jManage 0.5.0发布-又一个开源的JMX管理工具

jManage 0.5.0发布了,免费下载 download。jManage是一个开源产品,基于web和命令行的JMX客户端,它能够通过集中的控制台管理基于JMX的应用,并支持应用集群和分布式应用环境下的管理。

jManage 0.5.0 has the following features:

  • Web based interface for use through a firewall
  • Security - application server passwords are encrypted
  • Support for connecting to the following:
    • jboss
    • JSR-160 compatible applications
    • weblogic
    • websphere
  • Cluster level view of MBeans. Also allows changing attribute values and performing operations at the cluster level.
  • Authentication and User management
  • Command Line UI
  • ACL based fine-grained access control
  • HTTPS support


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