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Software for viewing, analyzing, and creating recordings of physiologic signals

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What is the WFDB Software Package? wfdb软件包是什么?

Effective use of PhysioBank data requires specialized software. We have developed a large collection of such software over the past twenty years, and much of it is contained within the WFDB (WaveForm DataBase) Software Package, the GPLed successor to the MIT DB Software Package.


The major components of the WFDB Software Package are the WFDB library, the WFDB applications for signal processing and automated analysis, and the WAVEsoftware for viewing, annotation, and interactive analysis of waveform data. A comprehensive collection of documentation, including tutorials and reference manuals, is also included in the package.


The package is frequently updated; a summary of recent changes can be found here. The package is written in highly portable C and can be used on all popular platforms, including GNU/Linux, MacOS/X, MS-Windows, and all versions of Unix. 
这个软件包更新频繁;近期变化的总结可以在这找到。是用高移植性的C和所有通用的平台上。包括GUN/linux, 苹果OS/X, 微软-windows 和所有版本的UNIX。

WFDB library 波形数据库的程序库

This is a set of functions (subroutines) for reading and writing files in the formats used by PhysioBank databases (among others). The WFDB library is LGPLed, and can be used by programs written in ANSI/ISO C, K&R C, C++, or Fortran, running under any operating system for which an ANSI/ISO or K&R C compiler is available, including all versions of Unix, MS-DOS, MS-Windows, the Macintosh OS, and VMS.
这是个读写生理数据库文件格式的函数集。这个库根据授权,可以被用作用标准C,K&RC, c++或者Fortran,运行在所有版本Unix, MS-DOS, MS-Windows,Macintosh OS, and VMS系统里。

Optionally, the WFDB library may be compiled with support for reading input directly from web (HTTP) and FTP servers without the use of a web browser or an FTP client. This optional feature allows applications linked with the WFDB library to view or analyze data such as those available from PhysioBank without the need to download entire records and to store them locally. To enable this feature, you will also need either the World Wide Web Consortium's libwww package, or the modern and enhanced alternative, libcurl.

Two optional packages provide interfaces between the WFDB library and software written in a variety of other languages, so that such software can have access to the full range of capabilities supported by current and future versions of the WFDB library. The WFDB Toolbox for Matlab provides this interface for Matlab 7 (R14, 2004) or later, and the wfdb-swig package provides interfaces for software written using Perl, Python, C# (and other .NET languages), and Java. The wfdb-swig package can be readily extended for use with other target languages supported by SWIG, such as PHP, Ruby, TCL, and several versions of Lisp.

The WFDB library is documented by the WFDB Programmer's Guide (available as HTMLPostScript, or PDF). Texinfo sources for the WFDB Programmer's Guide are included in the doc directory of the WFDB Software Package. 

wfdb applications 波形数据库应用程序

A large set of well-tested, interoperable command-line tools for signal processing and automated analysis is included in the appconvert, and psd directories of the WFDB Software Package. These applications are described in the WFDB Applications Guide (available as HTMLPostScript, or PDF). The troff (Unix man page) sources for theWFDB Applications Guide are included in the doc directory of the WFDB Software Package.


Two American National Standards, ANSI/AAMI EC38:1998 (Ambulatory Electrocardiographs) and ANSI/AAMI EC57:1998 (Testing and Reporting Performance Results of Cardiac Rhythm and ST Segment Measurement Algorithms) require the use of several of the WFDB applications for evaluation of certain devices and algorithms. For details, see Evaluating ECG Analyzers in the WFDB Applications Guide.

两个美国人的国家标准,ANSI/AAMI EC38:1998(非固定的心电图机)和ANSI/AAMI EC57:1998(测试和报告性能心脏节律和ST段测量算法的结果)需要使用几个联盟申请评估某些设备和算法。细节,见评估波形数据库应用指南心电图分析章节。

WAVE for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS/X, MS-Windows, Solaris, and SunOS

WAVE is an extensible interactive graphical environment for manipulating sets of digitized signals with optional annotations. WAVE is built using the WFDB library developed for physiologic signal processing, so it can be applied to any of a wide variety of data formats supported by the WFDB library. WAVE can run on GNU/Linux or FreeBSD PCs, Mac OS X, MS-Windows PCs, and Sun workstations, or on any other systems to which the open-source XView toolkit has been ported; in addition, it can be accessed remotely using networked PCs, Macintoshes, or other systems for which X11 servers are available.

wave是一个可扩展的交互式操纵集数字化可选注释信号图形环境。wave是一款用了波形库的生理信号处理程序。所以它支持波形库的所有文件格式。wave可以在GNU/Linux or FreeBSD PCs, Mac OS X, MS-Windows PCs, 和 Sun workstations上运行,或者任何其他支持Xview工具包的系统。它可以通过网络远程访问电脑,macintosh电脑或其他系统的X11服务器是可用的。

Among WAVE's capabilities are:


  • fast display of waveforms and annotations at various calibrated scales
  • 快速显示不同校准缩放的波形和注释
  • fast access to any portion of a recording, with caching and `read-ahead' heuristics to improve efficiency and reduce network traffic
  • 快速访问任何部分记录,缓存和预读的启发式方法来提高效率并减少网络流量
  • forward and backward searches for annotation patterns
  • 向前和向后搜索注释模式
  • graphical annotation editing using standard or user-defined annotations
  • 图形注释编辑使用标准的或用户定义的注释
  • variable-speed superimposition display (simulation of triggered oscilloscope display with persistence; can be run forward or backward)
  • 变速叠加显示(模拟触发示波器显示与持久性,可以向前或向后运行)
  • high-resolution printing of user-selected signal segments
  • 用户选择信号的高分辨率印刷段
  • extremely flexible control of external signal-processing and analysis programs (menus may be reconfigured by the user while WAVE is running)
  • 非常灵活的控制外部的信号处理和分析程序(菜单可以重新配置用户波运行期间)
  • `remote' mode: external programs such as Web browsers can control WAVE's display
  • “远程”模式:外部程序,如Web浏览器可以控制波的显示
  • on-line `spot' help for all controls, with additional topic-oriented on-line help
  • 所有控件的在线“现货”帮助,更多的面向主题的联机帮助

A complete set of sources for WAVE is included in the wave directory of the WFDB Software Package. The WAVE User's Guide (available as HTMLPostScript, or PDF) contains both tutorial and reference material. The LaTeX source for the WAVE User's Guide is included in the doc directory of the WFDB Software Package.

Wave完整的来源是在波形软件库的wave目录。波形用户手册(支持html,postScript, 或者pdf)包含教程和参考材料。手册来源也可以砸软件包的doc目录找到。

For convenience, XView sources are available here, as are XView binaries for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and MS-Windows, instructions for installing them, as well as information about how to find or create XView libraries for FreeBSD, Solaris, and other versions of Unix. The source and binary packages contain the xview and olgxlibraries needed by WAVE.

为了方便,XView源在这里,是XView二进制程序GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and MS-Windows, 指令的安装项目。


Downloading 下载

Quick start guides are available for FreeBSDGNU/LinuxMac OS/X (Darwin)MS-Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, and Solaris. (If your platform is not one of these, install the package from sources, following the procedure in the GNU/Linux quick start guide.)
快速开始指南 是可用于FreeBSDGNU/LinuxMac OS/X (Darwin)MS-Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, 和 Solaris.(如果你不是这些平台,从源码安装包,根据过程GNU/Linux 快速开始指南)

Sources: The current version of the WFDB Software Package (most recently updated on Thursday, 21 November 2013 at 17:28 EST) may be downloaded in source form, as a compressed tar archive (2.0M). A shorter version (822K), without the documentation, is also available. (WinZip users, please read about how to unpack .tar.gzarchives in the FAQ.) You may also browse through the source tree to read or download individual files.
源代码:当前版本软件包(最近更新的周四,美国东部时间2013年11月21日17:28)可以下载源代码形式,作为一个压缩的tar存档(2.0M)。较短的版本(822 k),没有文档,也可以。(WinZip用户,请阅读关于如何解压. tar。gzarchives FAQ。)你也可以浏览阅读或下载单个文件的源代码树。

Development snapshots of the WFDB Software Package may be available as beta software. Beta software is available in source form only, to those with the skills, patience, and willingness to contribute to the final stages of the process of testing and debugging upcoming releases of PhysioToolkit software. Don't use beta software if you need support!

Older stable versions of the WFDB Software Package are also available in the PhysioToolkit Archives.

Ready-to-run, precompiled binaries are available for several popular operating systems. Please read the quick start guide for your platform before installing any of these binaries! Contributions of binaries for other operating systems are welcome; please write to us first.

Documentation: A comprehensive set of tutorials and reference manuals can be read on-line or downloaded and printed.


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