Blockchain now 80% of air currency, 99% of bubbles, but the value of 1% is slowly growing

“Now 80% of the currency is air currency. For the world, writing more articles and dialogues rather than bubble. This is the value of the bubble. Now there is 1% of value in the circle, 99% of the bubble, 1% is not profitable, 99% is making money, but 1% is slowly growing." - Li Yu


Blockchain is very hot in 2018. First, on December 7, 2017, the price of Bitcoin soared to nearly 20,000 US dollars. This price is nearly 20 times that of early 2017. Afterwards, on January 10, Xu Xiaoping, the founder of the real-life fund, said that “the blockchain revolution has arrived. This is a great technological revolution that has led to the vicissitudes of life and death.” Before that, the blockchain has never caused such great attention. Therefore, many people think that blockchain has received a lot of attention, mainly because of the soaring price of Bitcoin.


The most direct reason why the price of Bitcoin soared was that Chicago’s two major exchanges announced the launch of Bitcoin futures contract. After the two major exchanges rushed forward - first on December 1, 2017, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group (CME) announced plans to launch Bitcoin futures contracts on December 18. The following days, December 4, 2017, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) announced that Bitcoin futures contract will be launched at 6:00 pm EDT on December 10th before the CME.


As soon as these two news came out, bitcoin prices jumped from around 10,000 U.S. dollars to around 20,000 U.S. dollars in almost half a month, and they almost rose rocket in a straight line. The price of Bitcoin rose from 0 to 10,000 U.S. dollars that took more than 9 years, but it increased from about 10,000 U.S. dollars to 20,000 U.S. dollars just only took 17 days. It really attract people’ eyes.


After Bitcoin hot, there was a contest between EOS and ETH: eos vs eth, also attract public attentions. Recently, more than 690,000 ETHs have been transferred out of EOS's accounts. This is the fifth time that ETHs have been transferred to ETH. The last time the number of ETHs transferred was more than 470,000 on April 23. We all know that ETH's transfer means what?


EOS DAWN 4.0 develops a new thing RAM, and the emergence of RAM adds a lot of content to the future EOS gameplay:


The EOS node's competition has also entered the stage of hot bleaching. EOS Go will select 21 super nodes and assume responsibility for maintaining the EOS network.


Is EOS really going to break out? EOS ETH, let's look at ETH here. 2017 is the most exciting year for ETH, because for the reason of love West Europe, the single price of ETH soared from 50 yuan to more than 10,000 yuan, so many people realized the dream of wealth and freedom, of course, there have been many problem exist. The biggest problem is the speed of computing. Recently, the Ethereum's network began to jam again. What is V-God?


V-God, the co-founder of Empress, stated that Ethereum's network is about to implement a capacity expansion solution. He provided a proof of concept for the sharding technology in a recent posting and hinted that implementing this technology at Ethereum is already mature. Fragmentation is a method that can increase the number of transactions handled by the blockchain. V-God also released a 12-slice analog image on Twitter. The Ethereum branch can be divided into 100 segments. The previous equity certification protocol Casper will also be added to the entire system, which will fundamentally solve the problem of congestion in Ethereum.


Despite the main currencies hot in public, Now what about them and other cryptocurrencies performance on today May 16?


Bitcoin (currency: BTC) traded down 6.05% against to US dollars, BTC price now at $8,225.20. Bitcoin has a market cap of $140,125,634,052, and its 24 hours trading volume is $6,993,500,000.


Ethereum(currency: ETH) traded down 6.54% against to US dollars, now ETH coin price is $685.88, has a market cap of $68,220,290,296 and ETH 24 hours trading volume has $2,582,240,000.


EOS (currency: EOS) traded down 14.08% against to US dollars, eos coin price now is $12.28, has a market cap of $10,544,934,852 and its 24 hours trading volume of $1,648,990,000.


Lamden (currency:TAU) traded down 8.83% against to US dollars, TAU price currently at $0.245375 or 0.00003020 BTC, lamden market cap of $34,896,184 and its 24 hours trading volume has $89,861.


Restart Energy MWAT (currency: MWAT) traded down 7.28% against to US dollars, with a MWAT price of $0.041496 or 0.00000530 BTC. Restart Energy MWAT market cap of $17,220,674 and its 24 hours trading volume has $195,506.



StockChain (currency: SCC) traded down 15.21% against to US dollars with a SCC price of $0.007552 or 0.00000094 BTC. StockChain in 24 hours trading volume has $364,878.


Tether (currency: USDT) traded up 0.09% against to US dollars, and now Tether price of $1.00 or 0.00011455 BTC. USDT has a market cap of $2,210,738,453 and its 24 hours trading volume has $3,621,540,000.


TopChain (currency: TOPC) traded down 11.61% against to US dollars, and now TopChain price is $0.040039 or 0.00000529 BTC. TopChain its 24 hours trading volume has $1,134,050.


CFun (currency: CFUN) traded down 5.75% against to US dollars, and CFun price is $0.008856 or 0.00000112 BTC. CFun its 24 hours trading volume has $31,467.


Many cryptocurrenies can not as hot as Bitcoin, EOS, or ETH, but the digital currency world is accompanied by the rise and fall of blockchain tokens as the data I shown, and it has evolved far beyond the real world. Also more cryptocurrencies can be checked from Citicoins, a cryptocurrency rankings and ratings website help you check these currenies fall or rise. All in all, in this period, the crypto market is gloomy, and only a few coins prices are rising, that is the 1%. As my topic says blockchain now 80% of air currency, 99% of bubbles, but the value of 1% is slowly growing. Blockchain is an important node in human history, but it is not necessarily an important node in your life. Keeping peace in mind to earn money, collect a few Bitcoins or other currencies, the future is very long.








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