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AcceleratorCaptionAdd accelerator keys to grid captions.
AddNewControl row addition and removal.
AggregateCustomCalculate totals and aggregates on custom types.
AnalyzeProvide dynamic data sorting and grouping.
AnimatedGifShows how to display animated gifs in grid cells.
AutoCompleteComplete entries while the user types.
AutoSizeEditResize the editor while the user types.
BarChartDraw bar charts using the grid cells.
BenchmarkCompares data-binding performance for FlexGrid and MSDataGrid.
BlinkerUse CellStyles to make cells blink.
BoundDeleteDeletes rows from a bound FlexGrid.
BoundFinishEditCommit changed to DataRow after editing.
BoundImageBind the grid to image fields stored as OLE objects.
BoundImageMapUse the ImageMap property with a data-bound grid.
C1DataExtenderDemonstrates how to set up grid column styles using an ADO.NET DataSet Extender.
C1FlexGridPrintableProvides a printable (via C1Preview) flex grid control
CellBordersUse OwnerDraw to provide custom cell borders.
CellDataTypeAssign cell types (and editors) on a per-cell basis.
CellLabelDelayShow cell labels after a specified interval.
CellMergingShows various types of cell-merging in a FlexGrid control.
CellNotesAttach notes to cells on a C1FlexGrid.
ClassicGrid that derives from C1FlexGrid and provides an object model compatible with the VSFlexGrid control.
ClipboardAdd clipboard support to the FlexGrid control.
ColumnEditorExpose the FlexGrid design-time column editor in your controls.
ColumnOrderPosition columns dynamically.
ColumnWidthTipShow a tooltip while the user resizes columns.
CompositeEditorCreate custom grid editors using composite controls (based on UserControl).
CrossTabsSummarize and cross-reference data using PivotTables.
CustomDataImplement a custom data source object.
CustomDataMapCustomize the options in drop-down lists when using DataMaps.
CustomDataSourceImplements a custom data source object and binds it to a grid.
CustomDragDropCustomize the grid's automatic drag/drop beheavior.
CustomDragStartUse the BeforeMouseDown event to start dragging rows.
CustomEditorImplement your own cell editor.
CustomEditorsUse built-in, .NET, and custom edit controls with the FlexGrid.
CustomMergeImplement your own merging logic to create a TV-guide display.
CustomMerge2Implement your own merging logic to mix merging modes.
CustomMerge3Shows how to customize grouping by overriding the GetData method.
CustomMerge4Shows how to customize grouping by overriding the GetData method.
CustomPreviewPrint preview the grid using a custom dialog.
CustomPrintUse the CreateImage method to print grids with arbitrary row and column breaks.
CustomPrintMultiGridUse the CreateImage method to print multiple grids in a single document.
CustomSelectionUses OwnerDraw to implement custom (non-rectangular) selection.
CustomSortImplement your own sorting logic with a custom IComparer object.
CustomTreeUse the C1FlexGrid control to build a tree.
DataIndexUse the Row.DataIndex property to get the undelying data row.
DataMapUse data-mapped columns when bound to a data source.
DataReaderPopulate a grid from a DataReader.
DataTableBind to a DataTable, add and remove rows.
DataTableDictionaryShows how to build DataMaps from DataTable objects.
DataTreeBind the grid to a hierarchical data source and show details in child grids.
DBDynamicStylesAssign styles to grid cells based on their contents.
DBImageFieldShow images stored in a DataTable.
DBImagesBind the grid to a data base with image fields stored as OLE objects.
DBSchemaChangeTest grid response to changes in the data source object.
DBTreeDisplay bound data in a hierarchical tree view.
DBUpdateSave changes to the underlying database.
DragDropCustomize automatic Drag & Drop
DragDropManualImplement manual OleDragDrop between controls and within the grid.
DragImagesShows how to customize Ole Drag and Drop to use cell images.
DragMergedDrag groups of merged columns.
DragRowDrag rows between grids.
DynamicStylesAssign styles to a cell based on the contents of another cell.
EditingEdit cells using textboxes, lists, masks, and checkboxes.
ErrorInfoShow error information on the grid.
ExcelLoad and save Microsoft Excel files (xls).
ExcelStyleFilterAdds a context-menu that allows sorting and filtering data.
FilterRowImplement a FilterRow on a FlexGrid control.
FilterRow_With_TotalsThis sample shows a how to add totals to a bound grid with a FilterRow.
FindRowHow to find a row in the underlying datasource.
FlexByRowSet up a grid in 'transposed' format.
FlexGroupImplement Outlook-style grouping and filtering using the FlexGrid.
FlexHierarchicalImplement hierarchical data binding using the FlexGrid.
FlexHierC1DataImplement hierarchical data binding using the FlexGrid and C1Data.
FreezeBottomShow frozen rows at the bottom of a grid.
GridChartAttach a FlexGrid to a C1Chart control.
HierDataBind to hierarchical data sources (master-detail style).
HierData2Bind to hierarchical data sources (master-detail style).
HostControlsHost controls in grid cells.
HyperlinkAdd hyperlinks to cells in the FlexGrid.
LegacyDatesUse an unbound column to convert dates stored as strings into real dates.
LoadSpeedShows three techinques for loading data into a FlexGrid.
LockedColumnsPrevent the user from selecting certain columns.
MapAndGroupShows grouping and sorting behavior when using data-mapped columns.
MasterDetailShows how to create and bind master-detail DataSets in code.
MergeStylesMerge CellStyles assigned to rows, columns, and cells.
MultiColumnDictionaryUse the MultiColumnDictionary class to implement multi-column drop-downs.
MultiColumnDropDownMulti-column drop-down editor for use with the C1FlexGrid.
MultiParentShows how to create a complex master-detail display.
MultiSelectionShows how to implement multi-range selection.
NewRowTemplatePlace a new row template above the grid.
NumericInputImplement your own cell editor for numeric input.
OutlineHide repeated data in an outline.
OwnerDrawAutosize Owner-Drawn cells.
OwnerDrawAlphaUse OwnerDraw with transparency to get MediaPlayer-like effects.
PasswordCharUse the C1FlexGrid to enter and edit passwords.
PdfExportUse C1Pdf method to export C1FlexGrids to pdf files.
PdfExportVBUse C1Pdf method to export C1FlexGrids to pdf files.
PrintPreviewProvide print preview with the C1PrintPreview control (in three ways).
ProductTreeBuild a custom tree with product information.
RegexCellStyleFormat cells dynamically using regular expressions.
ResizeColumnResize columns using code.
RowStateDisplayUse different styles to display DataRows in different states.
RTFGridDisplay RTF text in grid cells.
SaveSingleFileUse CellStyles to make cells blink.
ScrollPositionShows how the ScrollPosition property works.
SelectionModeShows the effect of the SelectionMode property.
SetupEditorUse the SetupEditor event to customize the grid editors.
SimpleCalcSupport expressions in cells.
SortingShows several sorting techniques.
SortNullsUse a custom sort to place null values at the bottom of the grid.
SplitsSplit a C1FlexGrid into multiple views.
SqlBuilderA grid-based graphical interface for creating Sql statements.
StartEditingImplement a grid that stays in cell-editing mode.
StylesShows how you can use Styles to customize the appearance of the C1FlexGrid.
SubtotalsCreate subtotals for multiple columns.
ThemesShows how to change the appearance of the grid to achieve one of several pre-defined looks.
ThreadedUpdateUpdate the grid from a different thread.
TransposeTranspose data in a grid.
TreeCheckAdd checkboxes to a grid tree.
TreeNodeManage an outline tree using the FlexGrid Node objects.
TriStateBoundProvide three-state (grayable) values in boolean columns.
Tut_AnalyzeProvide dynamic sorting and grouping.
Tut_EditEdit cells using textboxes, lists, masks, and checkboxes.
Tut_XMLTreePopulate the grid from an XML document.
UnboundColumnsAdditional support for unbound columns.
ValidateUse the ErrorProvider control with the FlexGrid.
ZoomCellZoom in on the selected cell.


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