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E-Hentai Dōjinshi Downloader



Windows users can download packed binaries from here or here. The package is built using PyInstaller.

Or run directly from source code:

pip install -U requests[socks]

git clone


python ./ install


The program is running in non-interactive mode by default. To run interactively, use -i.

For pros

Configuration file

If you are running from source code, please copy xeHentai/ to your current directory first. Use that file as your config file.

The priority of configuration is: Interactive inputs > Command line options > User > Internal

Configuration keys:

daemon Set to run in default mode, can only use on posix-compatible systems. Refer to Running Modes. Default to False.

dir Download directory. Default to current directory.

download_ori Set to download original images or not. Default to False.

jpn_title Set to select Japanese title or not. If set to False, English or Romaji title will be used. Default to True.

rename_ori Set to rename images to their orginal names. If set to False, image will be named in sequence numbers. Default to False.

make_archive Set to make a ZIP archive after download and delete downloaded directory. Default to False.

proxy Proxy list. Refer to Proxies.

proxy_image Set to use proxy both on downloading images and scanning webpages. Default to True.

proxy_image_only Set to use proxy only on downloading images. Default to False.

rpc_interface RPC server binding IP. Refer to JSON-RPC. Default to localhost.

rpc_port RPC server binding port. Default to none (not serving).

rpc_secret RPC secret key. Default to None.

rpc_open_browser automatically open browser after RPC server starts. Default to True.

delete_task_files Set to delete downloaded files when deleting a task. Default to False.

download_range Set image download range. Refer to Download range. Default to download all images.

scan_thread_cnt Thread count for scanning webpages. Default to 1.

download_thread_cnt Thread count for downloading images. Default to 5.

download_timeout Timeout of download images. Default to 10s.

low_speed_threshold Retry download if speed is lower than specified value. Default to 10 KB/s.

ignored_errors Set the error codes to ignore and continue downloading. Default to empty. Error codes can be obtained from

log_path Set log file path. Default to eh.log.

log_verbose Set log level with integer from 1 to 3. Bigger value means more verbose output. Default to 2.

save_tasks Set to save uncompleted tasks in h.json. Default to False.

Command line options

Usage: xeh [-u USERNAME] [-k KEY] [-c COOKIE] [-i] [--daemon] [-d DIR] [-o]

[-j BOOL] [-r BOOL] [-p PROXY] [--proxy-image | --proxy-image-only]

[--rpc-interface ADDR] [--rpc-port PORT] [--rpc-secret ...]

[--rpc-open-browser BOOL] [--delete-task-files BOOL] [-a BOOL]

[--download-range a-b,c-d,e] [-t N] [--timeout N]

[--low-speed-threshold N] [-f] [-l /path/to/eh.log] [-v] [-h]


[url [url ...]]

xeHentai Downloader NG

positional arguments:

url gallery url(s) to download

optional arguments:

-u USERNAME, --username USERNAME


-k KEY, --key KEY password

-c COOKIE, --cookie COOKIE

cookie string, will be overriden if given -u and -k

-i, --interactive interactive mode, will be ignored in daemon mode

(default: False)

--daemon daemon mode, can't use with -i (default: False)

-d DIR, --dir DIR set download directory (current:


-o, --download-ori download original images, needs to login (current:


-j BOOL, --jpn-title BOOL

use Japanese title, use English/Romaji title if turned

off (default: True)

-r BOOL, --rename-ori BOOL

rename gallery image to original name, use sequence

name if turned off (default: False)

-p PROXY, --proxy PROXY

set download proxies, can be used multiple times,

currenlty supported: socks5/4a, http(s), glype.

Proxies are only used on webpages by default (current:


--proxy-image use proxies on images and webpages (default: True)

--proxy-image-only only use proxies on images, not webpages (current:


--rpc-interface ADDR bind jsonrpc server to this address (current:


--rpc-port PORT bind jsonrpc server to this port (default: 8010)

--rpc-secret ... jsonrpc secret string (default: None)

--rpc-open-browser BOOL

automatically open browser after RPC server starts

(default: True)

--delete-task-files BOOL

delete downloaded files when deleting a task (default:


-a BOOL, --archive BOOL

make an archive (.zip) after download and delete

directory (default: False)

--download-range a-b,c-d,e

specify ranges of images to be downloaded, in format

start-end, or single index, use comma to concat

multiple ranges, e.g.: 5-10,15,20-25, default to

download all images

-t N, --thread N download threads count (default: 5)

--timeout N set image download timeout (default: 10s)

--low-speed-threshold N

retry download if speed is lower than specified value

(default: 10 KB/s)

-f, --force download regardless of quota exceeded warning

(default: False)

-l /path/to/eh.log, --logpath /path/to/eh.log

define log path (current:


-v, --verbose show more detailed log (default: 3)

-h, --help show this help message and exit

--version show program's version number and exit

If options are not defined, values from will be used.


If rpc_interface and rpc_port are set, xeHentai will start a RPC server. The request and response follows the JSON-RPC 2.0 standard.

$ curl localhost:8010/jsonrpc -d '{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 1, "method":"xeH.addTask", "params":[[args],{kwargs}]}'

{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 1, "result": "36df423e"}

rpc_secret is a secret key to your RPC server. If it's set, client should include this value in the request. For example when rpc_secret is set to hentai:

$ curl localhost:8010/jsonrpc -d '{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 1, "method":"xeH.addTask", "params":["token:hentai",[args],{kwargs}]}'

{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 1, "result": "36df423e"}

The method filed should start with xeH. and should be a public class method of xeHentai from And change the name from lower_case_with_underscores notation to lowerCamelCase notation. For example, add_task becomes addTask.

Refer to xeHentai class from for parameters list.

If your browser has a Userscript plugin, you can use xeHentaiHelper.user.js to create tasks directly on e-hentai website. Chrome user will need to install Tampermonkey, for firefox Greasemonkey, and ViolentMonkey for Opera and Maxthon users.

Because e-hentai has enabled https, Chrome user will needs to click on the shield icon in the far right of the address bar and click "Load anyway" or "Load unsafe scripts"

Running modes

If xeHentai is ran from command line interface or interative mode, the program will exit after it finishes the tasks in h.json (if exists) and given URL.

If there's no URL given from command line, the program will exit after it finishes the tasks in h.json(if exists).

If program is running on daemon mode (-d is set or daemon is set to True), the program will keep running in background.


xeHentai supports three types of proxies:

socks proxy: socks5h:// If you want to resolve DNS on client side, use socks5://

http(s) proxy:

glype proxy: Please set value of b accordingly. glype is a widely used PHP proxy script. When using, uncheck Encrypt URL, Remove Scripts and check Allow Cookies and open a random URL. The paste the address into configuration.

Multiple proxies can be specified at the same time. The format can be like : ['socks5h://', ''].

By default proxies are used to download images and scan webpages. If you don't want to use proxy on downloading images, set proxy_image to False.

glype users are encouraged to set proxy_image to False。

If you only want to use proxy to download image, set proxy_image_only to True in or use the --proxy-image-only CLI option. If both proxy_image and proxy_image_only are set to True, proxy_image will be ignored.

Download range

Download ranges are set in format start_positoin-end_positoin. For example, 5-10 means number download first 5 to 10 images, including 5 and 10. Or use 15 to download number 15 only.

Multiple ranges can be seperated with comma. For example,5-10,15.

If no range is given, xeHentai will download all images.


Image limit

Downloading images will be count towards image limit. This is calculated regarding the popularity of gallery, the server load and/or Hentai@Home bandwidth by e-hentai server.



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