Useful resources for ns2

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Here, I list some useful resources, including people, website, document and projects.

The persons

At home
season, a guy from HIT, he is also the moderator of ns2. I learn a lot from his blog. For example, how to configure your ns2 with tcl-debug and GDB.

smallko, a ph.d from TAIWAN. His personal website should be your guide for ns2. I learn to install ns2.2* from his website. Also, he has prepared to publish a book about ns2. Maybe now it has been published. His research about ns2 is focused on multimedia transportation, etc.


Dazhi Chen, a ph.d from USA. His website has collected many good thing about research, ns2,sensor network and ad-hoc.

Pedro Vale, a guy from France. His website will tell you how to extend your tcl-debug, which will be very useful for your tcl debug.

Wangbo, a ph.d from Michigan State University. His homepage collects a lot of resource for ns2 and related field.

YuanYuan, a ph.d from university of maryland. As Chen, her website has lots of resource for ns2, also, sensor, ad-hoc networks.

Also, there are other resources.

Ke Liu's NS2 Code

Greenw's resource

Forums & Projects

nsnam mailing list
Ns 仿真论坛
Nabble-network Simulator ns-2 forum

The most important, you should learn to use Google to search whatever you want.

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