分析

前面两部分主要摘抄于其它的论文和资料,后面部分是对代码的分析结果。 1       Multipath概述    DM-Multipathing (DM-MPIO) provides I/O failover and load-balancing within Linux for bl...

2014-01-03 23:49:15

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浅析snapshots, blockcommit,blockpull

作者:Kashyap Chamarthy Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2012 15:28:06 +0530 这是一篇关于snapshots, blockpull, blockcommit的的介绍.作者和with Eric Blake, Jeff Cody, Kevin Wolf以...

2013-12-24 22:46:23

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VVOLs, VASA - And Why It All Matters

Just about everyone involved with either storage or virtualization has heard the terms.  Maybe you have an idea of what the concepts are about.  But...

2013-12-24 22:16:28

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The VMware View of Softeare Defined Storage

VMworld is upon us, and -- amidst all the noise and chatter -- VMware is quietly laying out the first chapter in how it views software-defined storag...

2013-12-24 22:10:40

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openstack havana块存储Cinder磁盘加密方法研究

在openstack havana的release note中有如下介绍“Attached Cinder volumes can now be encrypted. Data is decrypted as needed at read and write time while presentin...

2013-12-04 00:04:42

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Introduction to VMware vSphere Virtual SAN

Many of you have seen the announcements by now and I am guessing that you are as excited as I am about the announcement of the public beta of Virtual...

2013-10-29 23:46:30

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Considering VSAN

Considering VSAN For us storage types, one of the more interesting announcements coming out of VMworld is VSAN (formal name "Virtual SAN&quo...

2013-10-29 23:20:12

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Ovirt VDSM -- Feature Branding

Feature/Branding Branding Support Contents  [hide]  1 Overview 1.1 Pop-up windows1.2 Login Screen1.3 User portal main header1.4 Web a...

2013-09-23 23:29:53

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Ovirt VDSM -- feature / all in one

Feature/AllInOne Contents  [hide]  1 All in One 1.1 Summary1.2 Owner1.3 Current status1.4 Detailed Description1.5 Installation flow1...

2013-09-23 23:10:53

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自今日起,每篇博客更新Ovirt中一种feature的设计实现和测试策略。 feature list如下: This category is for organizing documentation about new features for oVirt. Pa...

2013-09-23 22:15:19

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fedora 国内较好的yum源——163 mirrors (含配置方法)

在/etc/yum.repos.d/目录下创建文件:fedora-163.repo,文件内容如下 [fedora] name=Fedora $releasever - $basearch - 163.com failovermethod=priority baseurl=http://mi...

2013-09-06 00:38:07

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Basic Setup These steps will setup OpenStack Nova, Glance, and Keystone to be accessed by the OpenStack Dashboard web UI on a single host, as well a...

2013-09-06 00:08:33

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VDSM块存储Block Domain实现原理和thin provision的实现

本文主要讲述VDSM块存储Block Domain实现原理和thin provision的实现。 首先介绍一下背景: VDSM中对存储的管理采用了分层建模的思想,在共享SAN存储模式下,自下而上分别是LUN(Block Domain),Block Storage Pool。 在一个集群...

2013-09-04 00:45:15

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Cinder System Architecture --- Cinder 系统架构

Cinder架构分析 The Cinder Block Storage Service is intended to be ran on one or more nodes.  Cinder uses a sql-based central database that is share...

2013-09-03 23:29:46

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fedora 18格式化磁盘报“/dev/sdb is apparently in use by the system; will not make a filesystem here!”解决办法

fedora 18创建的虚拟机,给其添加用户磁盘成功,对磁盘做文件系统失败。 [root@fedora18_1 armstrong]# mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb mke2fs 1.42.5 (29-Jul-2012) /dev/sdb is entire de...

2013-09-02 23:46:03

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SANLOCK(8)                                                          SANLOCK(8) NAME        sanlock - shared storage lock manager SYNOPSIS       ...

2013-09-02 23:43:04

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openstack是未来的方向,vdsm是未来的方向。 努力学习这些新技术,紧跟时代的步伐。 在IT界,如果不学习,你终将被淘汰 专注于技术,看淡自己,才能成功

2013-09-02 23:32:54

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