Xamarin.Forms 开发资源集合

  收集整理了下 Xamarin.Forms 的学习参考资料,分享给大家,稍后会不断补充:

  1. UI样式
    1. Snppts: Xamarin Forms UI Snippets.
    2. Prebuilt Templates: Jump-start your next project with a prebuilt app.
    3. Xamarin.Forms Zeplin extension: Generates XAML for Xamarin.Forms.
    4. AiForms.CollectionView: This is a flexible ListView that has a grid and horizontal layout with reusable cells for Xamarin.Forms (Android / iOS).
    5. AiForms.Dialogs: This is a collection of Custom Dialogs that can be defined with XAML for Xamarin.Forms (Android / iOS).
    6. AiForms.Renderers: This is a flexible Xamarin.Forms TableView specialized in settings for Android / iOS.
    7. ACR User Dialogs: A cross platform library that allows you to call for standard user dialogs from a shared/portable library.
    8. AutoSuggestBox: Represents a text control that makes suggestions to users as they type.
    9. BottomTabbedPage: A Xamarin.Forms control brings BottomNavigationView for bottom navigation on Android.
    10. BadgeView: A Xamarin.Forms control to display a round badge.
    11. BuildIt: Build It is the set of libraries that makes it easier and quicker to build applications.
    12. ButtonCircle: Circle buttons with icon for your Xamarin.Forms applications.
    13. CardsView: CardsView & CarouselView for Xamarin.Forms.
    14. CircularProgress: Circular Progress control for Xamarin Forms.
    15. ColorPicker: Color picker for Xamarin.Forms. It can be used as a large color mixer control (ColorPickerMixer) or as a dialog for select a color (ColorPickerDialog) or as an entry editor (ColorPickerEntry) of hexadecimal value with preview of a color and option of launch a dialog with color mixer.
    16. ContextViewCell: This plugin provides opportunity to create custom context menu for every cell.
    17. CrossPlacePicker: Simple cross platform plugin to pick place using google maps with the help of Cross Platform API.
    18. CutView: A diagonal view for xamarin forms based on NControl.
    19. DesktopTrayIcon: A Xamarin Forms plugin for adding tray icon functionality to Xamarin.Mac and Xamarin.WPF.
    20. DynamicWrapLayout: A Xamarin.Forms layout for creating dynamically wrapped views.
    21. EasyLayout.Forms: Simplifies working with RelativeLayout Programatically in Xamarin.Forms.
    22. ElegantTabs: Adds some of nifty features that are missing in Xamarin Forms Tabbed Pages like Disabled Pages, Selected Icons, ability to use original Icon Colours.
    23. EmbeddedPicker: Embedded page picker control for Xamarin.forms for both Android and iOS.
    24. EnhancedEntry: Enhanced Entry for Xamarin.forms projects that extends the current xamarin.forms Entry.
    25. ExpandableListView: Expandable ListView in Xamarin.Forms.
    26. ExpandableView: This plugin provides opportunity to create expandable views.
    27. FFImageLoading: Library to load images quickly & easily on Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Forms and Windows (UWP, WinRT).
    28. flexlayout-xamarin-forms: Flex Layout for Xamarin.Forms.
    29. FlexButton: Button control for Xamarin.Forms with events for different states, color overlays and adjustable shapes and paddings. Supports iOS and Android.
    30. FlippingAndResizableUI: UI with rotated view and expandable panel in Xamarin.Forms.
    31. FlowListView: ListView derivative with flowing, grid-like columns support.
    32. Font-Awesome-And-Xamarin.Forms: A complete walkthrough for adding and using FontAwesome within your mobile apps.
    33. Forms9Patch: Simplify image management and text formatting in your Xamarin.Forms apps.
    34. glidex.forms: Is an attempt at using Glide for faster Xamarin.Forms images on Android.
    35. GradientBoxView: Create beautiful gradients.
    36. GridSplitter: A control for Xamarin Forms that redistributes space between columns or rows of a Grid control.
    37. htmllabel: HTML Label for Xamarin.Forms.
    38. IconEntry: Entry with icon for Xamarin Forms.
    39. Infinite Scrolling: A small library to quickly and easily add infinite/endless scrolling support to any Xamarin.Forms ListView.
    40. InterfaceBuilder: Simplifying Xamarin.Forms ui construction by using the builder pattern.
    41. ImageCircle: Simple but elegant way of display circle images in your Xamarin.Forms projects.
    42. ImageCropper: Xam.Plugins.ImageCropper is a useful image cropping and rotating library for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.
    43. ImageCropper.Forms: Xamarin.Forms plugin to crop and rotate photos.
    44. ImageCropView: Image cropper for Xamarin.Forms.
    45. S.XF.Toolkit: Customizable Expander and Picker controls for Xamarin.Forms.
    46. ListViewWithSubListView: Xamarin.Forms Expandable ListView With Sub-ListView MVVM Pattern.
    47. MarkdownView: A native Xamarin.Forms Markdown renderer.
    48. MarkdownTextView: A Xamarin.Forms component to display markdown text in a TextView.
    49. mapbox-xamarin-forms: This library provides the controls/renderers for using Mapbox SDKs inside your Xamarin.Forms app.
    50. Messier16 Forms.Controls: Messier16 Xamarin.Forms controls (Checkbox, RatingBar, SegmentedControl).
    51. Microcharts: Is an extremely simple charting library for a wide range of platforms.
    52. MultiGestureView: Extended ContentView with Events for gestures like Tap, Long Press and Right Click. Also supports Vibration and Vibration duration for haptic feedback.
    53. MultipleToogleSwitch: Multiple position Toogle Switch control for Xamarin.Forms.
    54. NControl: Is a Xamarin.Forms wrapper control built around the NGraphics library enabling developers to create custom controls without the need for custom renderers.
    55. OxyPlot Xamarin: Charts for Xamarin Classic and Xamarin.Forms.
    56. ParallaxScroll: Xamarin forms parallax scroll effect.
    57. PinView: PIN keyboard for Xamarin.Forms.
    58. PhotoBrowser: Full screen image viewer(Xamarin.Forms) that includes "pinch to zoom" and "swipe to dismiss" gestures.
    59. PlacesSearchBar: An extension of Xamarin.Forms SearchBar control for implementing Google Places Autocomplete API.
    60. PullToRefreshLayout: Implementation of pull to refresh layout for Xamarin.Forms targeting iOS and Android.
    61. Rg.Plugins.Popup: Popup Page Plugin for Xamarin Forms.
    62. ShapeControl.Forms: Xamarin.Forms Library that allows you to draw shapes such as circle, roundrect, oval and so on.
    63. Sharpnado.Presentation.Forms: Presentation layer: Xamarin Forms custom components and renderers (HorizontalListView, Grid Layout, TaskLoaderView).
    64. Signature Pad: makes capturing, saving, exporting, and displaying signatures extremely simple on iOS, Android and Windows.
    65. SkiaRate: This library is using SkiaSharp to display a customisable RatingView.
    66. SkiaSharp.DiagramEngine: Using SkiaSharp with Xaml,Bindings and DataTemplates.
    67. SkiaSharp.Elements: Simple way to draw and interact with elements using the library SkiaSharp. Compatible with Xamarin Forms.
    68. SKOR.UI:UI Controls for Xamarin.Forms (GradientButton).
    69. SlideOverKit: SlideOverKit is a premium component for Xamarin.Forms. It allows developers to easily create awesome Slideovers in Xamarin.Forms.
    70. SlidingPanel: Xamarin.Forms library that allows you to have for Google-Map-Like sliding panel from bottom of the screen.
    71. StatesButton: States Button Control for Xamarin.Forms.
    72. STabbedPage.Forms: Full customizable TabbedPage control for Xamarin.Forms.
    73. SupportWidgetXF: Is a open source project that aims to provide a powerful and cross platform set of controls and helpers tailored to work with Xamarin Forms (SupportAutoComplete, SupportResultList, SupportDropList, SupportEntry, SupportButton, SupportActionMenu, SupportBindableStackLayout, SupportFlowLayout, SupportSearchView, SupportShadowView, SupportGradientView, SupportMapView, SupportRadioButton, SupportCalendarView ).
    74. SwipeCards: A Tinder control for Xamarin.Forms that supports iOS, Android and UWP.
    75. SwipeCardView: A lightweight MVVM friendly UI control that brings Tinder-style swipeable cards into Xamarin.Forms applications.
    76. Syncfusion Components: Rich set of UI components and file format libraries for Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android applications.
    77. Tab Badge: Xamarin Forms bindable Tab badges for iOS and Android
    78. TabStrip: Tab Strip control for Xamarin.Forms.
    79. TabView: TabView control for Xamarin.Forms.
    80. TimberLabel: A custom Xamarin.Forms.Label control that adds support for padding, rounded corners and, borders on iOS and Android.
    81. TitleBar: Customizable Xamarin.Forms title bar for Android, iOS and Windows Phone: place up to 5 buttons inside it and position/paint the bar as you want.
    82. TopTabbedPage: A Xamarin.Forms page based TabbedPage to show tabs at top on iOS.
    83. Ultimate-Xamarin-Forms-KIT: Xamarin.Forms Charts.
    84. XAMLCSS: Style Xaml-applications with CSS.
    85. XamCustomLayouts: Xamarin.Forms Custom Layouts - Cards.
    86. XFGloss:Xamarin.Forms UI Enhancements.
    87. XFExpandableListView: A Xamarin.Forms Expandable ListView Control
    88. XFFlipViewControl: An animated Flippable View with Xamarin.Forms.
    89. XF-Material-Library: A Xamarin Forms library for implementing Material Design: Cards, Buttons, Chips, etc.
    90. XFParallax: Xamarin Forms Parallax View control.
    91. XFRepeaterView: Simple RepeaterView control for Xamarin.Forms.
    92. XFSegmentedControl: A Segmented Button Control in pure Xamarin.Forms.
    93. XFSelectableLabel: Xamarin.Forms Selectable Label using ViewRenderer.
    94. Xamarin.Forms.EntryAutoComplete: Is a custom control which functionality provides you with suggestions while typing.
    95. Xamarin.Forms-Calendar: Xamarin.Forms Calendar.
    96. XamarinForms.CancelableModal: Close button for Xamarin.Forms modal page
    97. Xamarin.Forms-Coordinator-Workaround: A Xamarin.Forms (Android Only) Implementation of CoordinatorLayout with CollapsingToolbar.
    98. XamForms.Controls.Calendar: Custom calendar control for Xamarin.Forms.
    99. XMedia: A Xamarin Forms selector multiple images.
    100. Xamarin.Forms.DataGrid: DataGrid library for Xamarin.Forms Application.
    101. Xamarin.FragmentPage: An extension for Xamarin.forms, where different pages can be placed in one content. This approach works with iOS, Android and Windows UWP.
    102. Xamarin.Forms.GridView: GridView for xamarin.Forms with grouping, pull to refresh and selection visual state support.
    103. Xam.Plugin.HtmlLabel: Use this Xamarin.Forms plugin to display HTML content into a label.
    104. Xamarin.Forms.MultiSelectListView: Select multiple rows in a listview with Xamarin.Forms.
    105. Xam.Plugin.PopupMenu: A simple popup menu for Xamarin Forms.
    106. Xamarin.RangeSlider: Pick ranges in Xamarin.Forms.
    107. Xamarin.CustomControls.AutoCompleteView: AutoCompleteView for Xamarin Forms.
    108. XamarinFormsCustomSlider: Simple Xamarin.Forms Slider without defining custom renderer. Put a floating label on top of it.
    109. Xamarin Forms Extended Controls: This controls are just a few controls that differ from the baked in Xamarin.Forms Controls.
    110. XamarinFormsGesture: Xamarin Form Gesture Effects.
    111. Xamarin.Forms.InputKit: CheckBox, Radio Button, Labeled Slider, Dropdows etc.
    112. xamarin-forms-material-chips: Useful to create material-chips design in xamarin forms with MVVM architecture.
    113. Xamarin.Forms.PageControl: Use the iOS paging control with Xamarin.Forms.
    114. Xamarin.Forms.PinchZoomImage: Zoom in on the image with the pinch of your fingers.
    115. Xamarin.Forms-RadialMenu: Xamarin.Forms simple radial menu without renderers.
    116. Xamarin.Plugin.SharedTransitions: Activate shared element transitions between pages in Xamarin.Forms (IOS/Android).
    117. Xamarin.Forms.SKMaps: Xamarin.Forms.SKMaps allows developers an easier integration of custom map features from a shared code base. Built over Xamarin.Forms.Maps and adding the strength of SkiaSharp rendering, you can get easy and highly performant map drawing features from a single code base.
    118. Xamarin.Forms.StepProgressBar: Add a step progress bar in your Xamarin.Forms project. You can choose between a square or circular control.
    119. Xam.Plugin.SimpleAppIntro: Just a nice and simple AppIntro for your Xamarin Forms project.
    120. Xam.Plugin.SimpleColorPicker: Just a nice and simple ColorPicker for your Xamarin Forms project.
    121. CarouselView.FormsPlugin: Carousel view with good customization options for Xamarin Forms.
    122. Tizen.CircularUI: Tizen Wearable CircularUI project is to develop an open source software motivate software developer to creating Tizen Wearable Xamarin Forms app more easily and efficiently.
    123. https://github.com/jsuarezruiz/xamarin-forms-goodlooking-UI
  2. 字体
    1. Awesome-Elmish.XamarinForms: A hand-curated list of awesome resources when using Elmish.XamarinForms.
    2. awesome-xamarin: A collection of interesting libraries/tools for Xamarin mobile projects.
    3. awesome-xamarin: A curated list of awesome Xamarin iOS/Android and Xamarin Forms bindings, ports, frameworks and much more!
    4. jsuarezruiz/awesome-xamarin-forms https://github.com/jsuarezruiz/awesome-xamarin-forms
    5. XAM-Consulting/SlideOverKit https://github.com/XAM-Consulting/SlideOverKit
    6. jamesmontemagno/Xamarin.Forms-Awesome-Controls https://github.com/jamesmontemagno/Xamarin.Forms-Awesome-Controls
    7. MarcBruins/awesome-xamarin https://github.com/MarcBruins/awesome-xamarin
    8. johankson/awesome https://github.com/johankson/awesome
    9. daniel-luberda/XamarinFormsToolbarCustomFont https://github.com/daniel-luberda/XamarinFormsToolbarCustomFont
    10. xamarinium/awesomekit https://github.com/xamarinium/awesomekit
    11. InquisitorJax/Xamarin-Forms-Syncfusion-Pdf https://github.com/InquisitorJax/Xamarin-Forms-Syncfusion-Pdf
    12. UdaraAlwis/XFFlipViewControl https://github.com/UdaraAlwis/XFFlipViewControl
    13. MikeCodesDotNET/Evolve-TODO-App https://github.com/MikeCodesDotNET/Evolve-TODO-App
    14. juucustodio/FontAwesome-Xamarin.Forms https://github.com/juucustodio/FontAwesome-Xamarin.Forms
    15. coolc0ders/FontAwesome5XamarinForms https://github.com/coolc0ders/FontAwesome5XamarinForms
    16. fifthstreetpartners/FontAwesomeApp https://github.com/fifthstreetpartners/FontAwesomeApp
    17. enisn/XamarinForms.PageBuilder https://github.com/enisn/XamarinForms.PageBuilder
    18. xamarindevelopervietnam/AwesomeFormsControls https://github.com/xamarindevelopervietnam/AwesomeFormsControls
    19. MarcBruins/awesome-xamarin-forms https://github.com/MarcBruins/awesome-xamarin-forms
    20. kphillpotts/XamarinFormsAwesomizer https://github.com/kphillpotts/XamarinFormsAwesomizer
    21. jfversluis/EmbedNativeAwesomeness https://github.com/jfversluis/EmbedNativeAwesomeness
    22. starkreactor/Xamarin-Forms-Fonts https://github.com/starkreactor/Xamarin-Forms-Fonts
    23. matthewrdev/Font-Awesome-And-Xamarin.Forms https://github.com/matthewrdev/Font-Awesome-And-Xamarin.Forms
    24. CrossGeeks/OpenSaturday https://github.com/CrossGeeks/OpenSaturday
    25. AbuMandour/EgyXam.Controls https://github.com/AbuMandour/EgyXam.Controls
    26. SyedWasiHaider/CarSearch https://github.com/SyedWasiHaider/CarSearch
    27. InquisitorJax/Xamarin-Forms-Syncfusion-Kanban-Custom https://github.com/InquisitorJax/Xamarin-Forms-Syncfusion-Kanban-Custom
    28. sukobuto/xf-font-awesome https://github.com/sukobuto/xf-font-awesome
    29. TotoWece/FontAwesome-Glyphicons https://github.com/TotoWece/FontAwesome-Glyphicons
    30. sudesh1611/TicTacToe-Xamarin.Forms https://github.com/sudesh1611/TicTacToe-Xamarin.Forms
    31. alexenriquezc/fontAwesomeIcon https://github.com/alexenriquezc/fontAwesomeIcon
    32. SWHandyMan/MvvmCross-XamFormsEmbedding https://github.com/SWHandyMan/MvvmCross-XamFormsEmbedding
  3. 效果动画
    1. AnimationNavigationPage: AnimationNavigationPage is a NavigationPage with custom transitions animation effects.
    2. EvoTransitions: Custom NavigationRenderers for Xamarin.Forms (IOS and Android) to activate shared element transitions between two screens.
    3. LottieXamarin: Render After Effects animations natively on Android and iOS for Xamarin.
    4. Xamanimation: Xamarin.Forms animation library.
    5. Xamarin.Forms.AnimationsPackk: Is Animation library for Xamarin.Forms.
    6. XamarinStateMachine: StateMachine animations for Xamarin.Forms.
    7. Xamarin Transitions: Declarative & implicit animations Library for Xamarin Forms.
    8. XamEffects: Xamarin.Forms UI effects.
    9. AiForms.Effects: Effects library that provides you with more flexible functions than default by targetting only Android and iOS in a Xamarin.Forms project.
    10. Xamarin.EnableKeyboardEffect: Xamarin.Forms effect to show / hide soft keyboard.
    11. Xamanimation   https://github.com/jsuarezruiz/Xamanimation
  4. 皮肤模板
  5. 报表图表
    1. Microchartshttps://github.com/aloisdeniel/Microcharts.Samples
  6. 行为
    1. Behaviors: Behaviors for Xamarin.Forms.
    2. Corcav.Behaviors: Behaviors Plugin for Xamarin.Forms.
    3. Xamarin.Forms.BehaviorValidationPack: Package with multiple field validations for Xamarin.Forms.
    4. Xamarin.Forms.BehaviorsPack: Is Behavior class library for Xamarin.Forms.
  7. 数据绑定
    1. Xamarin.Bindings: A list of existing Xamarin binding libraries.
    2. UsingPlatformSpecificServices
  8. 权限
    1. https://github.com/PrismLibrary/Prism-Samples-Forms
    2. PrismLibrary/Prism https://github.com/PrismLibrary/Prism
    3. PrismLibrary/Prism-Samples-Forms https://github.com/PrismLibrary/Prism-Samples-Forms
    4. angelobelchior/prism-xamarin-forms https://github.com/angelobelchior/prism-xamarin-forms
    5. qmatteoq/XamarinForms-Prism https://github.com/qmatteoq/XamarinForms-Prism
    6. jxug/PrismHandsOn https://github.com/jxug/PrismHandsOn
    7. jxug/PrismAndMoqHansOn https://github.com/jxug/PrismAndMoqHansOn
    8. brianlagunas/GettingStartedWithPrismXamarinForms-Preview https://github.com/brianlagunas/GettingStartedWithPrismXamarinForms-Preview
    9. biozal/XamarinFormsPrismTraining https://github.com/biozal/XamarinFormsPrismTraining
    10. Oceanware/OceanForXamarinForms https://github.com/Oceanware/OceanForXamarinForms
    11. biozal/MasterDetailForms https://github.com/biozal/MasterDetailForms
    12. PrismLibrary/Prism https://github.com/PrismLibrary/Prism
    13. PrismLibrary/Prism-Samples-Forms https://github.com/PrismLibrary/Prism-Samples-Forms
    14. angelobelchior/prism-xamarin-forms https://github.com/angelobelchior/prism-xamarin-forms
    15. qmatteoq/XamarinForms-Prism https://github.com/qmatteoq/XamarinForms-Prism
    16. jxug/PrismHandsOn https://github.com/jxug/PrismHandsOn
    17. jxug/PrismAndMoqHansOn https://github.com/jxug/PrismAndMoqHansOn
    18. brianlagunas/GettingStartedWithPrismXamarinForms-Preview https://github.com/brianlagunas/GettingStartedWithPrismXamarinForms-Preview
    19. biozal/XamarinFormsPrismTraining https://github.com/biozal/XamarinFormsPrismTraining
    20. Oceanware/OceanForXamarinForms https://github.com/Oceanware/OceanForXamarinForms
    21. biozal/MasterDetailForms https://github.com/biozal/MasterDetailForms
    22. bartlannoeye/Xamarin.Forms-and-Prism https://github.com/bartlannoeye/Xamarin.Forms-and-Prism
    23. ysmoradi/XamApp https://github.com/ysmoradi/XamApp
    24. alefesouza/xamtweet https://github.com/alefesouza/xamtweet
    25. SDXamarinDevs/August-2017-MonkeyChat https://github.com/SDXamarinDevs/August-2017-MonkeyChat
    26. jairzjunior/xamarin-the-movie https://github.com/jairzjunior/xamarin-the-movie
    27. razorltd/kitchensink https://github.com/razorltd/kitchensink
    28. JoeM-RP/bootstrap-prism https://github.com/JoeM-RP/bootstrap-prism
    29. nosmirck/Xamarin.Forms.Social https://github.com/nosmirck/Xamarin.Forms.Social
    30. AngelGarcia13/XamarinForms101Class https://github.com/AngelGarcia13/XamarinForms101Class
    31. ysmoradi/XamarinFormsPrismSvgSample https://github.com/ysmoradi/XamarinFormsPrismSvgSample
    32. Schinwinkwinsky/Prism_7_XF_TabbedPage_Login https://github.com/Schinwinkwinsky/Prism_7_XF_TabbedPage_Login
    33. leonardofs/Xamarin.Forms-Prism_BarberShop https://github.com/leonardofs/Xamarin.Forms-Prism_BarberShop
    34. acdnit/listview-xamarin https://github.com/acdnit/listview-xamarin
    35. agusibrahim/Aplikasi-PPOB-Xamarin https://github.com/agusibrahim/Aplikasi-PPOB-Xamarin
    36. tianvan/ContosoCookbook https://github.com/tianvan/ContosoCookbook
    37. bit-foundation/ToDoLine https://github.com/bit-foundation/ToDoLine
    38. msangtarash/XamarinFormsFoundationSolution https://github.com/msangtarash/XamarinFormsFoundationSolution
    39. marc48/XamarinForms-PrismDemo-DryIoc https://github.com/marc48/XamarinForms-PrismDemo-DryIoc
    40. webmasterdevlin/OfficeAppXamarinForms https://github.com/webmasterdevlin/OfficeAppXamarinForms
    41. muak/Prism.Forms.SampleBase https://github.com/muak/Prism.Forms.SampleBase
    42. diglett/XamarinFormsMasterDetail https://github.com/diglett/XamarinFormsMasterDetail
    43. jemmett92/XamarinForms-CloudTodoApp https://github.com/jemmett92/XamarinForms-CloudTodoApp
    44. Xamariners/PrismDemo https://github.com/Xamariners/PrismDemo
    45. FernandoAguirreM/PrismNavigation_XamarinForms https://github.com/FernandoAguirreM/PrismNavigation_XamarinForms
    46. eandrohumberto/HelloXFPrism https://github.com/leandrohumberto/HelloXFPrism
    47. akamud/PrismDemo https://github.com/akamud/PrismDemo
    48. almirvuk/XF.MasterDetailPage.Prism https://github.com/almirvuk/XF.MasterDetailPage.Prism
    49. keyduq/PrismUnityApp1 https://github.com/keyduq/PrismUnityApp1
    50. hinojosachapel/XFMoviesDemo https://github.com/hinojosachapel/XFMoviesDemo
    51. bugaga6enika/PrismApp https://github.com/bugaga6enika/PrismApp
    52. KirkPatrickJunsay/XamarinFormsPrism7 https://github.com/KirkPatrickJunsay/XamarinFormsPrism7
    53. HeikkiDev/XamarinFormsPrismHamburger https://github.com/HeikkiDev/XamarinFormsPrismHamburger
    54. Szymaniuk/XamarinFormsPrism https://github.com/Szymaniuk/XamarinFormsPrism
    55. wfhanna1/XamarinForms https://github.com/wfhanna1/XamarinForms
    56. eatskolnikov/PrismExample https://github.com/eatskolnikov/PrismExample
    57. oishiikurigohan/NativeSensorWithPrism https://github.com/oishiikurigohan/NativeSensorWithPrism
    58. jtaubensee/HelloPrism https://github.com/jtaubensee/HelloPrism
    59. davidezordan/Xamarin.Forms-Prism-Samples https://github.com/davidezordan/Xamarin.Forms-Prism-Samples
    60. scionwest/Prism.Forms.AutofacBug https://github.com/scionwest/Prism.Forms.AutofacBug
    61. case-k/PrismDeFab https://github.com/case-k/PrismDeFab
    62. llenroc/PrismHansOn https://github.com/llenroc/PrismHansOn
    63. MasterVivi/Forms-PrismNavigation https://github.com/MasterVivi/Forms-PrismNavigation
    64. lsamorim/XamarinFormsMasterDetail https://github.com/lsamorim/XamarinFormsMasterDetail
    65. bozhiqian/xamarin-forms-samples https://github.com/bozhiqian/xamarin-forms-samples
    66. galri/xamarin-forms-test https://github.com/galri/xamarin-forms-test
    67. FurstLevy/xamarin-forms-starter https://github.com/FurstLevy/xamarin-forms-starter
    68. marc48/PrismDemoNetSt https://github.com/marc48/PrismDemoNetSt
    69. AlerzDev/Temaplate-Xamarin-Forms-Prism https://github.com/AlerzDev/Temaplate-Xamarin-Forms-Prism
    70. dersia/Xamarin.Prism.Forms.3371 https://github.com/dersia/Xamarin.Prism.Forms.3371
    71. poketorena/ChatClient https://github.com/poketorena/ChatClient
    72. MichaelRodrigueess0s1/XamarinPrismBasicCrud https://github.com/MichaelRodrigueess0s1/XamarinPrismBasicCrud
    73. windperson/HelloPrism https://github.com/windperson/HelloPrism
    74. HeikkiDev/XamarinFormsWithPrismUnityAndAkavache https://github.com/HeikkiDev/XamarinFormsWithPrismUnityAndAkavache
    75. vishalpachori25/PrismUnity https://github.com/vishalpachori25/PrismUnity
    76. msangtarash/ToDo https://github.com/msangtarash/ToDo
    77. imagef5/Xamarin-Forms-MVVM-Example https://github.com/imagef5/Xamarin-Forms-MVVM-Example
    78. bozhiqian/Prism-Samples-Forms https://github.com/bozhiqian/Prism-Samples-Forms
    79. vishalpachori25/PrismDemo https://github.com/vishalpachori25/PrismDemo
    80. Sylix/BasicPrismApp https://github.com/Sylix/BasicPrismApp
    81. TAMEJoKeR/tame-prism-win-template https://github.com/TAMEJoKeR/tame-prism-win-template
    82. brunogamacatao/ListaDeCompras https://github.com/brunogamacatao/ListaDeCompras
    83. steveblomeley/Xam-Forms-Prism-App https://github.com/steveblomeley/Xam-Forms-Prism-App
    84. edgarfgp/WeatherAppXF https://github.com/edgarfgp/WeatherAppXF
    85. alexxonline/Prism-XamForms-Example https://github.com/alexxonline/Prism-XamForms-Example
    86. shanvijaygit/XamFormPrism https://github.com/shanvijaygit/XamFormPrism
    87. case-k/PrismDeWareki https://github.com/case-k/PrismDeWareki
    88. case-k/PrismDeGroupingList https://github.com/case-k/PrismDeGroupingList
    89. jbachelor/HelloXamarinFormsWithPrism https://github.com/jbachelor/HelloXamarinFormsWithPrism
    90. case-k/PrismDeNaviNavi https://github.com/case-k/PrismDeNaviNavi
    91. windperson/PrismMVVMbyHand https://github.com/windperson/PrismMVVMbyHand
  9. 示例模板
    1. AsyncAwaitBestPractices: A Xamarin.Forms app for displaying the top posts on Hacker News that demonstrates best practices for Async/Await.
    2. Gastropods: Xamarin.Forms Shell (Early Preview) sample.
    3. Prism Samples Forms: Samples that demonstrate how to use various Prism features with Xamarin.Forms.
    4. TheLittleThingsPlayground: Playground for experimenting with new Xamarin.Forms (3.1 and 3.2) features.
    5. xamarin-forms-samples: Sample apps built using the Xamarin.Forms framework.
    6. Xamarin.Forms Demo Apps: Samples that use Xamarin.Forms.
    7. charlespetzold-xamarin-forms-samples: Code samples for Xamarin.Forms.
    8. Xamarin.Forms GTK Samples: You will find GTK (Linux) versions of official Xamarin.Forms samples here.
    9. Xamarin.Forms Tizen Samples: This is a fork of Xamarin.Forms samples repository. You will find Tizen versions of original sample apps here.
    10. Xamarin.Forms WPF Samples: You will find WPF versions of official Xamarin.Forms samples here.
    11. ContosoCookbook
  10. 开源项目
    1.  自定义字体控件  https://github.com/jsuarezruiz/awesome-xamarin-forms
    2. Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms
    3. Mastering Xamarin.Forms – Second Edition
    4. Xamarin.Forms Essentials: First Steps Toward Cross-Platform Mobile Apps
    5. Xamarin Forms Guide - Online eBook Guide on Xamarin Forms
    6. Fabulous: F# Functional App Development - Elmish for Xamarin.Forms https://fsprojects.github.io/Fabulous/
    7. https://github.com/xamarin/xamarin-forms-samples
  11. 表单组件
    1. 自定义按钮 https://github.com/brminnick/EntryCustomReturnPlugin
    2. https://github.com/shunsuke-kawai/IconButtonSample
    3. 检索下拉 https://github.com/brminnick/InvestmentDataSampleApp
    4. 自定义输入框 https://github.com/asfend/EntryCustomRendering
    5. 按钮字体 https://github.com/weiweu/TestProject/tree/dev/ButtonFont
    6. https://github.com/enisn/Xamarin.Forms.InputKit
    7. 开关按钮 https://github.com/muhaym/Xamarin-Forms-Custom-Switch/tree/master/CustomSwitch
    8. Xamarin-Forms-Shape
    9. 浮动菜单 Xamarin-Forms-FloatMenu
    10. Xamarin-Forms-TextOnImage
    11. Xamarin-Forms-SegmentedControl
    12. Xamarin-Forms-CompoundControl
    13. Xamarin-Forms-TappedImage
  12. 导航条
    1. https://github.com/jsuarezruiz/xamarin-forms-page-transitions
    2. TabbedNavigation
    3. 自定义tab 导航 https://github.com/CrossGeeks/CustomNavigationBarSample
  13. 分页
    1. Xamarians/ListViewPaginationDemo
    2. Oclemy/Xamarin-GridView-Pagination
    3. Swapnil-Patil22/EasyTable

  14. 文字识别
    1. https://github.com/juucustodio/HandwritingText-Xamarin.Forms
  15. 模块
    1. UsingModules
  16. 事件与命令
    1. UsingEventAggregator
    2. UsingCompositeCommands
  17. 数据表格
    1. NobsterTheLobster/Xamarin.Forms.GridView https://github.com/NobsterTheLobster/Xamarin.Forms.GridView
    2. kiwaa/Xamarin.Forms.GridView https://github.com/kiwaa/Xamarin.Forms.GridVie

    3. Dineshbala1/GridView https://github.com/Dineshbala1/GridView

    4. KishanDonga/Xamarin-GridView https://github.com/KishanDonga/Xamarin-GridView

    5. Mushtaq123/Xamarin-Forms-Custom-GridView https://github.com/Mushtaq123/Xamarin-Forms-Custom-GridView

  18. 进度条
    1. AnimatedProgress  https://github.com/jimbobbennett/AnimatedProgress
    2. susairajs/ProgressBar-Xamarin.Forms https://github.com/susairajs/ProgressBar-Xamarin.Forms
    3. ITLec/ITLec.XamarinForms.Examples.ProgressBar https://github.com/ITLec/ITLec.XamarinForms.Examples.ProgressBar
    4. jmarti326/ProgressBarExample https://github.com/jmarti326/ProgressBarExample
  19. 序列与反序列
    1. JSON.NET: Is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET
    2. Utf8Json: Definitely Fastest and Zero Allocation JSON Serializer for C#(.NET, .NET Core, Unity and Xamarin), this serializer write/read directly to UTF8 binary so boostup performance.
  20. 架构
    1. Clarity: Is an application framework for XAML based platforms.
    2. XamFluentUI: Fluent UI API for Xamarin Forms.
  21. 图片和图标
    1. Icons8: Thousands of free icons in different styles and sizes.
    2. MetroStudio: Free Windows app that has thousands of icons
  22. 框架
    1. REST 请求 https://github.com/reactiveui/refit
  23. 权限和身份认证
    1. Prism Template Pack: Contains a collection of snippets, item templates, and project templates for use with building Xamarin.Forms applications using Prism.
  24. 扫描扫码
    1. aritchie/acr-xamarin-forms https://github.com/aritchie/acr-xamarin-forms
    2.  rebuy-de/rb-forms-barcode https://github.com/rebuy-de/rb-forms-barcode
    3. brminnick/BarcodeReader https://github.com/brminnick/BarcodeReader
    4.  timnasium/XamScan https://github.com/timnasium/XamScan
    5. Snehamarewar/QR-Code-Scanner https://github.com/Snehamarewar/QR-Code-Scanner
    6. RodgerLeblanc/Barcode https://github.com/RodgerLeblanc/Barcode
    7. supreettare/CardScannerXDemo https://github.com/supreettare/CardScannerXDemo
    8.  Axemasta/Barcode-Scanning-MVVM https://github.com/Axemasta/Barcode-Scanning-MVVM
    9.  christophwille/XamBonBon https://github.com/christophwille/XamBonBon
    10.  mastracu/dataWedgeXamarinFormsSampleApp https://github.com/mastracu/dataWedgeXamarinFormsSampleApp
    11.  YassineHakimi/MS-Computer-Vision-API-and-Xamarin-Sample https://github.com/YassineHakimi/MS-Computer-Vision-API-and-Xamarin-Sample
    12. tervoju/RuuviTag https://github.com/tervoju/RuuviTag
    13. NaydenLuiz/XAMARINQRCODE https://github.com/NaydenLuiz/XAMARINQRCODE
    14. georgemakrakis/QdiscoveR https://github.com/georgemakrakis/QdiscoveR
    15. noahmwolfe/BarcodeParser https://github.com/noahmwolfe/BarcodeParser
  25. 拍照
    1. aritchie/acr-xamarin-forms https://github.com/aritchie/acr-xamarin-forms
    2. jlandersen/xamarin-forms-camera https://github.com/jlandersen/xamarin-forms-camera

    3. ThatCSharpGuy/Forms-FullCameraPage https://github.com/ThatCSharpGuy/Forms-FullCameraPage

    4. yas-mnkornym/XamarinFormsCameraPreview https://github.com/yas-mnkornym/XamarinFormsCameraPreview

    5. juucustodio/Camera-Xamarin.Forms https://github.com/juucustodio/Camera-Xamarin.Forms

    6. baileysh9/Xamarin-Forms-Camera https://github.com/baileysh9/Xamarin-Forms-Camera

    7. vDoers/vDoersCameraAccess https://github.com/vDoers/vDoersCameraAccess

    8. AndriiPolubinskyi-Planorama/CameraViewControl https://github.com/AndriiPolubinskyi-Planorama/CameraViewControl

    9. chomado/UWP_Camera https://github.com/chomado/UWP_Camera

    10. Exacon/CameraApp https://github.com/Exacon/CameraApp

    11. StuderTWI/XamarinFormsCamera https://github.com/StuderTWI/XamarinFormsCamera

    12. jsphanger/XamarinForms_Camera_Example https://github.com/jsphanger/XamarinForms_Camera_Example

    13. Puye123/XamarinFormsCamera https://github.com/Puye123/XamarinFormsCamera

    14. GraceFeng/XamarinFormsCameraDemo https://github.com/GraceFeng/XamarinFormsCameraDemo

    15. tgoto63/XamarinFormsCameraSample https://github.com/tgoto63/XamarinFormsCameraSample

    16. gerardonavart/CameraXF https://github.com/gerardonavart/CameraXF

    17. soiya/cameraTest https://github.com/soiya/cameraTest

    18. JooOwl/xamarin_forms_camera https://github.com/JooOwl/xamarin_forms_camera

    19. yasserahmedmohamed/Use-Camera-xamarin-forms https://github.com/yasserahmedmohamed/Use-Camera-xamarin-forms

    20. ravisinghunnao/Xamarin.Forms.Camera https://github.com/ravisinghunnao/Xamarin.Forms.Camer

    21. dnsk83/MapsDemo https://github.com/dnsk83/MapsDemo

    22. oishiikurigohan/RaspPiCameraClient https://github.com/oishiikurigohan/RaspPiCameraClient

    23. aokabi/CameraTest3 https://github.com/aokabi/CameraTest3

    24. sandrinov/XamMedia https://github.com/sandrinov/XamMedia

    25. kokuljose/Xamarin-Forms-Camera-Using-Xam.Plugins.Media https://github.com/kokuljose/Xamarin-Forms-Camera-Using-Xam.Plugins.Media

    26. mesterit/XamarinFormsPhotosPickAndTake https://github.com/mesterit/XamarinFormsPhotosPickAndTake

    27. huxy84/EasyCamera https://github.com/huxy84/EasyCamera

    28. fvsalina/ExemploCamera https://github.com/fvsalina/ExemploCamera

    29. windperson/XamarinFormCameraDemo https://github.com/windperson/XamarinFormCameraDemo

    30. NaydenLuiz/ApiCameraFacebook https://github.com/NaydenLuiz/ApiCameraFacebook

    31. tomeastmanjr/-Xamarin_Camera https://github.com/tomeastmanjr/-Xamarin_Camera

    32. BraventIT/DualCameraTest https://github.com/BraventIT/DualCameraTest

    33. icalderond/OpenCameraXForms https://github.com/icalderond/OpenCameraXForms

    34. flohaider/xf-3d-rotation-sample https://github.com/flohaider/xf-3d-rotation-sample

    35. oishiikurigohan/SecurityCameraClient https://github.com/oishiikurigohan/SecurityCameraClient

    36. malyda/Xam-ImagesInDb https://github.com/malyda/Xam-ImagesInDb

    37. ffdacruz/AppPCLFoto https://github.com/ffdacruz/AppPCLFoto

    38. AlexPshul/XFEmotions https://github.com/AlexPshul/XFEmotions

    39. DawidNowak/DiceRoller https://github.com/DawidNowak/DiceRoller

  26. 上传下载
    1. HoussemDellai/UploadFileToServer https://github.com/HoussemDellai/UploadFileToServer
    2. phenixita/IC6.Xamarin.PictureUpload https://github.com/phenixita/IC6.Xamarin.PictureUpload

    3. AhsanSiddique/UploadtoBlob https://github.com/AhsanSiddique/UploadtoBlob

    4. actualtraining/UsingMediaPlugin https://github.com/actualtraining/UsingMediaPlugin

    5. igengungor/ImageUploader https://github.com/figengungor/ImageUploader
    6. LaloCo/FormsImageUploader https://github.com/LaloCo/FormsImageUploader

    7. windperson/PhotoUploadApp_Demo https://github.com/windperson/PhotoUploadApp_Demo

    8. muhaym/lostandfound https://github.com/muhaym/lostandfound

    9. ffdacruz/AppPCLFoto https://github.com/ffdacruz/AppPCLFoto

  27. 版本更新
    1. angelinn/Xam.Plugin.AutoUpdate     https://github.com/angelinn/Xam.Plugin.AutoUpdate
  28. 窗体提示框
    1. rzee7/Xam-Forms-CustomAlert https://github.com/rzee7/Xam-Forms-CustomAlert
    2. UdaraAlwis/XFInputAlertDialogService https://github.com/UdaraAlwis/XFInputAlertDialogService
    3. furuya02/Xamarin.Forms.AlertSample https://github.com/furuya02/Xamarin.Forms.AlertSample
    4. jafarullahag/forms-customalert https://github.com/jafarullahag/forms-customalert
    5. xtiancapil/xamarin-forms-display-alert-bug-sample https://github.com/xtiancapil/xamarin-forms-display-alert-bug-sample
    6. CCOviedo/TiposAlertas https://github.com/CCOviedo/TiposAlertas
    7. gbreen12/ReactiveForms https://github.com/gbreen12/ReactiveForms
    8. MrClockOff/DisplayAlerTest https://github.com/MrClockOff/DisplayAlerTest
    9. LahiruKaushalya/NotifyMe https://github.com/LahiruKaushalya/NotifyMe
    10. Arty-Kash/CommandPrompt1 https://github.com/Arty-Kash/CommandPrompt1
    11. Arty-Kash/CommandPrompt2 https://github.com/Arty-Kash/CommandPrompt2
  29. 表单数据验证
    1. muak/AiForms.Effects https://github.com/muak/AiForms.Effects
    2. enisn/Xamarin.Forms.InputKit https://github.com/enisn/Xamarin.Forms.InputKit
    3. Oceanware/OceanForXamarinForms https://github.com/Oceanware/OceanForXamarinForms
    4. TBertuzzi/Xamarin.Forms.BehaviorValidationPack https://github.com/TBertuzzi/Xamarin.Forms.BehaviorValidationPack
    5. RobGibbens/Xamarin-Forms-Validation https://github.com/RobGibbens/Xamarin-Forms-Validation
    6. james-russo/XamarinForms-UnobtrusiveValidationPlugin https://github.com/james-russo/XamarinForms-UnobtrusiveValidationPlugin
    7. Kuvar/CoreApiPOC https://github.com/Kuvar/CoreApiPOC
    8. zquanghoangz/Hoang-s-Behaviors-Validation https://github.com/zquanghoangz/Hoang-s-Behaviors-Validation
    9. AhmedAglan/EntryValidator https://github.com/AhmedAglan/EntryValidator
    10. tonholis/xamarin-forms-validation https://github.com/tonholis/xamarin-forms-validation
    11. imagef5/CustomBorderEntryAndValidation-Xamarin_Forms https://github.com/imagef5/CustomBorderEntryAndValidation-Xamarin_Forms
    12. ImanMesgaran/Input-Validation-in-Xamarin-Forms-Behaviors https://github.com/ImanMesgaran/Input-Validation-in-Xamarin-Forms-Behaviors
    13. InquisitorJax/Xamarin.Forms.AzureAppService.Validation https://github.com/InquisitorJax/Xamarin.Forms.AzureAppService.Validation
    14. jeffcab/Triggers-Xamarin.Forms https://github.com/jeffcab/Triggers-Xamarin.Forms
    15. marvin981973/XFPrismValidation https://github.com/marvin981973/XFPrismValidation
    16. 1n5an1ty/templates.mobileapp.cross.prism https://github.com/1n5an1ty/templates.mobileapp.cross.prism
    17. dansiegel/Validation-With-Prism-Behavior https://github.com/dansiegel/Validation-With-Prism-Behavior
    18. BraventIT/OAuthSampleApp https://github.com/BraventIT/OAuthSampleApp
    19. NirmalSubedi17/mycharter https://github.com/NirmalSubedi17/mycharter
  30. 指纹解锁
    1. slim8791/FingerPrintSample-Xamarin-Forms https://github.com/slim8791/FingerPrintSample-Xamarin-Forms
    2. albno273/XamarinFormsFingerprintSample https://github.com/albno273/XamarinFormsFingerprintSample
    3. Bekhub/XamarinFormsLocalAuth https://github.com/Bekhub/XamarinFormsLocalAuth
  31. 加密解密
    1. michaellperry/CryptoForms https://github.com/michaellperry/CryptoForms
    2. markradacz/CryptoCompareApp https://github.com/markradacz/CryptoCompareApp
    3. georgemakrakis/SQLiteXamarinFormsCrypto https://github.com/georgemakrakis/SQLiteXamarinFormsCrypto
    4. kevinjh07/cryptopia.public https://github.com/kevinjh07/cryptopia.public
    5. maitlandmarshall/Cryptocurrency.Blockchain https://github.com/maitlandmarshall/Cryptocurrency.Blockchain
  32. 智能电视
    1. Tizen.TV.UIControls: The Tizen TV UIControls is a set of helpful extensions to the Xamarin Forms framework for the Samsung TV device.
  33. 分辨力调整
    1. dpilove: Easily find the DPI of any screen.

  34. 缓存
    1. pgonzalezmorelli/Cache-SQLite https://github.com/pgonzalezmorelli/Cache-SQLite
    2. NVentimiglia/Xamarin.Forms.AsyncImage https://github.com/NVentimiglia/Xamarin.Forms.AsyncImage
    3. seba47/Cache-SQLite https://github.com/seba47/Cache-SQLite
    4. smarongiu/MethodCacheXamarinSample https://github.com/smarongiu/MethodCacheXamarinSample
    5. brankeye/Atlas.Forms https://github.com/brankeye/Atlas.Forms
    6. InfoTechBridge/CacheToolkit https://github.com/InfoTechBridge/CacheToolkit
    7. InfoTechBridge/AnyCache https://github.com/InfoTechBridge/AnyCache
  35. 辅助工具
    1. Gorilla Player: Instant XAML Preview for Xamarin Forms.
    2. HotReload: Xamarin.Forms XAML hot reload, live reload, live xaml.
    3. Infragistics AppMap: Visually map out and generate your Xamarin.Forms application. Code generation includes Pages (Views), ViewModels, and navigation code that follows best-practice Prism MVVM architecture.
    4. LiveXAML: Whenever you save any XAML file, it automatically updates the running application.
    5. MFractor: MFractor is the essential productivity tool for Xamarin Studio.
    6. Mutatio: Visual Studio for Mac add-in/extension for converting old PCLs to .NET Standard 2.0 targeting projects automatically.
    7. Productivity Power Tools: An extension bundle installer that will install each of the individual components of Productivity Power Tools (copy has HTML, fix tabs, etc.).
    8. scrcpy: This application provides display and control of Android devices connected on USB (or over TCP/IP). It does not require any root access. It works on GNU/Linux, Windows and MacOS.
    9. UI Sleuth: Xamarin.Forms debugging tool.
    10. VSTouchbarTools: A simple extension that installs a XML definition for Parallels v13 to offer basic Touchbar support.
    11. vsmacdeepclean: Is a Visual Studio for macOS add-in / extension that let you easily clean projects, NuGet, Xamarin and VS cache without leaving the IDE.
    12. XAMLator: Is a live XAML previewer for Xamarin.Forms. Change something in your view's XAML in Visual Studio and you preview it live in your device or simulator!
    13. XAML Styler: A visual studio extension, which formats XAML source code by sorting the attributes based on their importance.
    14. NSwag: Swagger and code generation tool for C#. Easily integrate your own or 3rd party APIs into your app.
    15. How to set up Xamarin.Android on Linux: A guide to getting Xamarin.Android ready to use on your distro of choice (plus JetBrains Rider support)!
    16. Xamarin.Forms Android on Linux command line tools: This is a similar experimental project and documentation to build Android applications on Linux, using the Xamarin.Android and IDE like the Visual Studio Code or MonoDevelop.
    17. XFDesigner: Live XAML designing tool for Xamarin.Forms.
  36. 网络请求
    1. 网络请求监视 Charles: Is an HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy that enable to view all of the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic between the machine and the Internet.
  37. 资源压缩
    1.  图片大小自动调整 Assetxport: Resize UWP, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS assets automatically.
    2. clean-compress: A macOS utility that cleans (and optionally compresses/zips) Xamarin solutions.
  38. 文件操作
    1. Android File Transfer: Browse and transfer files between your Mac computer and your Android device.
  39. 模拟测试
    1. Xamarin.Forms.Mocks: Library for running Xamarin.Forms inside of unit tests.
    2. Xamarin UITest: An Automated UI Acceptance Testing framework that allows programmers to write and execute tests in C# and NUnit that validate the functionality of iOS and Android Apps.
    3. Xamarin Test Recorder: This tool makes it easy to record automated tests for your app.
  40. 插件
    1. AppShortcutsPlugin: Dynamically add and remove shortcuts to your app's icon so the user can deep-link into your app.
    2. Battery Status: Get battery level, how it is getting charge, and events.
    3. CSharpForMarkup: Use declarative style C# instead of XAML for Xamarin Forms UI.
    4. Connectivity: See if device is connected to the internet and through what connection type.
    5. Contacts: Currently in Alpha to gather and query contacts.
    6. Device Information: Base information about each device such as OS and version.
    7. DynamicStackLayout: Xamarin.Forms layout for creating dynamically wrapped views.
    8. Enagora.Plugins.Xam.GoogleAds: Google Ads implemetation for Xamarin.Forms.
    9. EntryCustomReturnPlugin: Xamarin.Forms Plugin to customize the Xamarin.Forms.Entry Keyboard Return Button.
    10. Extended Maps: Launch navigation directions in default map app on each OS.
    11. Geofence: A cross platform library for Xamarin & Windows that allows for easy geofence detection.
    12. Geolocator: Easy way of querying GPS location.
    13. GoogleAnalyticsForXamarinForms: This project is a cross platform library for Xamarin Forms, which enables a handy use of Google Analytics in your applications.
    14. Iconize: Use icon fonts in your Xamarin.Forms application!
    15. InAppBillingPlugin: A simple In-App Purchase plugin for Xamarin and Windows to query item information, purchase items, restore items, and more.
    16. ImmutableUI: Is a collection of immutable data objects that mirror object-oriented user interface APIs.
    17. Jobs: Background Jobs Framework for Xamarin & UWP.
    18. NavigationExtensions for Xamarin.Forms: Those extensions for Xamarin.Forms basicaly add storage of the navigation history when the application stops.
    19. LibVLCSharp: Xamarin bindings for libvlc, the multimedia framework powering the VLC applications made by VideoLAN.
    20. MatchaBackgroundService: A plugin library to simplify Backgrounding in Xamarin.Forms.
    21. Media: Take or pick photos/videos.
    22. MediaManager: Cross platform media plugin for Xamarin and Windows.
    23. NFCForms: Easily read and write NFC tags in your Xamarin.Forms application.
    24. PayPal: PayPal Plugin for Xamarin.Forms.
    25. Permissions: Check and request runtime permissions.
    26. Plugin.GuestureLock: GuestureLock for Xamarin.Forms.
    27. Plugin.LocalNotification: The local notification plugin provides a way to show local notifications from Xamarin.Forms apps.
    28. Screenshot: Get and save screenshot in yours apps for Xamarin and Windows.
    29. Settings: Fully cross platform settings for your application.
    30. Share: Easily share text or open a browser.
    31. SimpleAudioPlayer: Plays local files and audio data as a stream. This allows you to store audio data in a portable class library and play it on all supported platforms.
    32. SpatialiteForms: Enable spatialite for Xamarin Forms. As an example this allows to do offline reverse geocoding on mobile devices (this barely scratches the surface of Spatialite, but it's a very common usecase for mobile dev).
    33. Text To Speech: Turn your text into a vocal symphony on mobile devices.
    34. TinyInsights: A library that abstracting crash reporting- and analytics services and makes it possible to use multiple providers.
    35. TinyAccountManager: Account manager for Xamarin and UWP. Store account information in your app in a secure way.
    36. TinyNavigationHelper: Is a library that is created for you that want to abstract the navigation without installing a bigger MVVM framework.
    37. TinyPubSub: Worlds smallest pub/sub thingy created mostly for Xamarin Forms.
    38. Toasts.Forms.Plugin: A simple way of showing notifications inside your Xamarin or Windows application.
    39. TouchEffect: This plugin provides opportunity to create views with touch effects without using any gestureRecognizers.
    40. Version Tracking: Track which versions of your Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Mac, Xamarin.Android, or Windows app a user has previously installed.
    41. Vibrate: Make that device rumble!.
    42. WhenTheAppWasBuilt: Strongly shake your device and we'll show you when the app was built.
    43. Xamarin.Essentials: (Official) Essential cross platform APIs for your mobile apps.
    44. Xamarinos.AdMob.FormsPlugin: AdMob Plugin for Xamarin.Forms.
    45. Xamarin.Plugin.Firebase.RemoteConfig: Xamarin Forms bindings for Firebase RemoteConfig.
    46. Xam.Plugin.AudioPlayer: Plugin for Xamarin.Forms to play audio in background from stream.
    47. Xam.Plugins.OnDeviceCustomVision: Plugin to allow custom vision models to be used from mobile devices.
    48. XamCal: A Xamarin.Forms Calendar Plugin.
    49. Xam.Plugin.Webview: Xamarin Plugin for a HybridWebView in PCL projects.
    50. Xam.Plugins.AutoUpdate: Xamarin Forms plugin that auto updates your Android or UWP sideloaded application.
    51. Xam.Reactive.Location: Location on each Xamarin platform is already event/push driven which is where Reactive models do great. This creates a useful wrapper around the iOS/Android location APIs.
    52. ZXing.Net.Mobile: The goal of ZXing.Net.Mobile is to make scanning barcodes as effortless and painless as possible in your own applications.
    53. Xamarin.Forms.Contacts: Read Contacts Data on iOS and Android.
    54. Xamarin.Forms.Segues: A library that provides support for segues between Pages.
    55. Xamarin.Forms.GraphQL: {GraphQL} bindings allow binding from XAML directly to a GraphQL data source.
    56. Xamarin.Cognitive.BingSpeech: Is a managed client library that makes it easy to work with the Microsoft Cognitive Services Bing Speech API on Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Forms, UWP, and other .NET Standard 2.0 projects.
    57. Xamarin.Forms.SavableObject: Saving Data without SQL plugin.
    58. XamarinForms-UnobtrusiveValidationPlugin: A plugin library that extends the functionality of FluentValidation for Xamarin.
    59. XPlat Windows APIs: XPlat Windows APIs are designed to make it easier for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) developers to share their knowledge of the platform APIs across Android and iOS.
  41. 镜像和驱动
    1. AirDroid: Utility for mirroring, file transfer, remote control, notifications, etc. an Android device.
    2. Vysor: Utility for mirroring your Android physical device to your screen.
    3. QuickTime Player: For mirroring iOS devices.
  42. 数据库操作和存储
    1. App-Service-Helpers: Add data storage and authentication to your app in a few lines of code.
    2. Postman: Tool for test web services requests and responses.
    3. Polly: Automatic retry policies.
    4. Akavache: Akavache is an asynchronous, persistent (i.e. writes to disk) key-value store created for writing desktop and mobile applications in C#, based on SQLite3. Akavache is great for both storing important data (i.e. user settings) as well as cached local data that expires.
    5. Azure Mobile Apps: Offline sync-enabled Xamarin apps that connect to Azure Mobile App.
    6. CosmosDB: Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, multi-model database service.
    7. Entity Framework Core: Is a lightweight and extensible version of the popular Entity Framework data access technology.
    8. LiteDB: A .NET NoSQL Document Store in a single data file.
    9. Realm: Alternative to SQLite, simple and fast.
    10. SQLite-net: It is an open source, minimal library to allow .NET and Mono applications to store data in SQLite 3 databases.
  43. 视图转换器
    1. Xamarin.Forms.ConvertersPack: Package with multiple converters for Xamarin.Forms
  44. 试图复用
    1. Xamarin Crumbs: A set of source code files —including XAML ones— to reuse once and again.
  45. MVVM 双绑定
    1. CodeMill.VMFirstNav: A Xamarin.Forms ViewModel First Navigation Library.
    2. ExRin: A framework for enterprise scale apps.
    3. FreshMvvm: It is a super light Mvvm Framework designed specifically for Xamarin.Forms
    4. MVVMCross: Cross-platform mvvm mobile development framework.
    5. MVVMLight: Cross-platform MVVM development framework.
    6. MvvmNano: Small and smart MVVM framework made with ❤ for Xamarin.Forms.
    7. Prism: Nice framework with an amazing navigation service.
    8. ReactiveUI: An advanced, composable, functional reactive model-view-viewmodel framework for all .NET platforms.
    9. Sextant: A ReactiveUI navigation library for Xamarin.Forms.
    10. SupportXFLite: A simple MVVM Framework for Xamarin Forms, it helps you to quick setup a new Xamarin Forms project.
    11. TinyMvvm: TinyMvvm is a tiny MVVM library with focus on productivity.
    12. xamvvm: Simple MVVM (Model, ViewModel, View) Framework for .Net - Xamarin.Forms compatible.
    13. Xamarin University Infrastructure Library: Extensions, MVVM classes, behaviors and other misc. useful code bits from Xamarin University.
    14. Xamarin.Forms.MVVMBase: Simple MVVM framework for Xamarin.Forms projects


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