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AS SpellCheck拼写检查

Today I am happy to announce that the Spelling Plus Library (SPL) is available for purchase. It is a client-side, real-time (check spelling as you type) spell checking and spelling suggestions engine for ActionScript 3, including Flash CS3, Flex 2 / 3, and Adobe AIR. It was architected to be robust and performant, while also being extremely customizable and simple to use.

  If you've seen any recent demos of Buzzword, you've already seen SPL in action. Virtual Ubiquity implemented Spelling Plus Library in their awesome word processing application, and has provided invaluable feedback that we have used to enhance the API.


  In Flash CS3, you can set up spell checking on text fields or components without a single line of code. Just drag and drop components on stage. In Flex, you can use a few simple MXML tags to set everything up. Of course, if you want to get down and dirty, you can use the library's robust and well documented API to control virtually every aspect of spell checking.

在FLASH CS3里面你可以用SPL来设置拼写检查,不用一行代码,只要把SPL拖到舞台上,在FLEX里面你只要通过一个MXML的组件标签来设置所有的东西,当然要通过API来控制拼写检查的各个方面。
  A few of SPL's more notable features:
  Checks spelling in any text field, as you type, with no server


  Context menus for spelling suggestions 拼写建议的环境菜单
  Under 12kb for the full library and just 4kb for the core spelling logic. The full US English word list file (over 150 000 words) is only 250kb.

  Background wordlist loading and polite parsing means you don't have to halt your application while the dictionary initializes.

  Support for accented characters, case sensitivity.
  Can check over 35,000 words per second
  Very simple mechanism for customizing underline styles and colors

  Full support for HTML styled text, works with rich text editors
  Custom user word lists
  Comes with example files, US and UK word lists, a quick start guide, a specifications document, and full API documentation in ASDoc format


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