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Learning Objective-C by Developing iPhone Games || Leverage Xcode and Objective-C to develop iPhone games http://it-ebooks.info/book/3544/
Learning Web App Development || Build Quickly with Proven JavaScript Techniques http://it-ebooks.info/book/3318/
D Cookbook || Discover the advantages of programming in D with over 100 incredibly effective recipes http://it-ebooks.info/book/3557/
Google Apps Script, 2nd Edition || Web Application Development Essentials http://it-ebooks.info/book/3301/
Client-Server Web Apps with JavaScript and Java || Rich, Scalable, and RESTful http://it-ebooks.info/book/3293/
Becoming Functional || Steps for Transforming Into a Functional Programmer http://it-ebooks.info/book/3593/
Using Joomla!, 2nd Edition || Efficiently Build and Manage Custom Websites http://it-ebooks.info/book/3527/
Implementing NetScaler VPX || Leverage the features of NetScaler VPX to optimize and deploy responsive web services and applications on multiple virtualization platforms http://it-ebooks.info/book/3535/
C++ For Dummies, 7th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3586/
Web Development with Jade || Utilize the advanced features of Jade to create dynamic web pages and significantly decrease development time http://it-ebooks.info/book/3357/
Linux Mint Essentials || A practical guide to Linux Mint for the novice to the professional http://it-ebooks.info/book/3554/
Extending Bootstrap || Understand Bootstrap and unlock its secrets to build a truly customized project! http://it-ebooks.info/book/3512/
Packet Tracer Network Simulator http://it-ebooks.info/book/3330/
Linux All-in-One For Dummies, 5th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3613/
Data Structures and Algorithms with JavaScript || Bringing classic computing approaches to the Web http://it-ebooks.info/book/3294/
Beginning NFC || Near Field Communication with Arduino, Android, and PhoneGap http://it-ebooks.info/book/3199/
MySQL High Availability, 2nd Edition || Tools for Building Robust Data Centers http://it-ebooks.info/book/3300/
Learning Anime Studio || Bring life to your imagination with the power of Anime Studio http://it-ebooks.info/book/3563/
Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET || Harnessing the power of the web http://it-ebooks.info/book/3285/
eBay For Dummies, 8th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3616/
Just Hibernate || A Lightweight Introduction to the Hibernate Framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/3524/
eCommerce in the Cloud || Bringing Elasticity to eCommerce http://it-ebooks.info/book/3321/
Managing Windows Servers with Chef || Harness the power of Chef to automate management of Windows-based systems using hands-on examples http://it-ebooks.info/book/3603/
Getting Started with SOQL || Revolutionize the use of simple query strings to make them more efficient using SOQL http://it-ebooks.info/book/3348/
iOS 7 Game Development || Develop powerful, engaging games with ready-to-use utilities from Sprite Kit http://it-ebooks.info/book/3170/
Enterprise Web Development || Building HTML5 Applications: From Desktop to Mobile http://it-ebooks.info/book/3591/
Learning Cypher || Write powerful and efficient queries for Neo4j with Cypher, its official query language http://it-ebooks.info/book/3541/
Designing Multi-Device Experiences || An Ecosystem Approach to User Experiences across Devices http://it-ebooks.info/book/3314/
Manga Studio 5: Beginner's Guide || An extensive and fun guide to let your imagination loose using Manga Studio 5 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3564/
Full Stack Web Development with Backbone.js || Scalable Application Design with 100% JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/3529/
Highcharts Cookbook || 80 hands-on recipes to create, integrate, and extend dynamic and interactive charts in your web projects http://it-ebooks.info/book/3601/
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Services || Harness the power of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 to create and use your own services effectively http://it-ebooks.info/book/3531/
Webmin Administrator's Cookbook || Over 100 recipes to leverage the features of Webmin and master the art of administering your web or database servers http://it-ebooks.info/book/3516/
Continuous Enterprise Development in Java || Testable Solutions with Arquillian http://it-ebooks.info/book/3295/
matplotlib Plotting Cookbook || Learn how to create professional scientific plots using matplotlib, with more than 60 recipes that cover common use cases http://it-ebooks.info/book/3511/
Programming JavaScript Applications || Robust Web Architecture with Node, HTML5, and Modern JS Libraries http://it-ebooks.info/book/3528/
Lightning Fast Animation in Element 3D || Master the intricacies of Element 3D, the fast-rendering Adobe After Effects plugin http://it-ebooks.info/book/3562/
Learning Android, 2nd Edition || Develop Mobile Apps Using Java and Eclipse http://it-ebooks.info/book/3178/
Clojure for Machine Learning || Successfully leverage advanced machine learning techniques using the Clojure ecosystem http://it-ebooks.info/book/3355/
Mastering Object-oriented Python || Grasp the intricacies of object-oriented programming in Python in order to efficiently build powerful real-world applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/3361/
Mastering Clojure Data Analysis || Leverage the power and flexibility of Clojure through this practical guide to data analysis http://it-ebooks.info/book/3550/
Building Web Apps with Ember.js || Write Ambitious JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/3596/
Elasticsearch Server, 2nd Edition || A practical guide to building fast, scalable, and flexible search solutions with clear and easy-to-understand examples http://it-ebooks.info/book/3363/
Alfresco CMIS || Everything you need to know to start coding integrations with a content management server such as Alfresco in a standard way http://it-ebooks.info/book/3565/
Excel Dashboards and Reports For Dummies, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3581/
SignalR Real-time Application Cookbook || Use SignalR to create real-time, bidirectional, and asynchronous applications based on standard web technologies http://it-ebooks.info/book/3567/
Activiti 5.x Business Process Management || A practical guide to designing and developing BPMN-based business processes http://it-ebooks.info/book/3560/
Implementing Samba 4 || Exploit the real power of Samba 4 Server by leveraging the benefits of an Active Directory Domain Controller http://it-ebooks.info/book/3351/
Python Tools for Visual Studio || Leverage the power of the Visual Studio IDE to develop better and more efficient Python projects http://it-ebooks.info/book/3514/
Prototyping Essentials with Axure, 2nd Edition || A comprehensive strategy and planning guide for the production of world-class UX artifacts such as annotated wireframes, immersive prototypes, and detailed documentation http://it-ebooks.info/book/3602/
Thinking with Data || How to Turn Information into Insights http://it-ebooks.info/book/3198/
Shopify Application Development || Build highly effective Shopify apps using the powerful Ruby on Rails framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/3606/
Getting Started with XenDesktop 7.x || Deliver desktops and applications to your end users, anywhere, anytime, with XenDesktop 7.x http://it-ebooks.info/book/3538/
Android Tablets For Dummies, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3610/
Galaxy S5: The Missing Manual || The book that should have been in the box http://it-ebooks.info/book/3589/
WordPress For Dummies, 6th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3584/
Getting Started with OUYA || A practical guide to developing games for the revolutionary OUYA console http://it-ebooks.info/book/3600/
Social Media Mining with R || Deploy cutting-edge sentiment analysis techniques to real-world social media data using R http://it-ebooks.info/book/3604/
Node Cookbook, 2nd Edition || Over 50 recipes to master the art of asynchronous server-side JavaScript using Node.js, with coverage of Express 4 and Socket.IO frameworks and the new Streams API http://it-ebooks.info/book/3364/
Python Network Programming Cookbook || Over 70 detailed recipes to develop practical solutions for a wide range of real-world network programming tasks http://it-ebooks.info/book/3515/
You Don't Know JS: this & Object Prototypes  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3590/
Infographics For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/3617/
Oracle PL/SQL Programming, 6th Edition || Covers Versions Through Oracle Database 12c http://it-ebooks.info/book/3200/
Getting Started with BizTalk Services || Create powerful integration solutions for the cloud using the extensible Windows Azure BizTalk Services http://it-ebooks.info/book/3539/
iOS Development with Xamarin Cookbook || Over 100 exciting recipes to help you develop iOS applications with Xamarin http://it-ebooks.info/book/3556/
Programming Windows Store Apps with C# || Master WinRT, XAML,  and C# to create innovative Windows 8 applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/3286/
Scratch 2.0: Beginner's Guide, 2nd Edition || Create digital stories, games, art, and animations through six unique projects http://it-ebooks.info/book/3352/
SharePoint 2013 WCM Advanced Cookbook || Over 110 recipes to engineer web content and master SharePoint 2013 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3576/
Clojure Cookbook || Recipes for Functional Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/3302/
Surface For Dummies, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3611/
GameMaker Game Programming with GML || Learn GameMaker Language programming concepts and script integration with GameMaker: Studio through hands-on, playable examples http://it-ebooks.info/book/3548/
Python Pocket Reference, 5th Edition || Python in Your Pocket http://it-ebooks.info/book/3180/
PhantomJS Cookbook || Over 70 recipes to help boost the productivity of your applications using real-world testing with PhantomJS http://it-ebooks.info/book/3558/
Functional Thinking || Paradigm Over Syntax  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3592/
Gamestar Mechanic For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/3577/
RabbitMQ Essentials || Hop straight into developing your own messaging applications by learning how to utilize RabbitMQ http://it-ebooks.info/book/3547/
Learning Responsive Web Design || A Beginner's Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/3522/
PHP Cookbook, 3rd Edition || Solutions & Examples for PHP Programmers http://it-ebooks.info/book/3595/
Learning Nagios 4 || Learn how to set up Nagios 4 in order to monitor your systems efficiently http://it-ebooks.info/book/3517/
Application Development in iOS 7 || Learn how to build an entire real-world application using all of iOS 7's new features http://it-ebooks.info/book/3545/
Extending Symfony2 Web Application Framework || Optimize, audit, and customize web applications with Symfony http://it-ebooks.info/book/3362/
You Don't Know JS: Scope & Closures http://it-ebooks.info/book/3312/
Word 2013 eLearning Kit For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/3579/
Getting Started with OpenShift || A Guide for Impatient Beginners http://it-ebooks.info/book/3296/
Real-Time Communication with WebRTC || Peer-to-Peer in the Browser http://it-ebooks.info/book/3287/
Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers || Over 50 easy-to-comprehend tailor-made recipes to get the most out of the Raspberry Pi and unleash its huge potential using Python http://it-ebooks.info/book/3360/
Java 8 Pocket Guide || Instant Help for Java Programmers http://it-ebooks.info/book/3298/
Java 8 Lambdas || Functional Programming for the Masses http://it-ebooks.info/book/3297/
Data Push Apps with HTML5 SSE || Pragmatic Solutions for Real-World Clients http://it-ebooks.info/book/3292/
Creating E-Learning Games with Unity || Develop your own 3D e-learning game using gamification, systems design, and gameplay programming techniques http://it-ebooks.info/book/3518/
Web Development with Node and Express || Leveraging the JavaScript Stack http://it-ebooks.info/book/3597/
Magento Site Performance Optimization || Leverage the power of Magento to speed up your website http://it-ebooks.info/book/3569/
Learning Windows Azure Mobile Services for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3331/
Hands-On Sencha Touch 2 || A Real-World App Approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/3594/
Mastering Metasploit || Write and implement sophisticated attack vectors in Metasploit using a completely hands-on approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/3598/
Java Performance: The Definitive Guide || Getting the Most Out of Your Code http://it-ebooks.info/book/3289/
Apache Solr High Performance || Boost the performance of Solr instances and troubleshoot real-time problems http://it-ebooks.info/book/3513/
Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy || Tools and Techniques for Low-Power Networking http://it-ebooks.info/book/3315/
Unity 2D Game Development || Combine classic 2D with today's technology to build great games with Unity's latest 2D tools http://it-ebooks.info/book/3519/
Java For Dummies, 6th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3585/
Penetration Testing with the Bash shell || Make the most of the Bash shell and Kali Linux's command-line-based security assessment tools http://it-ebooks.info/book/3568/
Moodle Course Design Best Practices || Learn the best practices to design and develop interactive and highly effective Moodle courses http://it-ebooks.info/book/3346/
Concurrency in C# Cookbook || Asynchronous, Parallel, and Multithreaded Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/3324/
Magento Search Engine Optimization http://it-ebooks.info/book/3329/
iWork: The Missing Manual http://it-ebooks.info/book/3307/
Rails 4 Application Development || Build simple to advanced applications in Rails 4 through 10 exciting projects http://it-ebooks.info/book/3354/
Anti-Hacker Tool Kit, 4th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3342/
Mastering Magento Theme Design || Create responsive Magento themes using Bootstrap, the most widely used frontend framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/3358/
Data Manipulation with R || Perform group-wise data manipulation and deal with large datasets using R efficiently and effectively http://it-ebooks.info/book/3160/
Ethernet: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition || Designing and Managing Local Area Networks http://it-ebooks.info/book/3299/
Responsive Theming for Drupal || Making Your Site Look Good on Any Device http://it-ebooks.info/book/3317/
OpenStack Operations Guide || Set Up and Manage Your OpenStack Cloud http://it-ebooks.info/book/3303/
Samsung Galaxy S5 For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/3612/
Learning Shell Scripting with Zsh http://it-ebooks.info/book/3334/
Less Web Development Essentials || Use CSS preprocessing to streamline the development and maintenance of your web applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/3546/
Webinars For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/3618/
Prezi: Hotshot || Create amazing Prezi presentations through 10 exciting Prezi projects http://it-ebooks.info/book/3607/
QlikView Server and Publisher http://it-ebooks.info/book/3328/
Speaking JavaScript || An In-Depth Guide for Programmers http://it-ebooks.info/book/3319/
Programming 3D Applications with HTML5 and WebGL || 3D Animation and Visualization for Web Pages http://it-ebooks.info/book/3304/
Citrix XenDesktop 7 Cookbook || Over 35 recipes to help you implement a fully featured XenDesktop 7 architecture with a rich and powerful VDI experience http://it-ebooks.info/book/3168/
Android on x86 || An Introduction to Optimizing for Intel Architecture http://it-ebooks.info/book/3258/
Heroku Cloud Application Development || A comprehensive guide to help you build, deploy, and troubleshoot cloud applications seamlessly using Heroku http://it-ebooks.info/book/3605/
Rethinking the Internet of Things || A Scalable Approach to Connecting Everything http://it-ebooks.info/book/3272/
Scala for Java Developers || Build reactive, scalable applications and integrate Java code with the power of Scala http://it-ebooks.info/book/3551/
Backbone.js Blueprints || Understand Backbone.js pragmatically by building seven different applications from scratch http://it-ebooks.info/book/3559/
Beginning iOS Programming For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/3583/
Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS & HTML5, 3rd Edition || A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites http://it-ebooks.info/book/3344/
Gitolite Essentials || Leverage powerful branch and user access control with Git for your own private collaborative repositories http://it-ebooks.info/book/3350/
Java EE 7 with GlassFish 4 Application Server || A practical guide to install and configure the GlassFish 4 application server and develop Java EE 7 applications to be deployed to this server http://it-ebooks.info/book/3356/
Twilio Cookbook, 2nd Edition || Over 70 easy-to-follow recipes, from exploring the key features of Twilio to building advanced telephony apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/3510/
Pig Design Patterns || Simplify Hadoop programming to create complex end-to-end Enterprise Big Data solutions with Pig http://it-ebooks.info/book/3353/
Building Web Apps with WordPress || WordPress as an Application Framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/3291/
WebRTC Blueprints || Develop your very own media applications and services using WebRTC http://it-ebooks.info/book/3542/
FileMaker Pro 13: The Missing Manual || The book that should have been in the box http://it-ebooks.info/book/3520/
iOS Game Development Cookbook || Simple Solutions for Game Development Problems http://it-ebooks.info/book/3290/
Creating Apps in Kivy || Mobile with Python  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3288/
Windows PowerShell 4.0 for .NET Developers http://it-ebooks.info/book/3333/
PHPUnit Essentials || Get started with PHPUnit and learn how to write and test code using advanced technologies http://it-ebooks.info/book/3555/
WordPress: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3521/
Learning Pentesting for Android Devices || A practical guide to learning penetration testing for Android devices and applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/3359/
Building Polyfills || Web Platform APIs for the Present and Future http://it-ebooks.info/book/3316/
Communicating Data with Tableau || Designing, Developing, and Delivering Data Visualizations http://it-ebooks.info/book/3523/
Facebook All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3615/
3D Printing with SketchUp || Real-world case studies to help you design models in SketchUp for 3D printing on anything ranging from the smallest desktop machines to the largest industrial 3D printers http://it-ebooks.info/book/3553/
vSphere Virtual Machine Management || Create vSphere virtual machines, manage performance, and explore advanced capabilities http://it-ebooks.info/book/3534/
Android Phones For Dummies, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3609/
Mastering Perl, 2nd Edition || Creating Professional Programs with Perl http://it-ebooks.info/book/3179/
WebGL: Hotshot || Create interactive 3D content for web pages and mobile devices http://it-ebooks.info/book/3608/
Network Security Through Data Analysis || Building Situational Awareness http://it-ebooks.info/book/3322/
IPv6 Essentials, 3rd Edition || Integrating IPv6 into Your IPv4 Network http://it-ebooks.info/book/3525/
Java eLearning Kit For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/3580/
Data Visualization For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/3578/
Lean Customer Development || Building Products Your Customers Will Buy http://it-ebooks.info/book/3343/
Mobile Design Pattern Gallery, 2nd Edition || UI Patterns for Smartphone Apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/3313/
Practical Zendesk Administration, 2nd Edition || A World-Class Customer Service Platform http://it-ebooks.info/book/3320/
Mastering Grunt || Master this powerful build automation tool to streamline your application development http://it-ebooks.info/book/3540/
VMware ESXi Cookbook || Over 50 recipes to master VMware vSphere administration http://it-ebooks.info/book/3532/
OUYA Game Development by Example || An all-inclusive, fun guide to making professional 3D games for the OUYA console http://it-ebooks.info/book/3599/
Oracle ADF Faces Cookbook || Over 80 hands-on recipes covering a variety of ADF Faces components to help you create stunning user experiences http://it-ebooks.info/book/3536/
Raspberry Pi Projects for Kids || Start your own coding adventure with your kids by creating cool and exciting games and applications on the Raspberry Pi http://it-ebooks.info/book/3552/
Rake Task Management Essentials || Deploy, test, and build software to solve real-world automation challenges using Rake http://it-ebooks.info/book/3561/
Learning Cocoa with Objective-C, 4th Edition || Developing for the Mac and iOS App Stores http://it-ebooks.info/book/3323/
Learning Veeam Backup & Replication for VMware vSphere || Learn how to protect your data in your VMware vSphere infrastructure with Veeam Backup & Replication http://it-ebooks.info/book/3533/
Excel Data Analysis For Dummies, 2nd Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3582/
Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies, 4th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3614/
WebGL Game Development || Gain insights into game development by rendering complex 3D objects using WebGL http://it-ebooks.info/book/3549/
Direct3D Rendering Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/3332/
Test-Driven Development with Python || Obey the Testing Goat: Using Django, Selenium, and JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/3526/
Visual Studio 2013 Cookbook || Over 50 simple but incredibly effective recipes to get you up and running with the powerful features of Visual Studio 2013 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3537/
Creating Flat Design Websites || Design and develop your own flat design websites in HTML http://it-ebooks.info/book/3543/
iOS and OS X Network Programming Cookbook || Over 50 recipes to develop network applications in both the iOS and OS X environment http://it-ebooks.info/book/3169/
iPad: The Missing Manual, 6th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3311/
Building E-commerce Sites with Drupal Commerce Cookbook || Over 50 recipes to help you build engaging, responsive E-commerce sites with Drupal Commerce http://it-ebooks.info/book/2968/
The Makerspace Workbench || Tools, Technologies, and Techniques for Making http://it-ebooks.info/book/3134/
Windows Azure Web Sites http://it-ebooks.info/book/3047/
Exam Ref 70-332: Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2349/
Enterprise OSGi in Action || With Examples Using Apache Aries http://it-ebooks.info/book/2277/
iPhone Game Blueprints || Develop amazing games, visual charts, plots, and graphics for your iPhone http://it-ebooks.info/book/3166/
SharePoint 2013 User's Guide, 4th Edition || Learning Microsoft's Business Collaboration Platform http://it-ebooks.info/book/2536/
Real World Windows 8 App Development with JavaScript || Create Great Windows Store Apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/2797/
Netcat Starter || Learn to harness the power and versatility of Netcat and understand why it remains an integral part of IT and security toolkits to this day http://it-ebooks.info/book/1813/
Beginning SharePoint 2013 || Building Business Solutions http://it-ebooks.info/book/1823/
The Definitive Guide to HTML5 WebSocket http://it-ebooks.info/book/2026/
HLSL Development Cookbook || Implement stunning 3D rendering techniques using the power of HLSL and DirectX 11 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2947/
Web Hosting For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2419/
SDN: Software Defined Networks || An Authoritative Review of Network Programmability Technologies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2888/
Outlook 2013 For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/1833/
Optimizing and Troubleshooting Hyper-V Storage  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2522/
Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 Databases, 3rd Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2094/
Yii Application Development Cookbook, 2nd Edition || A Cookbook covering both practical Yii application development tips and the most important Yii features http://it-ebooks.info/book/2867/
Blender 2.6 Cycles: Materials and Textures Cookbook || Over 40 recipes to help you create stunning materials and textures using the Cycles rendering engine with Blender http://it-ebooks.info/book/2953/
Statistical Analysis with Excel For Dummies, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2125/
Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents || Turn your Raspberry Pi into your very own secret agent toolbox with this set of exciting projects! http://it-ebooks.info/book/2929/
Microsoft Visio 2013 Step By Step http://it-ebooks.info/book/2354/
CSS3 Foundations http://it-ebooks.info/book/3336/
Programming Drupal 7 Entities || Expose local or remote data as Drupal 7 entities and build custom solutions http://it-ebooks.info/book/2955/
Transactions on Petri Nets and Other Models of Concurrency VIII http://it-ebooks.info/book/2813/
Realm of Racket || Learn to Program, One Game at a Time! http://it-ebooks.info/book/2628/
Getting Started with NoSQL || Your guide to the world and technology of NoSQL http://it-ebooks.info/book/2748/
Data Management in Cloud, Grid and P2P Systems || 6th International Conference, Globe 2013, Prague, Czech Republic http://it-ebooks.info/book/2812/
HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive Web Design Cookbook || Learn the secrets of developing responsive websites capable of interfacing with today's mobile Internet devices http://it-ebooks.info/book/2924/
Pro JPA 2, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3028/
Java Web Services: Up and Running, 2nd Edition || A Quick, Practical, and Thorough Introduction http://it-ebooks.info/book/2979/
Windows Phone 7.5 Application Development with F# || Develop amazing applications for Windows Phone using F# http://it-ebooks.info/book/2801/
Introduction to R for Quantitative Finance || Solve a diverse range of problems with R, one of the most powerful tools for quantitative finance http://it-ebooks.info/book/3154/
PowerPoint 2013 Bible || The Comprehensive Tutorial Resource http://it-ebooks.info/book/2545/
SystemVerilog Assertions and Functional Coverage || Guide to Language, Methodology and Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2735/
Raspberry Pi Cookbook || Software and Hardware Problems and Solutions http://it-ebooks.info/book/3175/
Corona SDK Hotshot || A detailed guide with 10 projects specifically designed to expand the fundamentals of this exciting mobile development platform! http://it-ebooks.info/book/2903/
iOS 7 Programming Fundamentals || Objective-C, Xcode, and Cocoa Basics http://it-ebooks.info/book/3084/
Asterisk: The Definitive Guide, 4th Edition || The Future of Telephony Is Now http://it-ebooks.info/book/2332/
Exam 77-424: MOS 2013 Study Guide for Microsoft Access http://it-ebooks.info/book/2487/
Big Data Analytics with R and Hadoop || Set up an integrated infrastructure of R and Hadoop to turn your data analytics into Big Data analytics http://it-ebooks.info/book/3157/
Programming Groovy 2 || Dynamic Productivity for the Java Developer http://it-ebooks.info/book/3399/
Python and HDF5 || Unlocking Scientific Data  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3089/
Microsoft Excel 2013 Step by Step http://it-ebooks.info/book/2208/
Arquillian Testing Guide || Get familiarized with the Arquillian framework and its capabilities to carry out integration and functional testing on a Java virtual machine http://it-ebooks.info/book/2808/
Linux System Programming, 2nd Edition || Talking Directly to the Kernel and C Library http://it-ebooks.info/book/2335/
Web Audio API || Advanced Sound for Games and Interactive Apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/2072/
Boost.Asio C++ Network Programming || Enhance your skills with practical examples for C++ network programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/2723/
Munin Plugin Starter || Write custom scripts to monitor, analyse, and optimize any device in your network http://it-ebooks.info/book/2030/
Excel VBA Programming For Dummies, 3rd Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1903/
Oracle Exadata Recipes || A Problem-Solution Approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/2028/
PrestaShop 1.5 Beginner's Guide || Build your own attractive online store with this fast and flexible e-commerce solution http://it-ebooks.info/book/2844/
Business Intelligence in Microsoft SharePoint 2013  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2351/
Grome Terrain Modeling with Ogre3D, UDK, and Unity3D || Create massive terrains, and then export them to the most popular game engines http://it-ebooks.info/book/2036/
Magento PHP Developer's Guide || Get started with the flexible and powerful e-commerce framework, Magento http://it-ebooks.info/book/2786/
Backbone.js Testing || Plan, architect, and develop tests for Backbone.js applications using modern testing principles and practices http://it-ebooks.info/book/3158/
Mastering Windows 8 C++ App Development || A practical guide to developing Windows Store apps with C++ and XAML http://it-ebooks.info/book/2782/
Redis in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/3571/
Sass and Compass in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/3573/
PrimeFaces Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1743/
Microsoft Mapping || Geospatial Development with Bing Maps and C# http://it-ebooks.info/book/3273/
Learning JavaScriptMVC || Learn to build well-structured JavaScript web applications using JavaScriptMVC http://it-ebooks.info/book/2907/
Beginning SharePoint 2013 Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/1926/
Learning Google Guice || Utilize dependency injection to develop applications quickly and efficiently using Google Guice http://it-ebooks.info/book/3181/
Website Optimization for Retina Displays How-to  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1760/
Access 2013 For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2122/
70-411 Administering Windows Server 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2464/
Guide to Programming and Algorithms Using R  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2668/
Varnish Cache How-to || Hands-on recipes to improve your website's load speed and overall user experience with Varnish Cache http://it-ebooks.info/book/1784/
Windows 8 MVVM Patterns Revealed || Covers both C# and JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/2024/
JavaScript Step by Step, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3080/
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out: Connectivity, Clients, and UM http://it-ebooks.info/book/3071/
Microsoft Project 2013 Step by Step http://it-ebooks.info/book/2108/
Galaxy S4: The Missing Manual || The Book That Should Have Been in the Box http://it-ebooks.info/book/2884/
Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture For Dummies  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2423/
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Step by Step http://it-ebooks.info/book/1668/
High Performance Drupal || Fast and Scalable Designs http://it-ebooks.info/book/3090/
Firebug Starter || Monitor, edit, and debug any webpage in real time with this handy practical guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1786/
Arduino and LEGO Projects || Cool Custom Lego Projects Powered by Arduino http://it-ebooks.info/book/2642/
Understanding and Using C Pointers || Core techniques for memory management http://it-ebooks.info/book/2265/
Learn Raspberry Pi with Linux http://it-ebooks.info/book/1970/
PostgreSQL Server Programming || Extend PostgreSQL and integrate the database layer into your development framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/2962/
Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook, 2nd Edition || Over 110 practical recipes to solve real-world shell problems, guaranteed to make you wonder how you ever lived without them http://it-ebooks.info/book/2909/
Getting Started with Twitter Flight || Build scalable, modular JavaScript applications with the Twitter Flight framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/3269/
JavaMail API || Sending and Receiving Email with Java http://it-ebooks.info/book/2594/
Graph Databases, Early Release http://it-ebooks.info/book/2329/
Java Persistence with MyBatis 3 || A practical guide to MyBatis, a simple yet powerful Java Persistence Framework! http://it-ebooks.info/book/2952/
Adobe Dreamweaver CC For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2420/
Advanced Joomla! http://it-ebooks.info/book/2395/
A Journey from Robot to Digital Human || Mathematical Principles and Applications with MATLAB Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/2730/
OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Certification Guide || Prepare for the 1Z0-803 exam http://it-ebooks.info/book/2440/
Professional Android Open Accessory Programming with Arduino http://it-ebooks.info/book/1424/
Windows 8: The Missing Manual http://it-ebooks.info/book/2177/
Exam Ref 70-483: Programming in C# http://it-ebooks.info/book/2519/
Android Tablets For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2127/
Embedded Android || Porting, Extending, and Customizing http://it-ebooks.info/book/2073/
PlayStation Mobile Development Cookbook || Over 65 recipes that will help you create and develop amazing mobile applications! http://it-ebooks.info/book/2746/
QlikView for Developers Cookbook || Discover the strategies needed to tackle the most challenging tasks facing the QlikView developer http://it-ebooks.info/book/2994/
Moving from C to C++ || Discussing programming problems, why they exist and how C++ solves them http://it-ebooks.info/book/2936/
JavaScript Programmer's Reference http://it-ebooks.info/book/2674/
Pro SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Solutions http://it-ebooks.info/book/2931/
Building Dashboards with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and Excel 2013 || Easily build powerful dashboards with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and Excel 2013 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2740/
Feedback Control for Computer Systems || Introducing Control Theory to Enterprise Programmers http://it-ebooks.info/book/3054/
Moodle for Mobile Learning || Connect, communicate, and promote collaboration with your coursework using Moodle http://it-ebooks.info/book/3208/
Socket.IO Real-time Web Application Development || Build modern real-time web applications powered by Socket.IO http://it-ebooks.info/book/2724/
Windows 8 Tweaks http://it-ebooks.info/book/2638/
Pro ASP.NET 4.5 in VB, 5th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2933/
Think Bayes || Bayesian Statistics in Python  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3055/
Jump Start CSS http://it-ebooks.info/book/3068/
802.11ac: A Survival Guide || Wi-Fi at Gigabit and Beyond http://it-ebooks.info/book/2593/
SproutCore Web Application Development || Creating fast, powerful, and feature-rich web applications using the SproutCore HTML5 framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/3271/
AOP in .NET || Practical Aspect-Oriented Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/2443/
HTML5 Canvas For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/1699/
AngularJS http://it-ebooks.info/book/2076/
Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Advanced Administration Cookbook || Over 60 advanced recipes to configure, troubleshoot, and tune Oracle WebLogic Server http://it-ebooks.info/book/3020/
Learn Unity for 2D Game Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/3146/
jQuery Game Development Essentials || Learn how to make fun and addictive multi-platform games using jQuery http://it-ebooks.info/book/2910/
HTML5 Pocket Reference, 5th Edition || Quick, Comprehensive, Indispensible http://it-ebooks.info/book/2516/
Pro SharePoint 2013 App Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/2984/
Programming iOS 7, 4th Edition || Dive Deep Into Views, View Controllers, and Frameworks http://it-ebooks.info/book/3138/
Pro Hibernate and MongoDB http://it-ebooks.info/book/2644/
Cinder Creative Coding Cookbook || Create compelling animations and graphics with Kinect and camera input, using one of the most powerful C++ frameworks available http://it-ebooks.info/book/2948/
Exam 77-418: MOS 2013 Study Guide for Microsoft Word http://it-ebooks.info/book/2486/
Pro Oracle Database 12c Administration, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2648/
Coding with Coda || Beautiful Development in One Window http://it-ebooks.info/book/1639/
The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture || Modeling Buildings, Visualizing Design, and Creating Construction Documents with SketchUp Pro and LayOut http://it-ebooks.info/book/2582/
Building your First Mobile Game using XNA 4.0  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1762/
PowerPoint 2013 For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2238/
Hibernate Search by Example || Explore the Hibernate Search system and use its extraordinary search features in your own applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2779/
C++ Quick Syntax Reference http://it-ebooks.info/book/3279/
Tinkering || Kids Learn by Making Stuff http://it-ebooks.info/book/3082/
OpenGL Development Cookbook || Over 40 recipes to help you learn, understand, and implement modern OpenGL in your applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2868/
Opa Application Development || A rapid and secure web development framework to develop web applications quickly and easily in Opa http://it-ebooks.info/book/2946/
Learning iOS Programming, 3rd Edition || From Xcode to App Store http://it-ebooks.info/book/2118/
CSS for Windows 8 App Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/1976/
BizTalk 2013 Recipes, 2nd Edition || A Problem-Solution Approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/3274/
Pro SharePoint 2013 Administration, 2nd Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2392/
Unity for Architectural Visualization || Transform your architectural design into an interactive real-time experience using Unity http://it-ebooks.info/book/3209/
Jump Start JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/3069/
Introducing Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals || Technical Overview http://it-ebooks.info/book/3078/
Resilience and Reliability on AWS || Engineering at Cloud Scale http://it-ebooks.info/book/1626/
Big Data Imperatives || Enterprise Big Data Warehouse, BI Implementations and Analytics http://it-ebooks.info/book/2795/
The Data Warehouse Toolkit, 3rd Edition || The Definitive Guide to Dimensional Modeling http://it-ebooks.info/book/2637/
Oracle SOA BPEL Process Manager 11gR1 - A Hands-on Tutorial || Your step-by-step, hands-on guide to Oracle SOA BPEL PM 11gR1 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2992/
Apache Camel Developer's Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/3325/
OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook, 2nd Edition || Over 100 recipes to successfully set up and manage your OpenStack cloud environments with complete coverage of Nova, Swift, Keystone, Glance, Horizon, Neutron, and Cinder http://it-ebooks.info/book/3265/
Implementing Splunk || Big Data Reporting and Development for Operational Intelligence http://it-ebooks.info/book/1763/
Bazaar Version Control || A fast-paced practical guide to version control using Bazaar http://it-ebooks.info/book/2943/
Mastering Redmine || A comprehensive guide with tips, tricks and best practices, and an easy-to-learn structure http://it-ebooks.info/book/1835/
NumPy Beginner's Guide, 2nd Edition || An action packed guide using real world examples of the easy to use, high performance, free open source NumPy mathematical library http://it-ebooks.info/book/2847/
HTML5 Programming with JavaScript For Dummies  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2424/
Cryptography in C & C++, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3029/
Java 7 Pocket Guide, 2nd Edition || Instant Help for Java Programmers http://it-ebooks.info/book/2513/
Arduino Adventures || Escape from Gemini Station  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1971/
Making Java Groovy http://it-ebooks.info/book/3002/
Local Binary Patterns || New Variants and Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2818/
Optimizing and Troubleshooting Hyper-V Networking  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2523/
Extending jQuery http://it-ebooks.info/book/3005/
Effective Akka || Patterns and Best Practices  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2976/
DOM Enlightenment http://it-ebooks.info/book/1849/
Windows Azure and ASP.NET MVC Migration http://it-ebooks.info/book/2566/
iOS 7 Programming Cookbook || Solutions for iOS Developers http://it-ebooks.info/book/3083/
Advances in Security of Information and Communication Networks || First International Conference, SecNet 2013 Cairo, Egypt, September 2013 Proceedings http://it-ebooks.info/book/2733/
iPod and iTunes For Dummies, 10th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2123/
Processing 2: Creative Coding Hotshot || Learn Processing with exciting and engaging projects to make your computer talk, see, hear, express emotions, and even design physical objects http://it-ebooks.info/book/2997/
HTML5 iPhone Web Application Development || An introduction to web-application development for mobile within the iOS Safari browser http://it-ebooks.info/book/2923/
Building Impressive Presentations with impress.js || Design stunning presentations with dynamic visuals and 3D transitions that will captivate your colleagues http://it-ebooks.info/book/2783/
Beginning C# Object-Oriented Programming, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2363/
An Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1608/
Twisted Network Programming Essentials, 2nd Edition || Event-driven Network Programming with Python http://it-ebooks.info/book/2074/
FreeSWITCH 1.2 || Build robust, high-performance telephony systems using FreeSWITCH http://it-ebooks.info/book/2905/
Excel 2013 Bible || The Comprehensive Tutorial Resource http://it-ebooks.info/book/2544/
ZooKeeper || Distributed Process Coordination  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3171/
SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor || An essential guide for installing, implementing, and calibrating SolarWinds Orion NPM http://it-ebooks.info/book/2859/
Git: Version Control for Everyone http://it-ebooks.info/book/1759/
CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/3004/
Beginning C, 5th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2098/
Building iPhone and iPad Electronic Projects || Real-World Arduino, Sensor, and Bluetooth Low Energy Apps in techBASIC http://it-ebooks.info/book/2977/
Practical Data Analysis || Transform, model, and visualize your data through hands-on projects, developed in open source tools http://it-ebooks.info/book/3202/
Android Game Recipes || A Problem-Solution Approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/3142/
Designing Games || A Guide to Engineering Experiences http://it-ebooks.info/book/1636/
Learning R || A Step-by-Step Function Guide to Data Analysis http://it-ebooks.info/book/3056/
Evil by Design || Interaction design to lead us into temptation http://it-ebooks.info/book/2578/
Pro Node.js for Developers http://it-ebooks.info/book/3147/
Pointers in C || A Hands on Approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/3278/
Responsive Web Design by Example || Discover how you can easily create engaging, responsive websites with minimum hassle! http://it-ebooks.info/book/2719/
Sensor Technologies || Healthcare, Wellness and Environmental Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/3253/
Android Native Development Kit Cookbook || A step-by-step tutorial with more than 60 concise recipes on Android NDK development skills http://it-ebooks.info/book/2745/
Pro SharePoint 2013 Branding and Responsive Web Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/2793/
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 PowerShell Cookbook, 2nd Edition || Over 120 recipes to help manage and administrate Exchange Server 2013 with PowerShell 3 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3016/
Nginx Module Extension http://it-ebooks.info/book/3326/
ZeroMQ || Use ZeroMQ and learn how to apply different message patterns http://it-ebooks.info/book/2780/
Meta-Programming and Model-Driven Meta-Program Development || Principles, Processes and Techniques http://it-ebooks.info/book/2856/
PowerShell Deep Dives http://it-ebooks.info/book/3097/
Visual Intelligence || Microsoft Tools and Techniques for Visualizing Data http://it-ebooks.info/book/2580/
Java EE 7 Essentials || Enterprise Developer Handbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/2887/
Expert MySQL, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1978/
Mongoose for Application Development || Learn to speed up your application development by using Mongoose to harness the power of Node.js and MongoDB http://it-ebooks.info/book/3128/
SharePoint 2013 For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2079/
iPad All-in-One For Dummies, 5th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1698/
Implementing Citrix XenServer Quickstarter || A practical guide to getting started with the Citrix XenServer Virtualization technology with easy-to-follow instructions http://it-ebooks.info/book/2996/
Multi-criteria Decision Analysis || Methods and Software http://it-ebooks.info/book/3224/
Objective-C Quick Syntax Reference http://it-ebooks.info/book/3257/
Mobile First Design with HTML5 and CSS3 || Roll out rock-solid, responsive, mobile first designs quickly and reliably http://it-ebooks.info/book/3159/
Hello! iOS Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/3098/
Doing Data Science || Straight Talk from the Frontline http://it-ebooks.info/book/3192/
Lift Web Applications How-to || Get to know the Lift web framework quickly and efficiently using practical, hands-on recipes http://it-ebooks.info/book/1808/
Windows Server 2012 Inside Out http://it-ebooks.info/book/1667/
Microsoft Access 2013 Step By Step http://it-ebooks.info/book/1866/
Learn OpenGL ES || For Mobile Game and Graphics Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/2940/
Jump Start Rails http://it-ebooks.info/book/3070/
Application Development with Parse using iOS SDK || Develop the backend of your applications instantly using Parse iOS SDK http://it-ebooks.info/book/3165/
Mobile HTML5 || Using the latest today http://it-ebooks.info/book/3177/
Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3040/
Exam Ref 70-484: Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using C# http://it-ebooks.info/book/2520/
The Essential R Reference http://it-ebooks.info/book/3337/
Programming iOS 6, 3rd Edition || Fundamentals of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/1854/
Joomla! 3 Beginner's Guide || A clear, hands-on guide to creating perfect content managed websites with the free Joomla! CMS http://it-ebooks.info/book/2787/
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting || Everything you need to know to work with reports in Dynamics CRM 2011 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3012/
Quantum Walks and Search Algorithms http://it-ebooks.info/book/2858/
Professional Heroku Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/2216/
Beginning EJB 3, 2nd Edition || Java EE 7 Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2393/
Oracle Application Express for Mobile Web Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2361/
WordPress for Web Developers || An Introduction for Web Professionals http://it-ebooks.info/book/2678/
Real World OCaml || Functional programming for the masses http://it-ebooks.info/book/3193/
Beginning ArcGIS for Desktop Development using .NET http://it-ebooks.info/book/2214/
Getting Started with nopCommerce || An in-depth, practical guide to getting your first e-commerce website up and running using nopCommerce http://it-ebooks.info/book/2925/
Microsoft Outlook 2013 Plain & Simple http://it-ebooks.info/book/2104/
Data Structures and Algorithms in Python http://it-ebooks.info/book/2467/
Functional Programming in Scala http://it-ebooks.info/book/3099/
MinGW Starter || Develop, debug and profile your C++ applications using the MinGW open source software http://it-ebooks.info/book/1812/
Creating Templates with Artisteer || Design professional-looking websites and CMS templates, on your own! http://it-ebooks.info/book/2721/
JavaScript Testing with Jasmine || JavaScript Behavior-Driven Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/2085/
Microsoft DirectAccess Best Practices and Troubleshooting || Secure and efficient functioning of your DirectAccess environment http://it-ebooks.info/book/3263/
Windows For Tablets For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2080/
MOS 2013 Study Guide for Microsoft Excel Expert || Exams 77-427 & 77-428 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3074/
Learning Devise for Rails || Use Devise to make your Rails application accessible, user friendly, and secure http://it-ebooks.info/book/3130/
jQuery Hotshot || Ten practical projects that exercise your skill, build your confidence, and help you master jQuery http://it-ebooks.info/book/2744/
Apache Solr 4 Cookbook || Over 100 recipes to make Apache Solr faster, more reliable, and return better results http://it-ebooks.info/book/1816/
Blog Design For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2418/
DIY Instruments for Amateur Space || Inventing Utility for Your Spacecraft Once It Achieves Orbit http://it-ebooks.info/book/2176/
Packet Guide to Voice over IP || A system administrator's guide to VoIP technologies http://it-ebooks.info/book/1853/
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Applications (MB2-868) Certification Guide || A practical guide on how to use and manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 that focuses on helping you to pass the Microsoft certification exam http://it-ebooks.info/book/2842/
OpenGL Programming Guide, 8th Edition || The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, Version 4.3 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2138/
Design Technologies for Green and Sustainable Computing Systems http://it-ebooks.info/book/2729/
Liferay Portal Performance Best Practices || A practical tutorial to learn the best practices for building high performing Liferay-based solutions http://it-ebooks.info/book/2999/
Windows Server 2012 Automation with PowerShell Cookbook || Over 110 recipes to automate Windows Server administrative tasks by using PowerShell http://it-ebooks.info/book/2839/
Learning AWS OpsWorks || Learn how to exploit advanced technologies to deploy and auto-scale web stacks http://it-ebooks.info/book/3106/
Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Integration and OA Framework Development and Extension Cookbook || A practical step-by-step guide to develop end-to-end extensions to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, with detailed illustrations and explanations http://it-ebooks.info/book/2799/
Getting Started with BeagleBone || Linux-Powered Electronic Projects With Python and JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/3081/
Google Visualization API Essentials || Make sense of your data: make it visual with the Google Visualization API http://it-ebooks.info/book/2781/
Test iOS Apps with UI Automation || Bug Hunting Made Easy http://it-ebooks.info/book/2717/
Test-Driven Infrastructure with Chef, 2nd Edition || Bring Behavior-Driven Development to Infrastructure as Code http://it-ebooks.info/book/3088/
Building Windows 8.1 Apps from the Ground Up  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3261/
Training Guide: Administering Windows Server 2012  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2350/
Knowledge Needs and Information Extraction || Towards an Artificial Consciousness http://it-ebooks.info/book/2581/
Windows 8 and Office 2013 For Dummies, Portable Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2778/
Learning Python, 5th Edition || Powerful Object-Oriented Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/2576/
Getting Started with Oracle Tuxedo || A practical guide to client/server technology using Tuxedo and extending it to SOA and cloud quickly http://it-ebooks.info/book/2991/
Gradle Beyond the Basics || Customizing Next-Generation Builds http://it-ebooks.info/book/2596/
Advertising on Google: The High Performance Cookbook || Over 120 practical recipes to set up, optimize, and manage profitable AdWords campaigns http://it-ebooks.info/book/2969/
Exam Ref 70-482: Advanced Windows Store App Development Using HTML5 and JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/3117/
Distributed Network Data || From hardware to data to visualization http://it-ebooks.info/book/1852/
Express Web Application Development || Learn how to develop web applications with the Express framework from scratch http://it-ebooks.info/book/2966/
Migration from Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 to 2012 How-to http://it-ebooks.info/book/1741/
Pro Spring Security http://it-ebooks.info/book/2364/
Microsoft Excel 2013 Plain & Simple http://it-ebooks.info/book/2653/
Real-Time Big Data Analytics || Emerging Architecture http://it-ebooks.info/book/3052/
Creating Concrete5 Themes || Create high quality concrete5 themes using practical recipes and responsive techniques to make it mobile-ready http://it-ebooks.info/book/1834/
Oracle Essentials, 5th Edition || Oracle Database 12c http://it-ebooks.info/book/3058/
Creating Development Environments with Vagrant || Create and manage virtual development environments with Puppet, Chef, and VirtualBox using Vagrant http://it-ebooks.info/book/3153/
Real World Windows 8 Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/2389/
QuickBooks 2014: The Missing Manual || The Official Intuit Guide to QuickBooks 2014 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3133/
Nostradamus 2013 || Prediction, Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems http://it-ebooks.info/book/2736/
Building Hybrid Android Apps with Java and JavaScript || Applying Native Device APIs http://it-ebooks.info/book/2572/
Node.js Recipes || A Problem-Solution Approach  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3148/
Learn Corona SDK Game Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/2388/
Microsoft Visual C++/CLI Step by Step http://it-ebooks.info/book/2527/
Computer Security - ESORICS 2013 || 18th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security Egham, UK, September 2013, Proceedings http://it-ebooks.info/book/2734/
Instant Simple Botting with PHP || Enhance your botting skills and create your own web bots with PHP http://it-ebooks.info/book/3124/
Oracle Database 12c Performance Tuning Recipes || A Problem-Solution Approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/3281/
Mobile ASP.NET MVC 5 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3277/
Pro SharePoint Disaster Recovery and High Availability, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2983/
Microsoft Excel 2013 Inside Out http://it-ebooks.info/book/2655/
Active Directory, 5th Edition || Designing, Deploying, and Running Active Directory http://it-ebooks.info/book/2266/
Functional JavaScript || Introducing Functional Programming with Underscore.js http://it-ebooks.info/book/2573/
TouchDevelop, 3rd Edition || Programming on the Go  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2537/
Core Data, 2nd Edition || Data Storage and Management for iOS, OS X, and iCloud http://it-ebooks.info/book/3379/
Computer Science Programming Basics in Ruby || Exploring Concepts and Curriculum with Ruby http://it-ebooks.info/book/2262/
Data Mining and Business Analytics with R http://it-ebooks.info/book/2506/
Learning Pixelmator || Enhance your photos effectively and unleash the artist inside, with Pixelmator http://it-ebooks.info/book/2807/
MOS 2013 Study Guide for Microsoft PowerPoint || Exam 77-422 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3076/
Surface For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2124/
Learning ROS for Robotics Programming || A practical, instructive, and comprehensive guide to introduce yourself to ROS, the top-notch, leading robotics framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/3183/
Learning to Program with MATLAB || Building GUI Tools http://it-ebooks.info/book/2465/
Advanced Web Services http://it-ebooks.info/book/2664/
An Introduction to Numerical Methods and Analysis, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3339/
Data Science for Business || What you need to know about data mining and data-analytic thinking http://it-ebooks.info/book/2883/
InnoDB || A quick reference guide to walk you through the setup of InnoDB, and help you start unlocking the engine's potential http://it-ebooks.info/book/2034/
Learning PHP Design Patterns http://it-ebooks.info/book/1856/
HTML5 Web Application Development By Example || Learn how to build rich, interactive web applications from the ground up using HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery http://it-ebooks.info/book/2958/
Testable JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/1628/
RaphaelJS Starter || Get to grips with RaphaelJS - a powerful cross-browser compatible vector graphics library, to create interactive 2D graphics and animations with ease http://it-ebooks.info/book/1814/
Programming Elastic MapReduce || Using AWS Services to Build an End-to-End Application http://it-ebooks.info/book/3176/
Apache Kafka || Set up Apache Kafka clusters and develop custom message producers and consumers using practical, hands-on examples http://it-ebooks.info/book/3190/
Cuckoo Malware Analysis || Analyze malware using Cuckoo Sandbox http://it-ebooks.info/book/3201/
Head First PMP, 3rd Edition || A Learner's Companion to Passing the Project Management Professional Exam http://it-ebooks.info/book/3195/
RESTful Java with JAX-RS 2.0, 2nd Edition || Designing and Developing Distributed Web Services http://it-ebooks.info/book/3173/
Force.com Tips and Tricks || A quick reference guide for administrators and developers to get more productive with Force.com http://it-ebooks.info/book/2029/
Analyzing the Analyzers || An Introspective Survey of Data Scientists and Their Work http://it-ebooks.info/book/2592/
Microsoft SharePoint 2013: Designing and Architecting Solutions http://it-ebooks.info/book/2484/
.Net Framework 4.5 Expert Programming Cookbook  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1742/
Networking For Dummies, 10th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2081/
Opa: Up and Running || Rapid and Secure Web Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/1851/
Learning Cython Programming || Expand your existing legacy applications in C using Python http://it-ebooks.info/book/3182/
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Pocket Consultant: Databases, Services, & Management http://it-ebooks.info/book/3120/
Beginning jQuery 2 for ASP.NET Developers || Using jQuery 2 with ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC http://it-ebooks.info/book/3252/
Kindle Fire HD: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition || The book that should have been in the box http://it-ebooks.info/book/2178/
Physics for Game Developers, 2nd Edition || Science, math, and code for realistic effects http://it-ebooks.info/book/2264/
Making Sense of NoSQL || A guide for managers and the rest of us http://it-ebooks.info/book/3575/
Instant Moodle Quiz Module How-to http://it-ebooks.info/book/1738/
Learning Adobe Connect 9 || Successfully create and host web meetings, virtual classes, and webinars with Adobe Connect http://it-ebooks.info/book/2864/
Open Source Identity Management Patterns and Practices Using OpenAM 10.x || An intuitive guide to learning OpenAM access management capabilities for web and application servers http://it-ebooks.info/book/3152/
Learn 2D Game Development with C# http://it-ebooks.info/book/3256/
Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V || Building Hyper-V infrastructure with secured multitenancy, flexible infrastructure, scalability, and high availability http://it-ebooks.info/book/2318/
Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 SP1 || Learn how to deploy, monitor, and administer System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 SP1 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3013/
Mining the Social Web, 2nd Edition || Data Mining Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, GitHub, and More http://it-ebooks.info/book/3229/
PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice, 4th Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3150/
Learning jQuery Deferreds || Taming Callback Hell with Deferreds and Promises http://it-ebooks.info/book/3140/
ASP.NET MVC 4 and the Web API || Building a REST Service from Start to Finish http://it-ebooks.info/book/1975/
Developing Business Intelligence Apps for SharePoint || Combine the Power of SharePoint, LightSwitch, Power View, and SQL Server 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2570/
Designing for Windows 8 || Fundamentals of Great Design in Windows Store Apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/2097/
Oracle ADF 11gR2 Development Beginner's Guide || Experience the easiest way to learn, understand, and implement rich Internet applications using Oracle ADF 11gR2 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2902/
50 Android Hacks http://it-ebooks.info/book/2445/
JavaScript Unit Testing http://it-ebooks.info/book/3211/
PHP Web Services || APIs for the Modern Web  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2268/
Releasing HTML5 Games for Windows 8 || From the Web to Windows 8 from with ease http://it-ebooks.info/book/3174/
F# for C# Developers http://it-ebooks.info/book/2658/
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Disaster Recovery Guide || Learn everything you need to know to design and implement a solid disaster recovery plan for SharePoint 2013 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3264/
Hacking For Dummies, 4th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2128/
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Inside Out http://it-ebooks.info/book/2483/
Learning Raphael JS Vector Graphics || Over 70 code examples to create vector graphics and data visualizations! http://it-ebooks.info/book/2941/
Java Quick Syntax Reference http://it-ebooks.info/book/2877/
Learning Stencyl 3.x Game Development || A fast-paced, hands-on guide for developing a feature-complete video game on almost any desktop computer, without writing a single line of computer code http://it-ebooks.info/book/2926/
Visual Studio Lightswitch 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2935/
Domain Engineering || Product Lines, Languages, and Conceptual Models http://it-ebooks.info/book/2815/
Oracle Data Guard 11gR2 Administration || Learn how to build and maintain Data Guard configurations with real-life, practical examples http://it-ebooks.info/book/3017/
RMAN Recipes for Oracle Database 12c, 2nd Edition || A Problem-Solution Approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/2647/
Disruptive Possibilities || How Big Data Changes Everything http://it-ebooks.info/book/3309/
Effective Unit Testing || A guide for Java developers http://it-ebooks.info/book/2275/
Practical OpenCV http://it-ebooks.info/book/3145/
Loop-shaping Robust Control http://it-ebooks.info/book/2634/
Programming the Mobile Web, 2nd Edition || Reaching Users on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and more http://it-ebooks.info/book/2088/
Getting Started with Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Development || A simple and practical guide to creating a relevant application for your company using Dynamics NAV 2013 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3105/
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out: Mailbox and High Availability http://it-ebooks.info/book/3072/
GLSL Essentials || Enrich your 3D scenes with the power of GLSL! http://it-ebooks.info/book/3587/
Beginning Windows Store Application Development || HTML and JavaScript Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3025/
MOS 2013 Study Guide for Microsoft Outlook || Exam 77-423 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3075/
Microinteractions || Designing with Details  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2260/
Programming Logics || Essays in Memory of Harald Ganzinger http://it-ebooks.info/book/2738/
C# in Depth, 3d Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3010/
Introducing Erlang http://it-ebooks.info/book/1638/
PHP Quick Scripting Reference http://it-ebooks.info/book/2878/
101 Design Ingredients to Solve Big Tech Problems  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3395/
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Scripting Cookbook || Over 50 recipes to extend system customization in Dynamics CRM 2011 through client-side scripting http://it-ebooks.info/book/2841/
Windows 8.1: The Missing Manual http://it-ebooks.info/book/3306/
Juniper SRX Series || A Comprehensive Guide to Security Services on the SRX Series http://it-ebooks.info/book/2569/
Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity 3D || Learn the fundamentals of C# to create scripts for your GameObjects http://it-ebooks.info/book/3210/
Windows PowerShell 3.0 Step by Step http://it-ebooks.info/book/1867/
GIMP Starter || Learn the basics of GIMP through practical examples http://it-ebooks.info/book/1785/
HTML5 Game Development For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2425/
Windows Store App Development || C# and XAML  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2444/
Beginning JavaScript Charts || With jqPlot, d3, and Highcharts http://it-ebooks.info/book/3254/
Scala Cookbook || Recipes for Object-Oriented and Functional Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/2980/
Fast Data Processing with Spark || High-speed distributed computing made easy with Spark http://it-ebooks.info/book/3185/
Learning SPARQL, 2nd Edition || Querying and Updating with SPARQL 1.1 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2574/
Citrix Access Gateway VPX 5.04 Essentials || A practical step-by-step guide to provide secure remote access using the Citrix Access Gateway VPX http://it-ebooks.info/book/2317/
Windows PowerShell 3.0 First Steps http://it-ebooks.info/book/2525/
Pro iOS Geo || Building Apps with Location Based Services http://it-ebooks.info/book/1974/
Xcode 4 Cookbook || Over 100 recipes to build your own fun and exciting iOS applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2927/
Learning Play! Framework 2 || Start developing awesome web applications with this friendly, practical guide to the Play! Framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/2805/
Oracle Data Integrator 11g Cookbook || Over 60 field-tested recipes for successful data integration projects with Oracle Data Integrator http://it-ebooks.info/book/3019/
Lift Cookbook || Recipes from the Community for Building Web Applications with Scala http://it-ebooks.info/book/2597/
Building Modular Cloud Apps with OSGi || Practical Modularity with Java in the Cloud Age http://it-ebooks.info/book/3057/
Mac Hacks || Tips & Tools for Unlocking the Power of OS X Mountain Lion http://it-ebooks.info/book/1967/
Ember.js Application Development How-to || Your first step in creating amazing web applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2032/
Expert Oracle RAC 12c http://it-ebooks.info/book/2932/
Jump Start Sinatra http://it-ebooks.info/book/2247/
HTML5 Game Programming with enchant.js http://it-ebooks.info/book/2673/
HTML5 Canvas, 2nd Edition || Native Interactivity and Animation for the Web http://it-ebooks.info/book/2261/
Hyper-V Replica Essentials || Ensure business continuity and improve your disaster recovery policy using Hyper-V Replica http://it-ebooks.info/book/3187/
Objective-C Programmer's Reference http://it-ebooks.info/book/3144/
Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual http://it-ebooks.info/book/3221/
Hacking Exposed Mobile || Security Secrets & Solutions http://it-ebooks.info/book/3341/
Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 || Discover all you need to know to implement Dynamics NAV 2013, from gathering the requirements to deployment http://it-ebooks.info/book/2739/
Apache CloudStack Cloud Computing || Leverage the power of CloudStack and learn to extend the CloudStack environment http://it-ebooks.info/book/2930/
Programming for PaaS || A Practical Guide to Coding for Platform-as-a-Service http://it-ebooks.info/book/2889/
Windows 8.1: Out of the Box, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3588/
Oracle SQL Tuning with Oracle SQLTXPLAIN http://it-ebooks.info/book/2096/
Beginning jQuery http://it-ebooks.info/book/1977/
Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino || Automate your home with a set of exciting projects for the Raspberry Pi http://it-ebooks.info/book/2037/
Python Data Visualization Cookbook || Over 60 recipes that will enable you to learn how to create attractive visualizations using Python's most popular libraries http://it-ebooks.info/book/3129/
Windows Phone 8 Recipes || A Problem-Solution Approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/2985/
OSGi Starter || The essential guide to modular development with OSGi http://it-ebooks.info/book/1764/
MCSD Certification Toolkit (Exam 70-483) || Programming in C# http://it-ebooks.info/book/2564/
Administrating Solr || Master the use of Drupal and associated scripts to administrate, monitor, and optimize Solr http://it-ebooks.info/book/3188/
Website Development with PyroCMS || Quickly and efficiently develop and deploy impressive websites with PyroCMS http://it-ebooks.info/book/3205/
Developing with Couchbase Server || Building Scalable, Flexible Database-Based Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/1855/
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Developer Reference  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2352/
Apple Motion 5 Cookbook || Over 110 recipes to build simple and complex motion graphics in the blink of an eye http://it-ebooks.info/book/2928/
HTML5 Foundations http://it-ebooks.info/book/3335/
Head First iPhone and iPad Development, 3rd Edition || A Learner's Guide to Creating Objective-C Applications for the iPhone and iPad http://it-ebooks.info/book/3196/
C# Quick Syntax Reference http://it-ebooks.info/book/2796/
CentOS 6 Linux Server Cookbook || A practical guide to installing, configuring, and administering the CentOS community-based enterprise server http://it-ebooks.info/book/2788/
Android Fragmentation Management How-to http://it-ebooks.info/book/1739/
Adobe Story Starter || Develop professional scripts, ready for production http://it-ebooks.info/book/1780/
Scala in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/3570/
Expert Oracle Application Express Security http://it-ebooks.info/book/2394/
Bootstrap || Responsive Web Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/2331/
Sass and Compass for Designers || Produce and maintain cross-browser CSS files easier than ever before with the Sass CSS preprocessor and its companion authoring framework, Compass http://it-ebooks.info/book/2608/
Learn iOS 7 App Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/3143/
Introduction to Online Payments Risk Management  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3051/
Sencha Touch in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/3008/
Beginning Rails 4, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3030/
Microsoft Project 2013: The Missing Manual http://it-ebooks.info/book/2259/
Genetic Programming Theory and Practice X http://it-ebooks.info/book/2667/
Lean UX || Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience http://it-ebooks.info/book/3223/
Reaction-Diffusion Automata || Phenomenology, Localisations, Computation http://it-ebooks.info/book/2857/
BuddyPress Theme Development || A hands-on guide to customize and embellish your BuddyPress website http://it-ebooks.info/book/3161/
Programming ArcGIS 10.1 with Python Cookbook || Over 75 recipes to help you automate geoprocessing tasks, create solutions, and solve problems for ArcGIS with Python http://it-ebooks.info/book/2722/
Big Data Application Architecture Q&A || A Problem - Solution Approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/3280/
An Introduction to Network Programming with Java, 3rd Edition || Java 7 Compatible http://it-ebooks.info/book/2665/
Drupal for Education and E-Learning, 2nd Edition || Create web-based, content-rich tools for teaching and learning http://it-ebooks.info/book/2945/
ASP.NET MVC 4 Recipes || A Problem-Solution Approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/2027/
Pro Android Graphics http://it-ebooks.info/book/3141/
Emerging Technologies for 3D Video || Creation, Coding, Transmission and Rendering http://it-ebooks.info/book/2462/
Practical ASP.NET Web API http://it-ebooks.info/book/2934/
New iPad Features in iOS 6 How-to || Learn to use Mail, iCloud, Photo Stream, iPhoto, iWorks, iTunes, iMovie, and Garageband through easy-to-follow recipes http://it-ebooks.info/book/1777/
Beginning 3D Game Development with Unity 4, 2nd Edition || All-in-one, multi-platform game development http://it-ebooks.info/book/2937/
Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Bipedal Walking http://it-ebooks.info/book/2659/
Axure RP Starter || Start prototyping your first Axure RP project the easy way http://it-ebooks.info/book/1779/
Dreamweaver CC: The Missing Manual http://it-ebooks.info/book/3305/
Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux || A practical guide to implementing penetration testing strategies on websites, web applications, and standard web protocols with Kali Linux http://it-ebooks.info/book/3000/
Teach Yourself Visually PowerPoint 2013 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2636/
Sublime Text Starter || Learn to efficiently author software, blog posts, or any other text with Sublime Text 2 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1810/
Python Cookbook, 3rd Edition || Recipes for Mastering Python 3 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2334/
Groovy 2 Cookbook || Over 90 recipes that provide solutions to everyday programming challenges using the powerful features of Groovy 2 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3186/
Anonymizing Health Data || Case Studies and Methods to Get You Started http://it-ebooks.info/book/3194/
Salesforce CRM Admin Cookbook || Over 40 recipes to make effective use of Salesforce CRM with the use of hidden features, advanced user interface techniques, and real-world solutions http://it-ebooks.info/book/2742/
High Performance Browser Networking || What every web developer should know about networking and web performance http://it-ebooks.info/book/3059/
OS X Mavericks: The Missing Manual http://it-ebooks.info/book/3308/
Android Studio Application Development || Create visually appealing applications using the new IntelliJ IDE Android Studio http://it-ebooks.info/book/3207/
Excel 2013 All-in-One For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2237/
The Healthy Programmer || Get Fit, Feel Better, and Keep Coding http://it-ebooks.info/book/3398/
The Business of Android Apps Development, 2nd Edition || Making and Marketing Apps that Succeed on Google Play, Amazon Appstore and More http://it-ebooks.info/book/2639/
PhoneGap Social App Development || Consume social network feeds and share social network content using native plugins and PhoneGap http://it-ebooks.info/book/1781/
Pro Puppet, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3275/
Beginning Java EE 7 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2646/
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Cookbook || Over 110 immediately usable and effective recipes to solve real-world Dynamics GP problems http://it-ebooks.info/book/3015/
Beginning Backbone.js http://it-ebooks.info/book/3255/
Microsoft Word 2013 Step by Step http://it-ebooks.info/book/2207/
KNIME Essentials || Perform accurate data analysis using the power of KNIME http://it-ebooks.info/book/3204/
JIRA 5.x Development Cookbook || This book is your one-stop resource for mastering JIRA extensions and customizations http://it-ebooks.info/book/2860/
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Quickstart Cookbook || Get up to date with the exciting new features in .NET 4.5 Framework with these simple but incredibly effective recipes http://it-ebooks.info/book/3014/
HTML5 Enterprise Application Development || A step-by-step practical introduction to HTML5 through the building of a real-world application, including common development practices http://it-ebooks.info/book/2720/
Learn Cocoa on the Mac, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2358/
Cucumber Recipes || Automate Anything with BDD Tools and Techniques http://it-ebooks.info/book/3380/
Developing Backbone.js Applications || Building Better JavaScript Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2330/
Managing Multimedia and Unstructured Data in the Oracle Database || A revolutionary approach to understanding, managing, and delivering digital objects, assets, and all types of data http://it-ebooks.info/book/2843/
AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1745/
Theories of Programming and Formal Methods http://it-ebooks.info/book/2661/
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 App Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/3079/
Learn HTML5 by Creating Fun Games || Learn one of the most popular markup languages by creating simple yet fun games http://it-ebooks.info/book/2957/
Adobe Edge Animate CC For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2421/
iPhone and iPad Apps for Absolute Beginners, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2093/
Unity 4.x Cookbook || Over 100 recipes to spice up your Unity skills http://it-ebooks.info/book/2698/
Beginning Arduino, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2988/
EPUB 3 Best Practices || Optimize Your Digital Books http://it-ebooks.info/book/1637/
Calculus for Computer Graphics http://it-ebooks.info/book/2811/
Professional ASP.NET 4.5 in C# and VB http://it-ebooks.info/book/2565/
Excel 2013: The Missing Manual http://it-ebooks.info/book/2591/
HTML5 Game Development with ImpactJS || A step-by-step guide to developing your own 2D games http://it-ebooks.info/book/2784/
Web Application Development with R Using Shiny || Harness the graphical and statistical power of R and rapidly develop interactive user interfaces using the superb Shiny package http://it-ebooks.info/book/3206/
Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell || Techniques for Multicore and Multithreaded Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/2515/
Learning Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control || Take control of securing sensitive information whilst learning about architecture and functionality http://it-ebooks.info/book/3530/
Exam Ref 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/3119/
Interactive Segmentation Techniques || Algorithms and Performance Evaluation http://it-ebooks.info/book/2817/
OpenGL ES 2 for Android || A Quick-Start Guide  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3400/
Android Game Programming For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/1700/
Android Developer Tools Essentials || Android Studio to Zipalign http://it-ebooks.info/book/2978/
Realtime Web Apps || With HTML5 WebSocket, PHP, and jQuery http://it-ebooks.info/book/2365/
Git Recipes || A Problem-Solution Approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/3259/
Mondrian in Action || Open source business analytics http://it-ebooks.info/book/3001/
Learning jQuery, 4th Edition || Better interaction, design, and web development with simple JavaScript techniques http://it-ebooks.info/book/2956/
Professional SharePoint 2013 Administration  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2215/
iOS 6 Application Development For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2067/
Enyo: Up and Running || Build Native-Quality Cross-Platform JavaScript Apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/1627/
Microsoft Forefront UAG Mobile Configuration Starter || Everything you need to get started with UAG and its features for mobile devices http://it-ebooks.info/book/2033/
Getting Started with MariaDB || Learn how to use MariaDB to store your data easily and hassle-free http://it-ebooks.info/book/3162/
IBM Cognos Business Intelligence || Discover the practical approach to BI with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence http://it-ebooks.info/book/2900/
Designing for Behavior Change || Applying Psychology and Behavioral Economics http://it-ebooks.info/book/3197/
iCloud for Developers || Automatically Sync Your iOS Data, Everywhere, All the Time http://it-ebooks.info/book/3401/
Getting Started with Amazon Redshift || Enter the exciting world of Amazon Redshift for big data, cloud computing, and scalable data warehousing http://it-ebooks.info/book/2970/
Microsoft Lync 2013 Unified Communications || From Telephony to Real Time Communication in the Digital Age http://it-ebooks.info/book/2861/
Apache Sqoop Cookbook || Unlocking Hadoop for Your Relational Database http://it-ebooks.info/book/2577/
ZeroMQ || Messaging for Many Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2077/
Pro Asynchronous Programming with .NET http://it-ebooks.info/book/3276/
Pro Django, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2677/
Programming PHP, 3rd Edition || Creating Dynamic Web Pages http://it-ebooks.info/book/1857/
Hadoop Real-World Solutions Cookbook || Realistic, simple code examples to solve problems at scale with Hadoop and related technologies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2038/
JIRA 5.2 Essentials || Learn how to track bugs and issues, and manage your software development projects with JIRA http://it-ebooks.info/book/2804/
Migration to HTML5 and CSS3 How-to http://it-ebooks.info/book/1740/
Head First C#, 3rd Edition || A Learner's Guide to Real-World Programming with C#, XAML, and .NET http://it-ebooks.info/book/2885/
Pro Windows Phone App Development, 3rd Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2989/
Theory of Fun for Game Design, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3310/
Instant RSpec Test-Driven Development How-to || Learn RSpec and redefine your approach towards software development http://it-ebooks.info/book/3122/
Professional Team Foundation Server 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1427/
Learning Kendo UI Web Development || An easy-to-follow practical tutorial to add exciting features to your web pages without being a JavaScript expert http://it-ebooks.info/book/2906/
Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with Sure Step 2012 || Get to grips with AX 2012 and learn a whole host of tips and tricks to ensure project success http://it-ebooks.info/book/2802/
Windows Phone 8 Application Development Essentials || A practical guide to creating a Windows Phone 8 application using C#, XAML, and MVVM http://it-ebooks.info/book/3164/
Pro ASP.NET 4.5 in C#, 5th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2675/
Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Cookbook || Over 60 recipes for the administration and management of Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 SP1 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2148/
Unifying Theories of Programming and Formal Engineering Methods || International Training School on Software Engineering, Held at ICTAC http://it-ebooks.info/book/2810/
Creating Mobile Apps with Sencha Touch 2 || Learn to use the Sencha Touch programming language and expand your skills by building 10 unique applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2806/
PowerShell 3.0 Advanced Administration Handbook || A fast-paced PowerShell guide with real-world scenarios and detailed solutions http://it-ebooks.info/book/2862/
Pro Team Foundation Service http://it-ebooks.info/book/2390/
Learning Java, 4th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2595/
Microsoft SharePoint 2013: Planning for Adoption and Governance http://it-ebooks.info/book/2485/
Puppet 3 Beginner's Guide || Start from scratch with the Puppet configuration management system, and learn how to fully utilize Puppet through simple, practical examples http://it-ebooks.info/book/2845/
Heroku: Up and Running || Effortless Application Deployment and Scaling http://it-ebooks.info/book/3172/
C Programming for Arduino || Learn how to program and use Arduino boards with a series of engaging examples, illustrating each core concept http://it-ebooks.info/book/2922/
Excel Dashboards and Reports, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2586/
Beginning Windows 8 Data Development || Using C# and JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/3026/
Pro ASP.NET Web API Security || Securing ASP.NET Web API http://it-ebooks.info/book/2328/
Exam Ref 70-485: Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C# http://it-ebooks.info/book/3118/
101 Excel 2013 Tips, Tricks and Timesavers http://it-ebooks.info/book/2587/
Wireshark Starter || A quick and easy guide to getting started with network analysis using Wireshark http://it-ebooks.info/book/1783/
Hands-On Oracle Application Express Security || Building Secure Apex Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2507/
Instant Ubuntu || Your complete guide to making the switch to Ubuntu http://it-ebooks.info/book/3125/
Outsource It! || A No-Holds-Barred Look at the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Offshoring Tech Projects http://it-ebooks.info/book/3397/
PhoneGap 2.x Mobile Application Development || Create exciting apps for mobile devices using PhoneGap http://it-ebooks.info/book/2035/
RaphaelJS || Graphics and Visualization on the Web  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3139/
Intel Trusted Execution Technology for Server Platforms || A Guide to More Secure Datacenters http://it-ebooks.info/book/3027/
Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework Step by Step  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2526/
jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials, 2nd Edition || Build mobile-optimized websites using the simple, practical, and powerful jQuery-based framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/3163/
Git Pocket Guide || A Working Introduction http://it-ebooks.info/book/2517/
Zend Framework 2.0 by Example || A step-by-step guide to help you build full-scale web applications using Zend Framework 2.0 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3109/
Expert Android || Custom components to mobile clouds: an advanced guide for impactful mobile applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2640/
Getting Started with Magento Extension Development || Understand Magento extensions, and build your own from scratch! http://it-ebooks.info/book/3268/
Professional Hadoop Solutions http://it-ebooks.info/book/3050/
Programming Grails || Best Practices for Experienced Grails Developers http://it-ebooks.info/book/2263/
User-Centered Design || A Developer's Guide to Building User-Friendly Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2086/
Pro Objective-C http://it-ebooks.info/book/2939/
Programming Ruby 1.9 & 2.0, 4th Edition || The Pragmatic Programmers' Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/3396/
The Definitive ANTLR 4 Reference http://it-ebooks.info/book/3234/
XML and InDesign || Stylish Structure: Publishing XML with Adobe InDesign http://it-ebooks.info/book/1625/
Beginning ASP.NET MVC 4 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2669/
Big Data For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2082/
Office 2013 All-In-One For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2120/
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Step by Step http://it-ebooks.info/book/2206/
Appcelerator Titanium: Up and Running || Building Native iOS and Android Apps Using JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/2075/
The Professional ScrumMaster's Handbook || A collection of tips, tricks, and war stories to help the professional ScrumMaster break the chains of traditional organization and management http://it-ebooks.info/book/2803/
Learning from jQuery || Building on Core Skills  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1640/
TypeScript Revealed http://it-ebooks.info/book/2025/
Clojure Data Analysis Cookbook || Over 110 recipes to help you dive into the world of practical data analysis using Clojure http://it-ebooks.info/book/2726/
SFML Game Development || Learn how to use SFML 2.0 to develop your own feature-packed game http://it-ebooks.info/book/2959/
Windows Azure Hybrid Cloud http://it-ebooks.info/book/3048/
Teach Yourself Visually Search Engine Optimization || SEO http://it-ebooks.info/book/2635/
Microsoft Word 2013 Plain & Simple http://it-ebooks.info/book/2105/
jQuery UI 1.10: The User Interface Library for jQuery || Build highly interactive web applications with ready-to-use widgets http://it-ebooks.info/book/3345/
Learn Java for Android Development, 2nd Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2057/
Learning Three.js: The JavaScript 3D Library for WebGL || Create and animate stunning 3D graphics using the open source Three.js JavaScript library http://it-ebooks.info/book/3184/
Beginning HTML and CSS http://it-ebooks.info/book/1927/
Processing, 2nd Edition || Creative Coding and Generative Art in Processing 2 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2362/
UnrealScript Game Programming Cookbook || Discover how you can augment your game development with the power of UnrealScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/3108/
Distributed Graph Algorithms for Computer Networks  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2666/
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Financial Management || Delve deep into the world of financial management with Microsoft Dynamics NAV http://it-ebooks.info/book/3262/
Mastering Nginx || An in-depth guide to configuring NGINX for any situation, including numerous examples and reference tables describing each directive http://it-ebooks.info/book/2728/
CSS Text || Styling Your Words http://it-ebooks.info/book/2886/
Windows 8 eLearning Kit For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2068/
OpenCV Computer Vision with Python || Learn to capture videos, manipulate images, and track objects with Python using the OpenCV Library http://it-ebooks.info/book/2866/
Using Node.js for UI Testing || Learn how to easily automate testing of your web apps using Node.js, Zombie.js, and Mocha http://it-ebooks.info/book/2785/
More iOS 6 Development || Further Explorations of the iOS SDK http://it-ebooks.info/book/1973/
Etudes for Erlang http://it-ebooks.info/book/2084/
Crafting Rails 4 Applications || Expert Practices for Everyday Rails Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/3391/
Advanced Network Programming - Principles and Techniques || Network Application Programming with Java http://it-ebooks.info/book/2737/
Unity 4.x Game AI Programming || Learn and implement game AI in Unity3D with a lot of sample projects and next-generation techniques to use in your Unity3D projects http://it-ebooks.info/book/2725/
Microsoft Access 2013 Plain & Simple http://it-ebooks.info/book/2106/
Kinect in Motion - Audio and Visual Tracking by Example || A fast-paced, practical guide including examples, clear instructions, and details for building your own multimodal user interface http://it-ebooks.info/book/2863/
Beginning Oracle Application Express 4.2, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2360/
Expert PHP and MySQL || Application Design and Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/2986/
Developing Mobile Games with Moai SDK || Learn the basics of Moai SDK through developing games http://it-ebooks.info/book/2497/
concrete5 Beginner's Guide, 2nd Edition || Create and customize your own feature-rich website in no time with concrete5! http://it-ebooks.info/book/2846/
Beginning Android C++ Game Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/2990/
Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 7 Programmer Exams 1Z0-804 and 1Z0-805 || A Comprehensive OCPJP 7 Certification Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/2095/
Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor Architecture and Tools || The Guide for Application Developers http://it-ebooks.info/book/2987/
WordPress Theme Development, 3rd Edition || Learn how to design and build great WordPress themes http://it-ebooks.info/book/2747/
iPhone: The Missing Manual, 7th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3135/
SignalR: Real-time Application Development || Utilize real-time functionality in your .NET applications with ease http://it-ebooks.info/book/2949/
Spring for Android Starter || Leverage Spring for Android to create RESTful and OAuth Android apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/1778/
Chef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook || Over 80 delicious recipes to automate your cloud and server infrastructure with Chef http://it-ebooks.info/book/3156/
IBM Cognos 10 Framework Manager || A comprehensive, practical guide to using this essential tool for modeling your data for use with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Reporting http://it-ebooks.info/book/2901/
Microsoft Outlook 2013 Step by Step http://it-ebooks.info/book/2107/
Developing RESTful Services with JAX-RS 2.0, WebSockets, and JSON || A complete and practical guide to building RESTful Web Services with the latest Java EE7 API http://it-ebooks.info/book/3270/
Burp Suite Starter || Get up and running with Burp Suite using this hands-on practical guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1809/
Excel Formulas and Functions For Dummies, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2126/
Sencha Touch 2: Up and Running || Building Enterprise Cross-Platform Mobile Web Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/1850/
Cloud Capacity Management http://it-ebooks.info/book/2798/
Ace the Programming Interview || 160 Questions and Answers for Success http://it-ebooks.info/book/2585/
Good Math || A Geek's Guide to the Beauty of Numbers, Logic, and Computation http://it-ebooks.info/book/3394/
Exam Ref 70-331: Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2518/
Instant Selenium Testing Tools Starter || A short, fast, and focused guide to Selenium Testing tools that delivers immediate results http://it-ebooks.info/book/3123/
Jump Start Responsive Web Design http://it-ebooks.info/book/2248/
Oracle Solaris 11: First Look || A sneak peek at all the important new features and functionality of Oracle Solaris 11 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1815/
Learning SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 || Get the most out of SQL Server Reporting Service 2012, both Native and SharePoint Integrated modes http://it-ebooks.info/book/2961/
Rethinking Enterprise Storage: A Hybrid Cloud Model http://it-ebooks.info/book/2524/
Enterprise Data Workflows with Cascading || Streamlined Enterprise Data Management and Analysis http://it-ebooks.info/book/2575/
Atlassian Confluence 5 Essentials || Learn how to install, configure, and manage Atlassian Confluence 5 to build an enterprise-grade collaboration platform http://it-ebooks.info/book/2993/
Instant Autodesk Revit 2013 Customization with .NET How-to [Instant] || A supercharged guide to creating your own plugins, add-ons and customizations for Revit with .NET http://it-ebooks.info/book/1811/
Hadoop: Beginner's Guide || Learn how to crunch big data to extract meaning from the data avalanche http://it-ebooks.info/book/2727/
Windows 8 App Projects || XAML and C# Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2058/
Taming Text || How to Find, Organize, and Manipulate It http://it-ebooks.info/book/1547/
Web Information Retrieval http://it-ebooks.info/book/2816/
SDL Game Development || Discover how to leverage the power of SDL 2.0 to create awesome games in C++ http://it-ebooks.info/book/2960/
Aliasing in Object-Oriented Programming || Types, Analysis, and Verification http://it-ebooks.info/book/2732/
Beginning Groovy, Grails and Griffon http://it-ebooks.info/book/2670/
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Administration Cookbook || Over 50 practical recipes to install, configure, and monitor your Oracle setup using Oracle Enterprise Manager http://it-ebooks.info/book/2800/
Instant Cucumber BDD How-to || A short and quick guide to mastering behavior-driven software development with Cucumber http://it-ebooks.info/book/3121/
Silverlight 5 Animation || Enrich your web page or Silverlight business application with Silverlight animations http://it-ebooks.info/book/1765/
Drools JBoss Rules 5.X Developer's Guide || Define and execute your business rules with Drools http://it-ebooks.info/book/2904/
Learn Unity 4 for iOS Game Development || Create amazing 3D games for iPhone and iPad http://it-ebooks.info/book/2643/
Third-Party JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/2276/
Pro Data Visualization using R and JavaScript  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2676/
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 with Hadoop || Integrate data between Apache Hadoop and SQL Server 2012 and provide business intelligence on the heterogeneous data http://it-ebooks.info/book/3155/
Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1761/
Ethernet Switches || An Introduction to Network Design with Switches http://it-ebooks.info/book/2087/
Spring in Practice http://it-ebooks.info/book/2441/
CSS Fonts || Web Typography Possibilities http://it-ebooks.info/book/2568/
Hadoop MapReduce Cookbook || Recipes for analyzing large and complex datasets with Hadoop MapReduce http://it-ebooks.info/book/1817/
Single Page Web Applications || JavaScript end-to-end http://it-ebooks.info/book/3574/
Designing Next Generation Web Projects with CSS3  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1744/
jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Beginner's Guide || Develop professional 3D games for desktop, web, and mobile, all in the familiar Java programming language http://it-ebooks.info/book/2998/
Professional WordPress, 2nd Edition || Design and Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/1425/
Debian 7: System Administration Best Practices || Learn the best ways to install and administer a Debian Linux distribution http://it-ebooks.info/book/3126/
Agent-Oriented Software Engineering XIII || 3th International Workshop, AOSE 2012, Valencia, Spain http://it-ebooks.info/book/2809/
Filtering, Control and Fault Detection with Randomly Occurring Incomplete Information http://it-ebooks.info/book/2505/
LOVE for Lua Game Programming || Master the Lua programming language and build exciting strategy-based games in 2D using the LOVE framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/3203/
HTML5 Game Development with GameMaker || Experience a captivating journey that will take you from creating a full-on shoot 'em up to your first social web browser game http://it-ebooks.info/book/2848/
Dependency Injection with AngularJS || Design, control, and manage your dependencies with AngularJS dependency injection http://it-ebooks.info/book/3127/
Corona SDK application design || A quick and easy guide to creating your very own mobile apps with Corona SDK http://it-ebooks.info/book/2944/
Nginx HTTP Server, 2nd Edition || Make the most of your infrastructure and serve pages faster than ever with Nginx http://it-ebooks.info/book/3110/
Python Geospatial Development, 2nd Edition || Learn to build sophisticated mapping applications from scratch using Python tools for geospatial development http://it-ebooks.info/book/2921/
Proportionate-type Normalized Least Mean Square Algorithms http://it-ebooks.info/book/2583/
Idea to iPhone || The essential guide to creating your first app for the iPhone and iPad http://it-ebooks.info/book/3338/
Java Network Programming, 4th Edition || Developing Networked Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/3137/
JBoss AS 7 Development || Develop, deploy, and secure Java applications on the new release of this robust, open source application server http://it-ebooks.info/book/2951/
PMP Training Kit http://it-ebooks.info/book/3502/
Practical Ext JS 4 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2938/
98-374 Gaming Development Fundamentals http://it-ebooks.info/book/2463/
Word 2013 Bible || The Comprehensive Tutorial Resource http://it-ebooks.info/book/2546/
MongoDB Applied Design Patterns || Practical Use Cases with the Leading NoSQL Database http://it-ebooks.info/book/2078/
Professional SharePoint 2013 Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/1925/
Information Security The Complete Reference, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3340/
Learning Physics Modeling with PhysX || Master the PhysX 3 Physics Engine and learn how to program your very own physics simulation http://it-ebooks.info/book/3107/
Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c http://it-ebooks.info/book/2672/
Problem Solving and Data Analysis Using Minitab || A Clear and Easy Guide to Six Sigma Methodology http://it-ebooks.info/book/2584/
Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Game Development || Create captivating games for all Windows 8 devices in C# http://it-ebooks.info/book/2641/
Professional NFC Application Development for Android http://it-ebooks.info/book/2218/
Microsoft System Center: Configuration Manager Field Experience http://it-ebooks.info/book/3073/
Office 2013 Bible || The Comprehensive Tutorial Resource http://it-ebooks.info/book/2547/
Building E-commerce Sites with VirtueMart Cookbook || Over 90 recipes to help you build an attractive, profitable, and fully-featured e-commerce store with VirtueMart http://it-ebooks.info/book/2967/
Exploring Microsoft SharePoint 2013 || New Features & Functions http://it-ebooks.info/book/1865/
Algorithms from and for Nature and Life || Classification and Data Analysis http://it-ebooks.info/book/2814/
JavaScript for PHP Developers || A Concise Guide to Mastering JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/2267/
Nagios Core Administration Cookbook || Develop an integrated monitoring solution for virtually any kind of network http://it-ebooks.info/book/1837/
Beginning iOS 6 Development || Exploring the iOS SDK http://it-ebooks.info/book/1558/
Co-evolution of Intelligent Socio-technical Systems http://it-ebooks.info/book/2662/
Getting Started with Greenplum for Big Data Analytics || A hands-on guide on how to execute an analytics project from conceptualization to operationalization using Greenplum http://it-ebooks.info/book/3266/
Instant Mock Testing with PowerMock || Discover unit testing using PowerMock http://it-ebooks.info/book/3151/
Introduction to Computer Science Using Python || A Computational Problem-Solving Focus http://it-ebooks.info/book/2466/
Java EE 7 Recipes || A Problem-Solution Approach  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2645/
Office 2013 For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2119/
Graph Databases http://it-ebooks.info/book/2571/
Implementing VMware Horizon View 5.2 || A practical guide to designing, implementing, and administrating an optimized Virtual Desktop solution with VMware Horizon View http://it-ebooks.info/book/2995/
Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2671/
Professional iOS Database Application Programming, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2217/
Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Expert Development Cookbook || Over 40 recipes for successfully mixing the powerful capabilities of .NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2840/
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Cookbook || Includes over 75 incredible recipes for deploying, configuring, and customizing your CRM application http://it-ebooks.info/book/3011/
Developing with PDF || Dive Into the Portable Document Format http://it-ebooks.info/book/3085/
CiviCRM Cookbook || Master this web-based constituent relationship management software for nonprofit and civic sector organizations http://it-ebooks.info/book/2950/
Unity Shaders and Effects Cookbook || Discover how to make your Unity projects look stunning with Shaders and screen effects http://it-ebooks.info/book/2954/
Dart in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/1548/
Getting Started with Paint.NET || Create amazing images easily and professionally with one of the best free photo editors available http://it-ebooks.info/book/3347/
Learn Android App Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/2359/
Start Here! Build Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/2355/
RESTful Web APIs http://it-ebooks.info/book/3060/
Aptana Studio Beginner's Guide || Develop web applications effectively with the Aptana Studio 3 IDE http://it-ebooks.info/book/1836/
Software Product Quality Control http://it-ebooks.info/book/2660/
Dreamweaver CS6 Mobile and Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery Mobile || Harness the cutting-edge features of Dreamweaver for mobile and web development http://it-ebooks.info/book/2942/
PowerShell in Depth || An Administrator's Guide  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2278/
Getting Started with Oracle Event Processing 11g || Create and develop real-world scenario Oracle CEP applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2741/
The Changing Role of the CIO http://it-ebooks.info/book/3191/
Fast ASP.NET Websites http://it-ebooks.info/book/3003/
Mastering UDK Game Development || Eight projects specifically designed to help you exploit the Unreal Development Kit to its full potential http://it-ebooks.info/book/2743/
Torque 3D Game Development Cookbook || Over 80 practical recipes and hidden gems for getting the most out of the Torque 3D game engine http://it-ebooks.info/book/1766/
Learning IPython for Interactive Computing and Data Visualization || Learn IPython for interactive Python programming, high-performance numerical computing, and data visualization http://it-ebooks.info/book/2865/
Oracle Fusion Applications Administration Essentials http://it-ebooks.info/book/3327/
Big Data Analytics Using Splunk || Deriving Operational Intelligence from Social Media, Machine Data, Existing Data Warehouses, and Other Real-Time Streaming Sources http://it-ebooks.info/book/2391/
Agile Data Science || Building Data Analytics Applications with Hadoop http://it-ebooks.info/book/3086/
Understanding Computation || From Simple Machines to Impossible Programs http://it-ebooks.info/book/2514/
Oracle Business Intelligence 11g R1 Cookbook || Make complex analytical reports simple and deliver valuable business data using OBIEE 11g with this comprehensive and practical guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/3018/
Windows Azure Mobile Services http://it-ebooks.info/book/2567/
Game Analytics || Maximizing the Value of Player Data http://it-ebooks.info/book/2663/
Apache Accumulo for Developers || Build and integrate Accumulo clusters with various cloud platforms http://it-ebooks.info/book/3189/
Appcelerator Titanium Business Application Development Cookbook || Over 40 hands-on recipes to quickly and efficiently create business grade Titanium Enterprise apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/2964/
SharePoint 2013 Branding and User Interface Design  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3049/
MongoDB: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition || Powerful and Scalable Data Storage http://it-ebooks.info/book/2333/
Microsoft Access 2013 Inside Out http://it-ebooks.info/book/2656/
Eclipse 4 Plug-in Development by Example || How to develop, build, test, package, and release Eclipse plug-ins with features for Eclipse 3.x and Eclipse 4.x http://it-ebooks.info/book/2963/
Oracle Database and PowerShell How-to || Utilize the power of Microsoft's powerful scripting engine to automate database tasks with Oracle from PowerShell http://it-ebooks.info/book/1782/
Transactions on Pattern Languages of Programming III http://it-ebooks.info/book/2731/
Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2 || Technical Overview http://it-ebooks.info/book/3077/
Magento: Beginner's Guide, 2nd Edition || Learn how to create a fully featured, attractive online store with the most powerful open source solution for e-commerce http://it-ebooks.info/book/2965/
Play for Scala || Covers Play 2 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3009/
Galleria How-to || Recipes to make you an expert user of the Galleria JavaScript framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/2031/
Professional Visual Basic 2012 and .NET 4.5 Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/1426/
Testing in Scala http://it-ebooks.info/book/1629/
PHP, MySQL, JavaScript & HTML5 All-in-One For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2083/
Android Application Development Cookbook || 93 Recipes for Building Winning Apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/1428/
Learn C on the Mac, 2nd Edition || For OS X and iOS http://it-ebooks.info/book/2023/
HTML5: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition || The Book That Should Have Been in the Box http://it-ebooks.info/book/3136/
Hadoop in Practice http://it-ebooks.info/book/1028/
Spring Roo in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/741/
Team Foundation Server 2012 Starter || Your quick start guide to TFS 2012, top features, and best practices with hands on examples http://it-ebooks.info/book/2312/
SciPy and NumPy || Optimizing & Boosting your Python Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/1280/
Professional ASP.NET MVC 4 http://it-ebooks.info/book/981/
Illustrated Guide to Home Forensic Science Experiments || All Lab, No Lecture http://it-ebooks.info/book/2174/
Professional C# 2012 and .NET 4.5 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1420/
Pro JavaScript Performance || Monitoring and Visualization http://it-ebooks.info/book/1325/
The Cucumber Book || Behaviour-Driven Development for Testers and Developers http://it-ebooks.info/book/3442/
Creating Games with cocos2d for iPhone 2 || Master cocos2d through building nine complete games for the iPhone http://it-ebooks.info/book/1509/
Java EE 6 Pocket Guide || A Quick Reference for Simplified Enterprise Java Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/948/
Beginning Android 4 Application Development  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1313/
Harnessing Green IT || Principles and Practices  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2373/
Start Here! Learn Microsoft Visual Basic 2012  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1330/
HTML5 Programming for ASP.NET Developers http://it-ebooks.info/book/1324/
Mac Application Development by Example || Beginner's Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1458/
Practical AVR Microcontrollers || Games, Gadgets, and Home Automation with the Microcontroller Used in the Arduino http://it-ebooks.info/book/1146/
Arch Linux Environment Setup How-to http://it-ebooks.info/book/1736/
Manage Partitions with GParted How-to http://it-ebooks.info/book/1598/
SQL Server 2012 Data Integration Recipes || Solutions for Integration Services and Other ETL Tools http://it-ebooks.info/book/1309/
The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords || Create Versatile and Powerful Marketing and Advertising Campaigns http://it-ebooks.info/book/1273/
Practical SharePoint 2010 Information Architecture  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1270/
Big Data Now: 2012 Edition || Current Perspectives from O'Reilly Media http://it-ebooks.info/book/2170/
How Google Tests Software http://it-ebooks.info/book/1200/
JavaScript Pocket Reference, 3rd Edition || Activate Your Web Pages http://it-ebooks.info/book/705/
Head First C http://it-ebooks.info/book/704/
Processing 2: Creative Programming Cookbook || Over 90 highly-effective recipes to unleash your creativity with interactive art, graphics, computer vision, 3D, and more http://it-ebooks.info/book/2181/
Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Mountain Lion Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/993/
IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.1 Dashboarding Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1257/
Learn HTML5 and JavaScript for iOS || Web Standards-based Apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch http://it-ebooks.info/book/1192/
Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications || Build dynamic, mission-critical applications with this hands-on guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/2315/
Beginning Kinect Programming with the Microsoft Kinect SDK http://it-ebooks.info/book/656/
Programming Google App Engine, 2nd Edition || Build & Run Scalable Web Applications on Google's Infrastructure http://it-ebooks.info/book/1040/
The Problem with Native JavaScript APIs || Why reliance on native JavaScript APIs leads to disadvantages http://it-ebooks.info/book/3131/
HTML5 Boilerplate Web Development || Master HTML5 Boilerplate web development with a robust set of templates to get your web projects done quickly and effectively http://it-ebooks.info/book/2182/
The C++ Standard Library, 2nd Edition || A Tutorial and Reference http://it-ebooks.info/book/1255/
Beginning C for Arduino || Learn C Programming for the Arduino http://it-ebooks.info/book/1581/
Programming Interactivity, 2nd Edition || A Designer's Guide to Processing, Arduino, and openFrameworks http://it-ebooks.info/book/482/
HLSL and Pixel Shaders for XAML Developers || A comprehensive guide to creating HLSL pixel shaders for WPF and Silverlight applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/717/
Pro SQL Database for Windows Azure, 2nd Edition || SQL Server in the Cloud http://it-ebooks.info/book/1618/
WordPress: The Missing Manual || The Complete Guide to Building Blogs and Corporate Websites http://it-ebooks.info/book/1086/
Pro Android Apps Performance Optimization http://it-ebooks.info/book/646/
Node Cookbook || Over 50 recipes to master the art of asynchronous server-side JavaScript using Node http://it-ebooks.info/book/1897/
Pro SharePoint 2010 Development for Office 365  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2322/
A Practical Guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, 6th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1442/
HTML5 Video How-To http://it-ebooks.info/book/1158/
Atmospheric Monitoring with Arduino || Building Simple Devices to Collect Data About the Environment http://it-ebooks.info/book/1961/
Visual Basic 2012 Programmer's Reference http://it-ebooks.info/book/982/
Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 in VB http://it-ebooks.info/book/996/
Joomla! Templates http://it-ebooks.info/book/1042/
Pro .NET Performance || Optimize Your C# Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/999/
Code Simplicity || The Fundamentals of Software  http://it-ebooks.info/book/688/
Professional Node.js || Building Javascript Based Scalable Software http://it-ebooks.info/book/984/
Drupal Search Engine Optimization http://it-ebooks.info/book/1196/
Pro HTML5 with Visual Studio 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1150/
Java 7 Concurrency Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1116/
Programming Clojure, 2nd edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3445/
Learn Objective-C on the Mac For OS X and iOS, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1244/
Making Android Accessories with IOIO || Going Mobile with Sensors, Lights, Motors, and Robots http://it-ebooks.info/book/1167/
Building Mobile Applications with Java || Using the Google Web Toolkit and PhoneGap http://it-ebooks.info/book/671/
KnockoutJS Starter || Learn how to knock out your next app in no time with KnockoutJS http://it-ebooks.info/book/2187/
What's New in SQL Server 2012 || Unleash the new features of SQL Server 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2311/
Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Administration http://it-ebooks.info/book/1289/
Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator's Handbook || Create a reliable, secure, and flexible environment for your Oracle SOA Suite 11g Service Infrastructure and SOA composite applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2316/
Pro Office 365 Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/2158/
Practical Computer Vision with SimpleCV || The Simple Way to Make Technology See http://it-ebooks.info/book/721/
Pro WPF 4.5 in C#, 4th Edition || Windows Presentation Foundation in .NET 4.5 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1551/
Blogging For Dummies, 4th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1009/
Metro Revealed: Building Windows 8 apps with HTML5 and JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/1477/
Sakai OAE Deployment and Management || Open Source Collaboration and Learning for Higher Education http://it-ebooks.info/book/851/
Getting Started with Couchbase Server || Extreme Scalability at Your Fingertips http://it-ebooks.info/book/825/
Beginning Visual C# 2012 Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/2213/
jQuery Mobile: Up and Running || Using HTML5 to Design Web Apps for Tablets and Smartphones http://it-ebooks.info/book/660/
Enterprise Games || Using Game Mechanics to Build a Better Business http://it-ebooks.info/book/943/
Shipping Greatness || Practical lessons on building and launching outstanding software, learned on the job at Google and Amazon http://it-ebooks.info/book/1487/
HornetQ Messaging Developer's Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1366/
Windows PowerShell Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition || Portable Help for PowerShell Scripters http://it-ebooks.info/book/1360/
Android Apps with Eclipse http://it-ebooks.info/book/859/
Beginning R || An Introduction to Statistical Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/1148/
iPod: The Missing Manual, 11th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1355/
Cloud Architecture Patterns || Develop cloud-native applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/947/
HTML5 Architecture || Building Apps for the Open Web http://it-ebooks.info/book/682/
Practical HTML5 Projects http://it-ebooks.info/book/843/
The Web Designer's Roadmap http://it-ebooks.info/book/2243/
Learning Cocoa with Objective-C, 3rd Edition || Developing for the Mac and iOS App Stores http://it-ebooks.info/book/1344/
Beginning R || The Statistical Programming Language http://it-ebooks.info/book/797/
Understanding IPv6, 3rd Edition || Covers Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1022/
Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches for Network Analysis http://it-ebooks.info/book/2501/
Microsoft Windows Server AppFabric Cookbook  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1185/
Pro Android Augmented Reality http://it-ebooks.info/book/1212/
iPad Enterprise Application Development BluePrints  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1363/
Practical SharePoint 2010 Branding and Customization http://it-ebooks.info/book/2089/
Parallel Programming with Intel Parallel Studio XE  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1421/
Avid Media Composer 6.x Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1572/
Photoshop Elements 11 All-in-One For Dummies  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2287/
SharePoint Server 2010 Administration 24 Hour Trainer http://it-ebooks.info/book/1173/
The Art of SEO, 2nd Edition || Mastering Search Engine Optimization http://it-ebooks.info/book/3239/
Adobe Edge Preview 5: The Missing Manual || The book that should have been in the box http://it-ebooks.info/book/734/
OData Programming Cookbook for .NET Developers || 70 fast-track, example-driven recipes with clear instructions and details for OData programming with .NET Framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/2496/
Beginning iOS 3D Unreal Games Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/1243/
Professional Sitecore Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/736/
Programming iOS 5, 2nd Edition : Covers iOS 5 and Xcode 4.3 || Fundamentals of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/684/
Beginning XML, 5th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/976/
Spring Integration in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/1172/
Dreamweaver CS6: The Missing Manual http://it-ebooks.info/book/869/
Windows 8 Application Development with HTML5 For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/1697/
Monitoring with Ganglia || Tracking Dynamic Host and Application Metrics at Scale http://it-ebooks.info/book/1283/
Oracle SOA Infrastructure Implementation Certification Handbook (1Z0-451) http://it-ebooks.info/book/1228/
Professional jQuery http://it-ebooks.info/book/2212/
Professional HTML5 Mobile Game Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/983/
Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS, 2nd Edition || A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites http://it-ebooks.info/book/923/
Windows 8 Apps Revealed Using HTML5 and JavaScript  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3260/
Windows PowerShell Cookbook, 3rd Edition || The Complete Guide to Scripting Microsoft's Command Shell http://it-ebooks.info/book/1359/
Pro Android 4 http://it-ebooks.info/book/657/
Social Media for Wordpress || Build Communities, Engage Members and Promote Your Site http://it-ebooks.info/book/1225/
Arduino Wearables http://it-ebooks.info/book/1190/
Winning LEGO MINDSTORMS Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/1582/
Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1540/
Raspberry Pi: A Quick-Start Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/3387/
Yii Rapid Application Development Hotshot http://it-ebooks.info/book/1596/
MOS Study Guide for Microsoft Office 365 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1333/
Drupal 7 Views Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1372/
Getting Started with Storm || Continuous streaming computation with Twitter's cluster technology http://it-ebooks.info/book/888/
Android Recipes, 2nd Edition || A Problem-Solution Approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/1554/
QuickBooks 2013: The Missing Manual || The Official Intuit Guide to QuickBooks 2013 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1085/
Sony Vegas Pro 11 || Edit videos with style and ease using Vegas Pro http://it-ebooks.info/book/2495/
Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 || Exam Ref 70-410 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1071/
Mind Mapping with FreeMind http://it-ebooks.info/book/1111/
Activiti in Action || Executable business processes in BPMN 2.0 http://it-ebooks.info/book/852/
Windows Phone 7 XNA Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1236/
Jump Start CoffeeScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/2245/
Scrivener For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/1304/
iOS SDK Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/3374/
Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design and Web Premium Digital Classroom http://it-ebooks.info/book/2159/
SAP ABAP Advanced Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1690/
Learn HTML5 and JavaScript for Android http://it-ebooks.info/book/898/
Game and Graphics Programming for iOS and Android with OpenGL ES 2.0 http://it-ebooks.info/book/653/
Learning RStudio for R Statistical Computing  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1575/
Windows 8 Five Minutes at a Time http://it-ebooks.info/book/2165/
Deploying with JRuby || Deliver Scalable Web Apps using the JVM http://it-ebooks.info/book/867/
Safe C++ || How to avoid common mistakes http://it-ebooks.info/book/789/
MATLAB Graphics and Data Visualization Cookbook  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1577/
iOS 6 Programming Cookbook || Solutions for iOS Developers http://it-ebooks.info/book/1266/
Exam Ref 70-410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2348/
WinRT Revealed http://it-ebooks.info/book/2020/
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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 T-SQL Fundamentals  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3509/
SQL Server 2012 Query Performance Tuning, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/876/
Microsoft Virtualization Secrets http://it-ebooks.info/book/2374/
Introducing .NET 4.5, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1147/
Programming Windows, 6th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/739/
Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g || A Hands-On Tutorial http://it-ebooks.info/book/1229/
Oracle CRM On Demand Administration Essentials  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1635/
R Graphics Cookbook || Practical Recipes for Visualizing Data http://it-ebooks.info/book/1316/
Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects http://it-ebooks.info/book/1593/
Beginning Windows 8 Application Development  http://it-ebooks.info/book/974/
Programming C# 5.0 || Building Windows 8 Metro, Web, and Desktop Applications for the .NET 4.5 Framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/680/
EVE Online || ISK Strategy Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1131/
Learning Node http://it-ebooks.info/book/830/
Programming Hive || Data Warehouse and Query Language for Hadoop http://it-ebooks.info/book/941/
JavaScript Enlightenment || From Library User to JavaScript Developer http://it-ebooks.info/book/1361/
Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1437/
OS X Mountain Lion Server For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/1010/
The ThoughtWorks Anthology, Volume 2 || More Essays on Software Technology and Innovation http://it-ebooks.info/book/3367/
Photoshop CS6 Unlocked, 2nd Edition || 101 Tips, Tricks, and Techniques http://it-ebooks.info/book/2244/
Linux Mint System Administrator's || A practical guide to learn basic concepts, techniques, and tools to become a Linux Mint system administrator http://it-ebooks.info/book/1517/
Effective Monitoring and Alerting || For Web Operations http://it-ebooks.info/book/3132/
Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with C#  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1295/
Flash CS6: The Missing Manual || The Book That Should Have Been in the Box http://it-ebooks.info/book/834/
FreeSWITCH Cookbook || Over 40 recipes to help you get the most out of your FreeSWITCH server http://it-ebooks.info/book/2405/
OGRE 3D 1.7 Application Development Cookbook || Over 50 recipes to provide world-class 3D graphics solutions with OGRE 3D http://it-ebooks.info/book/2147/
Learn cocos2d 2 || Game Development for iOS  http://it-ebooks.info/book/997/
VMware ThinApp 4.7 Essentials || Learn how to quickly and efficiently virtualize your applications with ThinApp 4.7 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1937/
Hello! HTML5 & CSS3 || A user-friendly reference guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1024/
Pro SQL Server 2012 Relational Database Design and Implementation http://it-ebooks.info/book/1056/
Pro SharePoint 2010 Governance http://it-ebooks.info/book/757/
Node: Up and Running || Scalable Server-Side Code with JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/708/
CSS3: The Missing Manual, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1356/
Technical Blogging || Turn Your Expertise into a Remarkable Online Presence http://it-ebooks.info/book/3447/
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Photoshop Elements 11: The Missing Manual http://it-ebooks.info/book/945/
Windows Server 2012: Up and Running || Upgrading, Installing, and Optimizing Windows Server 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1282/
Node.js for PHP Developers || Porting PHP to Node.js http://it-ebooks.info/book/1343/
Learning JavaScript Design Patterns || A JavaScript and jQuery Developer's Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/724/
SharePoint 2010 Field Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/759/
Professional Scrum Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3467/
Programming Perl, 4th Edition || Unmatched power for text processing and scripting http://it-ebooks.info/book/669/
KeyShot 3D Rendering http://it-ebooks.info/book/1571/
iPad: The Missing Manual, 5th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1488/
Objective-C Recipes || A Problem-Solution Approach  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1055/
Java 7 New Features Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1224/
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Bible http://it-ebooks.info/book/2298/
SOA Governance in Action || REST and WS-* Architectures http://it-ebooks.info/book/855/
iPhone: The Missing Manual, 6th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1087/
Team Collaboration || Using Microsoft Office for More Effective Teamwork http://it-ebooks.info/book/2205/
Drupal 7 Theming Cookbook || Over 95 recipes that cover all aspects of customizing and developing unique Drupal themes http://it-ebooks.info/book/3104/
Test-Driven iOS Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/874/
Microsoft Windows Intune 2.0: Quickstart Administration || Manage your PCs in the Enterprise through the Cloud with Microsoft Windows Intune http://it-ebooks.info/book/3102/
Silverlight 5 in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/853/
MCTS: Microsoft Silverlight 4 Development (70-506) Certification Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1227/
Pro Windows 8 Development with HTML5 and JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/1586/
Mac Kung Fu, 2nd edition || Over 400 Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Hacks for Apple OS X http://it-ebooks.info/book/3373/
Android Apps for Absolute Beginners, 2nd Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1553/
Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Integration Services http://it-ebooks.info/book/762/
New Programmer's Survival Manual || Navigate Your Workplace, Cube Farm, or Startup http://it-ebooks.info/book/3427/
Windows 8 Step by Step || Build exactly the skills you need. Learn at the pace you want. http://it-ebooks.info/book/956/
Ext JS 4 Web Application Development Cookbook  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1205/
Learning Web Design, 4th Edition || A Beginner's Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics http://it-ebooks.info/book/2171/
Pro HTML5 Games http://it-ebooks.info/book/1584/
Final Cut Pro X Cookbook || Edit with style and ease using the latest editing technologies in Final Cut Pro X! http://it-ebooks.info/book/2185/
ExtGWT Rich Internet Application Cookbook || 80 recipes to build rich Java web apps on the robust GWT platform, with Sencha ExtGWT http://it-ebooks.info/book/2404/
Data Visualization: a successful design process || A structured design approach to equip you with the knowledge of how to successfully accomplish any data visualization challenge efficiently and effectively http://it-ebooks.info/book/1514/
Mac OS X and iOS Internals || To the Apple's Core  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1296/
Getting Started With Metro Style Apps || A Guide to the Windows Runtime http://it-ebooks.info/book/2254/
Pro JavaFX 2 || A Definitive Guide to Rich Clients with Java Technology http://it-ebooks.info/book/1210/
Exam Ref 70-417: Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2346/
Introducing Starling || Building GPU Accelerated Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/492/
Professional Website Performance || Optimizing the Front-End and Back-End http://it-ebooks.info/book/1568/
Developing with Google+ || Practical Guide to the Google+ Platform http://it-ebooks.info/book/940/
Oracle SOA Suite 11g Developer's Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1589/
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Business Application Blueprints http://it-ebooks.info/book/1182/
PowerShell and WMI http://it-ebooks.info/book/743/
Drupal Development Tricks for Designers || A Designer Friendly Guide to Drush, Git, and Other Tools http://it-ebooks.info/book/686/
Expert C# 5.0 || with the .NET 4.5 Framework  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1588/
Microsoft Visual C# 2012 Step by Step http://it-ebooks.info/book/1334/
Web Performance Daybook Volume 2 || Techniques and Tips for Optimizing Web Site Performance http://it-ebooks.info/book/829/
Piwik Web Analytics Essentials http://it-ebooks.info/book/1160/
Metro Revealed: Building Windows 8 apps with XAML and C# http://it-ebooks.info/book/857/
Pro Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 Development  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1207/
Learning iOS Programming, 2nd Edition || From Xcode to App Store http://it-ebooks.info/book/1986/
Machine Learning for Hackers || Case Studies and Algorithms to Get You Started http://it-ebooks.info/book/666/
Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1075/
Windows 8 For Dummies Quick Reference http://it-ebooks.info/book/2066/
Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012 || Exam Ref 70-417 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1072/
MongoDB and PHP || Document-Oriented Data for Web Developers http://it-ebooks.info/book/642/
C# 5.0 Pocket Reference || Instant Help for C# 5.0 Programmers http://it-ebooks.info/book/702/
Hacking and Securing iOS Applications || Stealing Data, Hijacking Software, and How to Prevent It http://it-ebooks.info/book/486/
Geolocation in iOS || Mobile Positioning and Mapping on iPhone and iPad http://it-ebooks.info/book/1015/
Windows 8 Inside Out http://it-ebooks.info/book/1288/
Iterating Infusion || Clearer Views of Objects, Classes, and Systems http://it-ebooks.info/book/1311/
Learning JavaScript || A Hands-On Guide to the Fundamentals of Modern JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/1218/
Windows Server 2012 Unified Remote Access Planning and Deployment || Discover how to seamlessly plan and deploy remote access with Windows Server 2012's successor to DirectAccess http://it-ebooks.info/book/1513/
WebGL || Beginner's Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1240/
jBPM5 Developer Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1576/
Windows 8 Plain & Simple || Your easy, colorful, SEE-HOW guide! http://it-ebooks.info/book/1670/
CryENGINE 3 Game Development || Discover how to use the CryENGINE 3 free SDK, the next-generation real-time game development tool http://it-ebooks.info/book/2184/
Getting Started with CouchDB || Extreme Scalability at Your Fingertips http://it-ebooks.info/book/634/
The ComSoc Guide to Passive Optical Networks || Enhancing the Last Mile Access http://it-ebooks.info/book/2629/
Pro Android Web Game Apps || Using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/1314/
Practical Malware Analysis || The Hands-On Guide to Dissecting Malicious Software http://it-ebooks.info/book/2227/
R in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1014/
Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1121/
Learning Highcharts http://it-ebooks.info/book/1570/
Web Development Recipes http://it-ebooks.info/book/3420/
Android Application Development For Dummies, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2422/
MySQL Management and Administration with Navicat  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1214/
Pro SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/904/
Python for Kids || A Playful Introduction to Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/2226/
Programming ASP.NET MVC 4 || Developing Real-World Web Applications with ASP.NET MVC http://it-ebooks.info/book/960/
Super Scratch Programming Adventure! || Learn to Program By Making Cool Games http://it-ebooks.info/book/2225/
Arduino and Kinect Projects || Design, Build, Blow Their Minds http://it-ebooks.info/book/761/
Getting Started with Raspberry Pi || Getting To Know The $35 ARM-Powered Linux Computer http://it-ebooks.info/book/1354/
Jump Start Node.js http://it-ebooks.info/book/2246/
VMware Cookbook, 2nd Edition || A Real-World Guide to Effective VMware Use http://it-ebooks.info/book/1987/
Beginning ASP.NET 4.5: in C# and VB http://it-ebooks.info/book/1291/
How to Create the Next Facebook || Seeing Your Startup Through, from Idea to IPO http://it-ebooks.info/book/1110/
ASP.NET MVC 4 in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/744/
DevOps for Developers http://it-ebooks.info/book/998/
Accessible EPUB 3 || Best Practices for Creating Universally Usable Content http://it-ebooks.info/book/661/
Innovative Software Development in GIS http://it-ebooks.info/book/2503/
A Programmer's Guide to C# 5.0, 4th Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1326/
Windows PowerShell for Developers || Enhance your productivity and enable rapid application development http://it-ebooks.info/book/701/
RubyMotion http://it-ebooks.info/book/3381/
Unity 3.x Scripting http://it-ebooks.info/book/1237/
Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, 2nd Preview http://it-ebooks.info/book/952/
Version Control with Git, 2nd Edition || Powerful tools and techniques for collaborative software development http://it-ebooks.info/book/919/
C++ Concurrency in Action || Practical Multithreading http://it-ebooks.info/book/673/
C++ AMP || Accelerated Massive Parallelism with Microsoft Visual C++ http://it-ebooks.info/book/954/
Just Spring Data Access || Covers JDBC, Hibernate, JPA and JDO http://it-ebooks.info/book/826/
Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 || Training Kit (Exam 70-463) http://it-ebooks.info/book/1331/
21st Century C || C Tips from the New School  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1092/
Training Guide: Configuring Windows 8 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2521/
Windows 8 for Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/1084/
Pro OpenGL ES for Android http://it-ebooks.info/book/1272/
Network Backup with Bacula How-To http://it-ebooks.info/book/1597/
Programming in CoffeeScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/1202/
Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer || Learn to Use This .NET Micro Framework-Powered Platform http://it-ebooks.info/book/1962/
Excel Programming with VBA Starter http://it-ebooks.info/book/1124/
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Development Cookbook  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1183/
Professional Android Sensor Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/767/
Programming with the Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit || Add gesture and posture recognition to your applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/953/
Learning Adobe Edge Animate http://it-ebooks.info/book/1252/
Coding Interviews || Questions, Analysis & Solutions http://it-ebooks.info/book/1615/
Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Telecoms Networks http://it-ebooks.info/book/1776/
RabbitMQ in Action || Distributed messaging for everyone http://it-ebooks.info/book/742/
Cyber Security Policy Guidebook http://it-ebooks.info/book/2375/
Pro WPF 4.5 in VB || Windows Presentation Foundation in .NET 4.5 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1552/
Getting Started with Metro Apps || A Guide to the Windows Runtime http://it-ebooks.info/book/722/
Pro PHP MVC http://it-ebooks.info/book/2327/
Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer Study Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1233/
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Security Cookbook  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1134/
Beginning PhoneGap || Mobile Web Framework for JavaScript and HTML5 http://it-ebooks.info/book/658/
The dRuby Book || Distributed and Parallel Computing with Ruby http://it-ebooks.info/book/3450/
Juniper MX Series || A Comprehensive Guide to Trio Technologies on the MX http://it-ebooks.info/book/959/
Beginning T-SQL 2012, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1057/
CLR via C#, 4th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2657/
Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1595/
Beginning Android Games, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1305/
HTML5 Advertising http://it-ebooks.info/book/1614/
Making Things See || 3D vision with Kinect, Processing, Arduino, and MakerBot http://it-ebooks.info/book/2589/
Semantic Web and Model-Driven Engineering http://it-ebooks.info/book/2688/
Beginning JSP, JSF and Tomcat, 2nd Edition || Java Web Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/1478/
Scala in Depth http://it-ebooks.info/book/747/
PostgreSQL: Up and Running || A Practical Guide to the Advanced Open Source Database http://it-ebooks.info/book/848/
Head First Android Development || A Learner's Guide to Creating Applications for Android Devices http://it-ebooks.info/book/644/
iPhone Secrets http://it-ebooks.info/book/2168/
Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja http://it-ebooks.info/book/3572/
Exploring Everyday Things with R and Ruby || Discover the world around you through programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/837/
Seven Databases in Seven Weeks || A Guide to Modern Databases and the NoSQL Movement http://it-ebooks.info/book/866/
Microsoft Windows Identity Foundation Cookbook  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1184/
Windows 8: Out of the Box http://it-ebooks.info/book/1012/
IOS 5 Recipes || A Problem-Solution Approach  http://it-ebooks.info/book/631/
Node for Front-End Developers || Writing Server-Side JavaScript Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/643/
Pro Spring MVC with Web Flow http://it-ebooks.info/book/875/
Team Geek || A Software Developer's Guide to Working Well with Others http://it-ebooks.info/book/849/
Pro Silverlight 5 in VB, 4th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/637/
Beginning iOS 6 Games Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/1555/
Sams Teach Yourself jQuery Mobile in 24 Hours  http://it-ebooks.info/book/936/
Windows 8 for Tablets Plain & Simple http://it-ebooks.info/book/1669/
Professional SQL Server 2012 Internals and Troubleshooting http://it-ebooks.info/book/1567/
Windows Phone 7 in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/1171/
PHP Application Development with NetBeans || Beginner's Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1215/
Pro Android C++ with the NDK http://it-ebooks.info/book/1580/
Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services http://it-ebooks.info/book/1165/
Learn GameSalad for iOS || Game Development for iPhone, iPad, and HTML5 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1245/
Learn Electronics with Arduino http://it-ebooks.info/book/2321/
Unreal Development Kit Game Design Cookbook  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1239/
Pro SQL Server 2012 Administration, 2nd Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/842/
OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1136/
Maintainable JavaScript || Writing Readable Code  http://it-ebooks.info/book/729/
Google Script: Enterprise Application Essentials || Adding Functionality to Your Google Apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/633/
Macs For Seniors For Dummies, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1650/
CoffeeScript Programming with jQuery, Rails, and Node.js || Learn CoffeeScript programming with the three most popular web technologies around http://it-ebooks.info/book/1516/
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Digital Classroom http://it-ebooks.info/book/2161/
Building Web Applications with SVG || Add Interactivity and Motion to Your Web Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/861/
Microsoft XNA 4.0 Game Development Cookbook  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1186/
Getting Started with D3 || Creating Data-Driven Documents http://it-ebooks.info/book/835/
Programming F# 3.0, 2nd Edition || A comprehensive guide for writing simple code to solve complex problems http://it-ebooks.info/book/703/
Learning Rails 3 || Rails from the Outside In  http://it-ebooks.info/book/872/
Interactive Data Visualization for the Web || An Introduction to Designing With D3 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3217/
Mobile Development with C# || Building Native iOS, Android, and Windows Phone Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/788/
Oracle 11g Anti-hacker's Cookbook || Over 50 recipes and scenarios to hack, defend, and secure your Oracle Database http://it-ebooks.info/book/1114/
SharePoint Apps with LightSwitch || A quickstart guide to programming business applications in VB.NET http://it-ebooks.info/book/700/
Embedded SoPC Design with Nios II Processor and Verilog Examples http://it-ebooks.info/book/2502/
Professional Mobile Application Development  http://it-ebooks.info/book/980/
Getting Started with RFID || Identify Objects in the Physical World with Arduino http://it-ebooks.info/book/1963/
Building Node Applications with MongoDB and Backbone || Rapid Prototyping and Scalable Deployment http://it-ebooks.info/book/1362/
Pro HTML5 Performance http://it-ebooks.info/book/1149/
Drupal for Designers || The Context You Need Without the Jargon You Don't http://it-ebooks.info/book/870/
Java EE Development with Eclipse http://it-ebooks.info/book/1574/
PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja, 5th Edition || The Easy Way to Build Your Own Database Driven Website http://it-ebooks.info/book/732/
Pro Silverlight 5 in C#, 4th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/638/
20 Recipes for Programming PhoneGap || Cross-Platform Mobile Development for Android and iPhone http://it-ebooks.info/book/1315/
Beginning Perl http://it-ebooks.info/book/977/
IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.3: Upgrader's Guide || Upgrade your system and embrace the exciting new features of the IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.3 platform http://it-ebooks.info/book/3103/
Hadoop Operations || A Guide for Developers and Administrators http://it-ebooks.info/book/1016/
How to Recruit and Hire Great Software Engineers || Building a Crack Development Team http://it-ebooks.info/book/2356/
Advanced Android 4 Games http://it-ebooks.info/book/636/
PHP & MySQL: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition || The book that should have been in the box http://it-ebooks.info/book/1262/
Ubuntu Unleashed 2012 Edition || Covering 11.10 and 12.04, 7th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3244/
Practical Database Programming with Visual Basic.NET, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2500/
Pro C# 5.0 and the .NET 4.5 Framework, 6th Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/903/
iOS in Practice http://it-ebooks.info/book/1027/
Microsoft System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection Cookbook || Over 30 simple but incredibly effective recipes for installing and managing System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection http://it-ebooks.info/book/2179/
Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Professional Guide || Master advanced PL/SQL concepts along with plenty of example questions for 1Z0-146 examination http://it-ebooks.info/book/2493/
Sams Teach Yourself Xcode 4 in 24 Hours http://it-ebooks.info/book/2435/
Pro Spatial with SQL Server 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/841/
Learning Unix for OS X Mountain Lion || Going Deep With the Terminal and Shell http://it-ebooks.info/book/1486/
Developing Web Applications with Haskell and Yesod || Safety-Driven Web Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/706/
Beginning WebGL for HTML5 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1323/
Adobe Edge Animate Preview 7: The Missing Manual || The book that should have been in the box http://it-ebooks.info/book/946/
Master Your Mac || Simple Ways to Tweak, Customize, and Secure OS X http://it-ebooks.info/book/2228/
The Linux Command Line || A Complete Introduction  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2012/
Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Dynamics Crm 2011 in 24 Hours http://it-ebooks.info/book/783/
Macintosh Terminal Pocket Guide || Take Command of Your Mac http://it-ebooks.info/book/824/
Pro Spring 3 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1209/
TextMate How-To http://it-ebooks.info/book/1159/
Dart: Up and Running || A New, Tool-Friendly Language for Structured Web Apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/1089/
CSS and Documents http://it-ebooks.info/book/937/
Windows Server 2012 Pocket Consultant http://it-ebooks.info/book/958/
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Services || Effectively use services with Dynamics AX 2012 and create your own services http://it-ebooks.info/book/1512/
Pro SQL Server 2012 BI Solutions http://it-ebooks.info/book/994/
BackTrack 5 Cookbook || Over 80 recipes to execute many of the best known and little known penetration testing aspects of BackTrack 5 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1457/
Beginning Objective-C http://it-ebooks.info/book/1306/
Professional Microsoft IIS 8 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1294/
PhoneGap Mobile Application Development Cookbook || Over 40 recipes to create mobile applications using the PhoneGap API with examples and clear instructions http://it-ebooks.info/book/2385/
Reinforcement and Systemic Machine Learning for Decision Making http://it-ebooks.info/book/2898/
Getting Started with Oracle Data Integrator 11g || A Hands-On Tutorial http://it-ebooks.info/book/1260/
Pro iOS Table Views || For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch http://it-ebooks.info/book/1211/
Inside Windows Debugging || A Practical Guide to Debugging and Tracing Strategies in Windows http://it-ebooks.info/book/821/
Beginning CSS3 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1144/
Arista Warrior || A Real-World guide to Understanding Arista Switches and EOS http://it-ebooks.info/book/1013/
Unity iOS Game Development || Beginner's Guide  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1238/
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Integration Services  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1438/
Developing Backbone.js Applications, Early Release || Building Better JavaScript Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/709/
Pro CSS3 Animation http://it-ebooks.info/book/1550/
Exam 70-463: Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 || Training Kit http://it-ebooks.info/book/1672/
Learning Quartz Composer || A Hands-On Guide to Creating Motion Graphics with Quartz Composer http://it-ebooks.info/book/1220/
Windows 8 Bible http://it-ebooks.info/book/2166/
Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/635/
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Android Apps Security http://it-ebooks.info/book/991/
Sams Teach Yourself Core Data for Mac and iOS in 24 Hours, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/886/
QlikView 11 for Developers || Develop Business Intelligence applications with QlikView 11 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2494/
RapidWeaver 5 || Beginner's Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1369/
Android 4: New Features for Application Development || Develop Android applications using the new features of Android Ice Cream Sandwich http://it-ebooks.info/book/1510/
Formal Methods || Industrial Use from Model to the Code http://it-ebooks.info/book/2632/
Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/2854/
SQL Server 2012 T-SQL Recipes, 3rd Edition || A Problem-Solution Approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/995/
Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Digital Classroom  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2162/
Ruby on Rails Tutorial, 2nd Edition || Learn Web Development with Rails http://it-ebooks.info/book/1276/
SharePoint 2010 for Project Management, 2nd Edition || Learn How to Manage Your Projects with SharePoint http://it-ebooks.info/book/491/
Illustrated C# 2012, 4th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1058/
Beginning Facebook Game Apps Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/1242/
Service Virtualization || Reality Is Overrated  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2357/
Introducing HTML5 Game Development || Developing Games with Impact http://it-ebooks.info/book/670/
Knight's Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Integration Services 24-Hour Trainer http://it-ebooks.info/book/1565/
Troubleshoot and Optimize Windows 8 Inside Out || The ultimate, in-depth troubleshooting and optimizing reference http://it-ebooks.info/book/3222/
Flex Mobile in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/746/
CompTIA A+ Training Kit (Exam 220-801 and Exam 220-802) http://it-ebooks.info/book/2353/
JBoss ESB || Beginner's Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1135/
jQuery for Designers || Beginner's Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1206/
Aperture 3 Portable Genius, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2372/
Getting Started with Mule Cloud Connect || Accelerating Integration with SaaS, Social Media, and Open APIs http://it-ebooks.info/book/1358/
Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1139/
Machine Learning in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/674/
Learning Modernizr http://it-ebooks.info/book/1569/
Enabling Programmable Self with HealthVault || An Accessible Personal Health Record http://it-ebooks.info/book/683/
Introducing Windows Server 2012 RTM Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/955/
The CSS3 Anthology, 4th Edition || Take Your Sites to New Heights http://it-ebooks.info/book/2242/
Getting Started with Citrix XenApp 6.5 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1259/
Programming Entity Framework: DbContext || Querying, Changing, and Validating Your Data with Entity Framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/667/
OS X Mountain Lion Bible http://it-ebooks.info/book/2504/
OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide || The Ultimate Quick Guide to OS X http://it-ebooks.info/book/878/
Mastering phpMyAdmin 3.4 for Effective MySQL Management || A complete guide to getting started with phpMyAdmin 3.4 and mastering its features http://it-ebooks.info/book/2314/
Sams Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache All in One, 5th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1444/
Pro SharePoint with jQuery http://it-ebooks.info/book/1208/
Introducing Regular Expressions || Unraveling regular expressions, step-by-step http://it-ebooks.info/book/871/
Oracle ADF Real World Developer's Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1232/
Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1367/
jQuery Mobile Cookbook || Over 80 recipes with examples and practical tips to help you quickly learn and develop cross-platform applications with jQuery Mobile http://it-ebooks.info/book/2186/
iOS 6 Recipes || A Problem-Solution Approach  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1557/
Professional iOS Network Programming || Connecting the Enterprise to the iPhone and iPad http://it-ebooks.info/book/1423/
iPhone 4S All-in-One For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/791/
Getting Started with OAuth 2.0 || Programming clients for secure web API authorization and authentication http://it-ebooks.info/book/664/
Windows 8 Hacks || Tips & Tools for Unlocking the Power of Tablets and Desktops http://it-ebooks.info/book/1968/
Learn Cocoa Touch for iOS http://it-ebooks.info/book/1246/
Oracle Primavera P6 Version 8 || Project and Portfolio Management http://it-ebooks.info/book/1231/
The Well-Grounded Java Developer || Vital techniques of Java 7 and polyglot programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/854/
C# 5.0 in a Nutshell, 5th Edition || The Definitive Reference http://it-ebooks.info/book/831/
Beginning iOS Application Development with HTML and JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/654/
The Rails View || Create a Beautiful and Maintainable User Experience http://it-ebooks.info/book/3449/
Building a Windows IT Infrastructure in the Cloud || Distributed Hosted Environments with AWS http://it-ebooks.info/book/944/
Joomla! Mobile Development || Build Joomla websites for mobile devices http://it-ebooks.info/book/1226/
C# 5 First Look || Write ultra responsive applications using the new asynchronous features of C# http://it-ebooks.info/book/1518/
Learn Windows PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1539/
Beginning Android Web Apps Development || Develop for Android using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/860/
Guidebook to R Graphics Using Microsoft Windows  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2633/
iPhone Application Development For Dummies, 4th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2064/
Yammer Starter http://it-ebooks.info/book/1129/
Architecting Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise  http://it-ebooks.info/book/766/
Spring Data || Modern Data Access for Enterprise Java http://it-ebooks.info/book/1091/
Async in C# 5.0 || Unleash the Power of Async  http://it-ebooks.info/book/961/
What is Dart? || A new language for building structured web apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/691/
Pro WF 4.5 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1587/
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Pocket Consultant  http://it-ebooks.info/book/663/
Programming Your Home || Automate with Arduino, Android, and Your Computer http://it-ebooks.info/book/3443/
3D Animation Essentials http://it-ebooks.info/book/2461/
BMC Control-M 7 || A Journey from Traditional Batch Scheduling to Workload Automation http://it-ebooks.info/book/2183/
Ruby and MongoDB Web Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/1216/
WebGL: Up and Running || Building 3D Graphics for the Web http://it-ebooks.info/book/918/
iPhone Location Aware Apps by Example || Beginner's Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1364/
Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 || The Web Evolved  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1549/
Hacking the Kinect http://it-ebooks.info/book/760/
XNA 4 3D Game Development by Example || Beginner's Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1132/
Beginning SQL Server 2012 for Developers, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1310/
Oracle Primavera Contract Management || Business Intelligence Publisher Edition v14 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1634/
Macs All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1649/
Practical LEGO Technics || Bring Your LEGO Creations to Life http://it-ebooks.info/book/1969/
Juniper Networks Warrior || A Network Engineer's Travelogue Deploying Domain Solutions http://it-ebooks.info/book/1281/
Programming Android, 2nd Edition || Java Programming for the New Generation of Mobile Devices http://it-ebooks.info/book/1988/
Programming Interviews Exposed, 3rd Edition || Secrets to Landing Your Next Job http://it-ebooks.info/book/1293/
Head First HTML and CSS, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/921/
Selectors, Specificity, and the Cascade || Applying CSS3 to Documents http://it-ebooks.info/book/939/
Orchard CMS: Up and Running || ASP.NET Website Development Made Easy http://it-ebooks.info/book/726/
The Definitive Guide to Grails 2 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1616/
Professional Cross-Platform Mobile Development in C# http://it-ebooks.info/book/678/
Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/2457/
Programming in Go || Creating Applications for the 21st Century http://it-ebooks.info/book/881/
C# Database Basics || Moving from Visual Basic and VBA to C# http://it-ebooks.info/book/632/
Learn Lua for iOS Game Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/1556/
Introduction to Tornado || Modern Web Applications with Python http://it-ebooks.info/book/687/
Java EE 6 Cookbook for Securing, Tuning, and Extending Enterprise Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/1223/
ClojureScript: Up and Running || Functional Programming for the Web http://it-ebooks.info/book/1090/
Practical Vim || Edit Text at the Speed of Thought  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3368/
YUI 3 Cookbook || Writing Maintainable Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/725/
Case Study Research in Software Engineering || Guidelines and Examples http://it-ebooks.info/book/2687/
iOS 5 Programming Cookbook || Solutions & Examples for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/808/
Practical Zendesk Administration || Best practices for setting up your customer service platform http://it-ebooks.info/book/1039/
Magento Mobile How-to http://it-ebooks.info/book/1737/
Oracle APEX Best Practices || Accentuate Oracle APEX development with proven best practices http://it-ebooks.info/book/2828/
Deploying Rails || Automate, Deploy, Scale, Maintain, and Sleep at Night http://it-ebooks.info/book/868/
Beginning Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Programming  http://it-ebooks.info/book/738/
The Little Book on CoffeeScript || The JavaScript Developer's Guide to Building Better Web Apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/485/
Pro Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2012, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2323/
Using LEDs, LCDs and GLCDs in Microcontroller Projects http://it-ebooks.info/book/2498/
Just Spring Integration || A Lightweight Introduction to Spring Integration http://it-ebooks.info/book/827/
Xcode 4 Unleashed, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1268/
Building Web Applications with Erlang || Working with REST and Web Sockets on Yaws http://it-ebooks.info/book/1168/
Intermediate Perl, 2nd Edition || Beyond The Basics of Learning Perl http://it-ebooks.info/book/879/
Puppet Types and Providers || Extending Puppet with Ruby http://it-ebooks.info/book/1342/
Beginning Windows 8 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1583/
Oracle BPM Suite 11g Developer's cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1365/
Values, Units, and Colors || Foundational CSS3 Components http://it-ebooks.info/book/938/
Techniques for Noise Robustness in Automatic Speech Recognition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2499/
Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/931/
Griffon in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/745/
Restlet in Action || Developing RESTful web APIs in Java http://it-ebooks.info/book/1025/
Governance, Risk, and Compliance Handbook for Oracle Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/1258/
Pro SQL Server 2012 Practices http://it-ebooks.info/book/2092/
Accessibility Handbook || Making 508 Compliant Websites http://it-ebooks.info/book/887/
Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/975/
Microsoft Windows PowerShell 3.0 First Look  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1122/
Android Wireless Application Development, 3rd Edition || Volume II: Advanced Topics http://it-ebooks.info/book/934/
Pro JavaScript for Web Apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/858/
Programming iOS 5 || Fundamentals of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/480/
Gradle Effective Implementation Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1123/
SOA Made Simple http://it-ebooks.info/book/1590/
Software Projects Secrets || Why Projects Fail  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2325/
MacRuby in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/740/
Programmer's Guide to Drupal || Principles, Practices, and Pitfalls http://it-ebooks.info/book/1340/
Think Complexity || Complexity Science and Computational Modeling http://it-ebooks.info/book/647/
SQL Server 2012 with PowerShell V3 Cookbook  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1113/
Start Here! Learn HTML5 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1287/
Kinect Hacks || Tips & Tools for Motion and Pattern Detection http://it-ebooks.info/book/1965/
Adobe Edge Animate: The Missing Manual || The book that should have been in the box http://it-ebooks.info/book/1261/
Visual Studio 2012 Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1368/
Linux Pocket Guide, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/967/
Killer UX Design http://it-ebooks.info/book/3226/
Making Musical Apps || Real-time audio synthesis on Android and iOS http://it-ebooks.info/book/668/
Photoshop CS6: The Missing Manual http://it-ebooks.info/book/2175/
WCF 4.5 Multi-Layer Services Development with Entity Framework, 3rd Edition || Build SOA applications on Microsoft platforms with this hands-on guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1511/
Exam N10-005: CompTIA Network+ Training Kit || Your 2-in-1 Self-Paced Training Kit http://it-ebooks.info/book/2456/
CLR via C# (prePress), 4th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1074/
Python for Data Analysis || Agile Tools for Real World Data http://it-ebooks.info/book/1041/
Think Python || How to Think Like a Computer Scientist http://it-ebooks.info/book/922/
View Updating and Relational Theory || Solving the View Update Problem http://it-ebooks.info/book/1357/
The Go Programming Language Phrasebook http://it-ebooks.info/book/880/
Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1250/
Civic Apps Competition Handbook || A Guide to Planning, Organizing, and Troubleshooting http://it-ebooks.info/book/942/
HTML5 Games Most Wanted || Build the Best HTML5 Games http://it-ebooks.info/book/763/
Windows 8 Apps Revealed Using XAML and C# http://it-ebooks.info/book/1585/
Beginning Windows Phone App Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/1241/
tmux || Productive Mouse-Free Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/3393/
Enterprise Search http://it-ebooks.info/book/3053/
Programming Microsoft's Clouds || Windows Azure and Office 365 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1422/
Dart for Hipsters http://it-ebooks.info/book/3370/
Spring Security 3.1 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1594/
Solving Enterprise Applications Performance Puzzles || Queuing Models to the Rescue http://it-ebooks.info/book/1400/
Programming Computer Vision with Python || Tools and algorithms for analyzing images http://it-ebooks.info/book/836/
Learning Adobe Muse http://it-ebooks.info/book/1251/
HTML5 and JavaScript Web Apps || Building Apps for the Open Web http://it-ebooks.info/book/1088/
Migrating to Drupal 7 || Learn how to quickly and efficiently migrate content into Drupal 7 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1456/
Training Kit (Exam 70-462): Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases http://it-ebooks.info/book/864/
Rails Recipes || Rails 3 Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3448/
HTML5 for .NET Developers || Single page web apps, JavaScript, and semantic markup http://it-ebooks.info/book/1545/
Learning Android Game Programming || A Hands-On Guide to Building Your First Android Game http://it-ebooks.info/book/1825/
Advanced Penetration Testing for Highly-Secured Environments || Learn to perform professional penetration testing for highly-secured environments with this intensive hands-on guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/2313/
Beginning Windows 8 Application Development - XAML Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1143/
Beginning iOS 5 Application Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/490/
Oracle WebLogic Server 12c || First Look http://it-ebooks.info/book/1230/
Pro HTML5 Accessibility http://it-ebooks.info/book/1191/
Getting Started with Fluidinfo || Online Information Storage and Search Platform http://it-ebooks.info/book/665/
The Economics of Cloud Computing || An Overview For Decision Makers http://it-ebooks.info/book/2257/
Windows Phone 7 Development Internals || Covers Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 7.5 http://it-ebooks.info/book/820/
Learning Core Audio || A Hands-On Guide to Audio Programming for Mac and iOS http://it-ebooks.info/book/1219/
MySQL Troubleshooting || What To Do When Queries Don't Work http://it-ebooks.info/book/662/
Working with Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint http://it-ebooks.info/book/1332/
Agile Oracle Application Express http://it-ebooks.info/book/1312/
Web Services Testing with soapUI http://it-ebooks.info/book/1115/
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 || Dashboards Cookbook  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1133/
Android NDK || Beginner's Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1126/
Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby || Control Your Computer, Simplify Your Life http://it-ebooks.info/book/3441/
Windows Internals, Part 2, 6th Edition || Covering Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 http://it-ebooks.info/book/951/
jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials http://it-ebooks.info/book/1204/
Pro SQL Server 2012 Integration Services http://it-ebooks.info/book/2324/
Professional Windows 8 Programming || Application Development with C# and XAML http://it-ebooks.info/book/1468/
Expert F# 3.0, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1352/
Sams Teach Yourself C++ in One Hour a Day, 7th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1418/
HBase in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/1026/
Async JavaScript || Build More Responsive Apps with Less Code http://it-ebooks.info/book/3372/
Drupal 7 Multi Sites Configuration http://it-ebooks.info/book/1371/
NumPy Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1112/
Mudbox 2013 Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1370/
Beginning Silverlight 5 in C#, 4th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/840/
AutoCAD 2013 For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2121/
Game Invaders || The Theory and Understanding of Computer Games http://it-ebooks.info/book/2631/
Regular Expressions Cookbook, 2nd Edition || Detailed Solutions in Eight Programming Languages http://it-ebooks.info/book/920/
Using Drupal, 2nd Edition || Choosing and Configuring Modules to Build Dynamic Websites http://it-ebooks.info/book/1339/
System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (SCCM) Unleashed http://it-ebooks.info/book/3243/
Windows 8 Secrets http://it-ebooks.info/book/2167/
Beginning C# 5.0 Databases, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/902/
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 High-Performance T-SQL Using Window Functions http://it-ebooks.info/book/1140/
Getting Started with Meteor.js JavaScript Framework || Develop modern web applications in Meteor, one of the hottest new JavaScript platforms http://it-ebooks.info/book/1515/
The Developer's Code || What Real Programmers Do  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3446/
Mobile JavaScript Application Development || Bringing Web Programming to Mobile Devices http://it-ebooks.info/book/828/
Windows Phone 8 Development Internals http://it-ebooks.info/book/1073/
Resource-Oriented Computing with NetKernel || Taking REST Ideas to the Next Level http://it-ebooks.info/book/727/
Beginning iOS Storyboarding || Using Xcode http://it-ebooks.info/book/1142/
Beginning Database Design, 2nd Edition || From Novice to Professional http://it-ebooks.info/book/2326/
OS X Mountain Lion: The Missing Manual http://it-ebooks.info/book/877/
TeamCity 7 Continuous Integration Essentials  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1592/
High Performance MySQL, 3rd Edition || Optimization, Backups, and Replication http://it-ebooks.info/book/676/
Windows 8 Administration Pocket Consultant http://it-ebooks.info/book/957/
Decompiling Android http://it-ebooks.info/book/1271/
Metaprogramming in .NET http://it-ebooks.info/book/1546/
Start Here! Learn the Kinect API http://it-ebooks.info/book/863/
Pro ASP.NET MVC 4, 4th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1617/
Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 1 || Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Switches, Encoders, Relays, Transistors http://it-ebooks.info/book/2173/
Clojure Programming || Practical Lisp for the Java World http://it-ebooks.info/book/696/
SharePoint 2010 at Work || Tricks, Traps, and Bold Opinions http://it-ebooks.info/book/758/
Think Like a Programmer || An Introduction to Creative Problem Solving http://it-ebooks.info/book/2224/
Selenium 2 Testing Tools || Beginner's Guide  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1125/
Getting Started with MakerBot http://it-ebooks.info/book/1353/
Bad Data Handbook || Mapping the World of Data Problems http://it-ebooks.info/book/1263/
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Digital Classroom http://it-ebooks.info/book/2160/
Windows Presentation Foundation 4.5 Cookbook  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1234/
Ethics of Big Data || Balancing Risk and Innovation http://it-ebooks.info/book/1984/
Java 7 for Absolute Beginners http://it-ebooks.info/book/2343/
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services || The BISM Tabular Model http://it-ebooks.info/book/3508/
Windows Azure programming patterns for Start-ups  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1235/
Nmap 6: Network Exploration and Security Auditing Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1735/
Augmented Reality using Appcelerator Titanium Starter http://it-ebooks.info/book/1130/
Mobile Design Pattern Gallery || UI Patterns for Mobile Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/723/
Windows 8 All-in-One For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/2065/
Learning OpenGL ES for iOS || A Hands-on Guide to Modern 3D Graphics Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/1222/
Ultra-Fast ASP.NET 4.5, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1274/
Web Workers || Multithreaded Programs in JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/728/
Bandit Algorithms for Website Optimization || Developing, Deploying, and Debugging http://it-ebooks.info/book/1341/
Pro Website Development and Operations || Streamlining DevOps for large-scale websites http://it-ebooks.info/book/900/
WiX 3.6: A Developer's Guide to Windows Installer XML http://it-ebooks.info/book/1591/
SOA Patterns http://it-ebooks.info/book/1170/
jQuery Tools UI Library http://it-ebooks.info/book/1203/
Kinect for Windows SDK Programming Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1578/
MapReduce Design Patterns || Building Effective Algorithms and Analytics for Hadoop and Other Systems http://it-ebooks.info/book/1264/
Learning Android Application Programming for the Kindle Fire || A Hands-On Guide to Building Your First Android Application http://it-ebooks.info/book/1221/
jQuery UI http://it-ebooks.info/book/685/
Professional Android 4 Application Development  http://it-ebooks.info/book/718/
Pro T-SQL 2012 Programmer's Guide, 3rd Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2794/
Expert Performance Indexing for SQL Server 2012  http://it-ebooks.info/book/969/
Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 in C# http://it-ebooks.info/book/901/
Natural Language Annotation for Machine Learning || A Guide to Corpus-Building for Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/681/
HTML5 Mobile Development Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1195/
C++ Primer, 5th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1256/
iPhone and iPad App 24-Hour Trainer http://it-ebooks.info/book/737/
Understanding PaaS || Unleash the power of cloud computing http://it-ebooks.info/book/489/
Professional Visual Studio 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1756/
Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Expression Web 4 in 24 Hours, 2nd Edition || Updated for Service Pack 2 - HTML5, CSS3, jQuery http://it-ebooks.info/book/1300/
Training Guide: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2347/
Android Arcade Game App || A Real World Project - Case Study Approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/2345/
HTML5 Hacks || Tips & Tools for Creating Interactive Web Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/1966/
Programming HTML5 Applications || Building Powerful Cross-Platform Environments in JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/351/
Basic Sensors in iOS || Programming the Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and More http://it-ebooks.info/book/582/
MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-511) || Windows Application Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3493/
Android in Action, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1169/
Professional ASP.NET MVC 3 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1066/
Codecharts || Roadmaps and blueprints for object-oriented programs http://it-ebooks.info/book/1677/
Network Warrior, 2nd Edition || Everything you need to know that wasn't on the CCNA exam http://it-ebooks.info/book/435/
Essential Skills for the Agile Developer || A Guide to Better Programming and Design http://it-ebooks.info/book/1198/
SQL Server DMVs in Action || Better Queries with Dynamic Management Views http://it-ebooks.info/book/720/
Static Analysis of Software || The Abstract Interpretation http://it-ebooks.info/book/2708/
Professional Unified Communications || Development with Microsoft Lync Server 2010 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1753/
Designing for XOOPS || A Designer's Quickstart Guide to Content Management http://it-ebooks.info/book/581/
Oracle Core || Essential Internals for DBAs and Developers http://it-ebooks.info/book/1145/
MacRuby: The Definitive Guide || Ruby and Cocoa on OS X http://it-ebooks.info/book/787/
Parallel R || Data Analysis in the Distributed World http://it-ebooks.info/book/1983/
Quick Guide to Flash Catalyst || A Designer's Guide to Visual Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/844/
Perl Pocket Reference, 5th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/580/
Arduino Projects to Save the World http://it-ebooks.info/book/2319/
Sams Teach Yourself the Twitter API in 24 Hours  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1005/
Pro Spring Integration http://it-ebooks.info/book/1609/
Windows 7 Inside Out, Deluxe Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3507/
Pro jQuery Mobile http://it-ebooks.info/book/502/
PHP and MySQL 24-Hour Trainer http://it-ebooks.info/book/752/
CMMI for Development, 3rd Edition || Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement http://it-ebooks.info/book/1604/
Microsoft Expression Blend 4 Step by Step http://it-ebooks.info/book/3491/
Expert Oracle Exadata http://it-ebooks.info/book/794/
Integrating PHP with Windows || Building Web Applications with IIS, SQL Server, Active Directory, and Exchange Server http://it-ebooks.info/book/3470/
Creating HTML5 Animations with Flash and Wallaby || Converting Flash Animations to HTML5 http://it-ebooks.info/book/615/
Meaningful Use and Beyond || A Guide for IT Staff in Health Care http://it-ebooks.info/book/850/
Pro Java 7 NIO.2 http://it-ebooks.info/book/402/
Microsoft Exchange 2010 PowerShell Cookbook || Manage and maintain your Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment with Windows PowerShell 2.0 and the Exchange Management Shell http://it-ebooks.info/book/2823/
Developing Android Applications with Flex 4.5 || Building Android Applications with ActionScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/452/
Migrating to iPhone and iPad for .NET Developers  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1947/
Mac Programming for Absolute Beginners http://it-ebooks.info/book/2091/
Pro SharePoint 2010 Disaster Recovery and High Availability http://it-ebooks.info/book/496/
Professional Augmented Reality Browsers for Smartphones || Programming for junaio, Layar and Wikitude http://it-ebooks.info/book/751/
CSS Pocket Reference, 4th Edition || Visual Presentation for the Web http://it-ebooks.info/book/579/
Automating ActionScript Projects with Eclipse and Ant || Code, Compile, Debug and Deploy Faster http://it-ebooks.info/book/806/
The Python Standard Library by Example http://it-ebooks.info/book/1506/
What's New in Adobe AIR 3 || Quickstart Guide for Desktop and Mobile Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/1000/
ActionScript Developer's Guide to Robotlegs || Building Flexible Rich Internet Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/845/
Head First Mobile Web http://it-ebooks.info/book/359/
Pro iOS Web Design and Development || HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript with Safari http://it-ebooks.info/book/500/
The Business of Android Apps Development || Making and Marketing Apps that Succeed http://it-ebooks.info/book/1307/
The Definitive Guide to NetBeans Platform 7  http://it-ebooks.info/book/499/
Pro HTML5 Programming, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/504/
OpenVPN 2 Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1128/
Programming Entity Framework: Code First || Creating and Configuring Data Models from Your Classes http://it-ebooks.info/book/424/
Designed for Use || Create Usable Interfaces for Applications and the Web http://it-ebooks.info/book/3430/
Beginning Windows Phone 7 Application Development  http://it-ebooks.info/book/832/
Linkedin for Dummies, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/534/
Beginning Java http://it-ebooks.info/book/810/
Pro Drupal 7 for Windows Developers http://it-ebooks.info/book/474/
PowerPivot for Business Intelligence Using Excel and SharePoint http://it-ebooks.info/book/1036/
Beginning Android 4 Games Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/506/
Pro WCF 4, 2nd Edition || Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation http://it-ebooks.info/book/1475/
Beginning iOS 5 Games Development || Using the iOS SDK for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch http://it-ebooks.info/book/1322/
Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/1389/
Gray Hat Hacking, 3rd Edition || The Ethical Hackers Handbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1917/
Sams Teach Yourself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript All in One http://it-ebooks.info/book/1806/
Virtualization: A Manager's Guide || Big picture of the who, what, and where of virtualization http://it-ebooks.info/book/583/
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Administration Cookbook || Over 70 practical recipes for administering a high-performance SQL Server 2008 R2 system http://it-ebooks.info/book/1876/
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Mobile Development For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/710/
Panda3D 1.6 Game Engine || Create your own computer game with this 3D rendering and game development framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/1953/
Successful Project Management: Applying Best Practices and Real-World Techniques with Microsoft Project || Applying Best Practices, Proven Methods, and Real-World Techniques with Microsoft Project http://it-ebooks.info/book/3503/
Pro Android Flash http://it-ebooks.info/book/591/
What Is HTML5? || A New Way to Look at the Web  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1337/
Models and Analysis for Distributed Systems  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2707/
UNIX Operating System || The Development Tutorial via UNIX Kernel Services http://it-ebooks.info/book/2855/
Sinatra: Up and Running || Ruby for the Web, Simply http://it-ebooks.info/book/547/
50 Tips and Tricks for MongoDB Developers || Get the Most Out of Your Database http://it-ebooks.info/book/430/
Data Mashups in R. || A Case Study in Real-World Data Analysis http://it-ebooks.info/book/893/
Learn Excel 2011 for Mac http://it-ebooks.info/book/1034/
The Art of R Programming || A Tour of Statistical Software Design http://it-ebooks.info/book/1734/
Beginning Visual Basic 2010 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1380/
Junos Enterprise Routing, 2nd Edition || A Practical Guide to Junos Routing and Certification http://it-ebooks.info/book/598/
Gamification by Design || Implementing Game Mechanics in Web and Mobile Apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/570/
Drupal || The Guide to Planning and Building Websites http://it-ebooks.info/book/817/
SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 Cookbook  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1689/
Moodle as a Curriculum and Information Management System || Use Moodle to manage and organize your administrative duties, monitor attendance records, manage student enrolment, record exam results, and much more http://it-ebooks.info/book/1993/
Exam 70-516: Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 || MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit http://it-ebooks.info/book/3486/
HTML5 Step by Step http://it-ebooks.info/book/3466/
Oracle BI Publisher 11g || A Practical Guide to Enterprise Reporting http://it-ebooks.info/book/1633/
Pro Core Data for iOS, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1843/
Software Development and Professional Practice  http://it-ebooks.info/book/587/
Programming Social Applications || Building Viral Experiences with OpenSocial, OAuth, OpenID, and Distributed Web Frameworks http://it-ebooks.info/book/846/
JavaScript Web Applications || jQuery Developers' Guide to Moving State to the Client http://it-ebooks.info/book/360/
Facebook Application Development for Dummies  http://it-ebooks.info/book/695/
Distibuted Systems || Design and Algorithms  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2896/
Migrating Applications to IPv6 || Make Sure IPv6 Doesn't Break Your Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/599/
OpenLayers 2.10 || Create, optimize, and deploy stunning cross-browser web maps with the OpenLayers JavaScript web mapping library http://it-ebooks.info/book/1956/
Excel 2010 Made Simple http://it-ebooks.info/book/595/
Creating Web Pages All-in-One For Dummies, 4th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/510/
Away3D 3.6 Essentials || Take Flash to the next dimension by creating detailed, animated, and interactive 3D worlds with Away3D http://it-ebooks.info/book/1892/
Pro Android 3 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1845/
Development with the Force.com Platform, 2nd Edition || Building Business Applications in the Cloud http://it-ebooks.info/book/3216/
The Book of Ruby || A Hands-On Guide for the Adventurous http://it-ebooks.info/book/1720/
Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician || Exam: 70-685 , Revised and Expanded http://it-ebooks.info/book/915/
Pro HTML5 and CSS3 Design Patterns http://it-ebooks.info/book/899/
Learning Vaadin || Master the full range of web development features powered by Vaadin-built RIAs http://it-ebooks.info/book/2397/
Moodle Security || Learn how to install and configure Moodle in the most secure way possible http://it-ebooks.info/book/1933/
Lift in Action || The Simply Functional Web Framework for Scala http://it-ebooks.info/book/1621/
SharePoint 2010 Development with Silverlight  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1269/
EJB 3.1 Cookbook || Build real world EJB solutions with a collection of simple but incredibly effective recipes http://it-ebooks.info/book/1928/
Expert Indexing in Oracle Database 11g || Maximum Performance for Your Database http://it-ebooks.info/book/765/
Functional Programming in C# || Classic Programming Techniques for Modern Projects http://it-ebooks.info/book/1419/
Pro SharePoint 2010 Administration http://it-ebooks.info/book/756/
Sams Teach Yourself Mac OS X Lion in 10 Minutes  http://it-ebooks.info/book/906/
Android Wireless Application Development, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3237/
Microsoft Excel 2010: Data Analysis and Business Modeling, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/3482/
Professional ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 Edition || In C# and VB http://it-ebooks.info/book/1822/
HTML5 For Dummies Quick Reference http://it-ebooks.info/book/1390/
Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 4 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3476/
Tika in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/1622/
Working with NHibernate 3.0 http://it-ebooks.info/book/796/
Applied WPF 4 in Context http://it-ebooks.info/book/2090/
Professional NoSQL http://it-ebooks.info/book/812/
OpenCL in Action || How to accelerate graphics and computation http://it-ebooks.info/book/1620/
Developing Android Applications with Adobe AIR || An ActionScript Developer's Guide to Building Android Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/441/
Windows Phone Recipes, 2nd Edition || A Problem Solution Approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/495/
The Joy of Clojure || Thinking the Clojure Way  http://it-ebooks.info/book/801/
Lean from the Trenches || Managing Large-Scale Projects with Kanban http://it-ebooks.info/book/494/
Photoshop Elements 10: The Missing Manual http://it-ebooks.info/book/417/
WordPress 3 Plugin Development Essentials || Create your own powerful, interactive plugins to extend and add features to your WordPress site http://it-ebooks.info/book/2379/
Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook || Solve real-world shell scripting problems with over 110 simple but incredibly effective recipes http://it-ebooks.info/book/1998/
Arduino || A Quick-Start Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/3422/
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Administration Bible  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2297/
iPad Application Development For Dummies, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1496/
WordPress 3 For Business Bloggers http://it-ebooks.info/book/1660/
Pro OpenGL ES for IOS http://it-ebooks.info/book/493/
Big Data Now || Current Perspectives from O'Reilly Radar http://it-ebooks.info/book/2169/
R in Action || Data Analysis and Graphics with R  http://it-ebooks.info/book/567/
Using JRuby || Bringing Ruby to Java http://it-ebooks.info/book/3460/
Expert Oracle Application Express Plugins || Building Reusable Components http://it-ebooks.info/book/2157/
Java Programming 24-Hour Trainer http://it-ebooks.info/book/912/
Fluent Visual Basic http://it-ebooks.info/book/2838/
Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2010 || A practical step-by-step guide to planning deployment, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of Data Protection Manager 2010 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1873/
PostGIS in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/1544/
Generic Inference || A Unifying Theory for Automated Reasoning http://it-ebooks.info/book/1673/
Exam 70-640: Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, 2nd Edition || Self-Paced Training Kit http://it-ebooks.info/book/3483/
Head First jQuery http://it-ebooks.info/book/345/
Using CiviCRM || Develop and implement a fully functional, systematic CRM plan for your organization Using CiviCRM http://it-ebooks.info/book/1934/
Apache Solr 3 Enterprise Search Server http://it-ebooks.info/book/1657/
Tools for Signal Compression || Applications to Speech and Audio Coding http://it-ebooks.info/book/2630/
Integrating PHP Projects with Jenkins || Continuous Integration for Robust Building and Testing http://it-ebooks.info/book/346/
Redis Cookbook || Practical Techniques for Fast Data Manipulation http://it-ebooks.info/book/562/
Pro Agile .NET Development with Scrum http://it-ebooks.info/book/795/
Shell Scripting || Expert Recipes for Linux, Bash and more http://it-ebooks.info/book/833/
Core Data iOS Essentials || A fast-paced, example-driven guide to data-driven iPhone. iPad. and iPod Touch applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/1930/
Beginning ASP.NET Web Pages with WebMatrix http://it-ebooks.info/book/1751/
Java For Dummies, 5th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/777/
Programming Concurrency on the JVM || Mastering Synchronization, STM, and Actors http://it-ebooks.info/book/3428/
Expert PL/SQL Practices || For Oracle Developers and DBAs http://it-ebooks.info/book/568/
WordPress 3 Cookbook || Over 100 recipes to help you enhance your WordPress site! http://it-ebooks.info/book/2378/
Agile Web Development with Rails, 4th Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3413/
Pro Puppet http://it-ebooks.info/book/730/
Make a Mind-Controlled Arduino Robot || Use Your Brain as a Remote http://it-ebooks.info/book/1960/
Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE)  http://it-ebooks.info/book/557/
Expert Oracle GoldenGate http://it-ebooks.info/book/1052/
Discovering SQL || A Hands-On Guide for Beginners  http://it-ebooks.info/book/754/
Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets || Six Embedded Projects with Open Source Hardware and Software http://it-ebooks.info/book/455/
Introduction to Search with Sphinx || From installation to relevance tuning http://it-ebooks.info/book/617/
The Definitive Guide to HTML5 http://it-ebooks.info/book/715/
Algorithms, 4th Edition || Essential Information about Algorithms and Data Structures http://it-ebooks.info/book/3220/
Application Security for the Android Platform || Processes, Permissions, and Other Safeguards http://it-ebooks.info/book/546/
Windows PowerShell in Action, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1447/
NetBeans IDE 7 Cookbook || Over 70 highly focused practical recipes to maximize your output with NetBeans http://it-ebooks.info/book/1935/
Sams Teach Yourself HTML5 Mobile Application Development in 24 Hours http://it-ebooks.info/book/782/
Jenkins: The Definitive Guide || Continuous integration for the masses http://it-ebooks.info/book/576/
Emotion-Oriented Systems http://it-ebooks.info/book/2897/
Professional C++, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/769/
Getting Started with Roo || Rapid Application Development for Java and Spring http://it-ebooks.info/book/847/
Professional WordPress Plugin Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/1175/
Advanced BlackBerry 6 Development, 2nd Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2344/
Data Source Handbook || A Guide to Public Data  http://it-ebooks.info/book/456/
Adobe Flash 11 Stage3D Game Programming || A step-by-step guide for creating stunning 3D games in Flash 11 Stage3D using AS3 and AGAL http://it-ebooks.info/book/3062/
Implementing Models of Financial Derivatives || Object Oriented Applications with VBA http://it-ebooks.info/book/2458/
Windows Sysinternals Administrator's Reference  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3116/
JavaFX 2.0: Introduction by Example http://it-ebooks.info/book/399/
Play Framework Cookbook || Over 60 incredibly effective recipes to take you under the hood and leverage advanced concepts of the Play framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/2310/
Asterisk Cookbook || Solutions to Everyday Telephony Problems http://it-ebooks.info/book/619/
Joomla! For Dummies, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/776/
Professional Apache Tomcat 6 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1747/
SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Content Management http://it-ebooks.info/book/1163/
Windows Phone 7 for iPhone Developers http://it-ebooks.info/book/908/
Programming in Objective-C, 4th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1201/
Clojure in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/1448/
Pro Expression Blend 4 http://it-ebooks.info/book/749/
Migrating to Windows Phone http://it-ebooks.info/book/497/
OSGi in Action || Creating Modular Applications in Java http://it-ebooks.info/book/803/
The Book of CSS3 || A Developer's Guide to the Future of Web Design http://it-ebooks.info/book/1733/
What's New in Flash Player 11 || Quickstart Guide for Browser-Based Experiences http://it-ebooks.info/book/355/
Objective-C for Absolute Beginners, 2nd Edition || IPhone, IPad and Mac Programming Made Easy http://it-ebooks.info/book/487/
Multimedia Semantics: Metadata, Analysis and Interaction http://it-ebooks.info/book/1399/
HTML5 and JavaScript Projects http://it-ebooks.info/book/1613/
Python 3 Web Development || Beginner's Guide  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1688/
Continuous Integration in .NET http://it-ebooks.info/book/1542/
jQuery Mobile http://it-ebooks.info/book/344/
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Step by Step http://it-ebooks.info/book/3504/
Optimizing and Accessing Information Technology || Improving Business Project Execution http://it-ebooks.info/book/2370/
Windows Small Business Server 2011 || Administrator's Pocket Consultant http://it-ebooks.info/book/3506/
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Administration || A practical and efficient approach to planning, installing and configuring your Dynamics AX 2009 environment http://it-ebooks.info/book/1871/
Professional Windows Embedded Compact 7 http://it-ebooks.info/book/811/
Learning Perl, 6th Edition || Making Easy Things Easy and Hard Things Possible http://it-ebooks.info/book/361/
Beginning PHP 5.3 http://it-ebooks.info/book/713/
Oracle Application Express 4.0 with Ext JS http://it-ebooks.info/book/1631/
BackTrack 4: Assuring Security by Penetration Testing || Master the art of penetration testing with BackTrack http://it-ebooks.info/book/1989/
Pro Windows Embedded Compact 7 || Producing Device Drivers http://it-ebooks.info/book/1847/
Appcelerator Titanium Smartphone App Development Cookbook || Over 80 recipes for creating native mobile applications specifically for iPhone and Android smartphones - no Objective-C or Java required http://it-ebooks.info/book/1997/
Irrlicht 1.7 Realtime 3D Engine: Beginner's Guide || Create complete 2D and 3D applications with this cross-platform, high performance engine http://it-ebooks.info/book/1992/
haXe 2: Beginner's Guide || Develop exciting applications with this multi-platform programming language http://it-ebooks.info/book/2697/
PDF Explained || The ISO Standard for Document Exchange http://it-ebooks.info/book/545/
jQuery 1.4 Animation Techniques || Beginners Guide  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1247/
SharePoint 2010 Six-in-One http://it-ebooks.info/book/770/
Beginning iOS 5 Development || Exploring the iOS SDK http://it-ebooks.info/book/508/
The Art of Readable Code || Simple and Practical Techniques for Writing Better Code http://it-ebooks.info/book/472/
Cracking Windows Phone and BlackBerry Native Development || Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Without the Kludge http://it-ebooks.info/book/655/
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 High Availability || Minimize downtime, speed up recovery, and achieve the highest level of availability and reliability for SQL server applications by mastering the concepts of database mirroring, log shipping, clusterin http://it-ebooks.info/book/1877/
Model-Based Development: Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2618/
DNS and BIND on IPv6 || DNS for the Next-Generation Internet http://it-ebooks.info/book/433/
Code in the Cloud || Programming Google AppEngine  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3366/
Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g R1 || Business Service Management http://it-ebooks.info/book/1632/
Sams Teach Yourself Google SketchUp 8 in 10 Minutes http://it-ebooks.info/book/2017/
Beginning Arduino Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/1474/
Beginning PhoneGap http://it-ebooks.info/book/1164/
Drawing for Dummies, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/535/
Practical Arduino Engineering http://it-ebooks.info/book/1351/
Developer's Guide to Collections in Microsoft .NET  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3114/
Pro CSS for High Traffic Websites http://it-ebooks.info/book/731/
Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/905/
Building PHP Applications with Symfony, CakePHP, and Zend Framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/714/
PHP Master || Write Cutting Edge Code http://it-ebooks.info/book/2241/
Mining the Social Web || Analyzing Data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Other Social Media Sites http://it-ebooks.info/book/609/
Digital Signal Processing Using MATLAB for Students and Researchers http://it-ebooks.info/book/1398/
VHDL for Logic Synthesis, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2757/
Beginning Android 4 http://it-ebooks.info/book/659/
Beginning Android 3 http://it-ebooks.info/book/2412/
Apache Axis2 Web Services, 2nd Edition || Create secure, reliable, and easy-to-use web services using Apache Axis2 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1895/
Real-Time Systems Design and Analysis, 4th Edition || Tools for the Practitioner http://it-ebooks.info/book/2685/
Practical RichFaces, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/793/
Android Apps for Absolute Beginners http://it-ebooks.info/book/1035/
Dreamweaver CS5.5 Mobile and Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery http://it-ebooks.info/book/1249/
Google+: The Missing Manual || The book that should have come with the site http://it-ebooks.info/book/352/
Software Build Systems || Principles and Experience http://it-ebooks.info/book/1603/
Building on SugarCRM || Creating Applications the Easy Way http://it-ebooks.info/book/577/
iOS 4 in Action || Examples and Solutions for iPhone & iPad http://it-ebooks.info/book/365/
Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0: Learn Programming Now! || How to program for Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360, Zune devices, and more http://it-ebooks.info/book/3490/
BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 Implementation Guide || Simplify the implementation of BlackBerry Enterprise Server in your corporate environment http://it-ebooks.info/book/1931/
Coding Faster: Getting More Productive with Microsoft Visual Studio || Covers Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3499/
Beginning Visual C# 2010 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1063/
Sams Teach Yourself iOS 5 Application Development in 24 Hours, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/781/
Learning jQuery, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1248/
Rails 3 in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/804/
Professional Flash Mobile Development || Creating Android and iPhone Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/1755/
Beginning Android Tablet Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/1308/
Programming Amazon EC2 || Run Applications on Amazon's Infrastructure with EC2, S3, SQS, SimpleDB, and Other Services http://it-ebooks.info/book/536/
25 Recipes for Getting Started with R || Excerpts from the R Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/342/
Windows Azure Step by Step || Developing cloud-based applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3468/
Big Data Glossary || A Guide to the New Generation of Data Tools http://it-ebooks.info/book/823/
R Graph Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1686/
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administration Cookbook || Over 90 simple but incredibly effective recipes to administer your SharePoint applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2141/
Packet Guide to Core Network Protocols http://it-ebooks.info/book/602/
Asterisk: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition || The Future of Telephony Is Now http://it-ebooks.info/book/448/
Programming Android || Java Programming for the New Generation of Mobile Devices http://it-ebooks.info/book/358/
Build Your Own Website The Right Way Using HTML & CSS, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/962/
Developer's Guide to Microsoft Prism 4 || Building Modular MVVM Applications with Windows Presentation Foundation and Microsoft Silverlight http://it-ebooks.info/book/3495/
Tuscany SCA in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/2115/
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence Unleashed http://it-ebooks.info/book/1803/
Flash Development for Android Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/1157/
Making Isometric Social Real-Time Games with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/446/
101 Windows Phone 7 Apps || Volume I: Developing Apps 1-50 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1804/
Beginning Android Games http://it-ebooks.info/book/1943/
Expert Oracle Application Express http://it-ebooks.info/book/605/
Pro Windows Phone 7 Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/421/
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IBM Rational ClearCase 7.0 || Master the Tools That Monitor, Analyze, and Manage Software Configurations http://it-ebooks.info/book/1891/
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Building Enterprise Applications with Windows Presentation Foundation and the Model View ViewModel Pattern http://it-ebooks.info/book/3479/
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Portlets in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/800/
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SQL All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1303/
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Thinking Web: Voices of the Community http://it-ebooks.info/book/1179/
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SQL and Relational Theory, 2nd Edition || How to Write Accurate SQL Code http://it-ebooks.info/book/2172/
OSGi in Depth http://it-ebooks.info/book/1623/
Managing Infrastructure with Puppet || Configuration Management at Scale http://it-ebooks.info/book/596/
Objective-C Phrasebook, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/540/
Arduino Robotics http://it-ebooks.info/book/2320/
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HTML5 Canvas Cookbook || Over 80 recipes to revolutionize the web experience with HTML5 Canvas http://it-ebooks.info/book/2383/
Pro Java ME Apps || Building Commercial Quality Java ME Apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/897/
Design and Prototyping for Drupal || Drupal for Designers http://it-ebooks.info/book/354/
Professional Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2010 http://it-ebooks.info/book/651/
Pragmatic Guide to Sass http://it-ebooks.info/book/3424/
Pro Android Web Apps || Develop for Android using HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/1528/
Objective-C Fundamentals http://it-ebooks.info/book/802/
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OS X and iOS Kernel Programming http://it-ebooks.info/book/400/
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Computing Networks || From Cluster to Cloud Computing http://it-ebooks.info/book/2686/
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Spring in Action, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/968/
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Statistical Pattern Recognition, 3rd Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1675/
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Startup || An Insider's Guide to Launching and Running a Business http://it-ebooks.info/book/529/
C# Programming Language, The, 4th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/916/
ActionScript Developer's Guide to PureMVC http://it-ebooks.info/book/543/
Taking Your iPhone 4S to the Max || For iPhone 4S and Other iOS 5-Enabled iPhones http://it-ebooks.info/book/816/
The WordPress Anthology || Get under the hood of WordPress and customize it to meet your needs http://it-ebooks.info/book/1180/
Microsoft Expression Blend 4 Unleashed http://it-ebooks.info/book/1417/
Learning Android || Building Applications for the Android Market http://it-ebooks.info/book/621/
HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World http://it-ebooks.info/book/3227/
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Google Power Search || The Essential Guide to Finding Anything Online with Google http://it-ebooks.info/book/573/
HTML, XHTML & CSS For Dummies, 7th Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1645/
NumPy 1.5 || Beginner's Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1896/
Sams Teach Yourself Samsung Galaxy Tab in 10 Minutes http://it-ebooks.info/book/1299/
Professional Plone 4 Development || Build robust, content-centric web applications with Plone 4 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1954/
21 Recipes for Mining Twitter || Distilling Rich Information from Messy Data http://it-ebooks.info/book/266/
Parallel Programming with Microsoft Visual C++ || Design Patterns for Decomposition and Coordination on Multicore Architectures http://it-ebooks.info/book/3475/
Think Stats || Probability and Statistics for Programmers http://it-ebooks.info/book/449/
The Art of Software Testing, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2899/
Excel for Chemists, 3rd Edition || A Comprehensive Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1674/
Pervasive Computing and Networking http://it-ebooks.info/book/1536/
Getting Started with GEO, CouchDB, and Node.js || New Open Source Tools for Location Data http://it-ebooks.info/book/571/
PayPal APIs: Up and Running || A Developer's Guide  http://it-ebooks.info/book/356/
CRM Fundamentals http://it-ebooks.info/book/1611/
ActiveMQ in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/3094/
iOS Recipes || Tips and Tricks for Awesome iPhone and iPad Apps http://it-ebooks.info/book/3405/
Continuous Testing || with Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/3369/
Pro SharePoint Designer 2010 http://it-ebooks.info/book/512/
R Cookbook http://it-ebooks.info/book/537/
Learning SPARQL || Querying and Updating with SPARQL 1.1 http://it-ebooks.info/book/578/
Microsoft Access 2010 VBA Programming Inside Out  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2101/
Real-World Solutions for Developing High-Quality PHP Frameworks and Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/771/
Developing iOS Applications with Flex 4.5 || Building iOS Applications with ActionScript http://it-ebooks.info/book/894/
Sams Teach Yourself SAP in 24 Hours, 4th Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/778/
Beginning Android Application Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/1564/
Using the HTML5 Filesystem API || A True Filesystem for the Browser http://it-ebooks.info/book/707/
Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010 http://it-ebooks.info/book/3498/
Concurrent Programming in Mac OS X and iOS || Unleash Multicore Performance with Grand Central Dispatch http://it-ebooks.info/book/453/
Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/1533/
Mac OS X Lion Bible http://it-ebooks.info/book/1886/
Cisco Unity Connection http://it-ebooks.info/book/604/
Windows Phone 7 Recipes || A Problem-Solution Approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/1713/
Sams Teach Yourself Foursquare in 10 Minutes  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2016/
Just Spring || A lightweight introduction to the Spring Framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/475/
Deploying OpenStack || Creating Open Source Clouds  http://it-ebooks.info/book/563/
Programming Razor || Tools for Templates in ASP.NET MVC or WebMatrix http://it-ebooks.info/book/616/
Oracle Database Performance and Scalability || A Quantitative Approach http://it-ebooks.info/book/1676/
Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 24 Hours, 5th Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/780/
MongoDB and Python || Patterns and processes for the popular document-oriented database http://it-ebooks.info/book/541/
Beginning iOS Apps with Facebook and Twitter APIs || for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch http://it-ebooks.info/book/585/
Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours, 5th Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3225/
Programming iOS 4 || Fundamentals of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/454/
HTML5 For Dummies || Quick Reference http://it-ebooks.info/book/1008/
Arduino Cookbook || Recipes to Begin, Expand, and Enhance Your Projects http://it-ebooks.info/book/538/
Mac OS X Lion Made Simple http://it-ebooks.info/book/498/
Mac Application Development For Dummies http://it-ebooks.info/book/1495/
Dreamweaver CS5.5: The Missing Manual http://it-ebooks.info/book/584/
Building Applications for the Mac App Store  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1176/
JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/363/
Codermetrics || Analytics for Improving Software Teams http://it-ebooks.info/book/558/
JIRA 4 Essentials http://it-ebooks.info/book/1655/
Optimizing Windows 7 Pocket Consultant http://it-ebooks.info/book/3115/
Pro Spring Batch http://it-ebooks.info/book/588/
Apache Tomcat 7 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1612/
Building ASP.NET Web Pages with Microsoft WebMatrix http://it-ebooks.info/book/1109/
BIRT: A Field Guide, 3rd Edition http://it-ebooks.info/book/2617/
Mapping with Drupal || Navigating Complexities to Create Beautiful and Engaging Maps http://it-ebooks.info/book/353/
Do more with SOA Integration: Best of Packt || Integrate, automate, and regulate your business processes with the best of Packt's SOA books http://it-ebooks.info/book/1991/
Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node  http://it-ebooks.info/book/357/
HTML5 Guidelines for Web Developers http://it-ebooks.info/book/3039/
PHP and MongoDB Web Development || Beginner's Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1692/
Building and Testing with Gradle || Understanding Next-Generation Builds http://it-ebooks.info/book/575/
Pro Android Python with SL4A http://it-ebooks.info/book/592/
HTML5 Games Development by Example || Beginner's Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1156/
vi and Vim Editors Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition || Support for every text editing task http://it-ebooks.info/book/144/
Beginning Windows Phone 7 Development, 2nd Edition  http://it-ebooks.info/book/990/
Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Voice over IP and QoS (Cvoice), 4th Edition || Foundation Learning Guide: CCNP Voice (CVoice) 642-437 http://it-ebooks.info/book/1724/
Arduino Cookbook, 2nd Edition || Recipes to Begin, Expand, and Enhance Your Projects http://it-ebooks.info/book/1982/
Parallel Programming with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Step by Step http://it-ebooks.info/book/3474/
Specification by Example || How Successful Teams Deliver the Right Software http://it-ebooks.info/book/594/
SharePoint 2010 Web Parts in Action http://it-ebooks.info/book/1543/
Applied ASP.NET 4 in Context http://it-ebooks.info/book/422/
Flash CS5.5: The Missing Manual, Flash CS5.5 Edition || The Book That Should Have Been in the Box http://it-ebooks.info/book/437/
APIs: A Strategy Guide || Creating Channels with Application Programming Interfaces http://it-ebooks.info/book/3230/
Flash Game Development by Example || Build 10 classic Flash games and learn game development along the way http://it-ebooks.info/book/1893/
Agile in a Flash || Speed-Learning Agile Software Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/3429/
iOS Sensor Apps with Arduino || Wiring the iPhone and iPad into the Internet of Things http://it-ebooks.info/book/1985/
Crafting Rails Applications || Expert Practices for Everyday Rails Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/3376/
Excel VBA 24-Hour Trainer http://it-ebooks.info/book/3046/
Practical JIRA Administration || Using JIRA Effectively: Beyond the Documentation http://it-ebooks.info/book/434/
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 6th Edition || Activate Your Web Pages http://it-ebooks.info/book/416/
Beginning Android Tablet Application Development  http://it-ebooks.info/book/1067/
Sams Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours, 6th Edition || Covering Java 7 and Android http://it-ebooks.info/book/1290/
OpenCL Programming Guide http://it-ebooks.info/book/1602/
Building Web Apps for Google TV http://it-ebooks.info/book/786/
Sage: Beginner's Guide || Unlock the full potential of Sage for simplifying and automating mathematical computing http://it-ebooks.info/book/1996/
HTML5 and CSS3 || Develop with Tomorrow's Standards Today http://it-ebooks.info/book/3403/
Test-Driven Infrastructure with Chef || Bring behaviour-driven development to infrastructure as code http://it-ebooks.info/book/597/
Windows 7 Made Simple http://it-ebooks.info/book/2155/
Liferay in Action || The Official Guide to Liferay Portal Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/799/
Windows Phone 7 Programming for Android and iOS Developers http://it-ebooks.info/book/813/
Learning Cocos2D || A Hands-On Guide to Building iOS Games with Cocos2D, Box2D, and Chipmunk http://it-ebooks.info/book/1508/
Pro SharePoint 2010 Search http://it-ebooks.info/book/1712/
Algorithms and Parallel Computing http://it-ebooks.info/book/2459/
Making Embedded Systems || Design Patterns for Great Software http://it-ebooks.info/book/549/
Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Step by Step  http://it-ebooks.info/book/3472/
The Art of the App Store || The Business of Apple Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/1382/
Location-Aware Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/992/
Mac Kung Fu || Over 300 Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Hacks for OS X Lion http://it-ebooks.info/book/429/
IBM Lotus Domino || Classic Web Application Development Techniques http://it-ebooks.info/book/1120/
PHP & MySQL: The Missing Manual http://it-ebooks.info/book/347/
Pro Access 2010 Development http://it-ebooks.info/book/586/
MongoDB: The Definitive Guide || Powerful and Scalable Data Storage http://it-ebooks.info/book/965/
Pro ASP.NET 4 CMS || Advanced Techniques for C# Developers Using the .NET 4 Framework http://it-ebooks.info/book/1348/
Learning XNA 4.0 || Game Development for the PC, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone 7 http://it-ebooks.info/book/439/
Flex 4 Cookbook || Real-world recipes for developing Rich Internet Applications http://it-ebooks.info/book/2013/
Microsoft XNA Framework Edition || Programming Windows Phone 7