step 1:begin to identify something in english(to becaome a baby again)

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long long ago , i think if i want to improve my english especially computer english . i must do so mucn things like read some professional book and listen some professional vedio.but recently, i found out it's wrong. at the beginning, i must use english to identity the basic equipment even like how to speak the each key on our keyboard. 

when Daniel came back from beijing for participating in a interview by english, i told him , it's beyond doubt about the consequence. just like me, i am a chinese girl. and my major is chinese language and literature. but you make me to interview a chemistry position. then i know i will failed. but it doesn't mean i am not excellent. i just need to practice myself. yes , i must have the ability to read some professional book and speak it out at the same time i can have a good communication with foriegner people.

so, this month , i begin to seek out some interesting application or website to help me learning. i want to learning something just by play a game. to make myself fell happy and curious is so important. yes, but before , i can't understand, or in my mind, it's not necessary, ok i make  a big mistake , i haven't study myself rather than just imitating other people. this month ,the main part about my english is to read and to be a baby. i found a website to learn english ,and i fouond a library online to download some book or just find some book. becase some of it need to pay for it. but , as soon as i can i found a way to download any book. i alway tell myself i can find a way finally to solve any problem. it's ok , i must comquar , if you are so interesting about my stuff,maybe you can skin this website: PS: if you find a book in this website but it's not free, maybe you can sign in other website: just have a try , it never lets you down. another tip if you find your browser haven't a access to this website, maybe you can try this one: changyou or just ask me.

okay , i want to share angel's day. every single day, i open my computer, i mush input my password to enter my computer. then the first step is to open 360 browser and login my own email to check out my email. then in general i will replay some mail. then  i will open chuangyou to find some vedio on youtube. sometimes i just see my model aj, sometimes i just download something. and sometimes i read some book. you know they prefer use monitor instead of screen to describle the part of computer which always show us some information. and i know in america and England there are so many different,like mouse pat and mouse mat, both of them is the same product but only different name. it's so interesting. 

now , i still can't identify anything in english about computer, but i am on the road. i believe one day i will be successful.and you are welcome anytime to be commany with article, i will summer some hardware's name in english. 



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