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Plant Maintenance (PM)

IW32 - Change Plant Maintenance Order 
IW33 - Display Plant Maintenance Order 
IW34 - Create Notification Order 
IW51 - Create Service Notification 
IW52 - Change Service Notification
IW53 - Display Service Notification
IW54 - Create Service Notification :Problem notification
IW55 - Create Service Notification :Activity Request
IW56 - Create Service Notification :Service Request
IW57 - Assign deletion Flag to Completed Service Notifications
IW58 - Change Service Notifications: Selection of Notification
IW59 - Display Service Notifications: Selection of Notification

Production Planning (PP)

C005N - Collective Release
C011N - Time Ticket
C012 - Confirmation - Collective
C013 - Confirmation - Cancel
C00IS - Production order information system
C0GI - Reprocess Goods Movements
C223 - Maintain production version
USMM - Pressing F8 will display all hotpacks applied.

Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP)

S001 - ABAP/4 Development Workbench
S002 - System Administration
SA38 - Execute a program
SCAT - Computer Aided Test Tool
SCU0 - Compare Tables
SE01 - Old Transport & Corrections screen
SE03 - Groups together most of the tools that you need for doing transports. In total,more than 20 tools can be reached from this one transaction.
SE06 Set Up Workbench Organizer 设置工作台组织器
SE07 Transport System Status Display 传输系统状态显示
SE09 - Workbench Organizer 工作平台组织者
SE10 - New Transport & Correction screen 自定义组织者
SE11 - ABAP/4 Dictionary Maintenance SE12 ABAP/4 Dictionary Display SE13 Maintain Technical Settings (Tables)
SE12 - Dictionary: Initial Screen - enter object name
SE13 - Access tables in ABAP/4 Dictionary
SE14 - Utilities for Dictionary Tables
SE15 - ABAP/4 Repository Information System
SE16 - Data Browser: Initial Screen
SE16N - Table Browser (the N stands for New, it replaces SE16)
SE17 - General Table Display 通用表显示
SE24 - Class Builder
SE30 - ABAP/4 Runtime Analysis
SE32 - ABAP/4 Text Element Maintenance
SE35 - ABAP/4 Dialog Modules
SE36 - ABAP/4: Logical Databases
SE37 - ABAP/4 Function Modules
SE38 - ABAP Editor
SE39 - Splitscreen Editor: Program Compare
SE41 - Menu Painter
SE43 - Maintain Area Menu
SE48 - Show program call hierarchy. Very useful to see the overall structure of a program.
SE49 - Table manipulation. Show what tables are behind a transaction code.
SE51 - Screen Painter: Initial Screen
SE54 - Generate View Maintenance Module
SE61 - R/3 Documentation
SE62 - Industry utilities
SE63 - Translation
SE64 - Terminology
SE65 - R/3 document. short text statistics SE66 R/3 Documentation Statistics (Test!) 
SE68 - Translation Administration
SE71 - SAPScript Layouts Create/Change
SE72 - SAPscript styles
SE73 - SAPscript font maintenance (revised)
SE74 - SAPscript format conversion
SE75 - SAPscript Settings
SE76 - SAPscript Translation Layout Sets
SE77 - SAPscript Translation Styles
SE80 - ABAP/4 Development Workbench
SE81 - SAP Application Hierarchy
SE82 - Customer Application Hierarchy
SE83 - Reuse Library. Provided by Smiho Mathew
SE84 - ABAP/4 Repository Information System
SE85 - ABAP/4 Dictionary Information System
SE86 - ABAP/4 Repository Information System
SE87 - Data Modeler Information System
SE88 - Development Coordination Info System
SE91 - Maintain Messages
SE92 - Maintain system log messages
SE93 - Maintain Transaction
SEU - Object Browser
SHDB - Transaction Recorder (BDC)
SHD0 - Transaction variant maintenance
SM04 - Overview of Users (cancel/delete sessions)
SM12 - Lock table entries (unlock locked tables)
SM21 - View the system log, very useful when you get a short dump. Provides much more info than short dump
SM30 - Maintain Table Views
SM31 - Table Maintenance
SM32 - Table maintenance
SM35 - View Batch Input Sessions
SM37 - View background jobs
SM50 - Process Overview
SM51 - Delete jobs from system
SM62 - Display/Maintain events in SAP, also use function BP_EVENT_RAISE
SM63 - Display/Maintain Operating Mode Sets 显示/保持操作方式设置
SM64 - Release of an Event 事件的释放
SM65 - Background Processing Analysis Tool 后台处理分析工具
SM66 - Systemwide Work Process Overview 系统工作过程概述
SM67 - Job Scheduling 作业调度
SM68 - Job Administration 作业管理
SM69 - Maintain external OS commands 维护外部 OS 命令
SMX - Display Own Jobs 显示自己的作业
SMEN - Display the menu path to get to a transaction
SMOD/CMOD - Transactions for processing/editing/activating new customer enhancements
SNRO - Object browser for number range maintenance
SPRO - Start SAP IMG (Implementation Guide)
SQ00 - ABAP/4 Query: Start Queries
SQ01 - ABAP/4 Query: Maintain Queries
SQ02 - ABAP/4 Query: Maintain Funct. Areas
SQ03 - ABAP/4 Query: Maintain User Groups
SQ07 - ABAP/4 Query: Language Comparison
STDR - TADIR consistency check TADIR 一致性检查
ST05 - Trace SQL Database Requests
ST22 - ABAP Dump analysis
SU53 - Display Authorization Values for User
WEDI - EDI Menu. IDOC and EDI base
WE02 - Display an IDOC
WE07 - IDOC Statistics

Human Resources (HR)

PA03 - Change Payroll control record
PA20 - Display PA Infotypes
PA30 - Create/Change PA Infotypes
PP02 - Quick Entry for PD object creation
PU00 - Delete PA infotypes for an employee. Will not be able to delete an infotype if there is cluster data assigned to the employee.

Sales and Distribution (SD)

OV52 - Del.Customers Pre-Production Startup 删除客户预生产起动
OVH1 - C RV Tab. THIT Hierarchy Type C RV 表 THIT 分层类型
OVH2 - C SD Tab. THIZU AcctGrpAssignment C SD 表 THIZU 帐户组分配
OVH3 - C RV Tab. THIOZ Org.assignments C RV 表 THIOZ 机构分配
V-12 - Create Customer Hierarchy Nodes 创建客户层次结点
VAP1 - Create Contact Person 创建联系人
VAP2 - Change Contact Person 修改联系人
VAP3 - Display Contact Person 显示联系人
VD02 - Change Customer (SD) 修改客户(SD)
VDDI - Customer: Dir. input currencies EMU 客户:直接输入货币 EMU
VDH1 - Customer Hierarchy Maintenance (SD) 客户层次维护(SD)
VDH2 - Display Customer Hierarchy (SD) 显示客户层次(SD)
VPE1 - Create sales representative 创建销售代表
VPE2 - Change sales representative 改变销售代表
VPE3 - Display sales representative 显示销售代表
VPN1 - Number Range for Contact Person 联系人的编号范围
VS00 - SD Main Menu for Customer SD 客户主菜单
XD07 - Change Customer Account Group 修改客户帐户组
OBYF - Revenue Account Determination 收入帐户确定
OV64 - Account determin. - rec. accounts 科目确定 - rec.科目
OV77 - Account determination -Cash accounts 科目确定 - 现金科目
OV87 - Credit card accounts 信用卡科目
OV97 - Accounts COPA project 科目COPA项目
VKOA - Accnt Determination 科目确定
VB01 - Create Material Listing/Exclusion 创建物料清单/排斥
VB02 - Change Material Listing/Exclusion 修改物料清单/排斥
VB03 - Display Material Listing/Exclusion 显示物料列表/排斥
VB04 - Reference Material Listing/Exclusion 参考物料列表/排斥
VB11 - Create Material Substitution 创建物料替代
VB12 - Change Material Substitution 修改物料替代
VB13 - Display Material Substitution 显示物料替代
VB14 - Reference Material Substitution 参考物料替代
VB21 - Create Sales Deal 创建销售交易
VB22 - Change Sales Deal 修改销售交易
VB23 - Create Sales Deal 创建销售交易
VB25 - List of Sales Deals 销售交易清单
VB31 - Create Promotion 创建促销
VB32 - Change Promotion 修改促销
VB33 - Display Promotion 显示促销
VB35 - List Promotions 列出促销清单
VBN1 - Free goods - Create (SD) 免费货物 - 建立(SD)
VBN2 - Free goods - Change (SD) 免费货物 - 改变(SD)
VBN3 - Free goods - Display (SD) 免费货物 - 显示(SD)
VBO1 - Create Rebate Agreement 创建回扣协议
VBO2 - Change Rebate Agreement 修改回扣协议
VBO3 - Display Rebate Agreement 显示回扣协议
VBOE - Currency conversion rebate agreemnts 货币转换回扣协议
VCH1 - Create Batch Search Strategy 创建批查找策略
VCH2 - Change Batch Search Strategy 更改批查找策略
VCH3 - Display Batch Search Strategy 显示批查找策略
VK01 - Conditions: Dialog Box for CondElem. 条件 - : 条件要素对话框
VK03 - Create Condition Table 创建条件表
VK04 - Change Condition Table 修改条件表
VK05 - Display Condition Table 显示条件表
VK11 - Create Condition 创建条件
VK12 - Change Condition 修改条件
VK13 - Display Condition 显示条件
VK14 - Create Condition with Reference 创建具有参照的条件
VK15 - Create Condition 创建条件
VK16 - Change Condition 修改条件
VK17 - Display Condition 显示条件
VK18 - Create Condition with Reference 创建具有参照的条件
VK19 - Change Condition Without Menu 无菜单修改条件
VK20 - Display Condition Without Menu 无菜单的显示条件
VK30 - Maintain Variant Conditions 维护变式条件
VKVF - Conditions: Dialog Box for CondElem. 条件 - : 条件要素对话框
VKVG - Maintain Condition Elements 维护条件要素
VKXX - Create Test for RKA 创建RKA检测
VKYY - Change Test for RKA 修改RKA测试
VKZZ - Test for RKS-Surcharge Conditions RKS-附加费条件测试
VN03 - Number Assignment for Doc.Conditions 凭证条件的编号分配
VN04 - Number Assignment for Master Conds. 主条件编号分配
VOB3 - Display Plan/Actual Stat.Values 显示计划/实际情形估价
VOK0 - Conditions: Pricing in Customizing 条件: 客户定价
XK11 - Create Condition 创建条件
XK12 - Change Condition 修改条件
XK13 - Display Condition 显示条件
XK14 - Create with cond. ref. (cond. list) 建立有条件参考(条件清单)
XK15 - Create Conditions (background job) 创建条件(后台作业)
OVA6 - Credit Groups for Document Types 单据类型的信贷组
OVA7 - Credit Relevancy of Item Categories 项目分类的信贷相关性
OVA8 - Automatic Credit Checks 自动信贷检查
OVAD - Delivery Type Assignment 交货类型发配
OVB5 - Req. for Creating a Purch.Requisit. 创建请购单需求
OVB6 - Requirement for Picking a Delivery 交货拣配的需求
OVB7 - Requ. for Goods Issue of a Delivery 交货的发货请求
OVB8 - Criteria for Creating a Requirement 建立需求的标准
OVB9 - Create Delivery Due Index 创建交货到期索引
OVBC - Documents Value Classes 凭证值等级
OVBD - Assign Credit Control Area 分配信贷控制范围
OVFD - Forms of payment guarantee 付款担保表格
OVFE - Payment guarantee procedure 付款担保过程
OVFF - Control for payment guarantee proced 付款担保过程的控制
OVFG - Customer payment guarantee procedure 客户付款担保过程
OVFH - Document payment guarantee procedure 凭证付款担保过程
OVFI - Assign doc. payment guarantee proced 分配凭证付款担保过程
OVFJ - Determine payment guarantee proced. 确定付款担保过程
OVFL - Assign credit contrl area/sales area 指定信贷控制范围/销售范围
VKM1 - Blocked SD Documents 冻结的SD文档
VKM2 - Released SD Documents 已批准的SD凭证
VKM3 - Sales Document 销售凭证
VKM4 - SD Documents SD 凭证
VKM5 - Delivery 交货
OV/7 - Test Data for Data Transfer 数据传输的测试数据
OVA9 - /nse38/Handling Errors SchedAgrs /nse38/处理错误计划协议
OVAI - /nse38/Determine Sold-to Party /nse38/确定售达方
OVAJ - /nse38/Distribution Function /nse38/分销功能
OVBT - Modification Report Billing Plan 出具发票计划报告修改
OVD0 - /nse38/Spec.Features EDL-LS-EDI /nse38/特殊特征EDL-LS-EDI
OVD1 - /nse38/Special Billing Features /nse38/特殊开票特征
V.10 - Display Top Materials 显示主要物料
V.11 - Display Top Customers 显示主要客户
V.12 - Display Incoming Orders 显示收进订单
V.13 - Display Orders on Hand 显示现有的订单
V.14 - Display Blocked Orders 显示冻结订单
V.15 - Display Backorders 显示拖欠订单
V.16 - Selection of TOP and Incoming Orders 主要和新到订单选择
V.17 - Select Orders on Hand 选择现有订单
V_R1 - List of Backorders 拖欠订单清单
V_RA - Backorder Processing: Selection List 拖欠订单处理:选择清单
V_V1 - Updating Unconfirmed Sales Documents 更新未确认销售凭证
V_V2 - Updating Sales Documents by Material 按物料更新销售凭证
V-01 - Create Sales Order 创建销售订单
V-02 - Create Quotation 创建报价
V101 - Initial Sales Menu 初始销售菜单
VA00 - Initial Sales Menu 初始销售菜单
VA01 - Create Sales Order 创建销售订单
VA02 - Change Sales Order 修改销售订单
VA03 - Display Sales Order 显示销售订单
VA05 - List of Sales Orders 销售订单清单
VA07 - Sales/Purchasing Comparison 销售/采购 比较
VA08 - Display: Compare Sales - Purchasing 显示: 比较 销售 - 采购
VA11 - Create Inquiry 创建询价
VA12 - Change Inquiry 修改询价
VA13 - Display Inquiry 显示询价
VA15 - List of Inquiries 询价清单
VA21 - Create Quotation 创建报价
VA22 - Change Quotation 修改报价
VA23 - Display Quotation 显示报价
VA25 - List of Quotations 报价清单
VA31 - Create Scheduling Agreement 创建计划协议
VA32 - Change Scheduling Agreement 修改计划协议
VA33 - Display Scheduling Agreement 显示计划协议
VA35 - List of Scheduling Agreements 计划协议清单
VA41 - Create Contract 创建合同
VA42 - Change Contract 修改合同
VA42W - Workflow for master contract 主合同的工作流
VA43 - Display Contract 显示合同
VA51 - Create Item Proposal 创建项目建议
VA52 - Change Item Proposal 修改项目建议
VA53 - Display Item Proposal 显示项目建议
VA89 - Archiving of Settlement Documents 结算凭证的归档
VA90 - Billing Request for Actual Costs 实际成本的出据发票请求
VAKC - Items in Sales Order Configuration 销售订单配置中的项目
VAKP - Configuration: Maintain T180 配置: 维护T180
VD51 - Maintain Customer-Material Info 维护客户-物料信息
VD52 - Maintain Cust-Mat.Info w/Select.Scrn 维护带选择屏幕的客户-物料信息
VD53 - Display Customer-Material Info 显示客户-物料信息
VD54 - Display Customer-Material Info 显示客户-物料信息
VN01 - Number Assignment for SD Documents SD 凭证的编号分配
OVA0 - C_RV_Tab. VVVS "Status group" C_RV_Tab. VVVS "状态组"
OVF3 - C_RV_Tab. VAUK "Cost Centers" C_RV_Tab. VAUK "成本中心"
OVK0 - C SD Table STE - "Tax Categories" C SD 表 STE - "税种类"
OVL6 - C_RV_Tab. VUVS "Status Group Dely" C_RV_Tab. VUVS "状态组延迟"
OVLM - C RV Tab. TROLZ "Route determ." C RV 表 TROLZ "路径确定"
OVLU - c_rv_tab. vro - "Transit time" c_rv_tab. vro - "转运时间"
OVR2 - c_rv_Tab. T016 "Sectors" c_rv_Tab. T016 "段"
SDPI - Number Range Maint.: SD_PICKING 编号范围维护:SD_PICKING
V_SA - Collective Processing Analysis 汇总处理分析
V_UC - Incomplete SD Documents 不完整 SD 凭证
V633 - "Customer Conversion Dec.Shipping" "客户转换分散装运"
VEGR - Material Group: Shipping Materials 物料组:装运物料
VG01 - Maintain Groups "维护组"
VG02 - Maintain Groups "维护组"
VG03 - Display Groups "显示组"
VGK1 - Create Group for Delivery "创建交货组"
VGK2 - Change Group for Delivery "更改交货组"
VGK3 - Display Group for Delivery 显示交货组
VGL1 - Create Group for Delivery "创建交货组"
VGL2 - Change Group for Delivery "更改交货组"
VGL3 - "Display Group for Delivery" "显示交货组"
VGM1 - "Create Group for Freight List" "创建运费清单组"
VGM2 - "Change Group for Freight List" "更改运费清单组"
VGM3 - "Display Group for Freight List" "显示运费清单组"
VGW1 - Create Picking Wave 创建领货波次
VGW2 - Change Picking Waves 改变领货波次
VGW3 - Display Picking Waves 显示领货波次
VHZU - Allowed Shipping Material Types 允许的装运物料类型
VL00 - Shipping 装运
VL01 - Create Delivery 创建交货
VL02 - "Change Delivery" "更改交货"
VL03 - "Display Delivery" "显示交货"
VL04 - Process Delivery Due List 处理交货到期清单
VL08 - Report Results of Picking Request 拣配请求的报表结果
VL09 - Cancel Goods Issue for Delivery Note 取消关于交货通知单的发货
VL10 - Extended Mult. Processing Deliveries 扩展多重粗略交货
VL11 - "Create Decentralized Delivery" "创建分散交货"
VL13 - "Create Deliveries in Dec.Shipping" "创建分散装运交货"
VL14 - Mail control decentralized shipping 邮件控制分布式发运
VL15 - Deliveries to Be Confirmed 待确认的交货
VL16 - "Deliveries to be Picked" "待拣配的交货"
VL17 - Deliveries to be Loaded 交货被装载
VL18 - " be Scheduled for Transport" "待安排运输的交货"
VL19 - "Dlvs.Due for Goods Issue Posting" "发货过帐的交货到期"
VL20 - "Display Communication Document" "显示通讯文档"
VL21 - Post goods issue in background 在后台记录发出货物
VL22 - Display Delivery Change Documents 显示交货改变凭证
VL32 - Change Delivery Notification 修改交货通告
VL33 - Display Shipping Notification 显示装运通知单
VL35 - Form Picking Waves Acc. to Time Crit 根据时间标准排列领货波次
VL41 - Create Rough GR 出口粗略收货
VL42 - Change Rough GR 改变粗略收货
VL43 - Display Rough GR 显示粗略收货
VL51 - Create Route Schedule 创建工艺路线调度
VL52 - Change Route Schedule 改变工艺路线调度
VL53 - Display Route Schedule 显示工艺路线调度
VL70 - Output From Picking Lists 输出拣配清单
VL71 - Output From Deliveries 装运输出
VL73 - "Confirmation of Decentr.Deliveries" "分散交货确认"
VL75 - Shipping Notification Output 装运通知输出
VL76 - Output from Rough Goods Receipt 从粗略收货输出
VLAL - Archive Deliveries 归档交货
VLIF - Test Shipping Interface 测试装运接口
VLK1 - Picking with Picking Waves 分组拣货
VLK2 - Picking with Picking Waves 分组拣货
VLK3 - Picking with Picking Waves 分组拣货
VLLA - RWE: Picking/Goods Issue Analysis RWE:领货/发货分析
VLLC - RWE: Archive Data RWE:归档数据
VLLD - Rough Workload Forecast: Delete Log 粗工作负荷预测:删除日志
VLLE - RWE: Goods Receipt/Putaway Analysis RWE:收货/堆放分析
VLLF - Picking Waves: Archive Data 领货波次:归档数据
VLLG - RWE: Analyze Complete Overview RWE:完全分析概览
VLLP - Rough Workload Forecast: Display Log 粗工作负荷预测:显示日志
VLLQ - RWE: Returns to Vendor Analysis RWE:退货给供应商分析
VLLR - RWE: Customer/Store Return Analysis RWE:客户/商店退货分析
VLLS - Var. Stand. Analyses Setting App 42 变量标准分析设置应用程序42
VLLV - W&S: Control RWE/Picking Waves W&S:控制RWE/领货波次
VLRL - Reload Delivery 重装载交货
VUA4 - Assignm. Deliv. Type Incompl.Proced. 不完全分派交货类型过程
VUA5 - Disp. Assignm.Del.Type to Incom.Proc 显示不完全分派交货类型过程
VUP4 - Assignm. Deliv.Items to Incom.Proc. 不完全分派交货项目的过程
VUP5 - Display Assignm. Del.Items IncomProc 显示不完全分派交货项目过程
VARV - Archiving shipping units 装运单位归档
VL74 - Outputs from shipping units 根据装运单位输出
VP00 - Shipping unit processing 装运单位处理
VP11 - Create shipping unit (header) 创建装运单位(抬头)
VP12 - Change shipping unit (header) 修改装运单位(抬头)
VPAK - Packing list 包装清单
VV61 - Create Output: Shipping Unit 创建输出:装运单位
VV62 - Change Output: Shipping Unit 更改输出:装运单位
VV63 - Display Output: Shipping Element 显示输出:装运要素
VVUN - Importing shipping units 输入装运单位
VHAR - Shipping Material Types 装运物料类型
VLPP - Packing req. of item categories 项目类别的包装要求
VOL7 - Settings for Packing 打包设置
VPBD - Requirement for Packing in Delivery 交货中的包装要求
VT00 - Transport processing 运输处理
VT01 - Create shipment 创建发运
VT02 - Change transport 更改运输
VT03 - Display transport 显示运输
VT04 - Worklist Shipping 工作清单发运
VT05 - Worklist Shipping: Logs 工作清单发运:日志
VT07 - Collective run in background 在后台汇总运行
VT09 - Number Ranges for Log VT04 日志VT04的编号范围
VT10 - Select shipments: Start 选择装运:开始
VT11 - Select shipments: planning 选择装运:计划
VT12 - Select shipments: Transpt Processing 选择装运:运输处理
VT13 - F4-Help Shipment Number F4- 帮助 装运编号
VT14 - Select shipments: Utilization 选择装运:利用
VT15 - Select shipments: Free capacity 选择装运:可用能力
VT16 - Select shipments: Check in 选择装运:登记
VT17 - Extended Help (F4) Shipment Number 扩展的帮助(F4) 装运编号
VT18 - Start F4 Help Shipping 开始 F4 帮助发运
VT70 - Messages for shipments 发运信息
VTAR - Archive shipments 归档装运 
VTBT - Report for Definition of Batch Run 批运行定义的报表
VTRL - Reload shipments 重装装运
0VT0 - Maintain Selection Variants 维护选择变式
0VT1 - Maintain PersInChargOfShip SelectVar 维护装运负责人 - - 选择变式
0VT2 - Maintain Tranport.Process. SelectVar 维护运输处理选择变量
0VT3 - Maintain Selection Var. Registration 维护选择变式注册
0VT4 - Maintain Selection Variant Registr. 维护选择变式注册
0VT5 - Maintain utilization select.variants 维护利用选择变量
0VT6 - Maintain free capacity sel. variants 维护可用能力选择变式
0VTA - Customizing Shipping Types 用户化装运类型
0VTB - Customizing Modes of Transport 运输的用户化模式
0VTC - Route definition 途径定义
0VTD - Def. of Transp. Connection Point 运输连接点的定义
0VTE - Multiple Maintenance Route Stages 复合维护工艺路线阶段
0VTG - Cumulation of Materials in TPS 在运输计划系统中物料的累计
0VTK - Customizing Transport Types 定制运输类型
0VTP - Tr.Planning Pos.ext. Planning System 运输计划入帐外部计划系统
0VTS - Copy TPS Route Restrictions 复制运输计划系统路径限制
0VTT - Create TPS Route Restrictions 复制运输计划系统路径限制
0VTW - Special Processing Indicator 特殊处理标记
OMTX - Define non-SAP system 定义非SAP系统
OVRT - Customizing: Routes 定制:途径
OVTL - C RV Del. item cats: Transp. relev. C RV 交货项目类别:与运输相关
OVTR - C SD Delivery Type: Transport.Relev. C SD 交货类型:与运输相关
OVTS - C SD Reason for Shipment Block 装运冻结的 C SD 原因
OVXT - Transport Scheduling Points 运输计划点
V/77 - Output -ConditTable- Create Transprt 输出-条件表-创建运输
V/78 - Output -CondTable- Change Transport 输出-条件表-更改运输
V/79 - Output -CondTable- Display Transport 输出-条件表-显示运输
V/80 - Access Sequence (Transport) 存取顺序(运输)
V/81 - View V_TNAPR Appl V7 视图 V_TNAPR 应用 V7
V/82 - Maintain condition type Appl. V7 维护条件类型应用程序 V7
V/84 - Output Determination Transport 输出确定运输
VN07 - Maintain number range for shipments 维护装运的编号范围
VORT - Archiving Control Shipments 归档控制装运
VV71 - Create Output: Transportation 创建输出:运输
VV72 - Change Output: Transportation 更改输出:运输
VV73 - Display Output: Transportation 显示输出:运输
OTF1 - Material-Freight Groups 物料运输驵
OTF2 - Forwarding Agent - Freight Groups 运输代理-货运组
OTF3 - Freight Code Directories 货运码目录
OTF4 - Determine Freight Code Directory 确定货运代码目录
OTF5 - Freight Codes 货运代码
OTF6 - Freight Code Determination 货运代码确定
OTF7 - Define Freight Code Index 定义运费代码索引
0VTH - Insert Material Cumulation to TPS 插入物料累计到运输计划系统
0VTI - Copy Material Cumulation to TPS 复制物料累计到运输计划系统
0VTR - Route limits ext. Transport. Planng 路径限制外部运输计划
VT60 - Transfer Location Master Data to TPS 传输地点主记录数据到运输计划系统
VT61 - Ext. transport. planning deliveries 外部运输计划交货
VT68 - Deallocate delivery from TPS 从运输计划系统中取消分配交货
VNPU - Partner Conversion 合伙人转换
OVF6 - VAUK Dunning Areas VAUK催讨范围
OVG1 - Redetermine subtotal 重新确定小计
OVV9 - C SD Table VSA C SD 表 VSA
VCAR - Archiving 归档
VCUN - Reload 重新装入
VF00 - 9Sales organization & is not defined 9销售机构 & 未确定
VF01 - Create Billing Document 创建出具发票凭证
VF02 - Change Billing Document 修改出具发票凭证
VF03 - Display Billing Document 显示出具发票凭证
VF04 - Process Billing Due List 处理出具发票到期清单
VF06 - Batch billing 成批出据发票
VF07 - Display bill. document from archive 显示来自档案开票凭证
VF11 - Cancel Billing Document 取消出具发票凭证
VF21 - Create Invoice List 创建发票清单
VF22 - Change invoice list 修改发票清单
VF23 - Display Invoice List 显示发票清单
VF27 - Display invoice list from archive 显示来自档案的发票清单
VFBV - Reorganization of discount-rel. data 折扣相关数据的重组
VFLI - Log tax exemption 登录免税
VFP1 - Set Billing Date 设置出票日期
VFSN - Reorganization info structure S060 信息结构S060的重组
VFX2 - Display Blocked Billing Documents 显示冻结出具发票凭证
VFX3 - List Blocked Billing Documents 列出冻结的出具发票凭证清单
VGF1 - Create Group of Billing Documents 创建出具发票凭证组
VGF2 - Change group for billing document 修改出具发票凭证组
VGF3 - Display Group of Billing Documents 出具发票凭证显示组
XEIP - Number range maintenance: EXPIMP 编号范围维护: EXPIM

Material Management (MM)

MM01 - Create Material
MM02 - Modify Material
MM03 - Display Material
XK01 - 创建供应商主数据
ME11 - 创建采购信息记录
ME01 - 维护货源清单
ME51N- 创建采购申请
ME5A - 显示采购申请清单
ME55 - 批准采购申请(批准组:YH)
ME57 - 分配并处理采购申请
MB21 - 预留 
MB24 - 显示预留清单
ME21N- 创建采购订单
ME28 - 批准采购订单(批准组:YS)
ME9F - 采购订单发送确认
ME2L - 查询供应商的采购凭证
ME31 - 创建采购协议
MD03 - 手动MRP
MD04 - 库存需求清单(MD05 - MRP清单)
MRKO - 寄售结算
MELB - 采购申请列表(需求跟踪号)
ME41 - 创建询价单
ME47 - 维护报价
ME49 - 价格比较清单
MI31 - 建立库存盘点凭证
MI21 - 打印盘点凭证
MI22 - 显示实际盘点凭证内容
MI24 - 显示实际盘点凭证清单
MI03 - 显示实际盘点清单
MI04 - 根据盘点凭证输入库存计数
MI20 - 库存差异清单
MI07 - 库存差额总览记帐
MI02 - 更改盘点凭证
MB03 - 显示物料凭证
ME2O - 查询供应商货源库存
MB03 - 显示物料凭证
MB1C - Maintain Stock
MMBE - 库存总览 Stock overview
MB5L - 查询库存价值余额清单
MCBR - 库存批次分析
MB5B - 查询每一天的库存
MB58 - 查询客Т 9芸獯?
MB25 - 查询预留和发货情况MB51
MB5S - 查询采购订单的收货和发票差异
MB51 - 物料凭证查询(可以按移动类型查询)
ME2L - 确认采购单/转储单正确
MCSJ - 信息结构S911 采购信息查询(采购数量\价值、收货数量\价值、发票数量\价值)
MCBA - 核对库存数量,金额
MM04 - 显示物料改变
MMSC - 集中创建库存地点
MIGO - 根据存单收货
MB1C - 其它收货
MB1A - 输入发货 
MB1B - 转储
MB31 - 生产收货 
MB01 - 采购收货)
MBST - 取消物料凭证
MMPI - Initialise Period For Master Material Recordfrom CO Code
MM60 - 商品清单Material List
ME31L- 创建计划协议
ME38 - 维护交货计划
ME9A - 消息输出
MB04 - 分包合同事后调整
MB52 - 显示现有的仓库物料库存
MB90 - 来自货物移动的输出
CO03 - 显示生产订单
IW13 - 物料反查订单(清单)
IW33 - 显示维修订单
VA01 - 创建销售订单
VL01N - 参照销售订单创建外向交货单
VL02N – 修改外向交货单(拣配、发货过帐)
VL09 – 冲销销售的货物移动
VF01 – 出具销售发票
VF04 – 处理出具发票到期清单
VF11 – 取消出具销售发票
OLMS- materials management configuration menu, most of the stuff under this menu is 
not under the implementation guide

MM configuration transactions

OLMB - Inventory management/Physical Inventory 
OLMD - MM Consumption-Based Planning 
OLME - MM Purchasing 
OLML - Warehouse Management 
OLMR - Invoice Verification 
OLMS - Material Master data 
OLMW - MM Valuation/Account Assignment

OLE demo transaction

OLI0 C Plant Maintenance Master Data
OLI1 Set Up INVCO for Material Movements
OLI8 Set Up SIS for Deliveries
OLIA C Maintenance Processing
OLIP C Plant Maintenance Planning
OLIQ New set-up of QM info system
OLIX Set Up Copying/Deleting of Versions
OLIY Set Up Deletion of SIS/Inter.Storage
OLIZ Stat Set Up INVCO: Invoice Verif
OLM2 Customizing: Volume-Based Rebates
OLMB C RM-MAT Inventory Management Menu
OLME C MM Menu: Purchasing
OLML C MM Menu for Warehouse Management
OLMR C RM-MAT Menu: Invoice Verification
OLMS C RM-MAT Master Data Menu
OLMW C RM-MAT Valuation/Acct. Assgt. Menu
OLPA SOP Configuration
OLPE Sales order value
OLPK Customizing for capacity planning
OLPR Project System Options
OLPS Customizing Basic Data
OLPV Customizing: Std. Value Calculation
OLQB C QM QM in Procurement
OLQI Analysis
OLQM Customizing QM Quality Notifications
OLQS C QM Menu Basic Data
OLQW C QM Inspection Management
OLQZ Quality Certificates
OLS1 Customizing for Rebates
OLSD Customizing: SD
OLVA C SD Sales Menu
OLVD C SD Shipping Menu
OLVF C SD Billing Menu
OLVS C SD Menu for Master Data




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