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已有的同类数据库不少,比如: KEGG (,

事实上,最新版是 : Version 64 released on March 26, 2018

2102 pathways (e.g. Interleukin-15 signaling; ) grouped into 26 superpathways

1334 mutant variants and their post-translationally modified forms derived from 285 gene products, used to annotate 906 disease-specific reactions, tagged with 294 Disease Ontology terms

1768 small molecules as substrates, catalysts, and regulators in 11 302 reactions annotated on the basis of data from 27 526 literature references


The Reactome graph database is freely available at: The API for the ContentService is available at with documentation and tutorials available at: The Java source code is freely available at: in the graph-core, graph-importer and content-service repositories.


Reactome online resources

an introductory video for users

includes graph-core, graph-importer, content-service and analysis-tools repositories

reusable stand-alone JavaScript EHLD viewer

community contributions to the library


10788 Arabidopsis thaliana

16811 Bos taurus

9848 Caenorhabditis elegans

14850 Canis familiaris

19381 Danio rerio

4353 Dictyostelium discoideum

15820 Drosophila melanogaster

13977 Gallus gallus

40404 Homo sapiens

27359 Mus musculus

40 Mycobacterium tuberculosis

9054 Oryza sativa

1774 Plasmodium falciparum

22109 Rattus norvegicus

5116 Saccharomyces cerevisiae

3896 Schizosaccharomyces pombe

12573 Sus scrofa

3459 Taeniopygia guttata

7864 Xenopus tropicalis

在人类里面记录了 1772 个通路。


479 Neutrophil degranulation

392 Olfactory Signaling Pathway

343 Generic Transcription Pathway

310 Antigen processing: Ubiquitination & Proteasome degradation

266 G alpha (i) signalling events

235 Neddylation

220 Ub-specific processing proteases

207 SRP-dependent cotranslational protein targeting to membrane

206 HATs acetylate histones

190 Separation of Sister Chromatids

1 TALDO1 deficiency: failed conversion of SH7P, GA3P to Fru(6)P, E4P

1 Tandem pore domain halothane-inhibited K+ channel (THIK)

1 TLR3 deficiency - HSE

1 Toll Like Receptor 10 (TLR10) Cascade

1 Transport of connexons to the plasma membrane

1 TWIK-related spinal cord K+ channel (TRESK)

1 Variant SLC6A14 may confer susceptibility towards obesity

1 Vitamin E

1 WNT ligand secretion is abrogated by the PORCN inhibitor LGK974

1 ZBP1(DAI) mediated induction of type I IFNs

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