Wildlife Protect

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    The two charts show that the increase in the U.S. population has been accompanied by a corresponding decline in the number of wildlife species. Far too many species have been lost already. This poses a danger to ecological balance.
    As the human population expands, more and more wild animals are hunted for food or because they are thought to present a threat to man. But studies show shat one of the primary causes of the disappearance of wildlife is pollution, which is one the consequences of the population growth and economic development. This makes us wonder if man is able to share this planet in harmony with other life forms.
    In my opinion, it is imperative to take steps to reverse the disturbing trend illustrated in the chars. One measure would be to forbid the building of cities in areas where wildlife is threatened with extinction. But, more importantly, man must learn to stop polluting the environment, or he himself become extinct.


pojo类:package com.lky.h1; public class Base { private Integer id; protected String name; ...
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Java中访问修饰符public、private、protect、default范围 版权声明:转载时请以超链接形式标明文章原始出处和作者信息及本声明 http://lvdairy.blo...
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C++访问限制:private public protect经典诠释

 public 意味着在其后声明的所有成员对所有的人都可以取。 private 意味着除了该类型的创建者和类的内部成员函数之外,任何人都不能存取这些成员。 protect 它与private基本相似,...
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C++ private与protect的区别

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用private修饰的成员函数和属性能在类的内部使用,但不能在类的外部使用 用protect修饰的成员函数和属性能在包的内部使用,但不能在包的外部使用 用public修饰的成员函数和属性能在全局中...
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C# 关键字 public protect private internal

public 关键字是类型和类型成员的访问修饰符。公共访问是允许的最高访问级别,对访问公共成员没有限制。 protected 关键字是一个成员访问修饰符。受保护成员在它的类中可访问并且可由派生类访问...
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public 意味着在其后声明的所有成员对所有的人都可以取。  private 关键字意味着除了该类型的创建者和类的内部成员函数之外,任何人都不能存取这些成员。  protect 它与privat...
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Public Protect Private 常识(二)

Thinking in C++1.     private 与 protect 关键字的区别。子类能访问基类的protect成员而不能访问private成员。2.     友元,friend 如何声明...
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java 匿名类 protect构造方法 Gson

Type mapType = new TypeToken>(){}.getType(); 该方法是获取从json转为要转为java对象的对象类型。 Type mapType = new TypeT...
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