XOOPS Forum Dev calling for team members

原创 2005年05月24日 03:17:00

XOOPS 作为开源社区一个优秀的内容管理系统,在其发展过程中一直有来自中国开源社区的重要贡献。

XOOPS 两个创始人之一来自中国大陆,台湾地区也有 XOOPS 重要创始成员。XOOPS 在数年的发展壮大过程中,一直广受中文用户的青睐,中文用户也不断为 XOOPS 添砖加瓦。来自大陆的 maclinks 的 imago 系列是 XOOPS 社区最受欢迎并广泛应用的THEME(风格、布景),XOOPS 中文社区也不断开发重要的 XOOPS 模块,XOOPS 核心开发组也有来自 XOOPS CHINA 的开发员。


不久,XOOPS 将有重要的版本发布。为了使CBB模块在XOOPS新版本的基础上得到更好的开发维护,CBB现在召集开发组成员,期待着您的加入。

CBB, the XOOPS Community Bulletin Board module, is now calling for team members.

1 Team Coordinator (one):
A. You are expected to have adequate time and extreme enthusiasm for CBB and XOOPS
B. Native English speaking is desirable
C. Running or to run XOOPS sites with CBB
D. Assisting the lead developer(s) to manage the whole team, keeping frequent contact with team memebers
E. Collecting and pre-processing feature requests and bug reports
F. Leading CBB tutorial and documentation

2. Designer (one)
A. Proficiency in CSS, XHTML 1.0 and cross-browser design
B. Strong motivation and clear ideas to improve CBB layout
C. Hand-on experiences in graphics (You may call or graphics assistants)

3. Co-developers (one or two)
A. Ability and willing to develop CBB on XOOPS 2.2 and XOOPSphere
B. Being familiar with other wide-used forum scripts
C. Standard coding style and security related PHP knowledge
D. Making (Or helping) convertors from other CMS or forum scripts to CBB

4. Support team members
A. Willing to help the CBB project
B. Feature design, layout suggestion, and performance improvement

Additional (all active team members):
1. Having CBB installed
2. Being active on board with reasonable frequency. A member not being active for one month is to be set as inactive member and will be dismissed after keeping inactive for three months
3. Contribution to CBB public release should be GPL licensed (graphics could be excepted)

联系方式: XOOPS中文 或 XOOPS总站

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