osgearth for android 之一:编译前的参考


据我所知,osgearth for android的完善是一个痛苦的过程。

1. 老外的部分参考链接如下


Hi,everyone.As same as setting OSG For Android,by setting .mk files,

i get some static librarys.There is No error happened in the Ndk process.

I got static libs such as libosgEarth.a,libosgSymbology.a..

After that,through the project named OSGANDROIDEXAMPLEGLES2 ,

i used the static libs to set the .mk to build the libosgnativelib.so.

Of course,i also build osgdb_earth.a,osgdb_osgearth_gdal.a and osgdb_osgearth_driver_osgterrian.a and using them these plugins in the osgmainapp.hpp by macros("USGING OSG PLUGINS").

At last,i debug the project and succeed.i can load the cow.osg file and some .ive files,still can load .earth files.

The catlog displays sentense like "loaded gdal_tiff.earth file",The strange thing is that the phone(i used sumsung GT-N8000) just displayed nothing but background colour.So, i what to known what happended,some thing wrong about the shaders?but it can display the cow.osg and .ive files.I'm puzzled about that.Someone who succeed show the .earth files,please give me some advices!


I have build OSG for Android(cmake setings for OpenGL ES1.1),and it work on Android no problem.
Then I add osgEarth source to OSG,put osgEarthDrivers file in osgPlugins file,build it .

I have get the osgEarth's lib,includes libosgEarth.a libosgEarhtAnnotation.a libosgEarthFeatures.a libosgEarthSymbology.a libosgEarthUtil.a and libosgdb_earth.a libosgdb_osgearth_gdal.a etc.

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