NNIT SAP Solution in SAPPhire

On September 20th,twenty SAP Solution colleagues participated in the 2013 SAPPhire at the Beijing national conference center. This activity was part of the SAP graduate program, and each student came  with the task in which they would experience the latest technology of  SAP, and go back with the feelings and outlook for the future of the company's business to share with you.


Morning——Keynote speech



After two hours' drive, we arrived at the venue, George had completed sign in and received the job card in advance.

We enter the meeting place. At  9:30, the official start of the conference, by the SAP greater China President Ji Bingmeng’s opening speech. With SAP regarding China as the second home, SAP has been in China more than 20 years. Some of the best innovation and the ideas of the best in the future largely come from China, because the SAP company has lots of communication and dialogue in China. SAP has also conducted a large number of inputs, and they will continue to do it  to treat China as our second home.


SAP global business President An Ruibo introduced the SAP China development plan, and promised to build the unique solution of combination for the Chinese market. These solutions is to meet the unique needs of the customers in China. To provide customers with local products and services at financial and reporting needs area in the face of China's strategic industries, we called all the measures China best practices. Cooperating with large customer in the process, SAP further optimize the best experiment, and share findings to a broader customers to let them benefit from it.


Minmetals group vice President He Ruijuan of business intelligence and shared the history after minmetals began to use SAP ERP system in 2006.


SAP joint CEO bill McDermott introduced the HANA




At noon-- midday rest


Knowledge to expand  :what is HANA

HANA(High-Performance Analytic Appliance)

Definition: HANA is a combination of software and hardware, and provide high performance data query function, users can directly to a large number of real-time business data query and analysis, without the need for business data modeling, aggregation, etc.

HANA is not a data warehouse, but a platform, on the platform user can build a data warehouse or bazaar, reporting and dashboard, etc.

What HANA can do,is first as an in-memory database, and to provide data insert, modify, and efficient query function.

Secondly, as a platform, on HANA, BO reporting system can provide a better user experience - users almost don't have to wait for the data returned.

Users can use HANA modeling tools direct access to the ECC or other data source to avoid the BW. But also users can build BW on HANA to solve the problem of BW performance.

SAP HANA provide memory application equipment with multipurpose, Enterprises can use it to get  business operations’ status, thus to analyze all of the available data, and make quick response to rapidly changing business environment.

Through SAP HANA, the enterprise may operate the business based on the massive detailed analysis of business information in real time during operation. Enterprise can explore and analysis from all the transaction data and analysis data for all data sources. Operational data is achieved by memory access when produced, and through the analysis of the view it will quickly make flexible information presented to the user. External data can easily be added to the analysis model, and be integrated to the whole enterprise.

Through SAP HANA we can directly access to the operational data, without affecting the performance of the SAP ERP and other operating systems. Enterprise can be traded near at real time to put the main table synchronization into memory, so that at the time of analysing or finding it is easy to access these tables. Once the data can be accessed through memory, from various departments can book documents, sales leads, such as large service requirements in the list to find a single line item, and will not have any impact on the operating system. The efficient modeling process support to provide detail line direct access to the model of the project, and support more complex analysis model of the analysis process.

SAP HANA provide from concept to analysis the efficient work flow. The workflow covers the entire process, from the identification of related operation data (convert raw data into information), to generate grouped by semantic information in the model, complete model is finally released. The main difference of SAP HANA and traditional analysis model is abandoning any materialistic things, namely, all models are completely virtual, specific operational data are based on the basic calculation results. In this way, the model can be easily modified.

SAP HANA can access any data.When enterprises need operational data of no-SAP application, or want to extend the basis of the existing analysis model, any data source can be used as a data base of SAP HANA.Use SAP BusinessObjects data services components to the SAP operating load data into SAP HANA memory, so that enterprises can extremely to streamline the process to create a complete view of a specific business scenarios.

SAP HANA added easy-to-use modeling experience to further improve the autonomy of business users.View follows the semantic rules to make the original operational data into understandable information, therefore, business users can independently in the Web based modeling environment to create a new analysis model.
SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence analysis tools can use SAP HANA memory data directly, make the business users to be able to fully use all of its high-performance applications of insight and analysis capabilities.However, if the user wants to use Excel or other tools and applications for data analysis, they can through the MDX, such as SQL standard interface to connect to the SAP HANA.

SAP HANA provide a standard interface for existing applications, operating system or other business applications .This means that the SAP HANA will not upset sources existing system architecture because of the connection to the existing data, and easily use BI existing client. As a comprehensive solution for real-time analysis, SAP HANA can help companies to reap the benefits as soon as possible.



At the short time for lunch, we eat and shared our experiences in the morning.


After lunch, the Graduate's friends got together and took photo in front of the hall.


Leisure afternoon,  our colleagues took photos everywhere, waiting for the start of the meeting in the afternoon



Afternoon——At the venue and subject talk



High and new technology - 3 d printer


SAP sapphire partners IBM


SAP sapphire partners Accenture


The  Finance Transfer lectures of SAP


The lecture of BI costumer experience



Successful Case 1


 Pointe: SAP ® ERP rapid deployment solution for power wave of Internet promote the control force, financial and business implementation refinement operation management

 Ningbo Pointe vehicle industry co., LTD. Is a wholly owned company in Indonesia, in 2004 set up the new factory, the product mainly includes mountain bike, road vehicles, ground vehicles, etc., products are well-sold to Europe, America, southeast Asia, Africa, Japan and South Korea, Russia and other markets. Wave of the Internet since put into production, attaches great importance to the enterprise operation and management.In order to further improve the production management, quality management and financial management, the Internet wave decided to implement SAP ERP rapid deployment solution.The implementation of information management platform, help the wave of the Internet to strengthen the production planning, inventory management and quality control, to achieve the financial business integration, and improve the transparency of the business analysis, support the scientific decision-making of the enterprise.

Implementation of the target
Through the information management platform to optimize business processes, improve the management mechanism
Strictly control the production plan, reduce inventory, reduce procurement costs, improve the quality management system
Strengthen financial control and cost control, to achieve the integration of financial and business
Improve the transparency of business analysis, support the scientific decision-making of the enterprise


Why did you choose the SAP
SAP is a mature software products, has thousands of success stories and best practices
Research and development of SAP technical support strength, and constantly summarize and extract the essence of enterprise management and share it to the user
SAP construct symbiosis of ecological development environment for the enterprise, have many mature partner


The main benefits
Strict control of procurement and inventory management, effectively reduce the inventory and purchasing cost
Realize the standardization of production processes and sophisticated, strictly control the production plan, improve the production efficiency
Implementation of the delivery and production of each product, improve customer satisfaction
Integrates the financial business, to enhance the cost control and evaluation, through a unified financial system, and formed a visualization platform for financial management
Timely and correctly according to the industry, customers, region and sales personnel, product variety, and many other dimensions of business analysis, provide information support for the leadership decision-making
YanZhi rapid deploy solution of ERP implementation of SAP certification for Pointe, fast online in 12 weeks


Future plans
To enhance investment in research and development, adjust and optimize the product structure, to achieve "a world famous brand" of the strategic objectives
The introduction of warehouse management, human resource management and business intelligence analysis of technology innovation, through the depth of the advanced technology and business integration, the realization of driving business value



Successful Case 2


MANWAH is a household type of one of the largest listed companies in Asia.The company production of cheese HuaShi brand function sofa exported to more than 50 countries and regions.With the rapid development of business, man wah holdings more depend on the actual business data is needed to determine the business strategy, as well as the specific procurement, production and sales strategy.In August 2012, MANWAH holding deployed based on SAP HANA and SAP ® BusinessObjects ™ business intelligence (BI) solutions, well meet the enterprise internal management reports, data analysis, business intelligence and decision support a variety of functions such as demand.Based on real-time business data, business intelligence and decision support system become MANWAH holding the internal scientific management and the basis of a correct decision.



Lenovo show how through operational control center for continuous improvement and value realization of the keynote speech, George and lenovo ops deputy manager of delve into operational structure and knowledge accumulation problem.


Colleagues searched in each booth and keynote speech to find interesting content.


It's a German SAP training institutions, three handsome boy all didn't understand Chinese. Three people came here to attend the conference, and  thanks to Peter who did interprete conscientiously for them. When Peter left, they exchanged contact information, and sent him a book as a souvenir.




Evening——The entire event



After the meeting, our team led by chief mighty into red tomato hotel to taste the delicacy, and share the experience.


Jack expressed the ardent expectations of graduate and care, said this conference SAPPhire is a good opportunity which helped us to accumulate experience and broaden thefield of vision


Qi summarized the development of the Graduate Project at present, and encouraged all graduate should pay attention to their own development, make efforts to improve business ability and English level, and go further together with NNIT.


Someone said, from left to right in turn was a bodyguard, driver, chairman and general manager


At 9 o 'clock in the evening, the dinner is over, the  colleagues who went back in the first day got on the car, drove  to Tianjin.

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