java室内定位 源码_wifi室内定位精度测试方案的开源代码


goGPS is a software package designed to improve the positioning accuracy of low-cost GPS devices by RTK technique. Currently it requires raw data coming from an u-blox receiver and from a (network of) permanent station(s) for real-time functioning. .L1 RTK positioning. Real-time functioning (1 Hz).


This project is to make a open source WiFI phone software. It includes open source VoIP signaling module,P2PSIP module, GUI, Wifi module and all WiFi phone related intersting functions. Welcome to join us! .


C++/CLI in Action - Using interior and pinning pointers

This is a Wireless(WIFI) connection manager to monitor and control your network interfaces(ATH0,WLAN0) .

A WiFi mesh networking stack using the SRCR protocol .

Boot the T-Online Vision S100 (or other x86 PCs) using TFTP via the builtin WiFi/WLAN adapter. To make this possible a mini linux is booted from the DOM configuring and connecting the adapter using DHCP/PXE (WEP/WPA) and start the new kernel using kexec .2009-09-04 .

63161640_4.jpg (Ray-tracing indoor propagation model). ii) http://users....c, likelihood_power2.dll, load_flp.m, map_wifi.m, pf_robot_WIFI.m, plot_flp.m, total_power3.c,


i) Jacques Beneat, (Ray-tracing indoor propagation model). ii) for demo. MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b) nonholonomic trajectory, particle filter, raytracing, wifi, wireless .

GRAIL Real Time Location Service (RTLS) .Indoor WiFi device localization. Indoor device-free motion localization. Sensed data analysis. .


re-compiles when using the versioning scheme proposed in another CodeProject article ... More on this later. My scheme does use the RCStamp utility,... Points of Interest. If you use this sort of build numbering scheme when you build different versions of the same application,


A toolbox for the lifting scheme on 2D quincunx grids and for the computation of moment invariants.... computation of moment invariants. The wavelet schemes rely on the lifting. scheme of Sweldens. Rectangular grids.

years back I began to code some thing and it turned out to be a scripting scheme to store settings like .ini files.... The text file generated is as shown below:. [ ^ ]. Text file. This is a typical scripting scheme by which the DOM tree is saved to a file.

Does what it says on the tin. Use this program to design your hydro scheme....was a really cool interactive table of 100 top results which you could click on the see a map of an individual scheme but last time it tryed it it did not work. This is probably Stuart Scroggies fault so email him.

Focal, provides a platform for network connectivity providers to perform location estimation of mobile users using existing WiFi networks. The platform also provides a scalable platform for delivery of contextual content to the mobile user. .


A multicanonical Monte Carlo (MMC) scheme developed to approximate the tails of growth factor probab. The script gf_mmc_driver.m runs multiple independent instances of a MMC method in parallel with MATLAB's Distributed Computing Toolbox. The outer loop in script gf_mmc_driver.


本文和程序是基于CreateRemoteThread注入DLL的方法上的扩展,修改了以前方法的一些缺陷,并增加了几个功能,与其他文章不同,这里,给出了一个完整的解决方案。包括:1.实现一个遵守微软"Best Practices for Creating DLLs"的DLL动态链接库。2. 注入dll,并可以同时执行这个dll代码。3. 如果注入不成功,给出错误处理并通知用户。


The organizational scheme is logical enough,... especially one with experience in using vector or 3D programs. Just very quickly touching on WinFS for a moment,... take a look at the file c:\windows\system32\winfs\schema\contact.

Scheme4j is a scheme interpreter written in java, with a nice GUI,a complete on-line help facility and an integrated debugger.At the moment Scheme4j is not a complete R5RS scheme standardimplementation, but we're working to make it R5RS compliant. .

In this project we aim to develop scheme libraries for developingvarious web applications (especially servlets and xml-based web services). Our approach is to use jscheme (an open source implementation of scheme in Java) as the core language which allow .2006-02-04 .

Luna is a Scheme compiler and run time environment for .NET - it is written in C# and Scheme, and provides a useful superset of the R5RS standard. .2002-09-05 .


4.1 Using interior and pinning pointers.... The first kind is called an interior pointer,... The physical address pointed to by the interior pointer never remains the same, but it always points to the same object.

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