in use 大学英语4word_第3版新视野大学英语读写教程4课本练习答案


Section B

Language focus Words in use [4]

1.triggering 2.obsure 3.hypothesis 4.formulate 5.threshold 6.incidence 7.refute 8.realm 9.decay 10.tesimony Expressions in use [5]

1. play the odds 2.subject to 3.attributes/attributed…to factored into for 6.By virtue of 7.get stuck on http://www.wendangwang.come into play

Sentence structure [6]

1.The time has come for a broad international effort to integrate China into the global economy. 2.The time has come for us to recognize that traditional art forms presented in traditional venues cannot compete with objects produced by popular culture.

3.The time has come for considering the policy of conserving these material resources on which the permanent prosperity of our country must depend. [7]

1.These reports differ from his earlier work in that they offer solutions to public pension problems. 2. These forums are unique in that they provide a venue for those with varying perspectives to have an open and honest dialog.

3. Social support has been found to act as a stress reducer in that it protects people in crisis from both physical and psychological problems.

Collocation Warm-up

1intellectual 2.lighten 3.demands 4.winning 5.erroneous 6.inaccurate 7.winning 8.distort 9.logic-proof 10.tremendous 11.watertight 12.cognitive

UNIT TWO Section A

Language focus Words in use [3]

1.deficient 2.prosecution 3.outrage 4.appeased 5.conformity 6.strand http://www.wendangwang.complement 8.transient 9.appliances 10.outfit Word building

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