ANNOUNCE: NetBeans IDE 4.1 and Mobility Pack 4.1 Final Releases Available

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Hi all,

Here is a short announcement that we would like to share with you concerning some exciting news. This announcement will be followed by the NetBeans Edge shortly as it is currently in the works.

The NetBeans open source project is proud to announce NetBeans IDE 4.1 and Mobility Pack 4.1 final releases. NetBeans IDE 4.1 introduces support for development of applications on the J2EE 1.4 Platform and their deployment to the Sun Java System Application Server 8.1 Platform Edition.

Download NetBeans IDE 4.1

Mobility Pack 4.1 Download and Release Information

NetBeans 4.1 highlights and further information can be found at:

NetBeans IDE 4.1 release page

NetBeans 4.1 Tutorials, Guides, and Articles

You can compliment the 4.1 release with the NetBeans Profiler Milestone 6

New! Server Plugins project with support for JBoss, WebLogic and WebSphere A new project, which aims to provide support for deployment of J2EE applications to JBoss, BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere servers, was started.
Initial sources for three new server plugins were uploaded to the source repository. For information on how to build and try out the server plugins, see the project home page at:

At this time the NetBeans team would like to thank you for all of your valuable feedback during the NetBeans 4.1 development cycle and helping to make the NetBeans IDE what it is today. Enjoy!

- The NetBeans Team

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