How to Use Git and GitHub

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Finding Diffs Between Larger Files

打开命令行cmd,输入cd downloards进入存放上述两文件的路径
然后输入FC game_old.js game_new.js (FC = file compare)


Reflect: Using diff to Find Bugs

Choose Sublime as a text editor
Make sure you can launch your editor from the command line
Find the directory where Sublime is located for you. For many people, this is C:/Program\ Files/Sublime\ Text\ 2/sublime_text.exe. To test this, run ls C:/Program\ Files/Sublime\ Text\ 2 within Git Bash. You should see sublime_text.exe listed. If you get the error No such file or directory, Sublime is located somewhere else for you and you’ll need to find it. For example, it might be under C:/Program\ Files\ (x86)`.

Run the following command in Git Bash: echo ‘alias subl=”C:/Program\ Files/Sublime\ Text\ 2/sublime_text.exe”’ >> ~/.bashrc If Sublime was in a different directory for you in step 1, use that directory.

Close and re-open Git Bash.

Type subl in Git Bash. If Sublime opens no further steps are required. If Sublime does not open continue with steps 5 - 7.

Test .bashrc by running the command source ~/.bashrc in Git Bash and retry typing subl to start sublime. If Sublime doesn’t start check the contents of the file ~/.bashrc created in step 2.

To ensure the .bashrc file contents is loaded each time you open Git Bash, edit ~/.bash_profile and add the following two lines. (Reference)

if [ -r ~/.profile ]; then . ~/.profile; fi

case “$-” in i) if [ -r ~/.bashrc ]; then . ~/.bashrc; fi;; esac

Close and re-open Git Bash. Type subl in Git Bash to check it starts correctly.

Set up your course workspace


Sublime Text 3 配置文件详解

Sublime Text 3 配置文件 // While you can edit this file, it's best to put your changes in // "User/Pre...
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Git use summary (2)

1、Writing int the front  使用git已经有很长一段时间了,从最初的不熟悉,误解,到现在的熟悉,惊叹于git的优雅与神奇,这大概就是git带给我们每一个开发者的魅力吧!恰逢最近看...
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How to use github

了解Github的基本功能:也就是为什么用Github。 forward from the original url (
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Github how to use

Make a commit On GitHub, saved changes are called commits. Commits are pretty glorious, because a...
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how to use github on ubuntu

1 Installing Git for Linux Download and install Git for Linux : sudo apt-get install git   ...
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从github上clone一个项目到本地的时候,有use HTTPS和use SSH两种方式,这两种主要是在push项目到github上时有所不同。完成一个push操作,需要对其内容进行安全管理,这里...
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本地cmd能够ping同虚拟机的IP地址,但是xshell链接时提示如下: Connecting to Could not connect to...
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Github桌面版使用方式(How to Use Github [Desktop Version])

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how to use git

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How To Use Git Branches

This article is the third installment in the "Using Git" series. It assumes that you have read both ...
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