1I see.我明白了。
2I quit!我不干了!
3Let go!放手!
4Me too.我也是。
5My god!天哪!
6No way!不行!
7Come on.来吧(赶快)
8Hold on.等一等。
9I agree.我同意。
10Not bad.还不错。
11Not yet.还没。
12See you.再见。
13Shut up!闭嘴!
14So long.再见。
15Why not?好呀!(为什么不呢?)
16Allow me.让我来。
17Be quiet!安静点!
18Cheer up!振作起来!
19Good job!做得好!
20Have fun!玩得开心!
21How much?多少钱?
22I’m full.我饱了。
23I’m home.我回来了。
24I’m lost.我迷路了。
25My treat.我请客。
26So do I.我也一样。
27This way.这边请。
28After you.您先。
29Bless you!祝福你!
30Follow me.跟我来。
31Forget it!休想!(算了!)
32Good luck!祝好运!
33I declined!我谢绝了!
34I promise.我保证。
35Of course!当然了!
36Slow down!慢点!
37Take care!保重!
38They hurt.(伤口)疼。
39Try again.再试试。
40Watch out!当心。
41What’s up?有什么事吗?
42Be careful!注意!
43Bottoms up!干杯(见底)!
44Don’t move!不许动!
45Guess what?猜猜看?
46I doubt it.我怀疑。
47I think so.我也这么想。
48I’m single.我是单身贵族。
49Keep it up!坚持下去!
50Let me see.让我想想。
51Never mind.不要紧。
52No problem!没问题!
53That’s all!就这样!
54Time is up.时间快到了。
55What’s new?有什么新鲜事吗?
56Count me on.算上我。
57Don’t worry.别担心。
58Feel better?好点了吗?
59I love you!我爱你!
60I’m his fan.我是他的影迷。
61Is it yours?这是你的吗?
62That’s neat.这很好。
63Are you sure?你肯定吗?
64Do I have to?非做不可吗?
65He is my age.他和我同岁。
66Here you are.给你。
67No one knows.没有人知道。
68Take it easy.别紧张。
69What a pity!太遗憾了!
70Anything else?还有别的吗?
71To be careful!一定要小心!
72Could you do me a favor?你能帮我个忙吗?
73Help yourself.别客气。
74I’m on a diet.我在节食。
75Keep in touch.保持联络。
76Time is money.时间就是金钱。
77Who’s calling?是哪一位?
78You did right.你做得对。
79You set me up!你出卖我!
80Can I help you?我能帮你吗?
81Enjoy yourself!祝你玩得开心!
82Excuse me, sir.先生,对不起。
83Give me a hand!帮帮我!
84How’s it going?怎么样?
85I have no idea.我没有头绪。
86I just made it!我做到了!
87I’ll see to it.我会留意的。
88I’m in a hurry!我在赶时间!
89It’s her field.这是她的本行。
90It’s up to you.由你决定。
91Just wonderful!简直太棒了!
92What about you?你呢?
93You owe me one.你欠我一个人情。
94You’re welcome.不客气。
95Any day will do.任何一天都可以。
96Are you kidding?你在开玩笑吧!
98I can’t help it.我情不自禁。
99I don’t mean it.我不是故意的。
100I’ll fix you up.我会帮你打点的。
101It sounds great!听起来很不错!
102It’s a fine day.今天是个好天。
103So far, so good.目前还不错。
104What time is it?几点了?
105You can make it!你能做到!
106Control yourself!克制一下!
107He came by train.他乘火车来。
108He is ill in bed.他卧病在床。
109He lacks courage.他缺乏勇气。
110How’s everything?一切还好吧?
111I have no choice.我别无选择。
112I like ice-cream.我喜欢吃冰淇淋。
113I love this game.我钟爱这项运动。
114I’ll try my best.我尽力而为。
115I’m on your side.我全力支持你。
116Long time no see!好久不见!
117No pain, no gain.不劳无获。
118Well, it depends.噢,这得看情况。
119We’re all for it.我们全都同意。
120What a good deal!真便宜!
121What should I do?我该怎么办?
122You asked for it!你自讨苦吃!
123You have my word.我保证。
124Believe it or not!信不信由你!
125Don’t count on me.别指望我。
126Don’t fall for it!别上当!
127Don’t let me down.别让我失望。
128Easy come easy go.来得容易,去得快。
129I beg your pardon.请你原谅。
130Your hand feels cold.你的手摸起来很冷。
131I’ll be back soon.我马上回来。
132I’ll check it out.我去查查看。
133It’s a long story.说来话长。
134It’s Sunday today.今天是星期天。
135Just wait and see!等着瞧!
136Make up your mind.做个决定吧。
137That’s all I need.我就要这些。
138The view is great.景色多么漂亮!
139The wall has ears.隔墙有耳。
140There comes a bus.汽车来了。
141What day is today?今天星期几?
142What do you think?你怎么认为?
143Who told you that?谁告诉你的?
144Who’s kicking off?现在是谁在开球?
145Yes, I suppose so.是的,我也这么认为。
146You can’t miss it.你一定能找到的。
147Any messages for me?有我的留言吗?
148Don’t be so modest.别谦虚了。
149Don’t give me that!少来这套!
150He is a smart boy.他是个小机灵鬼。
151He is just a child.他只是个孩子。
152I can’t follow you.我不懂你说的。
153I felt sort of ill.我感觉有点不适。
154I have a good idea!我有一个好主意。
155It is growing cool.天气渐渐凉爽起来。
156It seems all right.看来这没问题。
157It’s going too far.太离谱了。
158May I use your pen?我可以用你的笔吗?
159She had a bad cold.她患了重感冒。
160That’s a good idea.这个主意真不错。
161The answer is zero.白忙了。
162What does she like?她喜欢什么?
163As soon as possible!越快越好!
164He can hardly speak.他几乎说不出话来。
165He always talks big.他总是吹牛。
166He won an election.他在选举中获胜。
167I am a football fan.我是个足球迷。
168If only I could fly.要是我能飞就好了。
169I’ll be right there.我马上就到。
170I’ll see you at six.我六点钟见你。
171Is it true or false?这是对的还是错的?
172Just read it for me.就读给我听好了。
173Knowledge is power.知识就是力量。
174Move out of my way!让开!
175Time is running out.没时间了。
176We are good friends.我们是好朋友。
177What’s your problem?你怎么了?
178You did fairly well!你干得相当不错!
179Clothes make men.人靠衣装。
180Did you miss the bus?你错过公共汽车了?
181Don’t lose your head.不要惊慌失措。
182He can’t take a joke.他开不得玩笑。
183He owes my uncle $100.他欠我叔叔100美元。
184How are things going?事情进展得怎样?
185How are you lately?你最近怎么样?
186I know all about it.我知道有关它的一切。
187It really takes time.这样太耽误时间了。
188It’s against the law.这是违法的。
189Love me, love my dog.(谚语)爱屋及乌。
190My mouth is watering.我要流口水了。
191Speak louder, please.说话请大声点儿。
192This boy has no job.这个男孩没有工作。
193This house is my own.这所房子是我自己的。
194What happened to you?你怎么了?
195You are just on time.你刚好准时。
196You need to workout.你需要去运动锻炼一下。
197I beg your pardon?请您再说一遍?(我没有听清?)
198Don’t be so childish.别这么孩子气。
199Don’t trust the chance!不要碰运气。
200Fasten your seat belt.系好你的安全带。
201He has a large income.他有很高的收入。
202He looks very healthy.他看来很健康。
203He paused for a reply.他停下来等着回答。
204He repaired his house.他修理了他的房子。
205He suggested a picnic.他建议搞一次野餐。
206Here’s a gift for you.这里有个礼物送给你。
207How much does it cost?多少钱?
208I caught the last bus.我赶上了最后一班车。
209I could hardly speak.我简直说不出话来。
210I’ll have to try that.我得试试这么做。
211I’m very proud of you.我为你感到非常骄傲。
212It doesn’t make sense.这没有意义(不合常理)。
213Make yourself at home.请不要拘礼。
214My car needs washing.我的车需要洗一洗。
215None of your business!与你无关!
216Not a sound was heard.一点声音也没有。
217That’s always the case.习以为常了。
218The road divides here.这条路在这里分岔。
219Those are watermelons.那些是西瓜。
220What a nice day it is!今天天气真好!
221What’s wrong with you?你哪里不对劲?
222You are a chicken.你是个胆小鬼。
223A lovely day, isn’t it?好天气,是吗?
224He is collecting money.他在筹集资金。
225He was born in New York.他出生在纽约。
226He was not a bit tired.他一点也不累。
227I will be more careful.我会小心一些的,
228I will never forget it.我会记着的。
229It is just what I need.这正是我所需要的。
230It rather surprised me.那事使我颇感惊讶。
231Just around the corner.就在附近。
232Just for entertainment.只是为了消遣一下。
233Let bygones be bygones.过去的,就让它过去吧。
234Mother doesn’t make up.妈妈不化妆。
235Oh, you are kidding me.哦,你别拿我开玩笑了。
236She has been to school.她上学去了。
237Skating is interesting.滑冰很有趣。
238Supper is ready at six.晚餐六点钟就好了。
239That’s a terrific idea!真是好主意!
240What horrible weather!这鬼天气!
241Which would you prefer?你要选哪个?
242Does she like ice-cream?她喜欢吃冰淇淋吗?
243First come, first served.先到先得。
244Great minds think alike.英雄所见略同。
245He has a sense of humor.他有幽默感。
246He is acting as an old man.他正扮演一个老人。
247He is looking for a job.他正在找工作。
248He doesn’t care about me.他并不在乎我。
249I develop films myself.我自己冲洗照片。
250I felt no regret for it.对这件事我不觉得后悔。
251I get up at six o’clock.我六点起床。
252I met the boss himself.我见到了老板本人。
253I owe you for my dinner.我欠你晚餐的钱。
254I really enjoyed myself.我玩得很开心。
255I’m fed up with my work!我对工作烦死了!
256It’s no use complaining.发牢骚没什么用。
257She’s under the weather.她心情不好。
258The child sobbed sadly.小孩伤心地抽泣着。
259The rumor had no basis.那谣言没有根据。
260They praised him highly.他们大大地表扬了他。
261Winter is a cold season.冬天是一个寒冷的季节。
262You can call me any time.你可以随时打电话给我。
26315 divided by 3 equals 5.15除以3等于5。
264All for one, one for all.我为人人,人人为我。
265East, west, home is the best.金窝,银窝,不如自己的草窝。
266He grasped both my hands.他紧握住我的双手。
267He is physically mature.他身体己发育成熟。
268I am so sorry about this.对此我非常抱歉(遗憾)。
269I can’t afford a new car.我买不起一部新车。
270I do want to see him now.我现在确实很想去见他。
271I have the right to know.我有权知道。
272I heard someone laughing.我听见有人在笑。
273I suppose you dance a lot.我想你常常跳舞吧。
274I walked across the park.我穿过了公园。
275I’ll just play it by ear.我到时随机应变。
276I’m not sure I can do it.恐怕这事我干不了。
277I’m not used to drinking.我不习惯喝酒。
278Is the cut still painful?伤口还在痛吗?
279It’s too good to be true!好得难以置信。
280Jean is a blue-eyed girl.珍是个蓝眼睛的女孩。
281Let’s not waste our time.咱们别浪费时间了。
282May I ask some questions?我可以问几个问题吗?
283Money is not everything.金钱不是一切。
284Neither of the men spoke.两个人都没说过话。
285Stop making such a noise.别吵了。
286That makes no difference.没什么区别。
287The price is reasonable.价格还算合理。
288They crowned him king.他们拥立他为国王。
289They’re in red and white.他们穿着红白相间的衣服。
290We all desire happiness.我们都想要幸福。
291We just caught the plane.我们刚好赶上了飞机。
292What shall we do tonight?我们今天晚上去干点儿什么呢?
293What’s your goal in life?你的人生目标是什么?
294When was the house built?这幢房子是什么时候建造的?
295Why did you stay at home?为什么呆在家里?
296Would you like some help?你需要帮忙吗?
297You mustn’t aim too high.你不可好高骛远。
298You’re really killing me!真是笑死我了!
299You’ve got a point there.你说得挺有道理的。
300Being criticized is awful!被人批评真是痛苦!
301Did you enter the contest?你参加比赛了吗?
302Do you accept credit cards?你们收信用卡吗?
303Don’t cry over spilt milk.不要做无益的后悔。
304Don’t let chances pass by.不要让机遇从我们身边溜走。
305He owned himself defeated.他承认自己失败了。
306He seems a little nervous.他显得有点紧张。
307He strolls about the town.他在镇上四处遛达。
308Her teeth ached all night.她牙疼了一整夜。
309How about a drink tonight?今晚喝一杯怎样?
310I can do nothing but that.我只会做那件事。
311I will get hold of you at last.我终于找到你了。
312I have a surprise for you.我有一个意想不到的东西给你看。
313I like all kinds of fruit.我喜欢各种各样的水果。
314I saw it with my own eyes.我亲眼所见。
315I will arrange everything.我会安排一切的。
316I wish I knew my neighbor.我很想认识我的邻居。
317I would like to check it out.我想结帐。
318It has become much cooler.天气变得凉爽多了。
319It’s time you went to bed.你早就该睡觉了。
320No spitting on the street.禁止在大街上吐痰。
321She was totally exhausted.她累垮了。
322Show your tickets, please.请出示你的票。
323Thank you for your advice.谢谢你的建议。
324That’s the latest fashion.这是最新的款式。
325The train arrived on time.火车准时到达。
326There go the house lights.房子的灯光灭了。
327They are paid by the hour.他们按时取酬。
328Things are getting better.情况正在好转。
329Wake me up at five thirty.请在五点半叫醒我。
330We are all busy with work.我们都忙于工作。
331Where do you want to meet?你想在哪儿见面?
332You can get what you want.你能得到你想要的。
333A barking dog doesn’t bite!吠犬不咬人。
334Are you free this Saturday?你这个星期六有空吗?
335Be careful not to fall ill.注意不要生病了。
336Being a mother is not easy.做一个母亲是不容易的。
337Brevity is the soul of wit.简洁是智慧的精华。
338Cancer is a deadly disease.癌症是一种致命的疾病。
339Did you fight with others?你又和别人打架了吗?
340Don’t dream away from your time.不要虚度光阴。
341Don’t keep me waiting long.不要让我等得太久。
342He has a remarkable memory.他有惊人的记忆力。
343He has completed the task.他完成了这个任务。
344He has quite a few friends.他有不少的朋友。
345He is capable of any crime.他什么样的坏事都能干得出来。
346He walks at a quick pace.他快步走路。
347He was not a little tired.他很累。
348His looks are always funny.他的样子总是滑稽可笑。
349How about going to a movie?去看场电影怎么样?
350I think I’ve caught a cold.我想我得了感冒。
351I was taking care of Sally.我在照顾萨莉。
352I wish I lived in New York.我希望住在纽约。
353I’m very glad to hear that.很高兴听你这样说。
354I’m your lucky fellow then.我就是你的幸运舞伴啦!
355It’s none of your business!这不关你的事儿!
356No littering on the campus.在校园内不准乱丢废物。
357She is a good-looking girl.她是一个漂亮女孩。
358She mended the broken doll.她修补了破了的洋娃娃。
359So I just take what I want.那么我只拿我所需要的东西。
360Spring is a pretty season.春天是一个好季节。
361The figure seems all right.数目看起来是对的。
362The stars are too far away.星星太遥远了。
363The whole world knows that.全世界都知道。
364Tomorrow will be a holiday.明天放假。
365We walked on the garden path.我们走在花园小径上。
366What you need is just rest.你需要的就是休息。
367What are your favorite steps?你最喜欢跳什么舞?
368You’d better let her alone.你们最好是让她一个人呆会儿。
369A lost chance never returns.错过的机会永不再来。
370Don’t let this get you down.不要为此灰心丧气。
371He shot the lion with a gun.他用枪把狮子打死了。
372I don’t think you are right.我认为你是不对的。
373I have never seen this movie.我从未看过那部电影。
374I haven’t seen you for ages.我好久没见到你了。
375I was alone, but not lonely.我独自一人,但并不觉得寂寞。
376I went there three days ago.我三天前去过那儿。
377It’s a friendly competition.这是一场友谊赛。
378It’s very thoughtful of you.你想得真周到。
379May I speak to Lora, please?我能和劳拉说话吗?
380Mr. Wang is fixing his bike.王先生在修他的自行车。
381My brother is seeking a job.我弟弟正在找工作。
382Nancy will retire next year.南希明年就退休了。
383Neither you nor he is wrong.你没错,他也没错。
384Opportunity knocks but once.机不可失,时不再来。
385She dressed herself hastily.她匆忙穿上衣服。
386She hired a car by the hour.她租了一辆按钟点计费的汽车。
387Someone is ringing the bell.有人在按门铃。
388The Smiths are my neighbors.史密斯一家是我的邻居。
389These shoes don’t fit right.这双鞋不太合适。
390This is only the first half.这才是上半场呢。
391This pen doesn’t write well.这钢笔不好写。
392Would you like a cup of tea?你想喝杯茶吗?
393You really look sharp today.你今天真漂亮。
394Another cat came to my house.又有一只猫来到我家了。
395Check your answers with mine.把你的答案跟我的核对一下。
396Don’t keep the truth from me.别瞒着我事实真相。
397Everything has its beginning.凡事都有开端。
398He came to the point at once.他一下子就说到了点子上。
399He fell behind with his work.他工作落后了。
400He is the happiest man alive.他是活着的最幸福的人。
401He neither smokes nor drinks.他既不抽烟也不喝酒。
402He ran his horse up the hill.他策马跑上小山。
403He reminds me of his brother.他使我想起了他的弟弟。
404He was efficient at his work.他工作效率高。
405He will do anything but work.只要不是干活,他干什么都行。
406His father runs a restaurant.他的父亲经营一家餐馆。
407I have something to tell you.我有事要告诉你。
408I smelled the smell of cooking.我闻到了烧菜做饭的味道。
409I want to see the film again.我真想再看一遍。
410I’ve got too much work to do.我要做的工作太多了。
411Let’s go for a walk, shall we?咱们出去走走,好吗?
412Please let me check the bill.请让我核对一下帐单。
413Plenty of sleep is healthy.充足的睡眠有益于健康。
414The sun comes up in the east.太阳从东方升起。
415This is because we feel pain.这是因为我们能感到疼痛。
416What do you desire me to do?你想要我做什么?
417What you said was quite true.你所说的完全符合事实。
418You can either stay or leave.你或者留下或者离开。
419Your life is your own affair.你的生活是你自己的事。
420All that glitters is not gold.发闪光的不全是黄金。
421Are you going to have a party?你要举行聚会吗?
422Aren’t you concerned about it?难道你不担心吗?
423Don’t forget to keep in touch.别忘了保持联系。
424He broke his words once again.他又一次违背了诺言。
425He is in his everyday clothes.他穿着平常的衣服。
426He is taller than me by a head.他比我高一头。
427He led them down the mountain.他带他们下山。
428He was trained to be a lawyer.他被培养成一名律师。
429I am afraid that I have to go.我要走了。
430I don’t have any cash with me.我身上没带现金。
431I have been putting on weight.我开始发胖了。
432I have just finished the book.我刚刚读完这本书。
433I was late for work yesterday.我昨天上班迟到了。
434It appears to be a true story.这故事似乎是真的。
435I’ve got to start working out.我必须开始做健身运动了。
436Japan is to the east of China.日本在中国的东部。
437John asked Grace to marry him.约翰向格雷斯求婚。
438My watch is faster than yours.我的表比你的表快。
439New China was founded in 1949.1949年新中国成立。
440Thanks for your flattering.多谢你的夸奖。
441They charged the fault on him.他们把过失归咎于他。
442This car is in good condition.这车性能很好。
443This work itself is very easy.这件工作本身很容易。
444Truth is the daughter of time.时间见真理。
445We look forward to your visit.期待您的光临。
446What do you think of this one?您觉得这个怎么样?
447What’s the weather like today?今天天气怎么样?
448A red tie will match that suit.红领带会配那件衣服。
449A wet road is usually slippery.潮湿的路往往是滑的。
450Example is better than precept.身教胜于言传。
451Go right back to the beginning.直接回到起始位置。
452He does everything without aim.他做事都漫无目标。
453He is respectful to his elders.他对长辈很恭敬。
454He knows English better than I do.他比我懂英语。
455He resolved to give up smoking.他决心戒烟。
456His talk covered many subjects.他的报告涉及很多课题。
457I fear that he drinks too much.我担心他喝的酒太多了。
458I have my hair cut every month.我每个月都理发。
459I want to have a part-time job.我想有一份兼职工作。
460I’m sorry to have bothered you.对不起,打扰你了。
461It is not as easy as you think.这事没有你想象的那么简单。
462Keep your temper under control.不要发脾气。
463Lying and stealing are immoral.说谎和偷窃都是不道德的。
464My efforts resulted in nothing.我的努力毫无结果。
465My false teeth are stuck to it.我的假牙还在上边呢。
466She is a composer for the harp.她是位写竖琴曲的作曲家
467Take me to the airport, please.请送我去机场。
468Talking with you is a pleasure.和你谈话很愉快
469The eggs are sold by the dozen.鸡蛋按打卖。
470The price just covers the cost.这个价格正好抵消成本。
471The sweater is of good quality.这件毛衣质地很好。
472The teacher got a little angry.老师有点生气了。
473Think carefully before you act.三思而后行。
474Walt invented the steam engine.瓦特发明了蒸汽机。
475We are divided in our opinions.我们意见分歧。
476Whatever I said, he’d disagree.不论我说什么他都不同意。
477Who ever comes will be welcomed.来的人我们都欢迎。
478You look as if you didn’t care.你看上去好像满不在乎。
479You should look at it yourself.你应该亲自看看它。
480Draw your chair up to the table.把你的椅子拉到桌子旁边来。
481He covered himself with a quilt.他给自己盖上一条被子。
482He found my lecture interesting.他觉得我讲课有趣。
483He had many good friends here.他在这儿有很多朋友。
484He is only about five feet high.他大概只有五英尺高。
485Her family are all music lovers.她全家人都是音乐爱好者。
486I am busy. How is your business?我很忙。你的生意做得怎样?
487I don’t think much about the movie.我认为那电影不怎么样。
488I feel like eating ice-cream.我想吃一个冰淇淋。
489I found him seated on the bench.我发现他在椅子上坐着。
490I gave a lot of time to the old car.我在这辆破车上花了不少时间。
491I lost the door key about here.我在这附近掉了门钥匙。
492I’m not guessing, I really know.我不是在猜想,我真的知道。
493It’s time to tell her the truth.是该告诉她真相的时候了。
494Let’s watch TV with a candle on.咱们点上蜡烛看电视吧。
495Most games cost about that much.大部分游戏差不多都是这个价钱。
496My parents want me to go abroad.我父母想让我出国。
497She has been collecting stamps.她一直收集邮票。
498There are many stars in the sky.天上有很多星星。
499We got to London this afternoon.我们是今天下午到达伦敦的。
500Where there is a will, there is a way.有志者,事竟成。
501What about having a pizza first?先吃点比萨饼怎么样?
502You’d better look before you leap.你最好三思而后行。
503You know what I’m talking about.我想你知道我在说什么。
504He has been sick for three weeks.他已经病了几周了。
505He inspected the car for defects.他详细检查车子有无效障。
506I count you as one of my friends.我把你算作我的一个朋友。
507I go to school by bike every day.我每天骑自行车上学。
508I have a large collection of CDs.我收集了很多唱片。
509I won’t be able to see him today.今天我不可能去看他。
510I’ll call a taxi in case of need.如果需要的话,我会叫出租车的。
511Is there any sugar in the bottle?瓶子里还有糖吗?
512It’s a secret between you and me.这是你我之间的秘密。
513It’s very kind of you to help me.你帮助我真是太好了。
514Let’s divide the cake into three.我们将蛋糕分成三份吧。
515Patience is a mark of confidence.耐心是自信心的一种表现。
516Susan is going to finish college.苏珊将完成大学学业。
517That is my idea of friendship.这是我对友谊的看法。
518The book you ask for is sold out.你要的那本书已经售完了。
519The boy was too nervous to speak.那男孩紧张得说不出话来。
520The play may begin at any moment.戏随时都有可能开始。
521The salve will heal slight burns.这种药膏能治疗轻微烧伤。
522The sea sparkled in the sunlight.阳光下,大海波光粼粼。
523The teacher tested us in English.老师用英文考我们。
524There is a bridge over the river.河上有一座桥。
525They rode their respective bikes.他们各自骑着自己的自行车。
526They will arrive in half an hour.他们将于半小时之内到达。
527Time is more valuable than money.时间比金钱宝贵。
528We are all in favor of this plan.我们都赞同这项计划。
529We reached London this afternoon.我们是今天下午到达伦敦的。
530We two finished a bottle of wine.我俩喝完了一瓶酒。
531What a lovely little girl she is!她是一个多么可爱的小女孩耶!
532Will you pick me up at my place?你能到我的住处来接我吗?
533You may choose whatever you like.你可以喜欢什么就选什么。
534You’re suffering from an allergy?你过敏吗?
535Beyond all questions, you are right.毫无疑问,你是对的。
536But I plan to weed the yard today.我计划今天除院子里的草。
537But who will do all the housework?但是这些家务活谁来做呢?
538Close the door after you, please.请随手关门。
539Come to see me whenever you like.你可以随时来见我。
540Don’t pull the chairs about, boys!不要把椅子拖来拖去,孩子们!
541He drives more carefully than you.他开车比你小心。
542He invited me to dinner yesterday.他昨天请我吃晚饭了。
543He slapped the attacker in the face.他打了那个攻击者一耳光。
544He suddenly appeared at the party.他突然在晚会上出现了。
545Her handbag goes with her clothes.她的手袋和她的衣服很搭配。
546Here we are. row M, seats 1 and 3.哦,到了。M排,1号和3号。
547His boss might get angry with him.他的老板也许会生他的气。
548I expect to be there this evening.我打算今天晚上到那儿去。
549I really need to lose some weight.我真的需要减肥了。
550I think you have the wrong number.我想你打错号码了。
551I would rather stay at home alone.我宁愿独自呆在家。
552I’d like to look at some sweaters.我想看看毛衣。
553Its origin is still a mystery now.它的起源至今仍是个谜。
554Money is no more than our servant.金钱不过是我们的仆人。
555Once you begin, you must continue.一旦开始,你就得继续。
556She is poor but quite respectable.她虽穷,人品却很端正。
557She spent a lot of money on books.她花了很多钱来买书。
558The girl in red is his girlfriend.穿红衣服的那个女孩是他的女朋友。
559There is a chair below the window.窗户下面有一把椅子。
560They employed him as a consultant.他们雇用他为顾问。
561To be honest with you, I’m twenty.老实说,我20岁。
562We often call him by his nickname.我们经常叫他的绰号。
563Will you be free tomorrow evening?你明晚有空吗?
564Would you like to leave a message?你要留话吗?
565You can never turn the clock back.时光不能倒流。
566You may as well tell me the truth.你还是把事实告诉我为好。
567Are your grandparents still living?你的祖父母还在么?
568Can you recognize that woman, Mary?你能认出那个女人是谁了吗,玛丽?
569Do you have any suggestions for me?你对我有什么建议么?
570He is tough, but I am even tougher.他是一个硬汉子,不过我要比他更硬。
571He made his way through the forest.他设法穿过了森林。
572He suggests you leave here at once.他建议你立刻离开这儿。
573He was married to a friend of mine.他和我的一个朋友结了婚。
574He will blame you for your carelessness.他会责备你的粗心大意。
575I can give you a number of excuses.我可以给你一些借口。
576I don’t doubt that he will help me.我不怀疑他会援助我。
577I hope you enjoy your stay with us.希望您在这儿过的愉快。
578I’d like to repair our differences.我愿意消除一下我们之间的分歧。
579It’s nothing to be surprised about.这事不值得大惊小怪。
580It’s rude to stare at other people.盯着别人看是不礼貌的。
581Bob has always had a crush on Lucy.鲍勃一直暗恋露西。
582Let’s take a short break for lunch.让我们在吃午饭的时候休息一下吧。
583Linda speaks as if she were a boss.琳达说话就像她是老板一样。
584She became more and more beautiful.她变得越来越漂亮了。
585Suppose it rains, what shall we do?假如下雨,我们该怎么办?
586The book is protected by copyright.该书受版权保护。
587The ice is hard enough to skate on.冰已经厚得可以划冰了。
588The price includes postage charges.价格包括邮费。
589This is a little something for you.这是给你的一点小礼物。
590What he likes best is making jokes.他最喜欢开玩笑。
591Who but Jack would do such a thing?除了杰克谁会做这种事呢?
592You should have a mind of your own.你应该有自己的想法。
593You will soon get used to the work.你很快就会习惯于这项工作的。
594Columbus discovered America in 1492.哥伦布于1492年发现了美洲。
595God helps those who help themselves.上帝帮助那些自己帮自己的人。
596He has a nice sum of money put away.他有一大笔钱。
597He is heavily insured against death.他给自己投了巨额的人身保险。
598He used to learn everything by rote.他过去总是死记硬背。
599He’s a terrible man when he’s angry.他生气的时候很可怕。
600I am on my way to the grocery store.我正在去杂货店的路上。
601I am sick of always waiting for you!你老让我等你,真是烦透了。
602I appreciate John’s help on time.我感谢约翰的及时帮助。
603I bought it the day it was released.它发行的当天我就买了。
604I doubted whether the story was true.我怀疑那故事是不是真的。
605I learnt that I had passed the test.我得知我测验及格了。
606I will seek my doctor’s advice.我将请教医生的意见。
607Ice-cream is popular among children.冰淇淋深受孩子们的欢迎。
608I’d like to get this film developed.我要冲洗这卷胶卷。
609In a word, I am tired of everything.总之,我对一切都很厌倦。
610Let us do it by ourselves, will you?我们自己做这件事,可以吗?
611May I know the quantity you require?请问你们需要多少数量的货物?
612Nobody has ever solved this problem.没有人曾解决过这个问题。
613Our school covers 100 square meters.我们学校占地面积100平方米。
614People enjoyed the stamps very much.人们非常喜爱这些邮票。
615The editor over looked a print error.这位编辑漏掉了一个印刷错误。
616The sudden barking frightened Clara.突然的吠声吓坏了克拉拉。
617The teams are coming onto the field.队员们都进场了。
618There is a mark of ink on his shirt.他的衬衣上有一块墨迹。
619There isn’t any water in the bottle.瓶子里一点水也没有。
620This joke has gone a little too far.这个玩笑开得有点过分了。
621We arrived in London this afternoon.我们是今天下午到达伦敦的。
622We can’t go out because of the rain.我们不能出去因为下雨了。
623We should make good use of our time.我们应该充分利用我们的时间。
624We should save unnecessary expenses.我们应节省不必要的开支。
625You may have heard of birth control.你们也许听说过控制人口出生的措施。
626After a pause, he continued his story.停顿一下之后他继续说他的。
627As you know, I am a very kind person.你知道,我是个很和善的人。
628He dare not tell us his evil conduct.他不敢告诉我们他的恶行。
629I can express myself in good English.我可以用很好的英语来表达自己的观点。
630I’ll furnish my house with furniture.我要为我的房子置办家具。
631It seemed as if there was no way out.看情形似乎没有出路了。
632It’s the hottest day I’ve had so far.这么久以来这是我经历的最热的一天。
633Mr. Smith is in charge of this class.史密斯老师负责该班。
634Mr. Smith taught English at a school.史密斯先生在一所学校教英语。
635None of us is afraid of difficulties.我们当中没有一个人害怕困难。
636Our school is in the east of Beijing.我们学校在北京的东部。
637She really wishes her clock had rung.她真希望今天早上她的闹钟响了。
638She teaches foreign students Chinese.她教外国学生汉语。
639The question will be settled tonight.这个问题将在今晚解决。
640The weight is too much for my height.相对于我的身高来说,体重太重了!
641There are mice in Mrs. Lee’s kitchen!李太太的厨房里有老鼠!
642There is no one but hopes to be rich.没有人不想发财。
643There’ll be some sports reviews on TV.电视上会有一些体育评论。
644This company is our regular customer.这家公司是我们的老客户。
645This is a good example of his poetry.这是他诗作的一个好例子。
646What we read influences our thinking.我们所阅读的书本会影响我们的思想。
647Words can’t express what I felt then.无法用语言形容我当时的感受。
648You really have an ear for pop music.你确实对流行音乐很有欣赏力。
649A bad workman quarrels with his tools.手艺差的工人总是抱怨工具不好使。
650Can you adapt yourself to the new job?你能适应新的工作吗?
651Does the computer ever make a mistake?计算机出错吗?
652Don’t be uneasy about the consequences.不必为后果忧虑不安。
653Even a child can answer this question.即使小孩儿都能回答这个问题。
654He has many strange ideas in his mind.他脑子里尽足奇思怪想。
655He is commonly supposed to be foolish.他是公认的傻瓜。
656He sat with his arms across his chest.他双臂交叉于胸前的坐在那里。
657He set up a fine example for all of us.他为我们树立了一个好榜样。
658His cake is four times as big as mine.他的蛋糕是我的四倍大。
659I do not care whether it rains or not.我不管天会不会下雨。
660I have a lot in common with my sister.我和我姐姐有很多相同之处。
661I haven’t even touched your tooth yet.我还没有碰到你的牙齿呢。
662I’m looking forward to a prompt reply.盼迅速答复。
663It is an excellent novel in every way.无论从哪方面来看,这都是一本优秀的小说。
664It is clear that the cat has eaten it!很明显,是猫偷吃的!
665Nothing but death can part the couple.除了死之外,什么也拆不散这一对。
666Now she looks pale, as if she were ill.现在她脸色难看,好像病了一样。
667She was injured badly in the accident.她在这次意外中受到重伤。
668The secret was spread among the crowd.秘密在人群当中传播开来。
669The two brothers look very much alike.这兄弟俩看上去很相像。
670Their interest is listening to others.他们的兴趣是听别人说话。
671There was a notice in the supermarket.超市里有一个布告。
672This one cannot compare with that one.这个与那个无法比较。
673To know everything is to know nothing.无所不知就是什么都不知道。
674To tell the truth, I don’t like disco.说实话,我不喜欢迪斯科。
675True and false have opposite meanings.真与假含义完全相反。
676What’s the point of going to college?上大学有何用?
677Where can we make the insurance claim?我们在哪里可以提出保险索赔?
678Why don’t I pick you up at your house?我为什么不去你家接你?
679Why don’t you attend an aerobic class?你为什么不去参加一个有氧健身班呢?
680You can kill two birds with one stone.一石二鸟。
681You can’t go in no matter who you are.不管你是谁,都不能进去。
682You should learn these words by heart.你应该把这些词背熟。
683Could I have those two tickets, please?这两张票给我行不行?
684He has to take care of his sick mother.他得照顾他生病的母亲。
685He hired a workman to repair the fence.他雇用了一个工人修理围墙。
686I can’t make this machine run properly.我无法使这部机器正常运转。
687I don’t know if I’ll have the patience.我不知道我有没有耐心。
688I don’t like what you are saying.我不喜欢你说的话。
689I fell in love with her at first sight.我第一眼见到她就爱上了她。
690I have just heard from my sister, Mary.我刚收到我妹妹玛丽的一封信。
691If you would only try, you could do it.只要你肯尝试,你一定能做这件事。
692It is no use learning without thinking.学而不思则惘(学而不思是没有用的)。
693It was a lazy, breezy autumn afternoon.这是一个懒散的,起风的秋日下午。
694Jack is the strongest boy in the class.杰克是全班最强壮的男孩。
695Please fetch a chair from another room.请到别的房间取一把椅子。
696The doctor began to operate on the boy.医生开始给那个男孩动手术。
697The doctor is taking my blood pressure.医生正给我量血压。
698The machines will not operate properly.那些机器不能正常运转。
699The students declared against cheating.学生们表示反对作弊。
700There is hope so long as he is with us.只要他和我们在一起,就有希望。
701He talks as if he were the head of the office.他说话的口气像办公室主任似的。
702His cake is three times bigger than mine.他的蛋糕比我的大三倍。
703I am looking forward to your early reply.希望早日得到你的答复。
704I could say nothing but that I was sorry.我除了说“对不起”之外,什么也说不出来。
705I don’t know how to express my gratitude.我不知道如何表达我的感激之情。
706I have to catch a plane. Could you hurry?我得赶飞机。你能快点吗?
707I haven’t heard from her for a long time.我好久没有她的消息了。
708I would like to wash the clothes for you.我愿意帮你洗这些衣服。
709Let me see your driver’s license, please.请让我看看你的驾驶执照。
710She goes to work every day except Sunday.除星期天外,他每天去上班。
711Take a seat please, make yourself at home.请坐,别客气。
712The damage was caused by external forces.损害是由外力引起的。
713The doctor advised me to give up smoking.医生建议我戒烟。
714The flowers make the room more beautiful.花使房间变得更加美了。
715There is a good restaurant on the street.那条大街上有一个很好的餐馆。
716They covered 120 miles in a single night.他们仅一夜就走了120英里路。
717Try to look on the bright side of things.尽量从好的方面看。
718What’s your plan for the summer vacation?你暑假打算干什么?
719You may pick whichever one you like best.你可以挑你最喜欢的。
720You’re welcome to stay with us next time.欢迎您下次再光临我们的饭店。
721There was a murder in London yesterday.昨天伦敦发生了一起谋杀案。
722They stared at the huge tiger with awe.他们敬畏地看着那头巨虎。
723He never misses a chance to see a movie.他从不错过看电影的机会。
724I cannot put up with my noisy roommates.我受不了我那些吵闹的室友了。
725I will be back by the end of next month.我下个月底会回来。
726I’m good at freestyle and breast stroke.我擅长自由泳和蛙泳。
727It was your turn to wash them yesterday.昨天轮到你把它们洗干净。
728Let’s go out to have dinner, shall we?咱们出去吃饭吧,好吗?
729Please push the ladder against the wall.请把梯子靠在墙壁上。
730She is standing in the front of the bus.她站在公共汽车的前部。
731The doctor asked me to watch what I eat.医生要我注意饮食。
732The grass is moist early in the morning.清晨的草地湿漉漉的。
733The test finished. We began our holiday.考试结束了,我们开始放假。
734This question is too complicated for me.这个问题对我说来太复杂了。
735Tony speaks English and he plays tennis.托尼会说英语,打网球。
736What is worth doing is worth doing well.只要你觉得某事值得去做,就一定要把它做好。
737Would you like to go to a party with me?你想不想和我一起去参加一个聚会?
738All at once, a rabbit came out of a hole.突然,一只兔子从一个洞中跑了出来。
739All the characters in the book are imaginary.书中所有的人物都是虚构的。
740Do you feel like going to that new disco?你想去那家新开的迪斯科舞厅吗?
741Ducks know how to swim when they are born.鸭子出生时会游泳。
742He spent most of his life gathering money.他一生大部分时间用来积聚钱财。
743He usually stays at home with his pet dog.他通常跟他的爱犬待在家里。
744How peaceful and beautiful the country is!多么平静美丽的国家呀!
745I am told that you dance wonderfully well.我听说你的舞跳得特棒。
746I have had several conversations with him.我已经和他谈过几次了。
747It is the best film that I have ever seen.这是我所看过的最好的电影。
748It’s only a party in honor of my birthday.这只是为了庆祝我的生日而举行的晚会。
749Learning English is like building a house.学英语象盖房子。
750Listening with your heart is good for you.专心聆听别人说话对你有好处。
751My grandpa died of hunger in the old days.我爷爷在旧社会死于饥饿。
752She feared staying alone in the farmhouse.她害怕一个人留在农舍里。
753She guided the tourists around the castle.她引导旅游者参观了这座城堡。
754She runs every day in order to lose weight.她每天都跑步是为了减肥。
755She sang perfectly in the hall last night.她昨晚在大厅唱得非常好。
756Somebody is always complaining to others.有人总是向别人抱怨。
757They don’t often have a bad day this year.他们今年的运气还不错。
758We regard the matter as nothing important.我们认为这件事情不重要。
759We’ll take our holiday sometime in August.我们将在八月份的某个时候休假。
760Could you direct me to the station, please?请问到车站怎么走?
761Have you cleared your luggage with customs?你的行李通关了吗?
762He bothered me with a great many questions.他对我提了一大堆问题,真烦!
763He does exercises every day in the morning.他每天早上锻练身体。
764How do I control myself? I can’t calm down.我怎能控制我自己?我无法冷静下来。
765I dig songs and I like pop music very much.我特别喜欢歌曲和流行音乐。
766I’d like to cash a traveler’s check please.我想兑换旅行支票。
767I’d like to pick sea shells this afternoon.今天下午我想去捡贝壳。
768It’s odd that they didn’t reply to our letter.他们没有给我们回信,这真奇怪。
769John seldom gets together with his friends.约翰很少与朋友聚在一起。
770Many people have been out of work recently.最近有许多人失业。
771Please give my best regards to your family.请代我向你们全家致以最诚挚的问候。
772Some people have compared books to friends.有些人把书比作朋友。
773The bat together with the balls was stolen.球棒和球都被偷了。
774The color of her dress suits her very well.她衣服的颜色很适合她。
775The days get longer and the nights get shorter.白天变长了,黑夜变短了。
776The dress doesn’t fit her. She is too thin.这件衣服不适合她,她太瘦了。
777The examination put a lot of stress on him.那次考试给了他很大的压力。
778The mother sat the child at a little table.母亲安排孩子坐到小桌旁。
779There is some difference between the twins.这对双胞胎有点儿不一样。
780They insisted on staying rather than going.他们坚持留下来而不是走。
781Trust me, the game is really worth playing.相信我,这游戏确实值得一玩。
782Unlike her friends, she never gave up hope.与她的朋友的不同之处是,她从不放弃希望。
783Well done! You are always doing a good job!干得不错!你总是干得很出色!
784We’re planning a tour to Italy this summer.我们计划今年夏天到意大利去旅行。
785Were there any letters for me this morning?今天早上有我的信吗?
786Why isn’t Mrs. Lee’s cat catching the mice?李太太的猫为何不在抓这些老鼠呢?
787Your English is improving little by little.你的英语正在渐渐提高。
788Could you tell me where I can wash my hands?你能告诉我在哪里洗手吗?
789Do you have any plans for the long weekend?你有办法打发这个漫长的周末吗?
790He decided to bring a suit against his boss.他决定起诉他的老板。
791He devoted his life to the study of science.他把毕生献给科学研究。
792He had to choose between death and dishonor.他不得不在死亡和耻辱之间选择。
793His previous attempts had been unsuccessful.他以前的尝试没有成功。
794I determined that nothing should be changed.我决定什么都不改变。
795I don’t think it will lead to a good result.我认为这事不会有什么好结果。
796I have 4 books and 2 magazines to check out.我有4本书和2本杂志要借。
797I think I’ve filled in everything correctly.我想各项都填对了。
798I’m not sure whether I have locked the door.我不确定我是否锁了门。
799It took him a little time to fix that watch.他很快就把表修理好了。
800My father is at home looking for the ticket.我父亲在家找票。
801Not until last week did I get a work permit.直到上周我才拿到工作许可证。
802She intends to make teaching her profession.她想以教书为职业。
803The letter “x” stands for an unknown number.字母x代表未知数。
804The sight of the dead body scared him stiff.看到尸体,他吓得直发抖。
805There are lots of huge buildings in Beijing.在北京有许多高大的建筑物。
806There is an interesting film on channel one.在一频道有一部有趣的电影。
807They plan to immigrate to Finland next year.他们计划明年移居芬兰。
808We enjoyed driving along the new expressway.我们喜欢沿着新建的高速公路开车。
809We need to cooperate perfectly to win the game.要想赢得比赛,我们需要密切配合。
810We need more than listening. We need action!我们需要的不光是听得进意见,我们要的是行动。
811Yes. I wouldn’t go home early if I were you.是的,如果我是你,我不会早回家。
812Your answer is satisfying. I feel satisfied.你的答案是令人满意的。我感到很满意。
813Betty and Susan are talking on the telephone.贝蒂和苏珊正在通电话。
814Great efforts ensure the success of our work.巨大的努力确保了我们工作的成功。
815He has tasted the sweets and bitters of life.他已尝遍了人生的甜酸苦辣。
816He said he was educated in the United States.他说他是在美国受的教育。
817How do you like our English literature prof.?你觉得我们的英国文学课的教授怎么样?
818I am looking forward to your visit next week.我期待着你下周来访。
819I feel I am the happiest person in the world.我觉得自己是世界上最幸福的人了。
820I had to sit up all night writing the report.我不得不熬通宵写报告。
821I hope we can see each other again some time.希望还能有相见的机会。
822I saw him playing football in the playground.我看见他在操场上踢足球。
823It is tomorrow that they will have a meeting.他们将在明天开会。
824Let me tell you some details about clearance.让我告诉你一些通关的细节。
825The brain needs a continuous supply of blood.大脑需要连续不断地供血。
826The doctor’s words made him feel comfortable.医生的话让他感觉很舒服。
827The truth is quite other than what you think.事实真相和你所想的完全不同。
828They stopped talking when their boss came in.老板进来时,他们停止了谈话。
829They were glad that the examination was over.他们为考试结束了而高兴。
830This is by far the largest cake in the world.这是目前世界上最大的蛋糕了。
831Whichever you choose, you won’t be satisfied.不论你选择哪一个,你都不会满意。
832Will you connect this wire to the television?你把这根电线和电视机连上好吗?
833His words are strongly impressed by my memory.他的话深深地铭记在我的心头。
834Is this the right bus for the capital library?这是去首都图书馆的车吗?
835One third of this area is covered with forest.这一地区三分之一的地方都是森林。
836They are arguing over who should pay the bill.他们为谁应该付款而争论不休。
837Wait a moment, I’ll be with you in an instant.等一下,我立刻就来。
838You’ll save time not waiting for the elevator.你可以节省等电梯的时间。
839A clear conscience laughs at false accusations.只要问心无愧,无端的指责可以一笑置之。
840I have a headache, and she has a stomachache.我头疼,她胃疼。
841He glared at Bill, ready to teach him a lesson.他怒视着比尔,准备教训他一顿。
842I assure you that you will feel no pain at all.我向你保证,你不会感到任何疼痛。
843I can’t afford to go to a restaurant every day.每天都去餐馆吃饭,我真是支付不起。
844I left at 6:00 so that I could catch the train.我六点钟出门,以便赶上火车。
845I’m afraid I have some rather bad news for you.我恐怕有些很坏的消息要告诉你。
846Learn to say the right thing at the right time.学会在正确的时间说正确的话。
847No wonder you can’t sleep when you eat so much.你吃这么多难怪睡不着。
848Please ask her to call me back when she’s back.她回来时请让她给我回个电话。
849There are a lot of people in the swimming pool.游泳池里挤满了人。
850They have to work hard to support their family.他们必须努力工作来支持他们的家。
851This way, he can kill two birds with one stone.这样他就能两全其美。
852We are all taking medicine against the disease.我们都服药治疗疾病。
853Would you please go to a dancing party with me?请你跟我一起去参加一个舞会好吗?
854He usually drops in at my place on his way home.他常常在回家的路上顺便来看看我。
855His vanity was hurt by their talking so frankly.他们如此坦率的谈话伤害了他的虚荣心。
856How would you go to Beijing, by air or by train?你怎样去北京,是乘飞机还是坐火车?
857I cannot express how glad I am to hear from him.我无法表达我接到他的信时有多高兴。
858If Tom cannot keep his promise, he’ll lose face.如果汤姆不能信守诺言,他就会丢面子。
859I’ll still love her even if she doesn’t love me.即使她不爱我,我还仍然爱她。
860I received an invitation, but I did not accept it.我收到了邀请,但我没有接受。
861If I were you, I would not be bothered by English.如果我是你,就不会为英语烦恼了。
862If you don’t work, you will fail to pass the exam.如果你不学习,你考试就会不及格。
863I’m thinking of hanging the lamp from the ceiling.我打算把灯吊在天花板上。
864It is more important to be healthy than bony slim.健康比瘦骨嶙峋更重要。
865Long ago, people believed that the world was flat.很久以前人们相信地球是平的。
866Old tunes are sweetest and old friends are surest.老调最甜美,老友最可靠。
867She makes it clear that she doesn’t like swimming.她明确地表示她不喜欢游泳。
868The constitution guards the liberty of the people.宪法保护人民的自由。
869The doctor examined the soldier’s wound carefully.大夫仔细检查了战士的伤口。
870The harder I study, the better my English will be.我越努力,我的英语就会越好。
871The sun was shining and the sky was crystal clear.阳光闪烁,天空湛蓝。
872This cellar room is very damp in the rainy season.这间地下室在雨季非常潮湿。
873Computers are becoming a part of our everyday life.电子计算机正渐渐成为我们日常生活的一部分。
874Every man is a fool sometimes, but none at all times.每个人都有愚蠢的时候,但是没有一个人永远愚蠢。
875He dreamed of traveling to remote south sea islands.他曾梦想到遥远的南海诸岛去旅游。
876How can I climb up that wall! I wish I were a bird!我怎么能够爬得上那堵墙?我要是一只鸟就好了!
877However, Susan has not really made up her mind yet.然而,苏珊却还没有决定。
878I really think a little exercise would do you good.我真的觉得做点运动对你有好处。
879I will never forget the days that I spent with you.我永远都不会忘记和你一起度过的日子。
880We got a bad headache, and my nose is running.我头痛得厉害,还流鼻涕。
881Many young girls dream of being fashion models.许多年轻女孩梦想成为时装模特儿。
882Most of the earth’s surface is covered by water.大部分的地球表面被水覆盖着。
883Somebody’s knocking at the door. I’ll answer it.有人在敲门,我去开。
884The number 13 bus will take you to the hospital.13路车会带你去医院。
885They celebrated his birthday with a dance party.他们举行舞会庆祝他的生日。
886They misplaced this book under other categories.他们把它错放到另一个类别去了。
887They played a shameful part in the whole affair.他们在这一事件中扮演了可耻的角色。
888As a matter of fact, he was pretending to be ill.实际上,他是在装病。
889I will speak against anything I know to be wrong.我会对所有我认为不对的事情直言不讳。
890In spite of the heavy rain, she went to the shop.尽管下着大雨,她还是去了商店。
891No matter what happened, he would not say a word.不管发生什么事,他也不会说一句话。
892No one knows the location of the hidden treasure.谁也不知道藏宝地点在哪里。
893The old lady enjoys a quiet life with her family.老太太和她的家人安享宁静的生活。
894The population of the city is close to a million.这个城市的人口接近一百万。
895We are prohibited from smoking on school grounds.我们被禁止在校园内抽烟。
896Growth, however, brings new problems and concerns.不过,发展也带来了新的问题和顾虑。
897He appears to be your friend, but I doubt if he is.他似乎是你的朋友,但我怀疑他是否是。
898I am so full that I would burst with another bite.我吃得如此之饱,我感觉我再吃一口肚子就要胀破了。
899I have two cats. One is white, the other is black.我有两只猫,一只是白猫,另一只是黑猫。
900I’m sorry, these 2 books are 3 days overdue.对不起,这两本书已经过期3天了。
901Jalu had forgotten to fall off his bicycle.贾鲁忘记了从自行车上摔下来的事。
902Manners are quite different from country to country.各国的礼仪各不相同。
903Not only did I know her, but I was her best friend.我不仅认识她,还是她最好的朋友。
904The best-known movie awards are academy awards.最著名的电影奖是奥斯卡金像奖。
905We’ve got to do something about the neighbor’s dog!我们得对邻居的狗采取点行动了!
906Will you come and join us for dinner on Sunday?星期天来和我们共进晚餐好吗?
907Do you think people are the company’s greatest wealth?你认为人是公司最大的财富吗?
908He thinks of himself as somebody, but we think of him as nobody.他自以为了不起,但我们认为他什么都不是。
909I believe I haven’t reached the summit of my career.我相信我还没有达到事业的巅峰。
910It is no matter whether you get there early or late.你早到还是晚到都没有关系。
911It’s against the rules to handle the ball in soccer.在足球中以手触球就是犯规。
912The nurse assisted the doctor in the operating room.护士在手术室协助医生动手术。
913What I do on my own time is nobody else’s business.我在自己的时间里做什么不关别人的事。
914What I want to do is different from those of others.我想做的与其他人不同。
915You forget to write down the date of your departure.你忘了写下离开的日期。
916I wish I’d known about that rule earlier, she said.她说:“我希望早点知道这条规则。”。
917Could you tell me your secret for a long, happy life?你能告诉我长时间地过着快乐的生活的秘诀吗?
918He holds a position of great responsibility upon him.他担任着一个责任重大的职务。
919It is said he has secret love affairs with two women!据说他背地里和两个女人有关系!
920Number 13 buses run much more frequently, don’t they?13路公共汽车开得更频繁,不是吗?
921They are only too delighted to accept the invitation.他们非常乐意接受邀请。
922We are going to have the final examination next week.我们下周举行期末考试。
923And now medical care helps to keep people alive longer.现在医疗保健有助于延长人们的寿命。
924Do you think you’ll be able to go to sleep right away?你认为你能马上睡觉吗?
925I am in charge of the company when the manager is out.经理不在时,我负责公司。
926I borrowed a notebook from Tom and I lent it to Mary.我从汤姆那儿借了一本笔记本,我又把它借给玛丽了。
927I’m doing some washing and John is cooking dinner.我正在洗衣服,约翰在做晚饭。
928Were there any exciting incidents during your journey?在你的旅途中有什么激动人心的事情吗?
929As far as policy is concerned, I have to say something.就政策而言,我不得不说点什么。
930Could you tell me what the maximum weight allowance is?你能告诉我最大重量限额是多少吗?
931He came out of the library, a large book under his arm.他夹着本厚书,走出了图书馆。
932The brothers differ from each other in their interests.这几个兄弟各有所好。
933Although we can’t see these atoms, they really do exist.虽然我们看不见原子,但它们的确存在。
934I am familiar with the casual atmosphere in the company.我对公司中这种放松的氛围感到很熟悉。
935Most people eat, write, and work with their right hands.大多数人吃饭,写字,工作都用右手。
936Only by working hard can we succeed in doing everything.只有努力工作,我们才能成功地做每件事。
937Take it easy, you will be all right in a couple of days.别担心,你两天之内就会痊愈的。
938The Beatles represented part of the spirit of their age.甲壳虫乐队代表了他们时代的部分精神。
939There being no one to help me, I had to do it all alone.因为没有人帮助我,我不得不独立完成这项工作。
940How much clothing does it take to make a skirt for the girl?给这个女孩做一条裙子需要多少布?
941With all these mouths to feed, he didn’t know what to do.由于有那么多人要供养,他不知道怎么办才好。
942I forgot to prepare the speech I’m supposed to give today.我忘了准备今天的演讲稿。
943It’s supposed to start at 6:30 sharp, but I doubt it will.应该在6点半准时开始,但我怀疑它会。
944On behalf of my company, I would like to welcome you here.我代表我的公司欢迎你来到这里。
945She’s been quite different since coming back from America.从美国回来之后,她变化很大。
946Today it is common that women and girls make up in public.今天,在公共场所看到妇女和姑娘化妆打扮是很普遍的事。
947I have to transfer to no. 11 bus, but where is the bus stop?我必须换乘11路公共汽车,但是公共汽车站在哪里?
948I supposed him to be very clever, but he was in fact a fool.我以为他很聪明,但实际上他是个傻瓜。
949The rabbit ran to the woods and did not come back any more.兔子跑进了森林再也没有出来了。
950Tom and Mary congratulated us on the birth of our daughter.汤姆和玛丽祝贺我们女儿的出生。
951I can’t help eating sweets whenever they are in my presence.每当糖果在我面前时,我都忍不住要吃。
952I am vacuuming the floor now and have several shirts to iron.我正在用吸尘器打扫地板,有几件衬衫要熨。
953I will love you until the seas run dry and the rocks crumble.我将爱你直到海枯石烂。
954There is a broken small old gray stone bridge over the river.河上有一座破旧的灰色小桥。
955No wonder people say that computers are taking over the world.难怪有人说电子计算机正渐渐接管世界。
956The enormous increase in population will create many problems.巨大的人口增长将产生很多问题。
957There’s nothing better for you than plenty of water and sleep.没有什么比充足的水和睡眠对你更好的了。
958You should always depend on yourself rather than someone else.你应该永远依靠自己,而不是别人。
959I would like to express to all of you here our sincere welcome.我要向在座的各位表示我们诚挚的欢迎。
960Many people prefer living in the country to living in the town.许多人喜欢住在农村而不喜欢住在城市。
961Since I’m here, I’d like to try a typical dish of this country.既然来了,我想吃这个国家特有的食物。
962Walking up and down the stairs would beat any exercise machine.上下楼梯可比什么健身器都要好。
963Had it not been for the alarm clock, she wouldn’t have been late.如果不是因为闹钟不响的话,她就不会迟到了。
964However, if you work hard, the boss will not be fully satisfied.无论你有多努力,老板总不会完全满意。
965If he had not broken his tooth, he would not be in hospital now.如果他没有把牙齿弄坏,他现在就不会住院了。
966You might as well throw your money away as spend it on gambling.你与其把钱花在赌博上,还不如把它扔掉。
967Can you put me in the picture of the world cup football match?你能给我介绍一下世界杯足球赛的情况吗?
968I’m usually just using search engines to look up information.我通常只是用搜索引擎找一些资料。
969He goes home early every day for fear that his wife would be angry.他每天很早就回家,生怕妻子生气。
970I regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you employment.我很遗憾地通知你,我们无法为你提供就业机会。
971I will continue my learning, though I am tired of learning English.我会继续我的学习,虽然我厌倦了学习英语。
972Li Bai is one of the greatest poets that have ever lived in China.李白是中国有史以来最伟大的诗人之一。
973Many people complain that computers are taking over their jobs.许多人抱怨电脑正在接管他们的工作。
974The cupboards in her kitchen were full of things she did not need.她厨房的橱柜里装满了她不需要的东西。
975What he said did not annoy me much, for I knew he did not mean it.他说的话并没有使我很生气,因为我知道他不是那个意思。
976He asked me some personal questions, but I would never answer them.他问了我一些私人问题,但我永远不会回答。
977I don’t care where we go as long as we don’t have to stand in line.我不在乎我们去哪里,只要我们不必排队。
978She likes Mike a lot, but she doesn’t want to get married so early.她喜欢迈克,但她不想那么早就结婚。
979Why don’t you find a job and end this dependence upon your parents?你为什么不找份工作,结束对父母的依赖?
980Will you please try to find out for me what time the train arrives?你能帮我查一下火车什么时候到吗?
981A good knowledge of English will improve your chances of employment.良好的英语知识将提高你的就业机会。
982If she finds out you spilled ink on her coat, she’ll blow her stack.如果她发现你把墨水洒在她的上衣上,她会大发雷霆的。
983I would be very grateful for information about entering your college.如能提供贵校入学信息,我将不胜感激。
984Mr. Smith knew Jack didn’t look at the others because he was nervous.史密斯先生知道杰克不敢看别人是因为紧张。
985On being introduced to somebody, a British person often shakes hands.英国人被介绍给别人的时候常常和对方握握手。
986I want to take a walk along the river bank, singing my favorite songs.我想沿着河岸散步,唱我最喜欢的歌。
987Many people believe that obesity results from overeating and stress.许多人认为超重是由暴饮暴食和压力引起的。
988Yet all these things, different as they seem, have one thing in common.然而,所有这些看起来不同的东西都有一个共同点。
989All my best memories come back clearly to me, some can even make me cry.所有美好的回忆都清晰地浮现在我的脑海里,有些甚至让我哭泣。
990This is the most wonderful day of my life, because I’m here with you now.今天是我一生中最美好的一天,因为我现在和你在一起。
991When I was young, I’d listen to the radio, waiting for my favorite songs.当我年轻的时候,我会听收音机,等待我最喜欢的歌曲。
992I’m certain he’ll go to see the film, because he’s bought a ticket.我肯定他会去看电影,因为他买了一张票。
993Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay the fine before you check those books out.不幸的是,在你借出那些书之前,你必须先付清罚款。
994Hi! You guys keep talking so loudly that I have to speak at the top of my voice!嗨!你们一直这么大声说话,我不得不高声说话!
995We should not only know the theory but also how to apply it to practice.我们不仅要知道理论,还要知道怎样把理论应用于实践。
996Combining exercise with a diet may be the most effective way to lose weight.运动与节食结合也许是减肥最有效的途径。
997The maximum weight allowance is 60 kilos per traveler, excluding hand luggage.每位旅客的最大重量限额为60公斤,手提行李除外。
998You are just putting on a little weight. I believe you’ll get that off easily.你只是稍微胖了些。很快就会恢复的。
999In many countries, more and more companies are replacing people with computers.在许多国家有越来越多的公司使用电子计算机来代替人。
1000There are mice next to the refrigerator, under the sink and inside the cupboard!冰箱旁边、水槽下面和橱柜里面都有老鼠!
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